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B2T Training Curriculum Our comprehensive business analysis curriculum is developed and delivered by praticing business analysts. Our mature program has been proven through the success of our customers resulting in improved requirements. The curriculum is supported by full requirements document templates, a reference manual for post-training guidance, mentoring, and online resources. The skills, techniques, and approaches that we teach are not tied to or limited to any particular methodology.

Three Core Courses

Advanced Courses

Our three consecutive core courses cover essential business analysis skills within the industry that most business analysts are expected to perform. These courses teach students how to elicit requirements and detail them in a business requirements document including detailed data, process, and business rule requirements. Our certification program, outlined in the next section, is built upon our three core courses.

In addition to the three core courses, B2T Training offers courses that cover more advanced and specialized business analysis topics. These courses are designed for experienced business analysts or to be taken after completing the three core courses.

Advanced Courses:

Three Core Courses: I

Essential Skills for the Business Analyst—4 days


Detailing Business Data Requirements—3 days


Detailing Process and Business Rule Requirements —4 days


Developing a Business Analysis Work Plan —3 days


Facilitating Requirements for Business Analysis —3 days


Requirements Validation—2 days

We also offer management and technical seminars designed to help those who work with business analysts gain a better understanding of the business analysis role.

Management and Technical Seminars: I

Overview of Business Analysis—1/2 day


Developer’s Introduction to Business Analysis—1 day

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B2T Training Course Catalog (2009)  

A complete description of all the business analysis training courses offered by B2T Training. (NOTE: Please see our updated 2010 Course Cata...