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Joely Fisher

with daughters Skylar, True and Olivia

Candace Cameron Bure

Does the robot, takes an elevator ride, has bacon and eggs with her loves

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PLUS: Jason Mesnick from The Bachelor, and how he’s surviving as a single father...Best Products and Inventions you can’t live without as a parent

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14 behind-the-scenes An inside look at how each BC issue is made. Craziness ensues

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17 copy that Girl bonding never looked so cool with these adorable motherand-daughter sets

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FALL 2009

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40 fun house Candace Cameron is all grown up and living her dream life full of light and laughter

56 trunk show


Here are the reasons fall fashion is the most-awaited time of year

70 the fisher queen Actress Joely Fisher and her daughters welcome us inside their eclectic home

84 all the single parents Jason Mesnick from â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Bachelorâ&#x20AC;? talks about fatherhood, and has a purpose other than perfecting a handstand


FALL 2009

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School Ties

guess we must’ve done something good, because my baby girl is now nonchalantly cruising those hallways by herself. I’m fighting back tears, because suddenly I feel like the sand in my life’s hourglass is flowing in a rush. That said, here’s a letter for Sabina and Maxine, in the hopes of imparting some old school knowledge:

Dear loves of my life, I miss you every hour you are in school, but I will always be excited and available for anything you want to talk about. If I am late for picking you up, or do not pack the most appetizing lunch, please forgive me. Here are some pointers that will hopefully guide you through your early scholarly days.

If it’s a full house you’re looking for, then that’s what you get with both our cover models’ families. Firstly, Candace Cameron Bure, her husband Val and their children, can be readily described a model family. All golden-haired, blue-eyed, down-to-earth, it just goes to prove that sometimes blondes do have more fun. In their case, a God-centered kind of merriment—without being corny or preachy. You can see they’re living their faith, through their simple, easy-to-please manner, and the quiet grace and politeness of both the parents and kids. Perhaps one of our most enjoyable shoots to date, we were surprised not only by Candace’s radiance and toned bod, but to see a different, ‘fashion’ side to her brood—and that they can groove to Rihanna and Michael Jackson and look smashing at the same time. Gracing the other cover is Joely Fisher, who is a free and kind spirit. With her wit and charm it is easy to see why she has enjoyed a long career on TV. She captures you with her contagious laugh and sweetness, which she has evidently passed on to her daughters. Apart from her looks and enviable taste in decorating her home, her expansive shoe collection is also displayed in our feature, while she and her family guide us through the season’s best finds. You will also fall in love with her 3 girls who were so cooperative and lovely throughout the day, which makes it hard to imagine that this family has been swimming in old Hollywood circles. If you look closely at TV reality star Jason Mesnick’s photos, you will see how high up he got on his crazy jumps and stunts that his publicist was getting a little nervous during the shoot. At present, he is a single dad hopelessly enamored of his son and girlfriend, and is the kind of guy that makes you wish they made ‘em like this in high school—handsome, fun, loving, with biceps that can carry you off into the sunset like the princess that you are. If only… Speaking of school, we have now reached the inevitable—my daughter, Sabina, has officially started Kindergarten. I never imagined that I would have a little breakdown while my child marches confidently to the classroom. Thankfully, no one around tried to hug or console me, because that kind of behavior only encourages my waterworks to flow full force. I


FALL 2009

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• Do your homework in advance, and do not be a crammer like your parents. It has not served us any good, and in fact has contributed to very tight knots on our shoulders. • There will be kids who will like you, but some will scare or annoy the hell out of you (and vice versa), but just remember that you cannot please everyone. • Do your best in everything, and remember that you win some and lose some. You can always try again if you fail. • Even if you are a smart, good person, and respect your teacher, the rewards don’t necessarily turn out to becoming the most popular or having straight A’s—the prize is in a form called “karma”—which you will learn throughout your life. • Cover your mouth and nose with your arm or hand (whichever is free) so you won’t spread germs, and hopefully other kids will return the favor. • Stay away from people who are not nice, or may be nice to you but just want something. The sooner you learn this, the earlier you will be able to practice avoiding bad influences. • Being polite is never outdated. Offer your elders a seat or kind word. • You are siblings, so watch each other’s back in school, especially if one of you is less outgoing or popular than the other. • Turn your back on a fight—it’s a waste of time and energy. But if a battle cannot be avoided, fight back or it might haunt you. • An ugly disposition is worse than an unattractive face. Smile and be pleasant. • Do not judge a book by its cover. The quietest kid in class might be your best friend for life. • The Golden Rule: and it’s NOT he who has the gold makes the rules. Don’t expect people to treat you right, if you don’t do the same. • Nobody can love you more than me (to prove it, I willingly gave my body and soul carrying you). If you need to confide in someone, I am the woman for the job because I will never judge, nor post embarrassing photos of you on the Internet. • In line with that, do in photos only what you will not be ashamed to see 15 or 50 years from now. Respect yourself. • We will be measured in love and the kindness we give to people around us, so be forgiving, generous, and gracious to those around you, especially to the less fortunate. I love you both to my very core. God bless always, Mama

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Candace Cameron Bure and valeri Bure with children, Natasha, Lev, and Maksim


FALL 2009

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Joely fisher with daughters, Skylar, True, and Olivia

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Mix & Match Introducing the

CITY SELECT Mix and match seats, bassinets and car seats to customize your stroller into 16 unique combinations. Starting with a single capacity stroller, the City Select utilizes a patented attachment method that allows you to adjust your stroller seating as your family grows. And with Baby Jogger’s patented Quick-Fold Technology, this stroller’s convenience is doubled by making it the only in-line stroller to fold flat in one simple step.

by Baby Jogger

For more information call 1.800.241.1848 or visit us online at

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Made in the




I t

W in

T c


A s

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WOW BABY! Introducing a new ULTRA SAFE approach to HEALTHY & NATURAL feeding that is truly EASY TO USE Weil Baby™ delivers superior products developed with Dr. Andrew Weil—world-renowned leader and pioneer in integrative medicine—for the first years of health and wellbeing. Trusted and tested, Weil Baby bottles, nipples and feeding products are based on Dr. Weil’s thirty years of clinical practice and healthy lifestyle recommendations. Available at selected Babies “R” Us stores,, and Andrew Weil, M.D., donates all of his after-tax profits from royalties from sales of Weil Baby™ products directly to the Weil Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting integrative medicine through training, education and research. For more information, visit: and or call (877) 596-4455.

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please visit your local newsstand, bookstore or email

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Sleep Sheep

soothing sounds for better sleep

The calming part of your sleep routine. The award-winning Sleep Sheep provides comforting “white noise” to sooth baby to sleep. Sleep Sheep attaches to baby’s crib and provides four natural sounds specifically chosen for their therapeutic qualities: Comforting Mother’s Heartbeat Gentle Rain Shower Calming Ocean Surf Harmonious Whale Songs

Sleep Sheep™ On The Go travel size also available.

Cloud B Bamboo Sleep System (birth to 18 months) For a safer and sounder sleep.

Bamboo LullaWrap (swaddling blanket) 1-8 wks.

Bamboo LullaBag (baby sleep bag) 2 sizes: 0 - 6 m; 6 - 18 m

#1 recommended baby sleep bag by Moms *based on an independent study

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Socks and Tights for Babies & Children

Contact us at or call 1.800.334.6831

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Rock with Two

bc report


Open circle necklace

by Lisa Leonard Designs. Solid stretch satin deep red dress by Sangria. faux leather jacket and Manolo Blahnik shoes. stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own

copy that whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to stop you and your daughter from being your awesome twosome? GIRL Striped dress with red satin waist and pockets by Three Little Women Couture. or 877.890.8822. faux leather jacket by Alice + Olivia. Alicanti shoes by Burberry.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 17

FALL 2009

17 9/29/09 12:08:27 AM

copy that Prettiest in Pink

Map to Cool City

GIRL Pink dress with flowers by Three Little Women Couture or 877.890.8822


floor plan dress by

katricewear. 310.601.4321


FALL 2009

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MoM Dress by h&M. Blazer by Plein Sud.

GIRL floor plan dress with black belt by

stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own

katricewear. 310.601.4321

9/29/09 12:08:48 AM

Bundled Together

GIRL Berry puff jacket with fur-lined hood by Zero Xposur. Denim capris by Old Navy.

MoM 72 Army jacket with fur-lined hood by Dept. deptwomen. com. Jeans by Allen B. from JC Penney.

Beautiful clothing for premature and small babies Sizes from 2lb - newborn

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bc report

kandi lightner The inventor of pettiskirts talks about being on Martha, how she almost shut down her business, and how dakota Fanning helped get it back on track How has Kaiya Eve grown since it started?

Wow! It’s been an amazing journey. When my daughter, Kaiya, was a baby I used to buy vintage petticoats and then cut them up to make her baby pettiskirts and vintage one-of-a-kind dresses, and women would ask, “Where did you get that outfit?” I decided to visit my hometown in Illinois the summer of 2001, when I rented a U-Haul and traveled from town-to-town collecting over 1,000 vintage petticoats! I began making one-of-a-kind vintage pettiskirts upon request. Shortly thereafter, I had to find a sewer to help keep up with my demands and was introduced to the most amazing woman, Tia Phanthip, who is still with me today. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. One day I was at Fred Segal with Kaiya, and Nina Segal stopped and asked me, “Where did you get that outfit?” I told her I made it, was trying to start my own business, and she handed me her card and said, “I’ll take one of everything!” That was essentially my “big break.” It was at Fred Segal in 2003 that Dakota Fanning bought one and wore it to the Teen Choice Awards, and a photo of her appeared in People Magazine. I then enrolled my best friend, Donna, and we hit the pavements and started opening new accounts every day! Couple years later, I was finding it more difficult to locate vintage petticoats so I created a reproduction line of pettiskirts. I had no idea what a worldwide trend it would become! How did you manage starting a clothing line, and being a parent?

Well, I can’t say it’s all been easy, that’s for sure! In the beginning, it was an outlet after my separation with my husband. My divorce was the most devastating experience—I took all that pain and funneled it into my business. I was lucky to be able to work out of my home, so for the most part, Kaiya was always with me. I never had a nanny because I couldn’t afford one, so I just did what I needed to make things work. I believe that when you’re a single mom, you learn to network with other


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 20

single moms, so you have support there when you need it. Kaiya is 10 years old today, and I think things might even be a little more difficult now with 2 hours of homework every night! You and Kaiya seem to have a special bond.

Kaiya and I are very close. She was only 2 years old when her dad and I separated. I think because it was just, “me and her against the world” after that, and I loved making her those little vintage pieces when she was a baby, so she was after all, my inspiration. I have a funny story about Kaiya. When she was in second grade, a little girl named Lauren moved from New Jersey. They became best friends—Lauren was the tomboy, and Kaiya was the girly-girl. Kaiya came home from school one day with a bewildered look on her face and said, “Mommy, I need to talk to you and it’s really important.” I said, “Okay…” She then proceeded to say, “Well, it’s just that I’ve been wearing these pettiskirts my whole life and well, I don’t want to be the girly-girl anymore. I want to be the tomboy. But I’ll still wear them every now and then to make you feel good!” I started to laugh. She got mad at me for laughing. And then I just said, “Baby, you’ll see. Some mornings you will wake up and want to be the tomboy, and other days the girly girl, the rock star, or the little hipster. It’s okay—I just want you to be you.” It amazed me though, because whenever Lauren came for a playdate, all she wanted to do was wear Kaiya’s pettiskirts! That’s hilarious! You mentioned that you let Kaiya run around the school and playground wearing pettiskirts...

Ah, yes! We lived in Topanga Canyon (just outside Malibu), and Kaiya went to a preschool where the children ran barefoot and collected tadpoles from the nearby creek. I’d always dress her in these vintage dresses and the pettiskirts I’d made. The teachers said, “Oh

9/29/09 12:09:18 AM

12307 Anita G.PREP.v3 AD


11:57 PM

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bc report

Photos by Martin Favis


Kandi! You can’t send her to school wearing these pretty little outfits,” and I replied, “Oh Linda, it’s okay. I’ve taught her that if she rips her pettiskirt, to tear it even more, tie it in a knot and keep on running. And if she spills paint on her clothes, to rub it in and make her own design and then keep on painting!” Soon, all the little girls at that preschool were running free in Kaiya Eve pettiskirts! Most fulfilling moment as a designer?

Being invited to appear on the Martha Stewart Show! And truly, just seeing any little girl putting a pettiskirt on for her very first time, especially if they are a little shy, because once they put it on they just light up and start twirling and giggling—and it’s just magical to watch the transformation. I was the first person to name this vintage petticoat reproduction a “pettiskirt” because I wanted little girls to be able to wear them out in the world, and not just for dress up. When I first decided to call them a “pettiskirt,” I Googled the word and it popped up maybe 5 times. Today, you Google it and there are hundreds of pages! Everybody and their grandmas are making pettiskirts, but I can proudly say that Kaiya Eve is the original! I get some pretty nasty emails from women saying, “You didn’t invent the petticoat, they have been around forever!” I’ve never claimed to have invented the petticoat. There’s no doubt that the vintage petticoats were my inspiration, but calling them a “pettiskirt” put them in the world in a whole new fun and funky way! What’s the greatest challenge you’ve ever encountered, and how did you overcome it?

In the beginning it was financially. That’s when Little Miss Molly came on board with her father to invest in my business. She was my little angel, I didn’t even know her. She saw a photo of Dakota Fanning wearing a vintage one-of-a-kind pettiskirt and she sent me an email saying, “Dear Miss Kandi, I would do anything to have a skirt like the one Dakota is wearing.” I told her I wasn’t making those anymore so I sent her a new pettiskirt. She loved it! Soon she created a Kaiya Eve website and attached it to the Dakota Fanning fan site, and little girls from all over the world were wanting one. She lives in Atlanta and would email me from time to time. We kept in touch and once she caught me on a sad day. She was 11 years old at the time and I start pouring out my financial woes on this sweet, little girl, telling her I’m going to have to put my business on hold because I’ve run out of money from my divorce, and then she says that her dad wanted to talk to me about investing in my business! He called and said, “Hi, I’m Molly’s dad. How much money do you think you need to get your product out there?” He didn’t even know me! He wired money into my account the next day! We have also recently brought in another partner to help grow the company to the next level. She is truly an amazing woman, and I feel so very fortunate to have been blessed by her wanting to help as well. We also brought Denise Leslie on board as our Director of Sales, and she has been on a mission to get Kaiya Eve back on track! Do you wear your pettiskirts as well?

Yes! I like to wear them with a little T-shirt and flip flops. In the winter, I’ll wear them with my beat-up boots and a jacket. I feel they’re a part of who I am and who I’ve become. I just wore our red pettiskirt


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 22

with a red velvet jacket at a red party not long ago. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be wearing them well into my 80’s. You have celebrity kids from Dakota Fanning to Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Daniellynn, P. Diddy’s twins, Noah Cyrus, and Emily Grace Reaves wearing your designs.

Did you know Kimora went to the NY showroom recently and picked out a couple of pettiskirts for her girls to wear in the photo shoot introducing her brand new, beautiful baby boy? That’s really a compliment considering she has her own amazing line of clothing for girls! Thank you, Kimora! I’m always honored to know that there’s a little celebrity following. Advice for upcoming designers, and for moms who want to style their little girls?

Follow your heart and dreams. Listen to your intuition (don’t trust everybody in this business!). Have a vision, wisdom, and a real plan. Know your niche, and make sure you have the financial backing necessary. Enroll all the necessary people to help make it a success. Start out slow, learn the ropes, and take it one day at a time. Try to stay in the moment, and always remember why you wanted to start your own business in the first place. And for moms, try really hard to let them develop their own style. When they come out of their room wearing something that you wouldn’t dream of letting them walk out of the house in, just smile and say, “Wow! You look incredible! I love your sense of style!” and then immediately tell your husband to do the same thing (if you have one, that is)! bc

9/29/09 12:09:28 AM

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 23

9/29/09 12:09:33 AM

bc report

ditteke ederveen

This dutch artist has every reason to design in full color: her artwork is not just showstopping, they are highly functional, too What does the word “Dpoppen” mean? Who inspired the Dpoppen girls who appear in your products?

“Dpoppen” stands for “Ditteke’s dolls.” And “D” is the first letter of my name, and “poppen” means “dolls” in Dutch. Most of the Dpoppen girls are inspired by my friends’ children. How do you manage being a mom (since you also just gave birth), and running Dpoppen?

One day at a time. Since I love my job and being a mom, it does not always seem like work. I’ve always loved kids, animals, art, and using my imagination—so to be able to use all of that is a blessing. My work is all about inspiration, and that always comes at the right time. And for the rest, it’s a question of organization. We know you graduated from UCLA. Why are you now based in Miami?

I have always loved Miami and its energy. I had been to Miami before for modeling and just decided to stay. The beaches have been a wonderful inspiration for me and my line. You are a self-taught artist. How do you encourage selfexpression and the arts at home?

We know you are a model and an artist—how did turning your hobby into a business start?

When I was a kid, I always loved drawing, painting, and going to museums to see the great masters. During my modeling jobs, I started sketching a lot more and writing ideas down during breaks. I got a whole book full of ideas: children’s books, cartoons, paintings, and my own line. One day, a friend of mine took me to a paint store and bought me some paints and a canvas and told me to go for it! Not really knowing what I was doing, I just thought of the things I liked most, which were children and bright happy colors. I felt really connected to my “childlike” persona, which is a great feeling. Later on, I implemented those portraits onto my towels. What’s the greatest challenge you’ve ever encountered in this business?

To find a way to keep up with the recent demand.

When my son is older, we’ll go to museums and art exhibits. I will definitely expose him to as many different art mediums as possible, and then he can decide what he enjoys most.

Is it hard to choose which artworks to use for your towels (that convert into bags), dresses, etc.?

You like to draw children. Is there something that you find particularly challenging about it?

It is a hard decision because all my paintings and designs have a special meaning to me. So I showed it to lots of kids, and they decided for me.

Every painting is a challenge. I never know how it’s going to turn out, but that’s the fun part! Using your imagination to create something special is a great feeling. The portrait slowly comes together as I am painting, and then I get more and more focused on the child’s uniqueness. Painting the right colors together harmoniously is like therapy—it brings about a happy feeling. I


like to draw kids especially since there’s a kind of innocence and happiness, which I hope my whimsical paintings bring to life. When the kids see their painting, they usually get happy and have smiles on their faces and that’s the biggest reward of all.

FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 24

How is your next collection coming along?

It’s all the same wavelength: beach accessories and dresses—all fun, colorful, happy designs. It’s the customers that decide what’s next. They tell me what they would like, and I try my best to make it happen! bc

9/29/09 12:09:57 AM


g clothin r e n g i s de s, Upscale infants, girl m for even mo & s y o b

ing k e e s w no saleses t c e r i d atoimvs t n e s e r rep for m perfectve fashion who lo

e a incom e r t x e n h t ear one of s g n i l l e l s labe hottest

m e g a t n i om www.myv ebaby.c g a t n i v ct@my mvbdire

A piece of yesterday for the hip child of today. BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 25

9/29/09 12:09:57 AM

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 26

9/29/09 12:10:00 AM

light and shade Keep up-to-date on the best gear, products, and gadgetsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;under any illuminating conditions

smooth ride Ergonomic and lightweight (easy-fold feature; under 17 lbs.) City Micro stroller by Baby Jogger. Sweetpeace infant soothing swing by Graco.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 27

FALL 2009

27 9/29/09 12:10:13 AM

high tech


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 28

(Bottom. clockwise) KickTrak portable baby movement tracker for pregnant moms by Unisar. babiesrus. com. Interference-free digital wireless video baby monitor by Levana. Double electric breast pump by Lansinoh. Imonitor video baby monitor with vibration by Graco. gracobaby. com. Twilight Turtle starry night light (with 8 major constellations) by Cloud B.

9/29/09 12:10:19 AM

in the bag Champagne bubbles print diaper bag by Ju-Ju-Be. Cameo clutch diaper wristlet bag by Cake from Petunia Picklebottom. Messenger bag by Gr8X. Gypsy tote by Serena and Lily. serenaandlily. com. CJ Satchel with double chain handle diaper bag by Timi & Leslie.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 29

FALL 2009

29 9/29/09 12:10:28 AM

MiniMitts wash mitts by Belly Laf. No More Tangles shampoo and conditioner by Johnson & Johnson. Mio Fresh anti-bacterial nappy cleanser by Bambino Mio. Clean and Condition Cloths baby wipes by Lansinoh. Lemon-Aid conditioner by Fairy Tales. Kids Only foaming organic hand soap by Jason. Scented soy candle by Mrs. Meyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Clean Day.

bath & potty works


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 30

9/29/09 12:10:36 AM

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 31

9/29/09 12:10:39 AM

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 32

9/29/09 12:10:44 AM

have a drink

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 33

The Safe Sippy stainless steel BPA-free sippy cup by Kid Basix. thesafesippy. com. Dog plush bottle holder by Bottle Snuggler. Glass 4 oz. nurser BPA and toxin-free bottle by Dr. Weil. Silicone dishwasher-safe BPA-free bib by Silikids. Instant portable bottle warmer by BambinOz. Tritan 9 oz. drinking cup in light purple and orange with AirWave venting system by Dr. Weil. Universal drink box holder by Dwink.

FALL 2009

33 9/29/09 12:10:51 AM

Zapp stroller (reportedly the smallest in the world when folded) by Quinny. Rodi XR car seat by Maxi-Cosi.

bright mobility


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 34

9/29/09 12:10:55 AM

LISA LEONARD DESIgNS Lisa Leonard designs creates meaningful custom works of art that are handcut, hammered, polished, drilled and assembled with care. From personalized necklaces, rings, earrings, hand-stamped spoons, to accessories for men (cuffs and keychains), you’ll definitely find a perfect piece, just for you.

I BOOkER’S guIDE Founded by gemma Booker, the network site offers the children’s market many venues for advertising and trade show co-ops, gifting, and Pr assistance, among other services. Check out profiles of, buckleyboo. com,, and many others.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 35

Circa 2004

WEIL BABY Just when you thought nothing in the baby bottle industry could rock that world, a mother and cancer survivor, Marlene sirota, comes up with affordable, stylish, eye-catching, BPA-free baby bottles made entirely in the U.s. sirota was concerned with the chemicals in food and food dispenser products, so she wanted to start by creating the safest products for feeding babies and kids. The line is approved and endorsed by dr. Andrew weil, M.d., a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. or

classico italiano

ThE DERÉON gIRLS COLLECTION stylish young girls will look hip-haute with deréon’s wide range of casual wear. Founded by Tina Knowles, mother of Beyonce and solange Knowles, the line “represents a place where couture crosses cool, with classy and sophisticated tops, jeans, footwear and outerwear.” Babies and kids will look catwalk-ready with adorable and stylish wear, including jumpers, bodysuits and hoodies, all loaded with oomph.

Back to school - Back to style

shopping bag

9/29/09 12:11:00 AM

Table Manners for Kids by Emily Post. Something for School by Hyun Young Lee. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The Last Straw by Jeff Kinney. Singing to the Sun by Vivian French and Jackie Morris. kanemiller. com. Flashwords in English and Arabic by Milet. Superphonic decoder flash cards by Alphabotz. alphabotz. com. Multiplication reusable flashcards by ButterďŹ&#x201A;y Junction. bďŹ&#x201A; What Am I? in English and Chinese by Milet.

story time


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 36

9/29/09 12:11:09 AM

come play Noah’s Ark Stacker multi-purpose toy by Tier Toys. Mr. Kasoogi doll by Ugly Dolls. uglydolls. com. Cloud toy with plush “feelings” inside by Kimochi. kimochis. com. Lavender-scented Lab plush toy by Cloud B. Recycling Truck by Green Toys. Bashful Monkey by Jellycat. Mrs. Kasoogi doll by Ugly Dolls. Monster Hydrant by Diane Koss.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 37

FALL 2009

37 9/29/09 12:11:17 AM

bite me


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 38

Strap (prevents objects from hitting the ground) by Dropper Stopper. dropperstopper. com. Pacifier with toy by Paci Plushies. Babyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s First Spoon engraved custom silver by Lisa Leonard. AlwaysClean pacifier (phthalate and BPA-free. closes when dropped) by Unisar. Portable UV Pacifier sterilizer by Pipila. Firefly toothbrush (with one-minute timer) by Dr. Fresh. Bamboo burp cloths by Cloud B.

9/29/09 12:11:22 AM

Le Petit Voyage wardrobe suitcase for kids by Timi & Leslie. Daisy blanket by Snugaboo. Callisto stroller (recently launched in the U.S.) in purple by Cybex. or

easy travel

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FALL 2009

39 9/29/09 12:11:31 AM

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10/9/09 2:39:32 PM

Photos by Martin & kariz favis styling by kariz favis Text by Neil garguilo Hair by Jovan Townsend Make-up by Akemi Yagi for styling Assistant Amy highfill

(ON THE COVER) LEV: Knit cardigan and jeans, both by Diesel Kid, VAL: Night blue shirt by JC Rags, jcrags. com, Viker jeans by Diesel, NATASHA: Large 5-inch silk flower on wide organic cotton headwrap in cream by No Slippy Hair Clippy,, Jallar denim jacket by Diesel Kid,, Cow girl skirt by D&G Junior, 212.965.8000. CANDACE: Heart pendant with baby feet on leather cord necklace by Baby Feet,, Commody shirt dress by Diesel,, Yellow belt by Forever 21,, Long lariat necklace by Marguerite de Valois, margueritedevalois. com. MAKSIM: Cable turtleneck in onyx by Bonnie Young,, Yellow cords by Ralph Lauren Childrenswear,, Aviator shoes in tar/black by Umi,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 41

FALL 2009

41 10/9/09 2:39:46 PM

NATASHA: Jacket by Rothschild, rothschildkids. com, Dress by Sally Miller Couture,, Printed footless tights in purple by Jefferies Socks,


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 42

10/9/09 2:39:59 PM

CANDACE: Dress by H&M,, Cocktail ring and shoes, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own, NATASHA: White leather jacket by D&G Junior, 212.965.8000, Long-sleeved baby doll dress and legging set in zig-zag/black by Anita G.,, Flat shoes by Jessica Simpson,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 43

FALL 2009

43 10/9/09 2:40:23 PM

FUN HOUSE LEV: “Eggs” shirt by Bambina Mia, bambinamia.goods.officelive. com, Slack cardigan and Thanaz J black jeans by Diesel Kid, dieselkids. com, Aviator shoes in tar/black by Umi, VAL: T-Glut shirt (worn inside) and Viker jeans by Diesel,, Blazer by H&M, for stores. MAKSIM: “Bacon” shirt by Bambina Mia,, Blue cardigan and Poiak J white jeans by Diesel Kid,, Everest quasar blue jacket (shown on opposite page) by Little Marc Jacobs,, Aviator shoes in forrest by Umi,


FALL 2009

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10/9/09 2:40:35 PM

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10/9/09 2:40:38 PM

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10/9/09 2:40:41 PM

Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re loving, and they always, like, do whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best for us. They try their hardest to make us good people.

NATASHA: Josta blazer and Grotty denim skirt, both by Diesel Kid,, Chinese red lux cashmere cable coat and snow long-sleeved pullover, both by Bonnie Young,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 47

FALL 2009

47 10/9/09 2:40:50 PM


NATASHA: Fringe scarf by Bonnie Young,, Tuch shirt with vest print by Diesel Kid,, Gumdrop long skirt by Kaiya Eve, CANDACE: Digetty dress by Diesel,, Lariat necklace by Marguerite de Valois, 48

FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 48

10/9/09 2:41:07 PM

MAKSIM: Coars shirt, white Poiak J jeans, and hat, all by Diesel Kid,, Aviator shoes in forrest by Umi, LEV: Knit cardigan and jeans by Diesel Kid,, Grey hoodie by Right Bank Babies,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 49

FALL 2009

49 10/9/09 2:41:27 PM

CANDACE: Gingham top by I Heart Ronson, JC Penney stores or jcp. com, Black leggings with gold dots by Dept,, Necklace by Baby Feet,, Bracelet by Marguerite de Valois, NATASHA: Trapo top and suspenders, both by Diesel Kid,, Cream pink dress/skirt by Dept,

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BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 50

10/9/09 2:41:31 PM

Just the other day I saw Maks watching the end of the movie, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Napoleon Dynamite,â&#x20AC;? where he was on the stage, and Maks was imitating his dancing.

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 51

FALL 2009

51 10/9/09 2:41:38 PM

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BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 52

10/9/09 2:41:42 PM

MAKSIM: Zatiny JSP3 jean and dark red long-sleeved shirt, both by Diesel Kid, VAL: Electric purple hoodie by JC Rags,, Viker cords by Diesel, CANDACE: Necklace by Baby Feet,, Top and skirt by Dept, LEV: Red shirt by Diesel Kid,, Jeans by MEK Denim, NATASHA: Cable knit dress by Ralph Lauren Childrenswear,, Chartreuse beanie by Dept,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 53

FALL 2009

53 10/9/09 2:41:51 PM

A lot of times we’re just hanging out, at the beach or reading books, and something will just be said—or the kids will give me an unexpected kiss and a hug and just say, “I love you, mommy.

NATASHA: Knit wool beanie by Dakine,, Dress by Diesel Kid, dieselkids. com, Leg warmers by Country Kids,


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 54

10/9/09 2:42:03 PM

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 55

CANDACE: One-shoulder dress by H&M, LEV: Long-sleeved shirt and Thanaz J SP3 jeans, both by Diesel Kid, dieselkids. com, Hat by Okker-Gokker,

FALL 2009

55 10/9/09 2:42:25 PM

Top left: Cardigan by Petit Bateau. Long-sleeve 3-tier dress in twin prints by Laura Ashley. Ithica mary janes by Umi. Bottom left: Kozmic clogs with alder wood soles and leather uppers by Cape Clogs.


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 56

9/29/09 12:14:22 AM

Trunk Show Jumpstart your fall shopping with these too-cute-for-words ensembles PHoTos By hEIDI ALLETZhAuSER sTyLiNg By kARIZ fAvIS PHoTo AssisTANT ARIANA CISNEROS

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 57

FALL 2009

57 9/29/09 12:14:28 AM

Boy: Holy Cow T-shirt in maize by H.J.O.R.T.H.. Acapulco jeans by MEK Denim. Shoes by Umi. Girl: Terry dress by Dpoppen. Pink Imexy cardigan by Diesel Kid. Kozmic clogs with alder wood soles and leather uppers by Cape Clogs.


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 58

9/29/09 12:14:37 AM

Classic crew birds and trees dress by Erge. Polkadot knit capelet by Hula Mula. Simple stripe tight in ivory and silver by Country Kids. Ballet flat shoes by Naturino.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 59

FALL 2009

59 9/29/09 12:14:46 AM

Luigi zipper sweater in navy and grey. and Paolo striped sweater (worn inside). both by Ciao Marco. Jeans by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Rubber shoes by Geox.


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 60

9/29/09 12:14:56 AM

Fuchsia princess tutu dress by Tralala. Fuzzy dot socks by Country Kids. Natasha black patent mary janes by Pediped.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 61

FALL 2009

61 9/29/09 12:15:11 AM

Bottom left: Headband by Goody. “100% Girl” shirt by Blu Couture Kids. blucouturekids. com. Skirt by Hula Mula. hulamula. com. Olivia white sandals by Kuuru.


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 62

9/29/09 12:15:24 AM

Bologna red gingham button down shirt with red paisley contrasting cuff. and Luigi zipper sweater in navy and red. both by Ciao Marco. ciaomarco. com. Oaxaca boot cut jeans by MEK Denim. Shoes by Naturino.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 63

FALL 2009

63 9/29/09 12:15:32 AM

Blanco shirt by Original Penguin. Striped hoodie by Petit Bateau.


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 64

9/29/09 12:15:42 AM

Pink dress with bubble sleeves by Nest. Fur coat by Juicy Couture. Striped socks by Country Kids. White mary janes with flowers Laura Ashley.

Dress by Misha Lulu,, Cowboy rain boots by dav,, White hat, stylistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 65

FALL 2009

65 9/29/09 12:16:02 AM

Boy: Striped shirt by Knuckleheads. Wongo leather jacket by. Phat Farm. Corduroy pants by Petit Bateau. Girl: Dress by Submarine.


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 66

9/29/09 12:16:10 AM

Rockstar dress by My Vintage Baby. Miss Marc Bow shoes by Little Marc Jacobs.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 67

FALL 2009

67 9/29/09 12:16:17 AM

Plaid holiday dress by Fantaisie Kids. Gold sweet janes metallic shoes by Sweet Shoes.


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 68

9/29/09 12:16:25 AM

“Can’t Wait to Eat” shirt by Blu Couture Kids. Umbrella skirt in red rococco by Right Bank Babies. Olivia brown sandals by Kuuru.

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 69

FALL 2009

69 9/29/09 12:16:34 AM

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BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 70

10/9/09 2:44:49 PM


n the fast-paced world of Hollywood premieres, Broadway performances, and high-end fashion photo shoots, when does a mother spend time at home? We saw the answers ourselves from Joely Fisher, who made her own statement as leading lady starring in “I’ll Do Anything,” and after her long stint as the charming Paige Clark, Ellen Degeneres’ self-indulgent friend, on “Ellen.” You may also recently have seen her as Brad Garrett’s better half on “Til Death,”—a “Married With Children” type of sitcom that again showcased Fisher’s comedic timing.




BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 71

FALL 2009

71 10/9/09 2:44:54 PM

SKYLAR: Black dress by Hula Mula,, Striped stretch leggings by Anita G, TRUE: Pink dress by Diesel Kid,, Fuzzy dot socks in silver gray by Country Kids, jefferiessocks. com, Elvira shoes by Vincent,


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 72

10/9/09 2:45:04 PM

OLIVIA: G’loved-sleeved bodysuit and baby doll dress by Lʼovedbaby,, Dumpling shoe in pink by Umi,, Hannah dance recital clip (used as a brooch) by No Slippy Hair Clippy, JOELY: Rose C9115 dress by Sue Wong,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 73

FALL 2009

73 10/9/09 2:45:31 PM

(ON THE COVER) SKYLAR: Blouse by Submarine,, Skinny pinstripe trousers by Diesel Kid,, Blithe shoes by Umi, OLIVIA: Reversible Emily coat and Marnie dress, both by Right Bank Babies,, Red mary janes by Naturino, naturino. com. JOELY: Dress by Ports 1961,, Shoes by Prada, Joelyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own. TRUE: Long-sleeved shirt with ruffle chest by Little Marc Jacobs,, Asymmetrical dress by Diesel Kid,, Turn cuff socks by Jefferies Socks, jefferiessocks. com, Elvira shoes by Vincent,


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 74

10/9/09 2:45:49 PM

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BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 75

10/9/09 2:45:54 PM SKYLAR: Pink jungle long-sleeved top and striped stretch leggings by Anita G.,, Toffee shoe in black by Umi,


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 76

10/9/09 2:46:10 PM

OLIVIA: Owl-print shirt by Zutano,, Original pettiskirt by Kaiya Eve,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 77

FALL 2009

77 10/9/09 2:46:17 PM

SKYLAR: Eudora painted teal dress by Little Marc Jacobs,, Christmas tree tights by Country Kids, jefferiessocks. com, Parfait shoes in brown/bronze by Umi,


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 78

10/9/09 2:46:27 PM

SKYLAR: Snow Carter coat by Bonnie Young,, Tomel turtleneck shirt and Yboj SP3 cuffed jeans by Diesel Kid, OLIVIA: Velvet Slip in purple and multi-color velvet pant by Right Bank Babies,, Shoes by See Kai Run, JOELY: Purple flower coat by Dept,, Lincy stretch jeans by Diesel,, Shoes by Manolo Blahnik, TRUE: Cream and gold cape and taffeta gauchos by Right Bank Babies,, Kitty print dress by Zutano,, Gold sandals by Designer始s Touch by Baby Deer, (Toy) Flash art cards by Wee Gallery,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 79

FALL 2009

79 10/9/09 2:46:31 PM


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 80

10/9/09 2:46:44 PM

OLIVIA: Reversible brocade dress by Right Bank Babies,, Black patent shoes (on counter) by Umi, TRUE: Audrey linen swing jacket by Neige,, Striped shirt (worn inside) and jeans by Diesel Kid,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 81

FALL 2009

81 10/9/09 2:47:18 PM


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 82

10/9/09 2:47:27 PM

SKYLAR: Tomel cowl neck shirt by Diesel Kid, dieselkids. com, Fringe skirt by Submarine, br, Fuzzy dot tights in silver gray by Country Kids,, Enchanted silver shoes by Umi, OLIVIA: Hair clip by No Slippy Hair Clippy,, Trikitib white hoodie and Popotob pink pants by Diesel Kid, TRUE: Leopard coat with fur collar and cuffs by My Vintage Baby,, Embellished swing top by Anita G.,, Organic winter tights by Country Kids,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 83

FALL 2009

83 10/9/09 2:47:39 PM


Jason Mesnick made noise for being the first single dad searcher on the hit TV show, The Bachelor— and for breaking up with Melissa Rycroft, the girl he proposed to on the hit show, so he can be with runner-up Molly Malaney. Now, everyone’s happy (Jason and Molly are still together, while Melissa has found a new love). Jason’s still making waves—on the worldwide web this time, through an online community for fellow single parents that he recently put up. The handsome dad discusses fatherhood, exes, and his new ‘baby’ called Jason’s Place (in between cannonball jumps and handstands, naturally). PHoTos By MARTIN AND kARIZ fAvIS sTyLiNg ANd iNTErviEw By kARIZ fAvIS TEXT By MARk SAbLAN HAir By JOvAN TOWNSEND


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 84

10/9/09 2:47:43 PM

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 85

FALL 2009

85 10/9/09 2:47:53 PM

Dream blue T-shirt by JC Rags,, Stefel Felpa zip-up jacket and Safado jean by Diesel,


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 86

10/9/09 2:48:21 PM

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BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 87

10/9/09 2:48:21 PM

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BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 88

10/9/09 2:48:23 PM Jalta Gile vest by Diesel,, Long-sleeved shirt with plaid cuffs by JC Rags,

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 89

FALL 2009

89 10/9/09 2:48:33 PM

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BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 90

10/9/09 2:48:35 PM


Leppas Giacca leather jacket by Diesel,, Dream blue T-shirt by JC Rags,

“I was sitting on the couch, crying and bumming out, and he came up to me and just started hugging me. He said, “Daddy, why are you sad?” And it was that–the realization where we had been through so much stuff on our own...”

BC_Fall2009_virtual.indd 91

FALL 2009

91 10/9/09 2:48:42 PM

shopping bag

LOu LOu’S CORNER Looking for something special for your baby or someone else’s child? in need of a housewarming present, or a treat for your dog? This specialty boutique has a wide selection, including Haba, deglingos, Tea Collection (shown here), Appaman, soji, Barkology, Envirosax, Kikkerland, and so much more.

EARLYBIRDS Established after the 10-week premature birth of her son in 2002 (he was 1.276 kgs.), founder Lynda day found it difficult to find clothing that would fit her tiny darling for the first couple of months. Because of that, she created this adorable Australian line which ensures maximum comfort and ease of dressing for preemies and smaller babies. MOOShu TRAINERS After founder and designer debra Bishop gave birth to her daughter and discovered there was a lack of shoes available for wide, thick baby feet, she stumbled upon a shoe that squeaked, which was the only one that her baby could comfortably wear. This inspired her to create Mooshu Trainers in 2005, a stylish footwear line that addresses 3 important needs for children: width, thickness, and flexibility.

“I modeled for BC.”

iF yoU CAN’T wAiT To sEE yoUr CHiLd (or yoUrsELF) iN BC MAgAziNE, HErE’s yoUr CHANCE:

register at and upload your and your children’s best photos. wait for casting calls in your area. The editors will choose models from the registered members, and you will be notified if you or your child has been chosen.

Subscribe online to BC ONLY $3.75 an issue! Total of 4 issues for $15. Save $1.20 per issue!* *Off cover price of $4.95. Offer valid in the U.S. only. Canadian residents: add 55¢ per issue for postage and handling. Baby Couture is published 4-6 times a year.

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9/29/09 12:20:30 AM

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9/29/09 12:20:34 AM

DuW Ad - Full Page 8.5x11.125:Layout 1


5:34 PM

Page 1

Yes, he does.

Because Dignity U Wear

got him exactly the new clothing he needed—size and gender-specific. Thanks

to our partnerships with companies like yours, he looks good and feels good. Apparel manufacturers often need to make room for newer merchandise and they want to do it as efficiently as possible. When you donate excess inventory, overruns, seasonal items or off-price clothing to Dignity U Wear, we distribute it to men, women and children in need through our network of nonprofit agencies, schools and other organizations throughout the country. We have the relationships in place so you don’t have to. Send us what you want to move off the shelves, as long as it’s new—from one box to full truckloads. We’ll receive, warehouse and distribute the clothing at no cost to the recipients. You get what you need. We get what we need. And this little guy? He gets exactly what he needs. And a whole lot more.

Contact Dignity U Wear today.

Brand New Clothes for a Brand New Life. Tax advantages may be available for donations, in some cases up to 200% of the donor’s basis cost of the inventory. Consult your Tax Advisor and contact us for more information to learn how to become one of our donor partners.


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9/29/09 12:20:37 AM



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luckybutter BEVERLY HILLS



Celebrity & Fashion Editorials Headshots Portraits Weddings Events Coverage

Styling Art Direction Graphic Design Advertising 310-601-4321

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 95

BabyFeet jewelry signiďŹ es love, family and your most treasured creation. Show everyone how much this tiny life means to you by wearing BabyFeet.

For the Celebration of Their Life 501-831-3144

9/29/09 12:21:02 AM

bc moment

Splash News

a beautiful man


ost look at Australian actor Russell Crowe as a macho man. Having starred in action films such as “Gladiator,” “L.A. Confidential,” and “American Gangster,” plus the reputation of a bad temper (see ‘flying telephone’)—it is difficult to imagine him being anything but a guy’s guy. We’ll again be seeing him swashbuckling in a remake of “Robin Hood,” with director and pal, Ridley Scott. However, all those controversial perceptions disappear when one is reminded that he is a loving dad to 5-year old Charles and 3-year old Tennyson, his sons with Australian actress and singer Danielle Spencer. Looking at the photo above, the Academy-award winner shows us a softer side, and doesn’t mind looking wacky as Tennyson puts a dog beanie on his head. Are you not entertained?


FALL 2009

BC_Fall2009_issuu.indd 96

9/29/09 12:21:16 AM

BC_Fall2009_cover.indd 3

9/29/09 12:53:55 PM 22-06-2009 17:21:06

introducing UmiPRIMERO , shoes made to move. What milestone is bigger than learning to walk? UmiPRIMERO shoes celebrate and support this new stage. They're built to help first walkers develop skill and confidence. During this exciting transition, a child’s feet are in the spotlight, and

© 2009 Umi LLC

UmiPRIMERO shoes deserve to be right there with them.

BC_Fall2009_cover.indd 4

9/29/09 12:53:59 PM

BC Magazine Fall 2009 Joely Fisher  

Featuring Joely Fisher with kids, Skylar, True and Olivia. Also featuring Candace Cameron Bure and husband Valeri Bure with children, Natash...

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