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Hope, strong ...inspiring David Brooks Perry Barr is a strong multi-cultural community that has had to stay strong through tough times, has had to endure much with little outside help, acting as an inspiration for others. And now they are standing together to fight the proposed departure of its biggest asset, the Birmingham City University campus.



heritage Perry Barr was originally two seperate places, Pirio and Barre, with a combined estimate population of 60. It is thought that they joined together in the Earily Middle Ages. The name Perry Barr means Small Hill, and is thought to relate to the adjacent Great Barr and the area’s tallest peak. In the 1920s Oscar Deutsch opened his first ever Odeon cinema in Perry Barr. B42

community The Perry Barr today is a strong, solid, incredibly diverse area, with many different cultures, religions, housing and industry. The outer image of disrepair that Perry Barr gives off does not damage the inner strength that this close nit community has. No amount of projects and funding would be able to strengthen the backbone of this community, it is already united in it’s perseverance. B42

fight or flight ‘Give Perry Barr A Chance’ is a campaign created by current Birmingham City University students living in the Perry Barr area to try to stop this proposed move to the centre of Birmingham. And with over 3000 petitions it seems they are not alone in this fight. This stuggle could well decide the future of Perry Barr. Without the income that the students bring to both housing and local shops will the rest of the community be able to cope. Will this loss be too great for Perry Barr to continue? B42

Inspiration Neglect has taken inspiration from a range of elements from the Perry Barr area. The dimensions for my letters took a lot of inspiration from the street signs around Perry Barr. The strong, solid community has inspired me to use bold slab serifs and a constant line width to help symbolise this strength and unity.


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AB C Neglect has bold slab serifs and a consistant line width to represent the strong, solid community at Perry Barr but has incomplete serifs to symbolise the urban neglect that has gone on. The typeface comes in three different styles, each slightly less complete, allowing the user to combined them to create words and sentances that have been left to ruin. This is a community and a typeface that has fallen into disrepair.







B42 Inspire  
B42 Inspire  

Part 2 of the B42 type specimen, a typeface for Perry Barr, an inner city area in Birmingham.