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Gifts & Accessories for Infants & Toddlers

THE STORY OF BABY BELLA MAYA: Launched in 2005, Marta Sala-Rothwell created Baby Bella Maya after her hand made infant car seat covers and front pack covers were recognized by moms everywhere as the best way to add style and versatility to otherwise plain baby gear. Baby Bella Maya is inspired by Marta’s first daughter, the beautiful Maya. With a wide variety of coordinating gifts and accessories, Baby Bella Maya offers fashion forward and affordable products to add style and flair to meet the needs of modern parents. A commercial airline pilot by trade, Marta also devotes her time to Baby Bella Maya and raising her 4 daughters with husband Bruce on their ranch in Northern California.

For more information visit or call 1-888-226-9255

New! Hooded Towel

Birdy n Bloom BNTW01BNB

Pinkabella BNTW01PA

Peek-a-Blue BNTW01PB

Sweet Pea BNTW01SP

Royal Mist BNTW01RM

Lollipop Leopard BNTW01LL

Bed & Bath

Bathe and dry little ones in comfort and warmth with this luxurious hooded towel and washcloth • Towel 27” x 29” & Wash Cloth 8.5”x 8.5” • 80% Polyester/ 20% Cotton Terry Blend

New! go go Bag 5 in 1 Tote & Cover IT’S A CARRY ALL…IT’S A PLAY MAT…IT’S A LIFESAVER FOR MOMS AND BABIES ON THE GO: Can a busy mom look fashionable, cool and collected while accompanying baby – and all her gear -- around town? Can she enjoy peace of mind when placing her child in shopping carts, restaurant high chairs, and public park swings? The answer from Baby Bella Maya, is an emphatic “yes.” Call the company’s new gogo Bag Tote and Cover 5 in 1 a “supermom” cape of sorts. At first glance, it’s the dreamiest, roomiest tote ever, with plenty of space to store all of baby’s essentials. It comes with a mesh bag where bottles, diapers, toys, extra clothing are easily stored. The 34” x 34” bag is soft, slightly slouchy and slides effortlessly over the shoulder with double straps. Its chic boho glam and graphic prints pair beautifully with everything from jeans to flowy frocks to workout wear. • Protects baby from hot swings in summer time • High chair and shopping cart cover keeps baby clean, comfy and germ free • Includes carabineer locking system to attach gogo pouch or personal items • Large enough to hold all baby essentials Patent Pending

Fashionable Tote

Shopping Cart Cover

Highchair Cover

Swing Cover

Play Mat

go go Collection Gear Pinkabella GGBG001PA

Royal Mist GGBG001RM

Peek-a-Blue GGBG001PB

Lollipop Leopard GGBG001LL

Mesh Bag

Gifts & Accessories

Sweet Pea GGBG001SP

New! go go Pad 3 in 1 Add a touch of comfort and style to a baby stroller, toddler car seat, or as a soft place to change baby with our new gogo 3 in 1 Pad. These reversible pads are plush and cozy on one side with a fashionable print on the other. gogo Pads offer a clean environment for a child and can easily transfer from car seat to stroller and back again with no fuss. • These multi-purpose pads protect stroller and toddler car seat from little mishaps • Keep little ones germ free using this as a changing pad • Easy to install • Padded for comfort • Reversible

Stoller Cover

Car Seat Cover

Birdy N Bloom GGPD01BNB

Sweet Pea GGPD01SP

Peek-a-Blue GGPD01PB

Mid Summer Dream GGPD01MS

Pinkabella GGPD01PA

Lollipop Leopard GGPD01LL

Changing Pad

Royal Mist GGPD01RM

Zoe Zebra GGPD01Z

These multi-use and reusable pouches are perfect for diapers, wipes, snacks, gear, cosmetics, toiletries, bibs, bottles, and much more. Our unique gogo Pouches can store most anything. The gogo Pouch locking carabineer system allows mommy to securely attach the pouches to our 5 in 1 gogo Bag. •BPA-Free, Lead Free, Phthalate free, Liner approved by FDA Standards, CPSIA Certified •Available in Set of 3 or individually in size S-M-L in designated prints

Medium Pouches 7” x 9”

Small Pouches 6” x 9”


Large Pouches 8” x 10”

go go Collection

New! go go Pouch

Lollipop Leopard - LG GGPCH01LL

Zoe Zebra - MED GGPCH01Z

Ginny Giraffe - SM GGPCH01GG

Birdy N Bloom - LG GGPCH01BNB

Pinkabella - MED GGPCH01PA

Sweet Pea - SM GGPCH01SP

Mid Summer Dream MED GGPCH01MS

Royal Mist - MED GGPCH01RM Pouch Trio Damask Includes a SM, MED, & LG Pouch GGPCH302D

Pouch Trio Animal Includes a SM, MED, & LG Pouch GGPCH301D

Gifts & Accessories

Peek-a-Blue - MED GGPCH01PB

Infant Car Seat Covers

Baby Bella Maya infant car seat covers allow for easy access to the seat straps. Simply wrap the cover over the seat, slide the straps through the inserts, snap and go. The cover can be removed washed and securely placed back in the seat in a matter of minutes without having to disturb the integrity and safety of the installed car seat. • Matching canopies • Strap pads Compatible with most major brands of car seats, including: Graco Snugride, Peg Perego & similar infant car seats.

Birdy n Bloom ISC001BNR or ISC001BNT

Peek-a-Blue ISC001PB

Ginny Giraffe ISC001GG

Sweet Pea ISC001SPR or ISC001SPT

Mid Summer Dream ISC001MS

Pixie Stix ISC001PS

Pinkabella ISC001PA

Lollipop Leopard ISC001LLP

Pink Champagne ISC001PC

Royal Mist ISC001RM

Zoe Zebra ISC001Z

Caramel Apple Swirl ISC001CAS

With a Baby Bella Maya washable toddler car seat cover, accidents are no longer a worry. The cover can be removed washed and securely placed back in the seat in a matter of minutes without having to disturb the integrity and safety of the installed car seat. Baby Bella Maya covers utilize snaps to allow for easy access to the car seat straps. Simply slide the straps through the inserts and snap closed.

go go Collection

Toddler Car Seat Covers

Matching seat belt pads are included.

Mid Summer Dream TCS001MS

Sugar & Spice TCS001SS

Lollipop Leopard TCS001LLP

Pink Champagne TCS001PC

Zoe Zebra TCS001Z

Pixie Stix TCS001PS

Caramel Apple Swirl TCS001CAS

Gifts & Accessories


Compatible with: Britax Marathon & similar toddler car seats

Infant Carrier Slip Covers Baby Bella Maya Infant Carrier Slip Covers are the perfect way to update your carrier or to add your personal style. The slip covers are washable and reversible, slipping on and off easily with a side zipper. The covers also have matching strap covers that attach with Velcro to complete the look. Designed to fit Baby Bjorn® Original, Air, Active and Synergy, also fits Snugli® Comfort Vent, Infantino® Euroride and Jeep® 2 in 1.

Mid Summer Dream BB001MS

Ginny Giraffe BB001GG

Pink Champagne BB001PC

Baby Bjorn® is a trademark of Baby Bjorn AB. Baby Bella Maya is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored or licensed by Baby Bjorn®.

Sugar & Spice BB001SS

Zoe Zebra BB001Z

Pixie Stix BB001PS

Caramel Apple Swirl BB001CAS

Little Boy Blue BB001LBB

Birdy N Bloom BLST001BNB

Sweet Pea BLST001SP

Pinkabella BLST001PA

Royal Mist BLST001RM

Peek-a-Blue BLST001PB

Mid Summer Dream BL001MS

Lollipop Leopard BLST001LL

Zoe Zebra BLST001Z

Ginny Giraffe BLST001SPGG

Pixie Stix BLST001PS

Pink Champagne BLST001PC

Caramel Apple Swirl BLST001CAS

go go Collection Gear

Wrap baby in luxury with an ultra soft blanket. Convenient ties attach to an infant car seat, stroller or infant carrier preventing the blanket from falling or bunching. Made of silky woven polyester blends - 30” x 35”.

Gifts & Accessories


Infant Gift Sets The infant gift set is a perfect baby shower gift and features our most popular items: a pair of baby girl booties, a soft and stylish baby headband and a coordinating ruffled baby onesie. These posh baby gift sets come packaged in an adorable heart shaped keepsake box.

Mid Summer Dream (0-6 Mos) GS001MS

Lollipop Leopard (0-6 Mos) GS001LL

Zoe Zebra (0-6 Mos) GS001Z

Ginny Giraffe (0-6 Mos) GS001GG

Pink Champagne (0-6 Mos) GS001PC

Sugar & Spice (0-6 Mos) GS001SS

Lacy leggings are simply irresistible and too adorable not to have in every color and that’s why they are available in multi pair packaging. The sweet packaging resembles a candy wrapper and holds 3 pair of leggings (white, black and pink). Black LL001B6 -12 LL001B12 -18 LL001B18 -24 LL001B3T LL001B4T

Pink LL001P6 -12 LL001P12 -18 LL001P18 -24 LL001P3T LL001P4T

Candy Wrapper 3 Pack LL0013P6-12 LL0013P12-18 LL0013P18-24


White LL001W6 -12 LL001W12 -18 LL001W18 -24 LL001W3T LL001W4T

go go Collection

Lacy Leggings

Fancy Frills Ruffled Diaper Covers are too sweet to not have in every color. These adorable diaper covers are available in pink, white & hot pink.

Hot Pink FC001HP

White FC001W

One Size fits infants to toddlers up to 35 lbs x

Pink FC001P

Gifts & Accessories

Fancy Frills Diaper Covers

Baby Booties Available in sizes 0-6 (3-3/4” in length) & 6-12 Months (4-1/2” in length)

Birdy n Bloom BTS1BNB0-6 BTS1BNB6-12

Pinkabella BTS1PA0-6 BTS1PA6-12

Lollipop Leopard BTS1LLP0-6 BTS1LLP6-12

Zoe Zebra BTS1Z0-6 BTS1Z6-12

Royal Mist BTS1RM0-6 BTS1RM6-12

Ginny Giraffe BTS1GG0-6 BTS1GG6-12

Mid Summer Dream BTS1MS0-6 BTS1MS6-12

Pixie Stix BTS1PS0-6 BTS1PS6-12

Sugar & Spice BTS1SS0-6 BTS1SS6-12

Pink Champagne BTS1PC0-6 BTS1PC6-12

Caramel Apple Swirl BTS1CAS0-6 BTS1CAS6-12

Headbands Designed to coordinate with the booties, children will be absolutely adorable with these head to toe accesories. One size fits infants to toddlers. Headbands are made of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.

Birdy n Bloom HB001BNB

Pinkabella HB001PA

Zoe Zebra HB001Z

Ginny Giraffe HB001GG

Pixie Stix HB001PS

Pink Champagne HB001PC

Royal Mist HB001RM

Sugar & Spice HB001SS

Caramel Apple Swirl HB001CAS

Mid Summer Dream HB001MS

Lollipop Leopard HB001LL

Large 5” Bow Black BWLG01BL

Large 5” Bow Baby Pink BWLG01BP

Large 5” Bow White BWLG01W

Small 3” Bow Black BWSM01BL

Small 3” Bow Baby Pink BWSM01BP

Small 3” Bow White BWSM01W

SMALL BOWS These Small Bows are a trendy and adorable way to accessorize little one’s hair! Wear alone or attach to any of our crochet headbands. Children will look picture perfect with these bows. •Attaches with alligator clip •Buy them individually or buy them in a set of three •Set of 3 includes a FREE Bow Holder to keep your bows looking perfect (Ribbon Length 24”)

go go Collection

These Large Cheer Bows embellished with rhinestones are a cute and simple accessory that tots or teens can wear to enhance any outfit! Children will look absolutely adorable with these sparkly bows. •Attaches with alligator clip •Buy them individually or in a set of 3 •Set of 3, includes a FREE Bow Holder to keep your bows looking perfect (Ribbon Length 24”)


New! Cheer & Small Hair Bows

Crochet Headband Black HBCHT01BL

Crochet Headband White HBCHT01W

Crochet Headband Baby Pink HBCHT01BP

The Crochet Headband with detachable flower is a hair accessory staple! Little ones will always look fashionable with these interchangeable headbands. Wear alone or attach to any of the crochet headbands. These headbands will turn heads! • Flower Bow attaches with alligator clip • Buy them individually or in a set of 3 • Wear alone as a hair clip or attach to any of our crocheted headbands • Decorative rhinestone adorns the middle of each crochet flower

Gifts & Accessories

New! Crochet Headbands

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