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Mentoring and Coaching Post-training mentoring and coaching reinforce concepts taught in class and jump start a business analyst’s work after learning new techniques. We offer business analysis onsite mentoring and distance coaching.

How Mentoring Works

How Distance Coaching Works

A B2T Training instructor stays onsite for 1-2 days after a class to assist your organization with business analysis activities. Our experienced business analyst instructors have helped hundreds of companies formalize their business analysis and requirements activities. A description of the task/project for which you need mentoring and supporting materials is supplied to the instructor prior to mentoring. This allows the instructor to preview materials to fully prepare for the sessions.

Our instructors work with students who have attended Essential Skills for the Business Analyst to establish goals for structured and focused distance coaching sessions. Using phone calls, email, and collaborative software, the sessions are intended to span over a 2-3 month period to provide incremental feedback and benefits to the student.

Examples of mentoring work that may benefit your organization: • Walk through the B2T requirements templates to help you decide which ones will be adopted by your organization. Provide ideas for customization to adapt templates and techniques with your development and/or project management methodology. • Review and discuss existing organization standards/templates and suggest modifications and enhancements. • Review and provide guidance to refine the project initiation document for a new project. • Assist with the development of a requirements management plan. • Help to develop questions for upcoming requirements elicitation sessions. • Observe interviews/requirements gathering sessions and give feedback for elicitation improvements. Pricing and Scheduling Mentoring is priced on a per-day rate and is scheduled immediately following an onsite training class to minimize additional travel expenses for the customer. Mentoring assignments longer than 2 days will be considered based on instructor availability.

During these coaching sessions the business analyst works with an experienced instructor who performs the role of a coach by reviewing projects. The business analyst takes an active role in defining issues, solutions, and goals. The role of the coach is to share personal tips to help the BA get started, answer questions to assist the BA when they are stalled, help focus the BA on the critical steps, help the BA gain perspective when things get off track, and encourage the BA when their activities go well. Examples of coaching sessions include: • Provide coaching for the development of data requirements. • Provide coaching for the identification of essential business processes. • Provide coaching to plan brainstorming sessions on solution ideas. • Observe and give feedback in formal requirements reviews. Pricing and Scheduling Distance coaching is sold as a package consisting of 7 hours of coaching time. We recommend each coaching session either be scheduled for 30 minutes twice a week or one hour once a week, 2-3 weeks a month and span a 2-3 month time period. There are no travel expenses incurred with this service.

Contact B2T Training to learn more about our mentoring and coaching services.

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