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Whether you are a keeper of koi, an admirer of koi or perhaps both, have you ever stopped to wonder about what do koi fish represent? According to a very old Japanese legend Koi fish are found in the Yellow River where they are often seen swimming bravely upstream. The part of the river where the waterfall flows is exceptionally difficult to pass since the Koi are going in the opposite direction of the water. It is said that the Koi is brave and can surpass this hurdle at most times. If they fail, they are either caught or pushed back downstream. The Japanese legend claims that once the Koi pass this hurdle they are transformed into mythical creatures called as dragons and this marks the end of their struggle. Going by this saying, Koi fish are very brave by nature and therefore they represent courage and determination. They fight their way upstream to achieve their target. It is said that this action of the Koi is analogous to human suffering and the toil which human's see in their lives. These attributes of the Koi carp fish are seen in many humans who are extremely driven by nature and want to make something of their lives or achieve certain goals. Koi also stand for family and relationships. It is often said that Koi fish which have a distinct black hue stand for the head of the family or the father. The orange Koi fish represents the matriarch or the mother. As for the children, Blue Koi or White Koi usually stands for the male offspring and the Pink or the Red Koi stand for the female offspring. Depictions of the family can be seen on flags and through paintings of Koi in different colors during festivities and special occasions. Koi can grow to be quite large and are known to consume almost anything that gets in their way. They are very boisterous by nature and show a lot of male qualities in them. More often than not they are seen swimming rigorously around the pond, unearthing plants and generally creating a murky commotion in their living space. Koi fish are therefore associated with masculine dominance. Koi tattoos have become very popular in recent times. Tattoos of this sort represent different things and have different meanings. For example, if a person has a tattoo of a Koi carp fish that is struggling upstream it basically represents bravery and perseverance followed by victory over battles in life. A Koi fish tattoo can also represent independence and nonconformity to the rules and social laws of society. It is a proclamation of one's individuality and sovereign mind. Another very important thing that Koi carp fish stand for is status and wealth. Koi fish are relatively easy fish to maintain because they live long and are strong but they have ravenous appetites and are very expensive to procure, especially the original ones. Therefore a family that has a Koi pond is supposed to be a family of wealth and prosperity. Keeping Koi fish can be a pleasurable experience especially since they are magnificently endowed with beautiful colors and patterns.

Apart from the fact that they beautify the house, a lot of people believe in the Koi's mystical abilities to ward off bad omen and attract wealth and happiness. Therefore for most people who can afford it and believe strongly in the power of Koi fish, having a pond with the best fish possible is an absolute must. The Japanese and the Chinese strongly believe that a Koi fish pond at home can bring good fortune and good health to the owner. Today, many people across the world wish to possess Koi ponds because some believe in the Koi as being a good omen while others just want their homes to look beautiful.

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==== ==== You can learn more about koi fish by clicking ==== ====

A Koi Fish Represents What?  

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