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Becoming a new mother means entering a world rich with products and terms most of us never knew existed. Baby floor gyms and playmats are such products. To the newbie, these product names may seem interchangeable. They're not. Well, not really. Playmats and Floor Gyms Defined Ultimately, baby play mats and gyms meet the same need - they provide a clean, soft surface on which babies may play. A baby playmat is just that: a mat on which baby may play. These may be made out of either foam (think of those cute interlocking foam tiles you see in day care centers) or fabric. Meanwhile, baby gyms are much more complicated. While fabric play mats may have crinkle toys and other textured fabric attached to the edges, gyms generally have toys dangling from overhead arches. The toys vary wildly - rattles, teethers, lights, music, plastic, plush, and mirrored. Some baby gyms are even interactive in that baby can activate lights and music through motion or by hitting the appropriate button. Things to Consider When trying to decide between purchasing a baby playmat or a baby floor gym, you should first consider your own needs. As baby play mats are designed to provide soft surfaces for babies to lay and play on, a home filled with wall-to-wall plush carpeting may find the play mat superfluous. Owners of such homes may want the stimulation a floor gym can provide their baby without the cushioning that mats afford. However, parents should also consider whether they need all the stimulation that gyms provide. If a work-at-home mom is looking for a safe and quiet place for baby to play by her side while she checks her email, a playmat may be the better option. Parents should also take into account their child's age and needs when deciding between baby play mats and gyms. Very young infants may be overwhelmed by the number of toys and variety of sounds accompanying a baby gym and may develop better given fewer distractions. At the same time, however, a room covered in foam tiles-while great for protecting tumbling toddlers-will hardly provide that young infant with the stimulation she needs. Most parents will want to find a middle ground by either using only one or two of the gym accessories that their baby seems most interested in or by purchasing a fancier fabric playmat with a few simple crinkle toys attached.


About this Author Don't worry if you're still not sure how to tell a baby playmat from a baby floor gym. Both deliver the same result: somewhere safe to play. What's more important is that you think carefully about which of the many products on offer best fits the needs of both baby and parents. Copyright 2010 Holly Dalton. All rights reserved.

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==== ==== Baby Playmats is something you're looking for? Then visit ==== ====

Baby Playmat or Baby Floor Gym