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Welcome to version .30 of Ping Kaching! Can you imagine we are actually on our 3rd main upgrade to the software system programs? It was not that far back that we all first snuck into version .1 of PK and right now we have already got above a thousand customers! I'd like to first express gratitude to all our dependable subscribers who were around throughout the very start. People who remain to impart us with amazing reviews and such good comments! You're our encouragement to always keep working hard and providing top quality product. Our very last serious revision created our software system into allowing users and subscribers to become market leaders as a result of submitting to websites like Facebook, Twitter, Identi.Ca and Tumblr. Version .20 really was a milestone in our organization. Nevertheless, we now have outdone ourselves with version .30. I'm truly excited to offer you our latest improvements. Highlight of Latest Features: Multiple Profiles. A particular major update in our application is that we at this point making it easy for people to key in various accounts. In this way people can segregate their niches into various accounts and use them for their customers. It is a leading addition to our application and was one of our famous feature requests. Product/Brand Name Checker . At any time I come out with a new service, it’s for ages been a boring job to choose a new product label. You will need to go to websites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to find out if the title you end up picking is still available. Now with Ping Kaching you have the capability to lookup all websites from a single place. Ping Kaching will display if the domain is available, if the name is available on social bookmarking sites, search results, etc. This makes the strategy of finding a new brand name a piece of cake! Aged Domain Finder . This is really a huge feature integrated into Ping Kaching and I am really content that my team as well as the guys over at Domain Face could make it happen so soon. Anybody can search for Aged Domains right within Ping Kaching. All you need to do is just have a Domain Face account. Acquiring an aged domain is a big advantage over a regular domain and I would certainly recommend everybody who's setting up a different niche to obtain an aged domain if you can. Account Creation Tool . This is the most significant single feature add we have ever finished. The method to create accounts at Social Bookmarking, RSSDistribution and Social Media web sites is incredibly time-consuming. With this particular improvement to Ping Kaching we have got this time consuming technique down to a simple step-by-step procedures that only need a handful of clicks. You can now manage to build accounts for your different niches in mere minutes as compared to hours. Likewise, if you're doing local SEO for clients this is going to make you a lot of cash. You can certainly get away with charging subscribers $50-75 for account creations. So you can pocket that money and use PK’s new account creation system to bring the account building method down to just minutes. This will become one of the fastest amounts of money you can make! $50 every 10-20 minutes of time isn’t too shabby!

What Exactly is Coming in our Next Update: Our next essential upgrade will be version .40. Building the account creation tool has taken us time and effort and now that it’s done we would like to use this chance to return to our roots. In version .40 you can expect

MOREMOREMOREof EVERYTHING!We will be looking at incorporating more social bookmarking sites, more directories and more social status websites. Given that we already have an engine and a system made for adding these web sites it is now a simple job for us to greatly increase our reach. Even so, this upcoming upgrade isn’t just about MORE, it’s also about boosting current features. We'll be checking out adding a De-CAPTCHA service into Ping Kaching so we can automatically resolve ALL CAPTCHA for end users. By accomplishing this it, will eventually unlock a handful of doors for us as well. Previously we've been hesitant to add in hundreds of directories which require CAPTCHAas it would be way too time-consuming. With this particular aspect it will allow us to enormously increase the quantity of websites we support. The last thing I want to add in version .40 is the ability to access the status updater similar to how you can access the Tiny URL feature. From the plug ins drop down box we'll be adding the power to update your social statuses very easily. This way you won’t have to establish a project in order to upgrade your Facebook, Twitter, etc. Quite often we want to update our customers daily. This addition to the software will allow you to update all your social media web sites in simply a matter of seconds. I am seriously looking forward to this addition and have wanted this ever since I released the social status updater tool. End Notes: Should at any time you have questions about Ping Kaching's newest features then simply email us at Additionally, we provide live chat support almost 16 hours each day five days a week. You can just head over to our home page and then click the live chat button and an agent will be pleased to answer your queries!(For queries pertaining to the Account Creation Tool I recommend you e-mail instead of live chat. The agents are still being trained to learn about the newest feature additions.) I also suggest you check out Domain Face and sign up for an account if you don’t have one! Domain Face is a highly effective tool everyone ought to be using in their SEO arsenals now with the connection between Domain Faceand Ping Kaching it makes it a no brainer! The last thing I want to request is your help! We're continuing to establish our infrastructure and preparing to publish our Testimonials Page. We already have dozens of great video testimonials but were running short on written testimonials. So if Ping Kaching has helped you in any way and you love our service then I would be thankful should you mail us a short testimonial. It would really help our team expand and will make it simpler for all of us to continue to add in even more powerful features for you! And to make things interesting we'll reward the best testimonial with a free lifetime Ping Kaching account! Please send in your written or video testimonials to I look forward to you testing out these new features!

Michael R. Roberts

Ping Kaching's Account Creation Tool  

An introduction to Ping Kaching's latest feature additions

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