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Aylesbury College Celebrates its first 50 years

Hartwell House A truly unique venue for both business and pleasure

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B U S I N E S S E S Contacts If you want to contact B4 Magazine Telephone: 01494 373183 E-mail: Publisher B4 Magazine is published by Designs On Ltd, The Firs, Headington Hill, Oxford OX3 0BT Chairman Colin Rosser Editor Richard Rosser Senior Art Editor Keith Simpson Designer Rob Scotcher Assistant Editor Annette Kamphausen Contents Page 4 Aylesbury College Page 10 How Can I Connect With B4 Buckinghamshire? Page 12 Why Is B4 Good For Business? Page 16 Magazine Rates Page 18 Membership Rates Page 19 Horizon Sports Club Page 20 Hartwell House Page 22 Chiltern Railways Subscriptions For free Subscription, please contact: Telephone: 01494 373183 E-mail: Each business with a Buckinghamshire post code is entitled to one free copy per issue. For additional copies and for businesses outside of Buckinghamshire, there is an annual subscription charge of £25. © Designs-on Ltd and B4 Magazine. Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure that the content of this publication is accurate and correct in every way, the publishers cannot be held responsible or liable for any inaccuracies or errors within the publication. Information reproduced from this publication is permitted with the express permission of the publisher and the advertiser, where relevant. All information is correct at time of going to press.

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Welcome to B4 Six years ago we launched B4 Magazine in Oxfordshire. B4 has established itself as the leading free and high quality distribution business magazine in the county, giving businesses of all sizes a regular platform to raise their profile, promote good news and make vital connections. Operating alongside our website and regular events, B4 is facilitating business to business contact facility not only in print, but also on line and face to face. Launching B4 in Berkshire in January 2012 presented us with a fresh challenge, new faces and a reputation to earn. It won’t happen overnight, but we have already forged excellent relationships with established Berkshire businesses who perceive that B4 can make a difference, can capture the imagination and, most importantly of all, can build a bridge between your business and others in your county and in the wider B4 community.

4. Aylesbury College Celebrating 50 Years

Taking five years to launch in our second county can be regarded as cautious, but to wait less than three months to launch in a third county, namely Buckinghamshire, may, on the face of it, seem ambitious. New ventures are a risk, especially with the backdrop of a fragile economy, but we believe in what B4 has to offer and, more importantly, so did Aylesbury College. Without the vision of Principal Pauline Odulinski, ably assisted by Phil Strachan of Strangebrew and Andrew Freeth, we would not now be on the cusp of a B4 triumvirate. But B4 Buckinghamshire made sense when we first started talking with the College in December last year and now it makes perfect sense. As our first B4 Buckinghamshire Platinum Ambassadors, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to Pauline, Phil and Andrew for their support and confidence in B4 and in its ability to connect the college with the business community We are also delighted to announce, in this Olympic year, that the Horizon Sports Club for children with disabilities will be our preferred charity for 2012. Thank you also to Jonathan Thompson, Director and General Manager of Hartwell House and Spa, for supporting our pre launch event. We first featured Hartwell in B4 Oxfordshire and look forward to working with this stunning venue as B4 Buckinghamshire establishes itself.

19. Horizon B4’s Preferred Charity for 2012

If you have any questions about B4, suggestions or even complaints (we won’t improve if we don’t listen when you think we could things better), then please call us. B4 is a growing business community. With over four hundred B4 Oxfordshire members, approaching one hundred in Berkshire and the capacity to grow in all three counties, becoming part of B4 isn’t just about the contacts and profile you can secure in your own county. The wider potential of B4 operating in three counties is unfolding for us on a daily basis. It’s exciting and we hope to continue our expansion beyond the three current titles. We sincerely hope we can convince you to be a part of B4.

20. Hartwell House A quite unique venue for any occasion

Best wishes

Richard Rosser Editor



B4 Magazine was established in 2006 to provide Oxfordshire businesses with a clear voice to raise their profile and to help businesses connect. Please call us to find out how you can connect with our networks in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. See more at



22. Sport in London Let Chiltern Get You There




- BUT EMPHASISES THAT IT IS FIRMLY FOCUSED ON THE FUTURE RATHER THAN THE PAST Established in 1962 and centrally located in the county town, Aylesbury College truly sits at the very heart of the Buckinghamshire community and recognises that it has a key role to play in its future economic development. “We take our duties to serve the community very seriously on a daily basis. In all fields of business and at all levels, we will always come into contact with past students of the college.” Said Pauline Odulinski, Principal and Chief Executive. “Our core purpose has been and will continue to be ‘building better futures’ for both individuals and businesses. With this in mind, a key strand of our 10 year Strategic Plan is to integrate further with the community at all levels. Our overriding vision is to help people of all ages and abilities to achieve their learning goals by providing an outstanding service and unrivalled facilities in an inclusive and innovative environment. “I believe that everyone deserves to be encouraged and supported to keep learning, developing and growing in order to realise their dreams and our role is to create an environment where this can happen.”

This belief is particularly well demonstrated in the striking College building itself, purpose designed and re-built from the ground up in 2008 as the result of a £30m investment programme to provide

“Currently our apprentices cover such varying industries as Accounting and the Construction Trades through to Professional Cookery at Hartwell House.” a new modern learning environment. The building was designed to give a ‘real world’ feel to vocational learning and includes Training Kitchens and the Hardings Restaurant, a Commercial Hair Salon with a Reception and Beauty Treatment

Rooms, a Sports Hall with Dance Studio and Gym, a Photography Studio, a Media and Edit Suite, Engineering Workshops and a state of the art Learning Centre. Conveniently situated with its campus on the outskirts of the town centre alongside the Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School where the College has stood for 50 years, the new look Aylesbury College is very much looking to the future rather than the past with a wealth of new and innovative developments planned. “Our intention is to lead the way in terms of helping to shape the new education landscape and not to be seen to be just another FE College” injects Pauline, reinforcing that she practices what she teaches in terms of treating every student as an individual. “Historically, far too many people have been put off and demotivated early on in life; not achieving selection to a grammar school for example can make a young person at 11 or 12 feel they are a failure in life – how terrible is that? The traditional way of learning is not for everyone and we need to think again and try new ways to switch people on to learning.

“everyone deserves to be encouraged and supported to keep learning, developing and growing”




“I believe passionately that we urgently need new pathways in learning where alternatives to the academic routes are equally valued for the important role they play in developing a highly skilled workforce through more practical and technical education and training routes. This is one reason why we are placing increasing emphasis on our apprenticeship programme which not only responds to the requirement of addressing employability of our students but also serves the business community in terms of providing affordable employees. We view our apprenticeship programme as an increasingly key route with which to integrate effectively with and add value to the business community. “Currently our apprentices cover such varying industries as Accounting and the Construction Trades through to Professional Cookery at Hartwell House. The College delivers Electrical Installation at Warner Bros, Childcare, Early Years and Teaching Assistants across the County. As the top provider of Apprenticeships to young people in Buckinghamshire and with delivery experience of over 25 years, Aylesbury College certainly knows about how to deliver great Apprenticeships. “As a nation, we really need to re-examine what is necessary to enable us to keep up with the best in the world economies for manufacturing, as well as in the service industries. To this end, our mission is


to bring positive change to individuals through the provision of outstanding customer focused service in learning and skills and to create a learning campus to provide a real partnership with the wider community we serve.

“The Buckinghamshire University Technical College represents a £10.4m investment into the education and development of our young people.” “Our vision for Aylesbury College as The Buckinghamshire Integrated Learning Campus is “to help people of all ages and abilities achieve their learning goals by providing outstanding service in an innovative and inclusive environment”. What will this Integrated Learning campus include? The campus already has a very successful College

providing for the range of further education, which includes a 6th form centre through to vocational skills workshops including Construction, Engineering, Business, ICT, Care, Sport and Hospitality The College shares the campus with Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School and has a nursery and children’s centre and is home for the University Centre Aylesbury Vale which offers a range of Higher Education to meet local needs. There are ambitious plans for the Integrated Learning Campus to include a University Technical College which will be one of the first in the country. This is an exciting leading edge initiative that is designed to make the biggest change to vocational education for fifty years. The UTC scheme is fast becoming recognised as a significant ‘movement for change’. The Buckinghamshire University Technical College represents a £10.4m investment into the education and development of our young people. Importantly, it will be financed from the sale of land known as Hampden Hall that is owned by Aylesbury College and is located on the outskirts of the town. The idea of University Technical Colleges is the brainchild of Lord Baker and Lord Dearing of the Baker Dearing Trust. Together they have influenced all political parties to endorse this new scheme The pilot college, the JCB Academy in the

West Midlands, was a Labour government funded initiative with the current coalition government now funding the next 14 which will be opening in 2012 or 2013. UTC’s are a partnership approach between a college and university and business sponsors and in the case of Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury College together with Buckinghamshire New University and a group of 40 businesses, large and small, are working jointly on plans for practical and technical focused learning. How will it work? Students at the age of 14 can choose to come to the BUTC to study either Construction or ICT together with their traditional school subjects. The UTC will be operated as a place of work with work ethics and a working day (8:30 - 5:30 Mon - Thurs and 8:30 - 4:30 Fri). “Education is being redesigned by all the partners, with business playing a key role in developing real work projects which will incorporate Maths, English and other core skills in a project which may be undertaken as part of an internship or work experience.” Explains Pauline. “Typically, if a young person stays at the UTC between 14 and 18 they will, in effect, have covered an additional year of education and it is the

intention to use this to stretch and challenge the young people’s aspirations to enable them to achieve beyond their expected peer group norms. Buckinghamshire’s young people deserve a high quality alternative route to work, by which I mean practical, technical focused vocational education. The country and county has, for so long, focused on the academic route to university. If the country is to achieve its ambition it needs an alternative route and the UTC is an opportunity for us to trail blaze here in Buckinghamshire. “Aylesbury College also has an ambition to create a Business Innovation Centre within the Buckinghamshire Integrated Learning Campus as part of its commitment to engaging with business and providing a wide range of integrated services to meet their needs. This will include incubation facilities and the space to research and develop new innovative business ideas. “We are after all in the entrepreneurial heart of Britain with more business start-ups in Buckinghamshire than in any other county. By integrating all of the above activities, the Business Innovation Centre will provide stimulation to progress and open up the idea of ‘possibility’ because people can see other related activities taking place within the Integrated Learning Campus. If we can inspire people to be creative about their own possibilities in the future, then we will have

made a small difference to the individual, county and country. “Richard Rosser, Editor of B4 and Managing Director of the In Oxford Group has very generously offered to involve our students in all aspects of the production of the first Buckinghamshire issue of B4 which will include a feature on the College. We are particularly delighted that B4 have chosen to select us as the lead article in the Buckinghamshire launch issue of the magazine and to allow our students this amazing opportunity to participate in its creation. This will include assisting in design and photography in addition to accompanying Richard on interviews with contributors and helping with the writing and editing of articles. This will be of huge value to our students as it is exactly the kind of work related experience that they require in order to prepare them for working in the real world and it will also assist them with their individual goals and qualifications.” See the first issue of B4 Buckinghamshire due to be published at the end of April for further information relating to Aylesbury College’s innovative plans designed to change the face of education in Buckinghamshire and to demonstrate that Aylesbury College really means business when it comes to producing ‘work ready’ students.


Put Your Shirt On Us or Why Not Wear the Shirt and Join Us? BACK US: Help us in our quite ridiculous quest to cycle from Paris to Oxford on June 2nd. It's only 280 miles - WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? How can you help?

METHOD 1: Sponsor and Donate all in one go: We have a target of £15,000 to raise for Horizon so if you can pledge £100 we will take 50% of this donation towards our target and the other 50% will cover your sponsorship. Here's what happens for the different levels of pledge:


Number Available

Donation to Oxford





Your name or company name on the team shirts. Your name or company name on promitional e-Newsletters, press releases, in B4 Issue 23 profile piece on the bike ride and B4 Issue 24 look back at the ride




Larger logo on shirt front




Larger logo on shirt arms




Logo on shirt front




Logo on shirt front




Known as overall team sponsor, logo on shirt chest and team caps

NB Targets based on a team of 15 but we have a maximum of 40 spaces for the ride. Please send your cheque made payable to 'Paris to Oxford Bike Ride' together with your full contact details and we will be in touch to discuss your exposure as per the above table, to: B4 Magazine, The Firs, Headington Hill, Oxford OX3 0BT or call us on 01494 373183 for more details.

METHOD 2: Online pledge Donate at our online web page once the B4 Buckinghamshire site is live (in March) - all donations to Horizon, nothing for sponsorship.

METHOD 3: Postal pledge Contact our riders and ask to pledge on their application forms if you don't have access to the internet. (All donations to Horizon, nothing for sponsorship).

JOIN US: If you would like to join us, call Richard on 01494 373183. You will need a good quality road bike and raise £2,000 towards sponsorship and the fund for Horizon (£1,000 for each)



We’re very good at sending out information at B4 but sometimes you can’t see the wood from the trees with all of the info we send out! So, we’ve surpassed ourselves this time and laid out an easy guide for you to see how you can connect with us at B4, and, more specifically, B4 Buckinghamshire and the growing number of B4 Buckinghamshire businesses. If you have any questions, we’re always available to discuss your requirements or any issues you may have, so call us 01494 373183 or e-mail

ADVERTISING, MEMBERSHIPS & RECEIVING B4 EDITORIAL IN B4 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE We can either accept editorial direct from you, with accompanying hi res Images, or, we will interview you, in person or on the phone. Articles are then proofed for your approval, tweaks made and more proofs sent through – the record is 17 drafts so please don’t try and beat it! You’ll see the final version exactly as it appears in the printed magazine, so no surprises!

WHEN ARE THE B4 EVENTS? There is a calendar of events in B4 Oxfordshire Issue 22, with many dates still to be confirmed but a lot already nailed down. We will be opening up events in other counties to B4 Buckinghamshire members and you will also see B4 Oxfordshire and Berkshire members at events in Buckinghamshire. We think it’s a great way for the B4 wider network to start interacting.

FOLLOW B4 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ON TWITTER, FACEBOOK OR LINKED IN We actively promoted members, press releases, articles and events on our B4 Twitter account for Oxfordshire, Facebook pages and LinkedIn. This will happen automatically for B4 Buckinghamshire, so why not join us?

GETTING A COPY OF THE MAGAZINE All Buckinghamshire based businesses are entitled to one complimentary copy of B4 Buckinghamshire every quarter. If you need multiple copies, please contact us on 01865 742211 or e-mail and we can discuss your requirements. We do deliver bulk amounts of B4 to selected outlets and we could well be interested in delivering to you at no charge.

SIGN UP TO OUR E-NEWSLETTERS We regularly send out e-Newsletters promoting B4 members, including press releases, special events and B4 articles. So why not sign up on the site to make sure you receive our general B4 e-Newsletters and dedicated member eNewsletters delivered to your in box?

WHERE DO I FIND ADVERT SPECIFICATIONS? All of these are on the site but please call if you can’t find them.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WHAT DOES B4 STAND FOR? Building Bridges Between Businesses. DO I GET EDITORIAL IN THE MAGAZINE AS PART OF MY MEMBERSHIP? Unfortunately, no. Membership gives you the membership benefits only. You will need to discuss magazine presence with us direct. I WOULD LIKE TO OFFER MY SERVICES TO B4 AND THINK YOU B4 COULD BENEFIT FROM WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER That’s great! Let us know what you think you can help with and we can have a chat about working together. HOW DO I FEATURE ON THE COVER? We have four lead articles in the year and part of this package is for the lead article company to feature on the cover. See our rate card for more details. WHY IS IT GOOD TO BE AN AMBASSADOR? You become a face for your business, a visual point of contact. We charge a premium for this so that we aren’t flooded with Ambassadors. It’s a valued title

and we know it’s working for B4 Oxfordshire and now Berkshire Ambassadors. Rate as per rate card – fixed irrespective of number of employees at £500+VAT per annum. HOW DO I UPLOAD CONTENT TO THE SITE? It’s not as difficult as you might think. There’s a User Guide which appears on the site once you are logged in. But always feel free to call us and ask us for advice. In Oxfordshire we have been holding monthly workshops to help demonstrate how the site works, and we have built other Member presentations alongside this. We will be starting these in Buckinghamshire and we will be promoting these through e-Newsletters and our social media. DO WE RUN FEATURES? As a rule, no, but that’s not to say this won’t change. We do publish supplements in Oxfordshire such as our Venues Guide, Celebrations Supplement and Education Guide and will be launching the Oxfordshire Who’s Who in May 2012. Let’s get the magazine bedded down first and we’ll look at publishing these later in 2012.

JUST A FEW HOUSE RULES! We are obviously happy to promote your business in B4, but please don’t put down your competition.

No logos in editorial. If we had a £1 for every time someone asked for a logo to appear in their article, we’d have enough to buy a small house! If you want your logo to appear in B4, you need to do it in an advert.

Images have to be hi res – if it looks bad to us, we won’t run it – it’s a bad reflection on your business so please don’t be offended if we reject images. We’ll help you sort out alternatives where we can.

Contact details in editorial – just websites I’m afraid. All contact details go to the back of the magazine.


WHY IS B4 GOOD FOR BUSINESS? Over the past six years we have developed B4 Oxfordshire to the point where we feel we can do a decent job in a new county. In January 2012 we launched B4 Berkshire with the new B4 Berkshire website. The reception we received in the county was excellent, and this has encouraged us to build on our success with the launch of B4 Buckinghamshire. However, if you

are reading this and know nothing about us, we have found the best way to get to know us is through people you know. So, we have asked a selection of our customers to tell you why B4 has worked for them, and if you know them, you can contact them to find out more about B4 and establish for yourself whether or not

it really is as good as our customers say it is. If you do know someone in the testimonial pages but don’t have their contact details, just ask us, or find them in the B4 Business Directory for Oxfordshire or Berkshire at

Judith Johnson - Director, Everything Everywhere “Partnering with B4 gave us the opportunity to carry out targeted marketing and prospecting through a professional, established database of decision makers in the SME sector in the Oxfordshire area.”

Dave Atkinson - Area Director, Lloyds TSB “B4 is a great way to meet similar minded local businesses. I am delighted to be a part of the B4 community and look forward to winning more business through the network in 2012.”

John Hoy – Chief Executive, Blenheim Palace “B4 in Oxfordshire has become an essential networking environment which connects businesses and business people across the County through a strong website, through a quality magazine and via memorable events. I have no doubt that B4 in Berkshire will be equally successful once launched.”

Lesley Cowley OBE - CEO, Nominet UK “I am pleased to say that B4 has become well established as a voice for the Oxfordshire business community. It has put me in touch with a number of useful local contacts, and helped us at Nominet to explain to local companies about the importance of our work as the internet registry responsible for almost 10 million .uk domain names. I would like to congratulate all those at B4 who have worked hard on making the Berkshire launch such a great success.”

Katherine Dales - MD, The Career Boutique “Being a part of B4 has presented us with new opportunities, enabled us to call on our fellow Ambassadors for help & advice and most of all the backing of an established networking group which supports us 100% in return.”

Ian Wenman - Chairman, Oxfordshire IOD “A great medium to get your business message out. B4 have worked closely with the IOD to help publicise the services we provide to directors working and/or living locally”.


Why Become a Member ? B 4 Magazine Feature in the contacts directory of four issues of B4 Buckinghamshire Magazine.

B 4 Website Feature in the B4 Buckinghamshire on-line web directory. Upload unlimited press releases and events to the B4 Buckinghamshire site.

B 4 Events Attend B4 Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire networking events during the year and bring colleagues or customers as your guest.

Connect not only with other B4 Buckinghamshire members, but also with the established network of 350 (and growing) B4 Oxfordshire and B4 Berkshire members. Rates based on number of employees, starting from ÂŁ250+VAT per annum.

Call 01494 373183 to book your membership NOW!

Julia Iball - Managing Partner, Henmans LLP “As one of the Founding Ambassadors of B4, we are proud to be associated with the publication and associated events. B4 has enabled us to build our profile with business leaders throughout Oxfordshire .“

Wendy Hart - Managing Partner, Grant Thornton “We see maintaining Grant Thornton's presence in Oxfordshire with B4 as an important part of our business. B4 is very high quality publication with a broad range of readership across the Oxfordshire business community. The Ambassadors network has become an important part of our business and networking events calendar. In summary, the B4 team has created a high profile platform for its members, which has proved to be another excellent route to market. Good luck in Berkshire & Buckinghamshire.”

Sir John Madejski - Reading FC “B4 has achieved a mark of excellence in Oxfordshire and I am looking forward to seeing B4 Berkshire develop into an even better publication here. B4 has my full support and I encourage you to make sure your business is connected. I am sure you will also be a success in Buckinghamshire.”

Ross Wilson - Wilson Partners “I eagerly look forward to seeing Berkshire benefitting from B4 Business being launched in our area. What I’ve seen so far is positive and inspires confidence that B4 will add real value.".”

Christopher Avery - Pitmans LLP "Pitmans LLP are excited about the launch of B4 Magazine in Berkshire. We firmly believe that it will fill a much needed gap in the market - bringing venues, businesses and clients together."

Derek Beards - Lloyds TSB Commercial “I have been particularly struck by the professionalism of this publication having seen it work for my colleagues in Oxfordshire. The Editor and his team are very thoughtful when it comes to adding value to our business through this channel.”

Ian Wood-Smith - FSP Law “It is exciting to see B4’s combination of a magazine, online presence and networking events brought to Berkshire where I am confident it will be equally successful.”


Buckinghamshire B4 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE Launch: April 2012. Issue 1 preferential rates available now – see overleaf.

BACKGROUND TO B4 B4 Oxfordshire B4 Oxfordshire was launched in 2006 and has been published quarterly since then. Here are a few more facts about B4 Oxfordshire: • Magazine 3,000 copies are mailed quarterly to business decision makers free of charge with a further 4,500 copies delivered to key sponsors, advertisers, featured businesses and hotels such as The Randolph and Malmaison Oxford. • Website There are 350 members of B4 Oxfordshire who are listed in the contacts section of B4 Magazine and on the B4 website – members have unlimited access to the site to upload press releases and event details – plus invitation to our B4 events • Events B4 events take place in prestigious venues such as The Ashmolean (250 guests attended our event in January 2012 at The Ashmolean where we announced our preferred charity for 2012, Oxfam. Richard Reed of Innocent Drinks spoke at the event on behalf of Oxfam); Blenheim Palace (237 guests in 2011); Rhodes House (180 guests in 2011); Williams F1 (215 guests in 2010); Malmaison (in excess of 500 guests between 2010 and 2011) and The Miele Experience Centre (180 guests in 2011). • Venues for 2012 are Williams F1 and Blenheim again plus a rather unusual third – an empty commercial property in Abingdon! • See B4 Oxfordshire on line at:

B4 Berkshire B4 Berkshire was launched in January at two consecutive launch nights at Malmaison Reading. We already enjoy excellent backing from Reading FC, Reading College, Malmaison, Pitmans, Orange and T Mobile, Lloyds and Oxford Innovation. An event has been planned for The Vineyard and there will be one other Berkshire event. Members will also be able to go to our B4 Oxfordshire events at Blenheim, Williams F1 and the ‘Canvas’ commercial property event in Abingdon.

Why not become a B4 fan

Why not follow B4

For further information contact: 01494 373183

Buckinghamshire B4 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE PACKAGE RATES - LIMITED AVAILABILITY Please see below rates for B4 Buckinghamshire Issue 1 and additional rates available for booking space (‘Link Rate’) in one other B4 area in addition to Buckinghamshire (either Oxfordshire or Berkshire). If you would like to book space for all three areas, please make contact with your requirements and we can put a package together for you. NB Preferential rates only available until 31st March 2012, thereafter the Standard Rate Card rates apply.

Annual Packages


Standard Rate Card £

Special Issue 1-4 Rate £

Special Link Rate £

Lead Article

• 6 pages in one Issue • 2 pages in 3 issues • Subject image on cover 7500 • Issue known as the ‘Your Company’ edition • Platinum Ambassador Benefits



Platinum Package

See page 3





• Membership • Two Ambassadors • Three pages in the year to be used as you see fit

Worth at least 2500



Worth at least 1500



• B4 Membership Members Package • Two pages (advertising or editorial) to be used in the year

(limited to just 30 packages before 31st March 2012)


Special Issue 1 Rate £

Special Link Rate £

Special Issues 1-4 Rate £

Special Issues 1-4 Link Rate £ *

Editorial Single page




1600 M A

2800 M A

Double page

1000 M


1000 M

2400 M A

4000 M P

1900 M A

1000 M

1800 M

4000 M P

7200 M P





1600 M A

2800 M A




900 M

2000 M A

3600 M P

Four pages (Can be a mix of advertising and editorial)


*for example, if you wanted your double page advert to appear in four consecutive issues of B4 Buckinghamshire and B4 Oxfordshire, the rate would be £4,000+VAT in total. Notes • • • •

All rates are quoted net of VAT at 20%. All editorial is proofed to you for your approval prior to printing – so no surprises. The client retains full editorial control – nothing is printed until we receive sign off. Subjects of editorials are invited to visit our preferred studio for a professional photo shoot, at no extra charge.

Why not become a B4 fan

• M = Membership Benefits Included • A = Ambassador Benefits Included • P = Platinum Benefits Included

Why not follow B4

For further information contact: 01494 373183

Buckinghamshire OTHER PRESENCE IN B4

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We also offer presence in the following: t euing ou 237 Qu


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Oxford, Oxfam

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Bloxham Schoo l Succe

Louise Ashby Joins

One of the students commented. “We went to tell the Prime Minister all about our Young Enterprise scheme that we have been participating in throughout the academic year. Our project has been about creating an advertising directory distributed to school to be parents and the local residents, which allows local businesses to create a profitable link with the parents and supporters of the pupils who attend Bloxham School which distributed in the will be popular with students.” bills at the end of this term; and a selection of jewellery created with a variety of scrabble pieces attached, which “The experience have proved very is one which we have all really enjoyed, and would definitely recommend to any

SECTION SPONSORS B4 News page: Banner running underneath news pages (at least 3 pages) £750 Contact details: Banner running underneath contact details pages £750

, g y Road Carnival, The Oxford Castle announce Key Card entitles holders to some great discounts s a atser the various restaurants ppointments for attractions on the and Oxford Castle site. this year’s even Details of offers, plus terms and conditions can t on be found on our 2-3 July Cowley Road and website www.oxfo South Park, Oxfo rd. Carnival

Anya Fox isCowley Road Works, appo organising charity inted Cowley Road Carnival, Carni of for activities,ucer: including family announces a seriesval Prod appointments activity areas, key entertainers Road ProcessionCowley for this year’s event and the traders’ andpark on village. , respo in Richmond Road and nsible South Park, Oxford. Event Manageme for2-3 July artist the tender to ic manage direc the infrastructu tionnt has Carnival proce ofwonthe Anya Fox is appointed legal, safety and insurance requiremen re, layout, Carnival Producer: ts for all elements Road and Carnival Procession, ssion responsible ,for programm of the in 2011. The artistic direction of company, which Carnival of the ing activi procession, programmin organised nationally-re Carnival onCarnival ties has g of activities for nowned eventsfor Cowl on Cowley Bristol Balloon eyRoadRoad such as and as the main Fiesta, is in the and with community interface process as the of building an Oxford-base main groups, traders d core team interf with comm and other the to support participants. ace Carnival in coming months. unity group s, traders and othe Lucy Barrie joins participantPark Road Carnival attracts r s. and Stalls, the team as Carnival Producer: -Cowley over 35,000 people one overseeing programmin g for Park

of the biggest audiences in the calendar. Details Oxford of sponsorship packages are

Mark Charter, Partner and head of the Carter Jonas Oxford office: “As a multi-divisional property firm, we

SpecialEffect aspiring business minds in the 5th form when the opportunity is presented to them at the start year.” of next www.bloxhamschool. com

Oxford Castle are happy to deliver a stock of Key Cards to your business in Oxford for distribution amongst your staff. We would ask in return only that your staff sign up to our e-newslette r (they can unsubscribe to the e-newslette r at any point if find that they no they longer wish to receive the news). This will allow us to contact them (roughly once a month) with updates of the offers available as providing information as well about forthcoming Oxford Castle. events at

SpecialEffect is a charity dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for young people with disabilities by enabling them to enjoy computer games and other creative leisure through cutting pursuits edge technology rehabilitation, - for inclusion and fun! Based in Charlbury achievements in our short history include the creation of the world's first accessible games fully suite at Helen and Douglas

a Carn organis Bristol Ba an Oxford the coming available on cowleyroa info@cowleyroadwor or email

are entering a new phase of growth and provision of service to our clients. This appointmen t allows us to ensure that all of our clients are fully aware of what we can do for them. Louise has a great deal of experience in the wider commercial community as well as in property and we are delighted to welcome her to the team. ” Contact Louise Ashby on 01865 511444 or louise.ashby@carter

House Hospice and award winning roadshows for disabled groups throughout Oxfordshire. SpecialEffect's own Centre was recently opened by Prime Minister David Cameron. Its games library helps many people - from soldiers injured in Afghanistan through to young people with degenerative conditions who any other way. www.spec can no longer play in

Britain From The

Air at Oxford Castle

The Royal Geographic al Society (with the Institute of British Geographe geography. rs), one of the leading geographic world’s al societies, in collaboration with Wecommu This street gallery nic8, the award exhibition was exhibition delivery winning first staged in the heart of the city company (responsib of Bath, where internationally le for the it has been seen an estimated 4 acclaimed ‘Earth by million people from the Air’ photographic since its launch September 2010. exhibition), have in ‘Britain from the created ‘Britain from the Air’, an Air’, comprises over 100 photograph aerial view of Britain ic street gallery for the 21st century. The exhibition panels and comes to Oxford is intended to in June this year enthuse and inform inspire, as the first leg in proposed national about Britain’s a tour. extraordina diverse human and natural landscapes rily through them, and, For more details tell the stories please contact of our history Alasdair Macleod and at or 020 7591 3015.

For more information on receiving your Oxford Castle Key Cards please contact Sophie Egleton on 01865 201657 or email

Lucy Barrie joins Cowley Road the team as Carn 47 Castle Street. ival Producer: Tel: +44 (0) 118 Reading, Berkshire, RG1 7SR Park and Stalls, 958 0224 www.pitm - one overseeing progr of the amming for Park calendar. De

Blenheim Buys Windrush Indus trial

Blenheim Estates has purchased Windrush Industrial Park, a 28-acre industrial estate in the heart of Witney in a deal which has been declared a vote of confidence in the town’s economy. The estate is a base for 17 businesses, including multi-national packaging company Smurfit and furniture producers Kappa Corndell Furniture. Roger File, property director of Blenheim said “We’re locally Estates, based and we have been looking


to expand our commercial property portfolio while, waiting for for a the right opportunity . For us it was the logical place, on our doorstep, and we could see a lot of potential. Our current plan is to hold it for the long term and to invest in the site as opportunities present themselves.” The Windrush Industrial Park will be managed the Blenheim Palace by Property team from its at

Blenheim Palace base in Woodstock from where the team already manage a substantial mixed portfolio throughout property Oxfordshire. See page 45.

47 Castle Street. Tel: +44 (0) 118 Reading, Berkshire, RG1 7SR 958 0224 www.pitm

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Carter Jonas

Carter Jonas is strengthening services to clients across its business divisions with the appointment of Louise Ashby as Client Services Manager. Louise will coordinate relations with clients who work with multiple divisions, and ensure that all clients are kept aware of the firm’s services and activities.

Oxford Castle Key Card Unlock the door to great savings within the walls of Oxford Castle. Oxford Castle is offering B4 members the opportunity to provide their staff and colleagues the chance to with take advantage of all of the promotions, fun, and frolics that Oxford Castle has to offer – EAT – DRINK – ENJOY!

New recruits for



On Thursday 10th March, Bloxham School’s Young Enterprise team, consisting of; Rebecca Jardine, George Adams, Henry Woodward, Alice Wood, Matt Cooper, Jon Cooper, Kirk, Jack Inchmore, Ben Emily Carvell Adrienne Poole, and travelled to Witney the Prime Minister to visit – David Cameron.

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Buckinghamshire B4 MEMBERSHIP B4 Membership provides your company with a great opportunity to connect with other businesses in your area through three effective platforms: 1. The B4 Buckinghamshire Website will list you in your preferred category AND you will be able to upload UNLIMITED press releases and event details to the site which will appear on your own page. 2. B4 seen in B4 Magazine which will list you in the contacts section for four consecutive issues. 3. And, finally, you will be able to mix with other B4 Buckinghamshire Members and Ambassadors at B4 events. These are informal drinks evenings with the focus on you enjoying yourself in some fantastic venues whilst getting to know other B4 members in a relaxed environment. 4. IN ADDITION B4 Buckinghamshire Ambassadors and Members will receive invitations to selected B4 events in both Oxfordshire and Berkshire, giving them the opportunity to mix with completely new businesses in, once again, some fantastic venues.

WHAT’S A B4 AMBASSADOR? B4 Ambassadors are key individuals in the local business community who represent their business - your company must have a B4 membership in order for you to become an Ambassador. In Oxfordshire we have over 100 high profile local businessmen and women who represent key local businesses, giving their personal endorsement to the B4 community and, in turn, helping to attract similar high profile individuals and their companies into the B4 community. Each Ambassador’s photograph will appear in the contact details of B4 Magazine and in the Ambassadors section of the B4 Buckinghamshire website. Also, by virtue of being an Ambassador, you will immediately have something in common with other B4 Buckinghamshire Ambassadors and so it makes for a great reason to introduce yourself. We fully expect Ambassadors from other territories to mix and having Ambassador status in common provides a great starting point. Rate per annum: £500+VAT (irrespective of number of employees). Please note Ambassadors booking before 31st March 2012 will be known as Founding Ambassadors.

RATES: Number of Employees

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B4’S PREFERRED CHARITY 2012: HOR IZON SPORTS CLUB In this Olympics year, it seemed fitting to select Horizon as our preferred charity for Buckinghamshire. This is a programme that we started in 2011, appointing Macmillan Cancer Research as our preferred charity in Oxfordshire. We helped Macmillan to raise £50,000 in 2011 through working with our B4 members and this year, celebrating their 70th anniversary, Oxfam are our preferred Charity in Oxfordshire. So how can you help Horizon? Well, one event we are committed to at B4 is our bike ride from Paris to Oxford, that’s 280 miles. So far, fourteen of us will be riding to raise in excess of £15,000 for Oxfam, and you can join us, riding to help us raise much needed funds for Horizon. Call us on 01494 373183 if you would like to join us (see page 8 for more details).

Sports covered in the Senior section (11+ )include Swimming, Football, Tennis and Golf, the latter being kindly supported by Hazlemere Golf Club.

Horizon Sports Club is an unique Sports Club for children with disabilities. It covers all disabilities and special needs from 6 years to youth, offering enjoyable remedial skills including communication and social interaction through to assisting children with Cerebral Palsy, Hemiplegia, Dyspraxia, Autism, Aspergers, and many other disabilities.

Children leave only when residential accommodation is offered or secondary schooling too far away to attend classes. Horizon is supported by Education, Health and Social services, but unfortunately, no funding is obtainable. Horizon is affiliated to Special Olympics UK, the national disability organisation who hold the Athletic competitions the Horizon youngsters compete in.

Anita Templar, Horizon Sports Club’s founder and tutor/coach, has over 25 years experience in both mainstream and disability teaching and coaching and patrons of the club include Mark Cox MBE, Jeanette Chippington (retired Paralympian Swimmer), Isa Guha (England Ladies Cricket), Ian Rose (GB Paralympian Judo) and Danny Crates (Paralympian Athlete). Horizon President, Dr Lady Ann Redgrave is an active supporter and lives local to the Club. Horizon covers four core sports, namely Swimming, Gymnastics, Indoor Athletics and Tennis in the Junior section and children have a one-one Assistant who, with their Senior Coach, encourages natural development of sporting skills at a pace individual to each child. Horizon trains over 25 new students each year and has over 65 in any one year – this is what makes it unique.

Now in its 14th year, Horizon currently accommodates 80 children/youths, with 7 qualified coaches and to date has trained over 600 students and accommodated over 350 children.

Horizon to other ages, sports and activities. Horizon’s operation enables the community, with local and national authorities, to work together. An image which Stoke Mandeville has in the past been proudly renowned for - at home and abroad. Some Horizon athletes are training for regional and national competitions, through Special Olympics GB and the Paralympic Association all are given this opportunity. “Charitable Status was granted in October 2002. Charity No 1093897. This now enables us to fundraise more successfully, to apply to Trust Funds, Sport Foundations and also seek sponsorship from local business. HELP US HELP THE CHILDREN Support Horizon.”

The Way Forward


Anita emphasises that it has been proved that weekly remedial work during term time is of major value to the children.

‘My son has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and has been a member of Horizon Sports Club for many years now. He has had the opportunity to take part in a number of different sports, which have helped him with his physical co-ordination and his social skills. It has also provided him with a peer group with whom he can enjoy physical activities without feeling inferior. The teamwork skills learned in their Horizon football sessions have forged such close bonds, that this group also meets for social activities such as parties, celebrations and meals out.”

“Current parents want this to continue, and others seek to be involved. The waiting list is growing, so we are committed to continue and develop Horizon further. Although primarily Horizon is a club that acknowledges and develops children’s physical and social needs, it also aims to provide recreational sport in a happy and enjoyable atmosphere too. Social interaction is also an important part of the Club. “We have proved over the last 14 years, that the Club is needed; and it works. The Club benefits all who are involved. Our mission is to expand 19


HARTWELL HOUSE Hartwell House, venue for the first B4 Buckinghamshire event in 2012, provides B4 readers in Buckinghamshire and nearby Oxfordshire with a unique setting for meetings and events and an unforgettable experience if you just want to get away from it all and relax. Whether you are visiting for corporate or purely self indulgent reasons, don’t forget Hartwell House’s incredible Spa.

General Information Hartwell House, one of England’s stately homes, just forty miles North West of London, was restored between 1987 and 1992 by Historic House Hotels, also owners of Bodysgallen in North Wales and Middlethorpe Hall in York. The House has both Jacobean and Georgian features with outstanding decorative ceilings and paneling, fine paintings and antique furniture in its elegant and spacious rooms. Hartwell House is a Grade I listed Jacobean and Georgian House (leasehold until 2111 from the Ernest Cook Trust), two miles west of Aylesbury, surrounded by ninety acres of gardens and parkland. These include many garden buildings, the iconography of which relate, like those at nearby Stowe, to 18th C Whig Country House Politics. The most famous resident of Hartwell was the exiled King of France, Louis XVIII, with his court from 1809 to 1814. The hotel has 50 bedrooms and suites, meeting rooms, a restaurant and a Spa. On 24th September 2008 the directors of Historic House Hotels gave the company and its interest in all its properties to The National Trust, to continue their present style of hotel keeping under the 20

existing management and all the present directors of Historic House Hotels for the benefit of the National Trust, with all profits going to the charity. History Hartwell House was first mentioned in the Doomsday Book as belonging to William Peverel, a natural son of William the Conqueror, since that time Hartwell House has played many roles and has a remarkable history: its most famous resident was Louis XVIII, exiled King of France, for five years from 1809. Hartwell House was originally built for the Hampden and Lee families, from whom the Confederate General Robert E. Lee was descended. It remained in the possession of the original families until 1938, when it was purchased by the grandson of Thomas Cook, founder of Cook’s Travel Agency. Bedrooms There are 32 bedrooms in the main house and a further 16 in the Hartwell Court, a converted 18th century coach house and stables. Each bedroom is individually decorated, they have their own private bathrooms and all modern day amenities including free wifi access. Some of the first floor

rooms have four poster beds ideal for a special occasion or honeymoon night and are exceptionally large. 10 of the rooms in the Hartwell Court are suites and two of these have direct access onto the grounds. Spa and Leisure The Hartwell Spa is situated close to the Hartwell Rooms and Hartwell Court, about 100 yards from the hotel. An essential part of a visit to Hartwell House is the opportunity to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the spa. Swim in the clear water of the inviting pool lined with blue mosaic tiles, relax in the steam room, saunas and the bubbling waters of the whirlpool bath. Experienced therapists offer a wide range of beauty treatments using Clarins, E’SPA, Jessica and St Tropez products. Hartwell Spa and Beauty Days, Half Days, Lifestyle Days and individual treatments are available to guests and non-residents. For the energetic, a superb gymnasium has all the latest technologically advanced equipment suitable for all ranges of fitness. In the gallery overlooking the pool is the Spa Cafe, an informal restaurant, open to all, serving drinks and light meals throughout the day.

“In addition to dining in the restaurant, Hartwell House also features private dining to accommodate your special events”

Meeting Rooms Hartwell House has played host to many influential entrepreneurs and executives. For conferences and retreats, the estate provides an exclusive environment in which privacy and confidentiality are assured. Discerning business travellers will be pleased to find themselves in a setting where the executive services and facilities they require, as well as leisure activities they enjoy, are close at hand. Conference rooms are situated in the Hartwell Court some one hundred yards from the main house, and include the James Gibbs and James Wyatt rooms for meetings of 16 - 90 people, with the Eric Throssell Boardroom and the Henry Keene Room for smaller meetings. Hartwell House is first choice for business meetings held by companies who value atmosphere, food, comfort, and surroundings as the ingredients for a successful meeting. The secret of successful business meetings is good planning and the allocation of a sufficient number of experienced people to ensure things rung smoothly on the day. This high level of service is

delivered via qualified staff and the various amenities offered by Hartwell House for your business meeting needs.

with a lake spanned by a stone bridge, a ruined church and many 18th century statues and garden buildings.

Dining Rooms The principle dining room, designed in 1988 in the style of the eminet early 19th century architect, Sir John Soane, is setting for the imaginative cooking of our chef, which has been awarded two rosettes by the Automobile Association. There are fixed price menus for lunch with three courses for just £23.75, daily table d’hote menu and Sunday Lunch is £33.95. Dinner menus start from £23.75 for three course set menu and the Bill of Fare menu is individually priced to suit..

The Old Rectory at Hartwell Situated in 2 acres of grounds with gated private access The Old Rectory is adjacent to the hotel and is ideal for a special small gathering. With a master suite, 2 double and one single room all en suite, drawing, dining and meeting rooms plus an outdoor swimming pool it is perfect to use as a get away and more intimate events.

In addition to dining in the restaurant, Hartwell House also features private dining to accommodate your special events, while room service can be delivered to your individual room or suite. Of course, no meal is complete without a glass of fine wine. To end to that, Hartwell House maintains an extensive wine cellar sure to contain the perfect wine to satisfy palate. The Gardens Hartwell House stands in 90 acres of parkland, landscaped by a contemporary of Capability Brown,

The Hotel, the Restaurant and the Spa Hartwell House & Spa is one of three magnificently restored houses and gardens owned by Historic House Hotels. These three hotels represent what is probably the most beautiful time you can have in Britain. Hartwell House, Restaurant and Spa Oxford Road Near Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP17 8NR Tel: 01296 747444




LET CHILTERN GET YOU THERE Planning to visit the capital for some sport in 2012? With the Olympics coming as well as the annual sporting events at Wembley, Twickenham, Wimbledon and much more, B4’s Editor decided to put the service from Banbury to London Marylebone to the test on a visit to Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea take on Valencia in the Champions League.

We left Banbury at 5pm for a 7.45pm kick off, but the ride to London Marylebone took just over an hour. Ed had the headphones and was asleep in minutes after a long day at school whilst I caught up with some e-mails. The service was effortlessly smooth. Every time I take the train I wonder why on earth I ever drive – I’d even considered collecting Ed from school in Banbury and driving all the way to Chelsea! Madman. The service is so frequent, to and from London, that it makes going by train the only real option. From Marylebone we headed to the tube and were at Fulham Broadway in no time (well, about 20 minutes to be precise). Plenty of time to go in to the Club Shop for Ed to get an early Christmas present (one of the few to opt for a Torres Chelsea shirt!) and take our seats for the game. Goals from Drogba (2) and Ramires were enough to safeguard Chelsea’s progress to the next round and a tie against Napoli. The game over, we picked up a pin badge, as is the tradition for Ed at football matches, and queued for the tube. It’s inevitable that there’s going to be a wait after 41,000 fans have packed themselves into the ground, but our wait was no longer than 15 minutes. We made it back to the station for our scheduled train and arrived back in Banbury at just after 11pm. A long day, but it beats the car hands down. Whatever your reason to visit London this year, don’t think of taking anything other than the train!


Chiltern will be putting on a special timetable with more stops and more services for Wembley Stadium Station. Here’s a taste of what’s taking Stadium: Carling Cup Final England v Holland Saracens v Harlequins FA Cup Final 2012 Olympic Football

place in the first part of 2012 at Wembley 26 Feb, 1600 29 Feb, 1200 31 March, 1500 5 May, 1500 29 July, 1700

If you are a 2012 Games event ticket holder, you can buy reduced price train tickets in advance of everyone else to take you to your Games venue. If you’ve got confirmation of all your 2012 Games event tickets visit to book your rail travel now. Tickets are not available to buy at stations or from any other retailer. You can buy 2012 Games Train Tickets for travel between 18 July 2012 and 14 September 2012 inclusive, so you can travel and stay in London or one of the co-Host Cities before or after your Games event. Special terms and conditions offer flexibility designed to suit your travel to and from the Games. Railcard holders and children can get discounts too. If you're going to an event in London you will get a one-day Games TravelCard with your Games ticket. The Games Travelcard can be used for travel in London Zones 1-9 on the day of the event.

If you’re off to Wembley in 2012, then remember there’s a very easy way you can get to and from the stadium.

So, don’t get left in the blocks or leave anything to chance. Buy your train tickets today and relax knowing that when your Games event tickets arrive your travel is sorted as well.

Chiltern run services to and from Wembley Stadium Station, which is located opposite the stadium. Nearer the time of the event, do check train times as

For help planning your journey visit: also see:


“Whatever your reason to visit London this year, don’t think of taking anything other than the train!”


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