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Babajob Team Outing Special events:

Give me a crazy pose!

The Adventure of Team Babajob

Are you ready?

On 17th November

The day started off and everyone gathered for our lovely team day organized by Mercedes! The weather wasn‟t the greatest but that didn‟t affect our mood. Instead we were all dancing happily on the bus and eating a lot of food!

2010 Team Babajob goes on an outing to

explore and experience the wilderness of Bangalore.

Preparing the Journey As team Babajob arrives to the river, they find out about the secret boat ride they had to take to reach the island of paintballing. Everyone had nice confused faces when we stopped our bus. “Is this where we‟re paintballing???”

Vinod‟s Looking great in a life jacket!

The Journey to the Island The boat was too small so the group had to divide in two. Everyone had to wear life jackets. The boat always looked like it was about to sink, as more than half the boat was underwater. There was also a lot of water IN the boat. The team had a lot of fun trying to keep themselves dry! :D

Denesh and Vijay Enjoying the ride from the front of the bat.

Meet our Boss Sean, King of Ultimate Frisbee!

The Paintballing!

The second team was given a warm welcome by the first half. It was a nice warm scene. As if we were finally returning home!

Vinod instructs his team of the strategy they will use!

After having some nice drinks, the team prepared for battle. Two teams were chosen and everyone collected their paintballing gear. Nov 17 2010

Whose that hiding!?

Everybody is Sooo Hungry After exercising, everybody was really hungry. “Eat as much as you can” Everyone did a good job with that!

It doesn‟t matter whether you are veg or non-veg, just eat as much as you can!

Survival! We need to build a raft to cross the river After lunch, it was all about building a raft and „trying‟ to cross the river. We split again into two teams and had a Babajob competition. The winner was the one who built the best raft in the shortest time.

The Plan and the Final Piece, not bad guys! Page 4

Nov 17 2010

Here are some of the pictures!

“lets build the raft and flip it over later”

Both teams did a good job! But… Where are the rafts?

Vinod: See what happens when you don‟t have a good plan!

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Here are more pictures!

We have survivors! Slowly they get back on land from the sea!

Who is that floating on the right? ďƒ

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I hope everyone had a great day and this letter helps you remember what happened on that day. Letâ€&#x;s work together to help more people get better jobs! Written and edited by: Youni :D

Babajob Team Outing  

Babajob team having fun building rafts and paintballing