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The Brief

The Museum of Garden History is a small museum in London. They are in need of more custom. Create a fresh new identity for the museum, and promote their existence across various methods of advertisements.


To inform people of the museums existance and whereabouts. To expand the publics knowledge of the museum, and to attract more custom.


There are many museums which consist of similar artifacts, but the the Museum of Garden History can offer different historical artifacts and other interesting items as well as displaying beautiful plants and other foliage in their natural environment.

Target Audience

The museum is there for people to appreciate gardening, nature and the history behind these subjects. The target audience will be females aged between 30 and 50.

Tone of Voice

Gardening is calming and relaxing therefore the message should also be.

Mandatory Requirements A new identity for the museum


-Research and development -A fresh new identity for the museum -A minimum of 4 posters advertising the museum -Proposal for other advertisement methods -Any other appropriate outcomes

The Brief I wrote this brief to ensure I make the most of my love for logos and identities. This brief is all about creating a new identity for a small and somewhat unknown museum based in London. The Museum of Garden History is full of interesting paintings, photographs and ephemera. They also provide gardens consisting of beautiful plants and enables us to be educated about nature.

Museum of Garden History

Identity I have created a brand new identity for the Museum of Garden History. A fresh, clean and recognisable logo is important for a business. The logo is obvious as to what it is representing which is what I was aiming to achieve. It’s original, visually appealing and interesting. I have designed business cards, compliment slips and letterheads, all containing the museum’s new logo and other details.

Advertisement Posters I have designed and created four posters which advertise the Museum of Garden History. The posters each represent the four seasons; autumn, winter, summer and spring. The strap-line, ‘The Garden Museum...not just for Autumn/Winter/ Summer/Spring’ convey annual availablility. The quotes on the posters have been purposely designed to not allow immediate knowledge of what they mean; the strapline delivers clarity of the advertisement.

In Context The posters have been designed for both landscape and portrait formats. They would be placed in various advertisement spaces in view of the public eye. Bus stops, phone boxes and billboards are the main areas I have looked to advertise. I believe any of these, in any area would attract public attention. Taking into consideration the target audience (30-50 year olds), the posters would be displayed close to various shops that this age group often visit. Shops such as B&Q that provide similar products to the museum is also somewhere the posters would be seen close to.

In Context These advertisements would be strategically placed on appropriate billboards. They would be seen on the sides of buildings and on large displays throughout towns. v

Merchandise I have proposed merchandise which would be sold in the museum shop. The products would primarily be green, as you can see from above. I have also proposed various other colours that would be available, to give the products variety and would give customers the freedom to choose their preferred colours. I have designed tags which the museum will use, and are also available to purchase in the museum shop. Selling these would make the customers feel as though they are taking a little part of their experience home with them, as the museum will use them. It makes their experience that little more personal.

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