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Summer 2017

News and Views from Bablake Junior and Pre Prep School




his year we hand over our largest ever Year 6 contingent to the Senior School. All of them have left their mark on our school. We will fondly remember this Year 6 and their character and their achievements. We have shared many an enriching moment and they leave us ready for the next stage of their lives. Ready for the next stage of their lives too are Mrs Reed and Mr Bogyor, two members of staff who have brought so much positive energy to Bablake.They chose to spend most of their working lives at our school and we are blessed to have shared the experience.Their wise council and unstinting loyalty will be keenly missed. Someone once said that the, “Best time to start

thinking about your retirement is before the boss does.” I was actually hoping that they would never leave us. As everyone moves on they can reflect upon a job well done. Whatever stage of life we are at, our attitudes will help shape our future and Bablake is a fantastic place to hone those attitudes. Positivity, hard work, compassion, resilience and intellectual curiosity - all within a co-operative and supportive community. That is why, for us all, Bablake is such a great place to be. Our shared aspirations add great energy to our endeavours. As we ‘Seize the Day,’ we seize our futures. Mr Neil Price Headmaster

Simba - Summer 2017  

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