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10 Killer Ways Of Getting 2000 Visitors Per Day: Traffic Study 2 babanature

Traf f ic is like a treasure which every bloggers, webmasters and even hackers search f or. Web traf f ic is the ultimate goal (not f or some) that most bloggers strive f or. Today! I want to show you how I get 2000+ targeted traf f ic naturally without applying SEO but a little f orm of tweaking. But bef ore I move f urther, let me show you my Google analytic so you won’t think otherwise. Yep! I know the statistic is not that huge f or some but f or some it is a big task and on this short but detailed post, I am going to show you the methods I took to get me 2000+ visitors per day but bef ore I proceed, let me ask you; why do you need traf f ic to your blog? Because I heard that traf f ic does not equate money!

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HOW I GOT MY 2000+ VISITS PER DAY I am going to be discussing more ways on getting targeted and continuous f low of traf f ic and at the same time, getting backlinks f rom high PR sites on this article. Many of you must have known or heard about the methods I am about to drop but the question here is; have you applied it on your blog bef ore? If not you must have a good reason but is it possible to share your reason with us? Bef ore I get carried away, let me drop them f ast

√ A GOOD TITLE FOR YOUR BLOG POST: I love; I mean we all love and would click titles that attract our eyes, right? So as search engines! If your content is great and your title is not attractive, it will surely make those precious visitors you called “traf f ic” pass you by without even checking you out. Is that a f act or just a saying? Even with crappy content but great title will surely attract visitors to your blog. Tips: I usually spend time creating my blog’s titles to give it that tastes and f lavor. I make the title the way I would want to search it online (search engine). So why not try the same methods!

√ TAG YOUR POST WISELY: While other bloggers love setting their keyword to get higher ranking, I love f ocusing on my tags because

the tag you’re seeing on your blog can go a long way than just a tag. At the earlier stages of website, tag is so essential that search engines use it to rank your blog/ website, but letter on its ef f ect on sites became minimal. But since nobody is paying more attention to it, don’t you think it might have revived its self ? Tip: No tip

√ SHARE YOUR CONTENT TO ALL DIRECTORIES YOU COULD THINK OF: On my f irst traf f ic article I mentioned this step and I am bringing it back because this step is so ef f ective and a very usef ul tool to all bloggers and web masters. Social bookmarking sites gives you a high PR backlinks and as well as traf f ic. T he main reason I advice any blogger to submit their website to all social bookmarking site they can f ind, is to gain credibility and quicker indexing of one’s blog/ website. Must Read: 250 SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES THAT CAN DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG

√ CHECK AND REPAIR ALL BROKEN LINKS: Believe it or not traf f ic also deals with load time and how responsive a blog is. If you want to get organic traf f ic, you need to make your blog as healthy as possible. But how can you make a blog healthy? Easy! By checking f or broken links and f ix it, making sure your blog is not attacked by some malware or viruses… hmmm… and what other? Tip: Make sure you have a Google webmaster to check your site health and more and always keep your blog f ree and f lowing

√ SUBMIT YOUR BLOG/ WEBSITE TO WEBSITE FEEDBACK: T his is one oldskool ways of getting tremendous traf f ic to your blog; it has been f orgotten and now it has been brought back as an untapped source and you too can tapped f rom this source and see how large your traf f ic will become. How this works: T here are some sites out there that are meant to help you get conversion potentials or f eedback on your site’s layout. To get a link and as well as traf f ic f rom these websites all you need to do is submit your website/ Blog with a little description of how you want to improve it. One good thing about this step is, your link will be on a high PR do f ollow websites.

√ SOFTWARE/ APPLICATION SUBMISSION T his is another untapped source and this is f ar my best ways of getting traf f ic and as well as high PR backlinks. How can one achieve this? You will create an application that has a link back to you and submit it to some high PR sof tware vendors Like Cnet, Brothersof t, sof ttonic and many more… You don’t know how to create app or sof tware? T hat’s ok, because nowadays you can create a customize app without the knowledge of coding or any designing idea. T here are some sites out there that create a puzzle game f or you with just a click, site like; can create a f ree puzzle game f or you.

√ WRITE FOR YOUR SELF AND NOT SEARCH ENGINE: Must Read: 3 POSSIBLE WAYS OF GETTING A GOOD AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG Traf f ic is a natural gif t f rom the “web” it’s like a f ountain, every bloggers, webmasters can get as much as they want and there will still be more f or others who want to take f rom; T here is enough traf f ic f or everyone right? Why do you write f or search engine when “natural-ity” pays even more? I

don’t write f or search engines, I only write f or myself and the things I encounter and guest what? I was rewarded f or my “naturality” by Google . So I’d say all my post that I write has authority. T his is to show you that natural stuf f s pays even more

√ ALWAYS PROMOTE YOUR BLOG POST: blogging is a constant thing, you might be posting everyday and I am posting once a week and I am getting way more traf f ic than you. T he traf f ic source is not f rom your post but f rom how constant your ef f orts are. Web traf f ic deals with constant promotions and well monitored eyes or what do you think?

√ WHAT YOU THINK? I have drop some more ways what do you think about these ways? What other untapped ways do you get your traf f ic f rom? Please do share with us using the comment box below to learn even more because we all want to take f rom that f ountain Must Read: 5 GREAT REASONS WHY YOUR BLOG IS STILL HIDING AND HOW TO FRONT IT Do you have thoughts and questions or just f eel like dropping a comment? T hen please use the comment box below to drop them. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated. Did you connect with the post? T hen please do click the like box, share us and recommend us to f riends because you’ll never know which of your f riends might be in need of it. Do not f orget to subscribe to our f eed f or your latest updates on the go…

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10 Killer Ways Of Getting 2000 Visitors Per Day: Traffic Study 2  

Traffic is like a treasure which every bloggers, webmasters and even hackers search for. Web traffic is the ultimate goal (not for some) tha...

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