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Latest trends in agriculture and what are the books need to refer? With the increase of new innovation in science and technology the equipment in use in different industries has been upgraded for better efficiency and reduces human effort. Agriculture sector is also been benefited by introducing new gadgets and technology which can increase the harvest and decrease labour work. More over this will give better outcome in less time as more machine in involved in doing work rather than man, which even reduce human error to a greater extend.

Apart from heavy machinery, there is more involvement of software technology where IoT, Image processing and high precise sensors are introduce and interfaced with present machineries to provide better output along with data monitoring access. With the increase in digital technology, IoT is been most widely used where the user can operate machines even when he/she is not near the site. It is even helpful for farmer, as they can verify their data and can get notify it any human assistant is required. Apart from high end hardware, software is also playing new role in the improving the trends in agriculture but introducing different software which can monitor warehouse activities and can handle a farmer inventory data on a single screen, so there is no error in maintaining the stock. The supply

chain process becomes so easy and convenient without any extra human efforts or human error. The field of artificial intelligence is also an emerging factor which is been used in majority of the sector and it’s also been utilized in agriculture sector. AI is been integrated with hardware and software architecture to improvise the system by learning from its previous work on the field, which eventually be like human brain learning new thing and improving itself from previous mistake or experience in order to improvise in efficiency. There are more information provided on latest trends in the market which are useful for farmer and agriculturist who are focused on yielding more so that their contribution can benefit the nation and the people. They have to be made aware of the latest technology by providing them agricultural books or online copy of agricultural books in PDF format, whichever is easily available. Apart from books they should even be subscribed to monthly magazine related to agricultural trends, so that they are always updated about new gadgets in the market which can be helpful for them in farming or for other purpose. Here are some agricultural books which are been suggested by agriculturist: Sr. No.

Book Name



Research Trends in Agriculture Sciences

Dipender Kumar, Saurabh Tyagi, Narneder Kumar


Helmut Traitler,Michel Dubois ,Keith Heikes,Vincent PĂŠtiard ,David Zilberman


Food & Agricultural Organization


Jagdish Prasad, Arbind Prasad


Plant Pathology Books

As the technology is advancing, the work load on humans are getting reduced and due to which an individual gets more time to spend on things which matters most to him/her.

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Agricultural Books PDF  

Get the complete agricultural exam books at one online book store. We will provide all subjects of different boards and universities as per...

Agricultural Books PDF  

Get the complete agricultural exam books at one online book store. We will provide all subjects of different boards and universities as per...