Page 1 Baby Cameo is a unique keepsake of your baby's development pre-birth The creation of a new life is such a special experience that every moment and stage in development should be cherished. We celebrate the individuality of each child by producing beautifully manufactured 3d models of your unborn baby from your 3d/4d scan. Baby Cameo offers you a true 3d representation of your developing baby in the womb. Baby Cameo can take your 3d/4d bonding scan experience* to a new dimension. From your 3d scan image a Baby Cameo is created to allow you to hold, touch, see and feel your baby's features in three dimensions. We take your 3d scan image and, using state of the art surface modeling technology and create your 3d Baby Cameo from a solid block of material. A range of beautiful presentation packages are available

Baby Cameo  

We make 3D objects called Baby Cameos from 3D ultrasound scans