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Ohio is at the heart of the United States placing it within a one-day drive of 60% of the US and Canadian populations. It is a state led by a business-minded governor focused on cultivating a robust business climate that begins with having the lowest tax rate in the mid-west on new capital investment and amplified by a common sense regulatory approach so businesses can thrive. All businesses in Ohio benefit from reduced expenses and are taxed at the same low rate. BUILT-IN BENEFITS TO LOCATING YOUR BUSINESS IN OHIO Ohio is home to five economic game changers that McKinsey & Company named as the economic drivers for the next 10-20 years: big data, knowledge-intensive manufacturing, shale energy, infrastructure and talent. These game changers work together to have an exponential and integrated impact on economic growth, and they all call Ohio home. Ohio’s many benefits also include a:


• Diverse economy represented by strong industry sectors. Ohio’s total economic output of $583 billion in 2014 was divided across multiple industries with significant production in durable goods, energy production and technology and medical advancements • Central location with a strong logistics infrastructure that is within 600 miles of 60% of US and Canadian manufacturing and populations. This proximity to major markets has attracted companies from more than 40 countries • Ready workforce of nearly 6 million Ohioans and worldclass education and training. Improved productivity, quality and profits through access to a talented workforce and high concentration of top universities and technical schools • Multitude of vibrant and affordable cities and towns. Big-city amenities – without the long commute and highcost of living – make Ohio one of the most liveable states in America As a US and international manufacturing leader with the seventh largest US economy, Ohio has a diverse set of industry sectors and a total economic output of $583 billion. Ohio has a comprehensive distribution network that provides the most affordable choice for your manufacturing, shipping, and sales operations in North America. Domestic and international companies alike have placed Ohio at the top of the list because of its access to corporate manufacturing customers, suppliers and joint partnerships.

Investing in Ohio is faster and easier than ever due to JobsOhio, recent tax reform and partnership opportunities. JobsOhio is a private, non-profit corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention and expansion efforts by working with job creators to find the partners, sites and financial resources they need to be successful. Recent tax reform to eliminate Ohio’s tax on profits – the corporate franchise tax – as well as the tangible personal property tax on machinery and equipment, inventory and furniture and fixtures has played a role in the state’s recent success. The reform also cut personal income taxes and eliminated taxes on capital investment, inventory and sales of goods and services to customers outside of Ohio. By instituting a broad-based, low-rate (one-quarter of 1%) tax on business receipts, Ohio is now one of the most progressive and profitable states in which to do business. Ohio also continues to be highly involved in supporting research at its universities and investing in technologies that will stimulate innovation and economic growth in many of the state’s core business sectors. Thanks to a stable and flourishing economy – powered by the five economic game changers – and a pro-business environment, Ohio is the best choice for companies with a higher standard of performance. The future is happening in Ohio. Get there first. For more information, contact: JobsOhio 41 South High Street, 15th Floor Columbus, OH 43215 Tel: +1 614-224-6446 Email: Website:

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