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Autumn 2016

News and Views from Bablake Junior and Pre Prep School

Inspiring a Culture of Kindness This term children and staff here at BJS have been discussing the behaviour that they would like to see in our school. All pupils have had the chance to have their say and the School Council have helped us clarify our hopes and expectations.The ‘Bablake

Behaviours’ reflect the aspirations of our community and support our ambition for a culture of kindness. Christmas is a time to celebrate and think of others.The ‘Bablake Behaviours’, written by your children, put thinking of others and hard work

at the heart of our school.These wise words will inspire us into the future and form a most positive message, especially as we look forward to Christmas.Well done to all involved and thank you.


Our Community

Seeking Excellence

Respect each other and listen to everyone’s opinions. Be kind and helpful. Treat others as we would like to be treated. Be caring and supportive. Don’t leave people out and be patient. We are considerate and forgiving. We are a good friend.

Be polite and courteous. Say please and thank you and show self-control. Have good manners and remember to share. Be honest and truthful and never lie. Admit mistakes and trust yourself. Be loyal and trustworthy. Work and play as a team. Be tolerant and celebrate our differences as everyone is different.

Be determined and hard working. Focus and listen with care to keep learning. Do our best and accept challenge. We persevere and don’t give up. We learn from our mistakes and from each other.We set a good example for others. We work together and help others do their best. We support people who are struggling.

Mr Price

Simba - Autumn 2016  

Termly Bablake Junior School newsletter

Simba - Autumn 2016  

Termly Bablake Junior School newsletter