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Diary Day 1: We were sleeping on the space-ship when Jesus wake up and start shouting about dragons. All that shouting wake up the others. When we were about to get asleep again, Jesus start shouting again about dragons, the voice came from the pilots cabinet. And there was Jesus watching how two dragons were fighting. When we were getting on Jesus, accidentally we put the “automatic” control into “manual”. Jesus pilot, he started following the dragon fight. They were two dragons. One of them was light-blue with a bit of yellow and the other was red with orange. The dragons started following us, so we scape. When we were escaping, Violeta and Florence notice that the planet was squared. The dragons throw us fire and the space-ship explodes, we went to a cave where we slept.

Day 2: Then of having a little wash with water, we decided that this cave was going to be our “home” till we fix up the space-ship. Then of having breakfast we walked till we found a forest. They have past ½ an hour and we are hungry, especially Jesus. We don´t know which hour is it because the sky is always purple with a sort of aurora in it. Then of having a long walk through the forest we descry a walking donut. Without hesitating we decided to go after it. The donut leads us to a “donut city”. With all the hunger Jesus had, he start eating all of them. When he have given a bite to all of them, he stops and Violeta and Florence said angry: - You ate a whole city and you didn´t leave us anything! We couldn´t say any word more because some donuts start getting mad and started shouting about some dead king. We didn´t wait for running, we run to our cave.

Day 3: We didn´t slept very well, a very loud noise came out from the cave. At the morning, very sleepy, we start looking for an exit of that cave (we put some rocks on the entry so donuts couldn´t catch us). When we were looking, a light came out from a hole, we look inside of it and we saw a city, much bigger to the donuts, and maybe more technological than ours.There was a ladder, and we went down stairs for exploring. We tried to remember where it was the entrance in case the inhabitants try to kill us too. We notice that the floor was a kind of glass above an ocean. We went through a street were we saw people; they seem to be made of jelly. For approve that possibility we catch one of them and went to our secret cave. When we were going up stairs, Violeta notice that this city was underground; she wasn´t sure so she didn´t say it.

Day 4: At the morning, Violeta and Florencia wake up, meanwhile Jesus was sleeping. When all of us were awake, the alien we caught came, we notice that he or she had 3 eyes and a body of human, but… green! -Hi! I´m an inhabitant of alimusjellylous, one of the most intelligent people on the universe. He seemed very polite for being a slave, we trust on him and we took him to our tour for exploring his city. He lead us to some type of laboraty were a group of jelly doctors were working till we walked in. They told us we were going to be examining for security. Jesus didn´t like that so he escaped of the laboraty and went to the city. When we went after him, we saw he was eating the aliens again. Jellies went madder than donuts and threaten us about killing us. We start running again, but this time with more fright and with a donut that saw Jesus“heroic act”. This time we didn´t went to the cave, this donut lead us to the forest, to another cave. (192)

Day 5: This funny donut woke up us, it was newly dawning, so we didn´t woke up with sense of humour. Then of having an eternal walk, we arrived to the donuts city. It seemed much cleaner from the last time. For such reason, Jesus was named king. It was a quick day. Many aliens were working, some fixing up our space-ship, others recollecting our things, or they were saying goodbye to us. We took funny their offerings, some kind of shrimp with a strange sausage on it. -It is Jellies typical meal, is very elegant, so we thought you will like it- said the new king. When everything was packed, we went to the space-ship for take-off. Before going, Jesus named a donut, called Phillip Cream (the commander of the army) king. When we were going to our planet, we saw how this donut was crowned.

Projet PLANET  
Projet PLANET  

This is a project in english!