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Additional brochure fall / winter 2010 to catalogue 2010

new this season!

Check out our

new Laundry-collection! Doing

the laundry is not our

biggest hobby but even we love

a big pile of fresh, clean shirts, towels and linen! Just have a look at all of our latest articles: and

lots of handwork

contents Laundry

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beautiful cotton prints in combination with

gorgeous vintage canvas. house this fall with Have fun doing

Decorate yourself and your

some great eclectic items.

a little Laundry!

In this brochure you will also find a summary of our other lines: of Cake,

Daisy Mae, Beautiful Basics, Surprise, Piece

Kimono, Driftwood and Indigo.

For a total collection overview

Laundry Shopping, eating chocolate, meeting your girl­ friends … A lot of stuff beats doing the laundry any time. But we still have to admit that we love a big pile of fresh, clean shirts, towels and linen! The Laundry collection is like a breeze of freshly washed cottons. Cool, crisp prints combined with rugged, vintage canvas in dusty sand shades.

There is a lot of authentic Indian handwork in this collection. Embroidered roses, braids, tassels and rags for a very eclectic look. We haven’t forgotten little boys, by the way - just have a look at our brand-new jeep and globe hassock. Made for some serious chilling!

The canvas material we use in this collection is original, worn and has a fantastic unique look. Please appreciate the fact that all canvas articles are therefore different and will come in various shades of sand.



Citybag vintage canvas Pretty bag with cotton accents and lots of space (35 x 13 x 35 cm), 100% vintage canvas. article nr.: 54 TA 02

Handmade bracelet assorted Indian textile bracelets with lots of embroidery, button-closure (length 22 cm). Available as an assorted set of 6 incl. gift bag. article nr.: 54 AR 01

Crocheted wrap jewellery Long crocheted wrap bracelet or necklace with silver balls and handmade multicolored flags (150 cm). Incl. gift bag. article nr.: 54 AR 02


Postbag vintage canvas

Weekender vintage canvas

Handy bag (22 x 10 x 27 cm) with cotton accents and

Spacious weekender with cotton accents

shoulder strap, 100% vintage canvas.

(60 x 20 x 40 cm), 100% vintage canvas.

article nr.: 54 TA 01

article nr.: 54 TA 03


Hassock storage bag vintage canvas Rugged, lightweight hassock with storage bag for magazines (45 x 40 x 40 cm), 100% vintage canvas. article nr.: 54 PO 02


Filled cushion linen embroidered

Round filled cushion assorted

Linen cushion with lots of handmade details and

Lovely handmade cushions with braiding and

trimming (35 x 50 cm), 100% cotton.

embroidery (ø 40 cm), 100% cotton.

article nr.: 54 KU 04

article nr.: 54 KU 01

Cushion cover mixed print

Cushion cover Indian Garden

Cushion cover in a mix of all Laundry prints (50 x 50 cm),

Cushion cover in grey Indian Garden print (40 x 40 cm),

100% cotton.

100% cotton.

article nr.: 54 KU 02

article nr.: 54 KU 03

Storage hamper L vintage canvas

Carpet vintage canvas

Cool big storage bin for firewood, magazines, laundry,

Big rectangular carpet with tone-in-tone application

or toys (ø 47 x 30 cm), 100% vintage canvas.

(130 x 180 cm), 100% vintage canvas.

article nr.: 54 OP 01

article nr.: 54 VL 01


Chill-jeep vintage canvas Big hassock for tough little guys, spare tire at the back! 110 x 70 x 45 cm, 100% vintage canvas with cotton detailing. article nr.: 54 PO 03

Hanging lamp Granny mixed print Sweet hanging lamp with hearts, in a mix of prints (ø 34 x 32 cm). Metal frame, cover 100% cotton. article nr.: 54 LA 01

Musical hedgehog assorted Cute hedgehog with multicolored spines, music box inside (22 x 17 x 17 cm), 100% cotton. article nr.: 54 MU 01

Plaid mixed print tassels

Tabletent heart mixed print

Handmade quilted plaid for bedroom or living room in

Lovely mixed-material tabletent for hours of playing

a mix of all Laundry-prints (140 x 200 cm), 100% cotton.

(200 x 60 x 75 cm). Fits most tables thanks to handy

article nr.: 54 PL 01

ribbon system. Cotton/plastic mix. article nr.: 54 TE 01



Global hassock vintage canvas Check out the whole world, appliquéed on this very cool handmade hassock! (ø 60 cm), 100% vintage canvas. article nr.: 54 PO 01

Little bag Indian Rose Cute plasticized bag with rose embroidery and silver accents, incl. shoulder strap (22 x 25 x 7 cm). article nr.: 54 TA 04

Cotton bags assorted Sweet cotton bags to store pyjamas, scarves, lingerie (35 x 39 cm), 100% cotton. Available as an assorted set of 4. article nr.: 54 OP 03

Duvet cover set single Indian Garden

Duvet cover set single pyjama bag

Duvet cover set in gorgeous grey Indian flower

Cute duvet cover set in purple print (solid red backing),

print, flat pink piping (140 x 200 cm), 100% cotton.

appliquéed with a handmade pyjamas bag

article nr.: 54 DE 02

(140 x 200 cm), 100% cotton. article nr.: 54 DE 01



Notebook Indian Rose

Handmade cards assorted

Cute little notebook in purple print with rose

Pretty postcards with embroidery and appliquĂŠs

embroidery (size A6).

(10 x 15 cm), incl. matching envelopes. Available as

article nr.: 54 NO 02

an assorted set of 4. article nr.: 54 KA 01


Keychain hanger rags & beads

Storage basket S vintage canvas

Cute keychain hanger with a handmade cotton tassel

Storage basket to organize any small stuff, incl. label

(length 20 cm).

holder (ø 20 x 17 cm), 100% vintage canvas.

article nr.: 54 HA 01

article nr.: 54 OP 02

Writing pad Indian Rose

Storage box vintage canvas

Stop emailing, start writing! Pad of 50 sheets of

Rugged, foldable storage box with handmade label

handmade rose-leaf paper (size A4).

holder (10 x 22 x 31 cm), 100% vintage canvas.

article nr.: 54 NO 01

article nr.: 54 DO 01


Other Collections



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Other Collections




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Daisy Mae

Beautiful Basics


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