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Buying a home in Billericay

Billericay in Essex is a small town which lies just 28 miles from London making it an ideal location for commuters wishing to travel to work in the busy capital but to also enjoy family life in a tranquil country setting. Billericay has a number of parks and open spaces such as Mill Meadows nature reserve, Norsey wood and a reservoir a variety of green open spaces and importantly for young families 3 local schools including St John’s, Mayflower High and Billericay school. Billericay has an attractive high street with a range of shops, pubs including the Red Lion which is 15th century and the Chequers an inn since 1765 and restaurants . The town has a relaxed country feel to it. The town is also well connected to London with a train to Liverpool Station from Billericay taking around 30 minutes. Road links to the capital are also good.

There are sixteen estate agents in the town offering a range of properties for sale and rental properties. Prices range from the high end scale of over £1 million to properties ranging from$ 800,000 to £200,000 with Connells offering two properties at an asking price of $82,500. Rental prices per month ranging from over £1,500 to just over £1,000. Estate agents offering rental properties include the Property Specialists Ltd, Bell House Estates Ltd, Beresfords of Billericay, Holmes Pearman, John Hills Residential lettings and Property Management Ltd and Para Bar Muir. Local estate agents can advise on general matters such as raising mortgages, auctions, conveyancing home insurance and property surveys.

There is no shortage of top of the range residential homes in Billericay with seven, five or four bedrooms in detached homes selling for over £1,200,000. Many of the higher range and middle range properties in Billericay are of modern design and construction reflecting the growth in housing construction in the town in recent years. The local paper the Echo reports that the local council of Billericay wants to construct some 2,500 new houses on the green belt . This is in line with current government housing policy which favors an expansion of new housing development, although many local inhabitants who enjoy Billericay’s rural atmosphere are likely to voice strong opposition to this plan.

The town remains prosperous because of its close proximity to London on the commuter belt which continues to push up house prices. Residents of Billericay also benefit from their close proximity to Stansted airport which offers a much more convenient option to Heathrow and Gatwick airports. These convenient road, rail and air links mean that Billericay remains expensive for property as it is in the commuter belt and remains an attractive rural environment. As more new residents arrive from London property prices continue to edge further upwards . The south of England remains the area where property has retained its high value and Billericay is right in the centre of this prosperous region. In many ways Billericay remains Britain at its best.

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Buying a home in Billericay