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HOODIE: As the final girl needs to be masculine, we chose her to wear a hoodie so that she appears to resembles a male teenager who would wear something similar. Again, we wanted her to wear a dark hoodie rather than a bright one or a short tshirt because we didn’t want her to appear like a gaze. Some hoodies for girls can be bright pink which wouldn’t uphold her masculine side but instead present her as a, “dumb blonde.”

MAKEUP: We wanted to limit the amount of makeup on our final girl to help her look more masculine rather than a male gaze which would challenge her role. We also wanted her hair to be free and loose to help build on the idea that she isn’t a gaze again. As well as this we could have had her hair tied up to show she is prepared to not be distracted. But we chose to leave it loose especially as it wasn’t very long.

TRAINERS: Cindy wore low trainers because we again wanted to uphold her being prepared to challenge the antagonist which masculinizes her. But at the same time, we had to use low trainers as other options would make her look sexual. For example, if she wore heels or flat shoes, she would be prepared to challenge the antagonist because they are likely to come off or make her fall.

JEANS: The use of jeans helps the final girl appear like she’s ready to run and is prepared to face challenges. This helps masculinizes her because this is a typical male clothing too but we wanted to use this rather than a shirt for example to again avoid her looking like a gaze. In doing so the audience wouldn’t be able to fully understand her role and would expect her to die.

Annotation of clothing  
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