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barrett architecture + design (2011) ltd.

syst ems and capabi l i t i es :

fine print.

systems + cababilities

fine print

contact. New Zealand 21 Tovey Street, South New Brighton Christchurch, 8061 t. +64 02 10 48 56 03


systems + capabilities

personnel. ba+d is a two person team composed as follows: Matt Barrett dip.arch.d. architectural design CAD technician 3d modeler/visualizer graphics research Caroline Lovie b.f.a. dip.a.d interior design photography graphics interrogator research

means. - 1 professional space (pre red zone) - 2 2.66GHz i5 mac computers with 27’ screens in network. - 1 safe data server with mirror copy every hour. - 1 remote backup of data server. - 1 2.2GHz i7 macbook pro laptop. - 3 digital cameras. - 3 external hard drives. - 1 ink jet printer. - 1 copier. - 1 scanner. - 1 ADSL connection. - 1 ftp server. - latest CAD software - archiCAD. - latest creative suite softwares. - 3D rendering software. - animation and editing software. - physical model tools. - 2 smart phones - 1 car - 1 moped - 1 PI insurance level of $500,000

fine print

compensation. For providing the architectural services described, compensation shall be computed, for the purpose of EQR as follows: a flat rate of $60.00 per hour + GST Additional to the hourly rate, allowance shall be made to reimburse any expenses occurred. These expenses include: + obtaining a current certificate of title = $15.00 + obtaining an electronic copy of the property file = $31.00 + building consent fees (minimum application fee, includes PIM deposit). refer to Christchurch City Council for fee structure. - residential external alterations/additions & repairs under $100,000 = $1,995.00 + payment of any fees occurred by other consultants involved in the project.

systems + cababilities

technology. The computer is deeply embedded into each of our projects development. It allows form finding, complex space to materialize and lets us visualize precisely how these spaces interact with each other and the use of specific materials for each project. This technique then allows us to permanently follow the ideas as they evolve; we can test and validate them before its one to one construction. There is advanced computer skills in the following programs: arcihCAD: for the production of high quality construction drawings and BIM modeling. Artlantis Studio, Final cut, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator: to develop presentational 3d illustrations, renderings and animations. A high competency in Mircosoft Office.

studio. We at ba+d are a creatively led multidisciplinary design studio relocated just metres from the raw foreshore of South New Brighton, Christchurch. A small but not limited architecture and design practice that looks at opening the boundaries of conventional practice by a fresh and exploratory approach to design. ba+d treats each project as a fresh challenge, offering unique possibilities and prides itself in experimentation, creativity, flexibility, spontaneity and general face slapping ability - all within the given constraints to achieve something exceptional. All of ba+d designs are conceptually driven, outside the box and sustainability conscious. ba+d’s niche is not a specific style or look but an attitude that is expressed by having ideas and creating unique solutions for differing briefs; styles and singular themes are avoided, we believe in ideas rather than building type, whether the project be a house in the dunes, an office in a concrete pipe or a theoretical tower for the cathedral of Antwerp.


systems + cababilities


Founded in 2010 ba+d is a young, growing and energetic full service architectural and design practice. Architecture is the core focus of ba+d. We complement this core competency with carefully selected, highly qualified professionals and consulting firms, who offer a strong technical background and experiences in various fields that relate to each individual project. ba+d has in-house capabilities to efficiently provide service on a wide variety of small to mid-sized projects. We are also aligned with a number of larger strategic partners with whom we can collaborate regularly, allowing us to welcome larger commissions. We can and will throw all necessary resources at a project in order to achieve the desired outcomes; be it quality control, tight time frames/deadlines or budget concerns. Our team is young, talented, ambitious and enthusiastic, resulting in attentive and unparalleled service to all of our clients.

systems + capabilities

The team members here at ba+d have had extensive experience in all aspects of the architectural sphere, having worked on numerous projects nation wide, including but not limited to: New residential work - medium to high end housing, up to and over $1,000,000 Residential extension & alteration work - from minor spacial realignment to major structural redevelopment. Residential remediation work - complete recladds due to cladding failure, incorporating modern flashing techniques. Commercial - small to large scale new work and extension and alteration work.


history of work produced.

project process.

core services

design: architecture interior

The gathering stage. We collect all the relevant information for the project. + we research the site, TA codes & regulations. + we interrogate, research & ask questions but more importantly we listen, to the ideas, hopes & desires so we can create a comprehensive brief.

site review + contract administration

3d imaging + rendering


feasibility studies


The doing stage. This is where the work starts. + we finalize the design. + we produce the construction. documentation. + we coordinate with the consultants. + we lodge for consent.

sustainability consulting

The bask in the gory stage. This is where you pop the bubbly, crack open the beers and relax. construction documentation

systems + cababilities

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