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Executive Summary At Disneyland we take pride in offering a whimsical experience that will leave the littlest imagination dreaming big. Our goal is to spark inspiration that ‘wishing upon a star’ really makes dreams come true—better yet going to the smallest dwarf planet, Plutonia to save the world is even more realistic than you can imagine. Pluto's Outer Space Adventure takes you on an enchanted flight into the dark abyss of outer space, launching from our new galactic movie, “Pluto saves Plutonia”. What better way to enjoy a whole new world?

I. Business objective We plan on increasing our revenue by 45% through the following: •

Marketing through commercials on Disney affiliate stations an nonaffiliated stations

Offering a buy a day get a day free pass at theme park for the month of Jun.

Offering a “Pluto’s birthday experience”, If your birthday falls on Jun. 13 you can get in half off and get a free T-shirt: “Birth of a Great Plutonian” or “I helped save Plutonia”

Open up a Disney characters line Pluto and Plutonian action figures

The opening of Pluto's Outer Space Adventure opens Jun. 13 during the release of movie: “Pluto saves Plutonia”

Budget unlimited

II. Public relations objectives •

Introduced slogan “The birth of a great Plutonian” with different colors and shapes

Target group young adults sub target group Parents

Focus directly on the word Plutonian: “a small planet with the big hopes”

III. Strategies •

Emphasize on a small planet but big and diverse, showing different creatures and their strengths as well as Pluto’s strengths

Marketing will take place through commercials

Subway campaign “eating health makes a strong plutonian”

Online Disney and radio Disney commercial specifically for Disney on Cable TV

The news

Facebook and Twitter campaign “what Plutonian are you”

VI. Public Relations Program Elements •

Disney will launch on social media, “ keep our world clean”, Plutonian style that tells the importance of picking up trash and preserving our world

Disney will also advertise on broadcasting stations on promotions concerning Pluto’s birthday discounts at theme park

Local news will be in attendance on the opening of “Pluto’s outer space adventure” preceding a walk through behind the adventurous ride

The actors behind the character’s voices from the movie will campaign on the Disney Channel and will talk about the up-and-coming movie as well as the futuristic ride

A website will launch game called: “Saving Plutonian Pluto Style” where children will help Pluto fight off the evildoers to save Plutonia

For every person that buys “I am Plutonian” a portion of the proceeds will go to Disney’s cancer and lupus victims

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