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October 2012

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Barton Today

About Us Barton Today is a Not-For-Profit Community Interest Magazine with over 6,000 readers. Delivered FREE every single month to every home in Earls Barton we are not controlled by, or affiliated to, any political, religious, social or commercial group. Website: Managing Editor: Steve Watkins Email: Telephone: 01604 810831 Advertising: Contact us by phone or email and we’ll discuss advertising rates and payment methods, and help you in any way that we can. Any problems, just call. All adverts before our deadline please. Deadline: Space permitting, we try to print everything sent in, but our deadline is the 10th of the month (for the January issue it is November 30th). After that date we’re flexible but we can’t guarantee publication. Include your name, address and phone number as we do not publish anonymous articles. If you don’t want your name published let us know. Articles may be shortened if space is limited. Articles & Adverts by Hand: In an envelope, please to: Barton Sweets, The Square, Earls Barton (Please address all items to ‘Barton Today’) Photos: By email or on disk please. We can scan your photograph but if you want a photograph returned, include a stamped addressed envelope. We ask permission of a responsible adult before any images are published of children under the age of 16. If you live in Earls Barton: Your magazine should arrive by the last day of the previous month. If you know of someone who hasn’t received a copy by then, please give us a call and we’ll hand deliver it directly to them.

Our Aim: We wish to bring all peoples together in peace and harmony and to celebrate the diversity of the human spirit by encouraging talent in all its forms. Barton Today does not discriminate against anyone. The Legal Bit: © Barton Today 2012

Have You Got Your Heating On Yet? Although the summer sun is doing its best to hold on just a little longer, there’s no doubt that autumn is arriving. The nights are getting longer, leaves are beginning to fall and the central heating is being turned on once again. It’s that time of the year that is associated with harvest and it’s very fitting that the front cover shows two giant leeks (as well as two lovely children) which are the product of much nurturing and care (the leeks that is - though that’s probably true for the children too!) There’s a bit of an agricultural theme to this month’s Barton Today. Firstly, we have an article about the Village Show which took place early in September. The organisers were very pleased with the fantastic response and the Silver Band Club was full of people’s exhibits. Secondly, we have a report about Earls Barton’s very own vineyard and the open day, which included some much appreciated wine tasting, which was held there at the end of August. Elsewhere, we have an article from one of our younger readers who had a great day at the Olympics. You can also find out what those lights were that have been spotted being beamed from Barkers across the Nene Valley in the direction of Wollaston. Lastly, here’s a challenge to the men of Earls Barton. With Movember looming, we are launching a competition to see who can grow the best facial hair during November. Further details will be in next month’s magazine but the excitement is already rising as to who will win the much coveted 2012 ‘Barton’s Best Moustache Award.’ Enjoy your read. NB: Whilst every effort is made to get your free copy of Barton Today brought to you by the end of the month, please be patient if it does not arrive as expected. We are ever grateful to our delivery team. Like the editorial team, they are volunteers who do their very best but occasionally things may go amiss. All else failing, you can always pick up a copy from one of our local outlets. MORE THAN JUST A VILLAG E

Our Front Cover: Earls Barton people Emma and Andy let us take a photo of their two delightful daughters at the Village Show for our October Edition. Many thanks for such a lovely photo!

The website is courtesy James Rands-Allen of Sublime Media The Decision of the Managing Editor is Final

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October 2012

Earls Barton Village Show A Huge Suc cess

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October 2012

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Barton Today

October 2012

Whats on in October MONDAY 1







STITCH Laser Beams across the Valley - More info on Pg 3 Jeyes Baby Shop Opens today

West End to BROADWAY - More info on Pg 41











Grant applications closing date More info on Pg 10

EB Junior Youth Club 6.30pm - 8pm

“Kelly Jenns” at the Silver Band Club



Motown Night More info on Pg 26 Historical Society AGM More info on Pg 8


The Silhouettes at the Silver Band Club “Lee Richards” at the Silver Band Club More info on Pg 4


2nd Nov


“Pete Wayne” at the Silver Band Club

All Bears @ All Saints

1st Movember

14 Fairtrade Coffee Morning At the All Saints Church Hall

All Bears @ All Saints




Swishing Party More Info on Page 24

EB Bowls & Tennis Club Whist Drive at 2.00pm in the clubhouse

EB Junior Youth Club 6.30pm - 8pm



Earls Barton Floral Society Christopher White from C. Dublin, Millenium WI AGM - Members only Ireland presents Beauty of Flowers at 7.45pm in Methodist Church Hall More Info on Pg 24

EB Junior Youth Club 6.30pm - 8pm



EB Bowls & Tennis Club Whist Drive at 2.00pm in the clubhouse

PLEASE NOTE NO Junior Youth Club Tonight


“Tracey Matthews” Quiz Night at The Bowls & Tennis Club at the Silver Band Club More on Pg 21

NC TLC Trust Pamper Evening More info Pg 14

EB Junior Youth Club 6.30pm - 8pm

Barn Dance More info on Pg 8

3rd Nov

4th Nov




REGULAR EVENTS EVERY MONDAY Hokey Cokey 1.30pm -3.00pm term time only All Saints Church Hall Line Dancing Working Mens Club 9.30am - 12.00pm Taekwondo Silver Band Club Zumba Silver Band Club 9.30am - 10.30am




Line Dancing Starfruit Theatre Group Working Mens Club Baptist Church 9.30am - 12.00pm 7.00pm - 9.15pm Quiz Night at Street Dance at The Silver Band Club The Silver Band Club at 6pm Knit & Knatter Group Scrabble The Library The Library 4.00pm - 6.00pm 2pm - 4pm Crib Team Puppy Classes The Old Swan EB Youth Club 7.00pm - 8.00pm 6pm - 9pm Weight Watchers Weight Watchers at St John's St John's 7pm - 8pm 9.30am - 10.30am







Youth Club 7.30pm till 9.30pm age groups 12 - 16 Jog Group at The Grange 6pm Line Dancing Working Mens Club 9.30am - 11.30am Taekwondo at The Silver Band Club

Poker Game The Old Swan 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Yoga - St. Johns Ambulance Hall 6.30pm

Ignite Youth Project The Church Rooms 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Yoga - 10.00am EB Poker Game The Old Swan 7-8pm Bowls & Tennis Club





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Barton Today

October 2012

STITCH - A new art installation that binds together the historic villages of Earls Barton and Wollaston with a 3 miles long laser beam. Jo Fairfax’s path of light skims across the beautiful Nene valley, pinpointing two prestigious boot and shoe-making factories Barker Shoes and Griggs, home of Dr Martens on 5th -7th October. GLOBAL FOOTPRINT is a new initiative that for the first time aims to deliver a countywide project that celebrates Northamptonshire’s defining creative economy, its boot and shoe industry. It is part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and regional IGNITING AMBITION Festival, supported by Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, Northamptonshire County Council and Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire creativity across the UK.

As part of the countywide GLOBAL FOOTPRINT project, artist Jo Fairfax and the FLOW team will deliver a new laser art installation in Northamptonshire STITCH - this time connecting the communities and shared boot and shoe heritage of the historic villages of Earls Barton and Wollaston across the Nene Valley. ‘I have worked in Northamptonshire over a number of years and have come to learn about its rich and varied history. Following a recent visit to Barker Shoes Factory they kindly talked me through their exhibits and the process and history of boot and shoe-making. I love the process of shoemaking and how it links the different elements - engineering, human craftsmanship, landscape and animals (leather). This sense of connection – of a holistic pathway from one element to another - is a crucial heart for a site-specific piece of work.

In addition to the arts programme, a series of heritage workshops will be taking place at locations across the county that are synonymous with the connected with the boot and shoe industry. If you have a story to share or work in the industry today the GLOBAL FOOTPRINT organisers would be keen to hear from you via

The landscape represents a working relationship where land, people and animals combined to make the wonderful craft of boot and shoe-making. The communities are joined by creative action and I propose joining them by light - an ambitious artwork where we project eight laser beams across the Nene Valley from Barker Shoes in Earls Barton to Griggs and the home of Dr Martens in Wollaston, creating a vast stitch across the Northamptonshire landscape. Two terrific boot and shoe-making factories and villages connected by 3.5 miles of laser stitching.’ Jo Fairfax

Selected art installations to look out for around the county in the coming months include: • Foot Steps - a parade of characters from Wellingborough's history can be found in nine scenes painted on the town's pavements as a form of do-it-yourself theatre puzzle for all the family; • Field - an eco-artwork depicting a grass-like field installation created from over 200 unused boots, shoes and trainers, and 600 green shoelaces, soon to be on display at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery;

STITCH is the latest Fairfax / FLOW collaboration in the county which most recently saw the delivery of the Northampton LIGHTHOUSE laser light art installation on the National Lift Tower earlier in May marking 2012 hours to go before the opening of the London 2012 Olympic Games

• Finale Event - further details to be announced, but likely to focus on one of the counties major shoe-making factories. For more information on these and other exciting events go to:

STITCH is one of several new artworks commissioned by the GLOBAL FOOTPRINT project which has been designed by Northamptonshire County Council and core partners Northampton Museums and Art Gallery, University of Northampton and Northampton Arts Collective (formerly Fishmarket Gallery).

So That’s What Those Lights Over Earls Barton Are! Look out for them between 5-7th October


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Barton Today

October 2012

Sue Stokes - 1952 - 2012 It was with sadness that I heard today 5th September 2012 of the death of Sue Stokes. I came to know Sue and worked with her for many years in the early to late-1990’s as chairman of Earls Barton Carnival Committee.


Sue held the post of treasurer and was a hard working member of the carnival committee bringing her family along with her each carnival day to help man the stalls. Sue held the purse strings as treasurer for many years making it one of the strongest carnival events in the region allowing us to donate large sums of money raised to local village organisations. Sue left the village for a new life in Cornwall and I am sure that Sue will be sorely missed by her family and all her friends here in Earls Barton.

OPEN NIGHT With Live Music from

The Silhouettes playing Classics from the last 5 decades 20th October - 7.30pm till Late

May she now rest in eternal peace. Peter Verden - Chairman Retired 2000

Come and see what your local family club has to offer. We can be found on Queen Street We have a wide selection of alcoholic/ non-alcoholic drinks including guest beers

... Six months on

Come along and bring the Family to a FREE night of entertainment

‘How’s the shop doing?’ kind friends and aquaintances enquire, and after the first six months in our new premises we can confidently say ‘pretty well’. The website is up and running, the Facebook page has gained Friends and we’ve been granted planning permission for the mural.

Please call

01604 810418 for more information

As we type this only Betty the flapper has been painted (by Kev Flanagan, our local go-to artist) but other figures are to follow. Tradewise we’ve done better than we expected. We have had some (very) quiet days but old customers have found us and new ones have turned up and recommended us to their friends.

Pierre Antoyé Registered Osteopath Cranial and Structural Osteopath

Customer feedback has been very positive, people like the ‘feel’ of the new shop despite ii being a bit crowded in places – but that’s part of the fun, you don’t know what you’re going to find around the corner! Though we are wondering how to fit in all the soon-to-arrive Halloween stock ! Come and visit us one afternoon (or up to 7pm on Thursdays), we’ll be delighted to show you round. Hilary and Robin

Mrs Mop

Osteopathy can help: • Back and neck pain • Sciatica, muscle spasm • Arthritis in spine and limbs • Disc problems, joint pain…

Quality Cleaning Service NEW • Ironing Service Available • One-off cleans • Blitz clean • Regular Service

The Nightingale Clinic 12 The Square, Earls Barton NN6 0NA

Call Caroline on: 01604 811388 / 07858 004068

For Enquiries or Bookings call direct:

07969 355 161 or 0845 123 2799 4

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Are You Ready for The Challenge?

Barton Today

October 2012

Thank you to local resident Tony Carter for sending in the article below reminding us of the up and coming Movember event. During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. On Movember 1st, guys register at with a clean-shave face and then for the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Mo Sistas are the women who register to support the men in their lives, raising funds by seeking sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts. Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November and through their actions and words raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health. At the end of the month, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate their gallantry and valor by either throwing their own Movember party or attending one of the infamous Gala Partés held around the world by Movember, for Movember How about the good men folk of Earls Barton coming out in force for this event so that the village is awash with beards and moustaches during November. Barton Today will be very pleased to include any photos in the December edition and will also announce the winner of the much coveted ‘Barton Moustache’ award. Can anybody outdo the superb selection of facial hair fashions pictured in the Stag last year? If you want to know more, feel free to contact Tony Carter on 01604 269525 or


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Barton Today

October 2012 This is the first year we have held an award ceremony locally and it was great to see so many youngsters here with their families to celebrate this awesome achievement.

Great Response To Library Reading Challenge Carol Best writes...On Saturday 15th September, we held an award ceremony at the library to congratulate the children who had completed their Summer Reading Challenge during the school holidays.

A huge thank you to them as they made the event possible. The theme this year was 'Storylab' and I have enjoyed a summer of listening to children describing their favourite stories and learning about tanks, beasties and dinosaurs, to name but a few!

For some children this is their first challenge that they have taken part in with the library but another challenge was set when we discovered one little girl has been 'taking up the challenge' since she was six and has just completed her fifth. I had a lovely morning and it's all down to the lovely children. Thank you all for a wonderful summer and I wish you a lovely term at school...Keep Reading.

Their medals were presented by Councillor Peter Wright and also present were one of my Reading Challenge volunteers, Amy, my volunteer Karen and Principal Librarian for Children, Families and Schools, Linda Holvey, who came to give me valued support.

The idea of the scheme is to encourage children to continue with their reading throughout the holidays and this can only be achieved with the support of parents, so I would like to say huge thank you to all mums and dads who have given time to the children to help and encourage them to finish their challenges.

Our New Baby Shop Opening

Monday 1st October

With the exciting arrivals of Babies Georgia & April, the Jeyes family have got babLJĨĞǀĞƌ͙͙͘ W We e are transforming The Den into a beautiful nursery dedicated to new mums, their little bundles of joy and not forgetting their doting grandparents. *Gorgeous range of bedding and nursery accessories *100% Cotton Nighties and Pyjamas *Beautiful Baby grows, Blankets& Knitwear *Perfect Baby Shower Presents New born Gifts and Teddies *New New*Christening Keepsakes *Basic Parenting Essentials We ho ope you visit us soon ²a warm welcome awaits you all. Jeyes of Earlls Barton, Northampton, NN60NA. TEL : 01604 810289 Mon-Fri, 8.30-5, Sat 8.30²5pm. Free Entrry y. Disabled access on request & stair lift


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Barton Today

October 2012

e G h t p u arde n Path

Gina Starling from Garden TLC writes....I have managed to find out what happens to the rest of our RUBBISH! You may remember I wrote an article in a previous issue about my trip to the landfill site where I saw what happens to the contents of our brown and black bins. A fascinating visit – I would recommend it to anyone – young people would love it too. I finally had a guided tour of the recycling facility on the A45, a mere stone’s throw from Earls Barton. This is where all your recycled articles from your green bin collection go. Mark Gray is the regional manager – his grandfather started the business way back in Moulton – it was Alibone paper and cardboard collections then but the business has grown and expanded since then. Now it is owned by Viridor, one of the top companies in the UK and “National Recycling and Waste Management Business of the Year 2010” Once I’d squeezed my big feet into size 5 safety shoes and put on the high viz jacket we set off on our tour. First stop was the bay where loose paper is loaded onto top-loading lorries ready to go off to the paper mills to be made into more paper. A huge grabber loads the lorries up, then they cover the top of the lorry and it drives off, following the one-way system. The same grabber empties the next bay, which was pretty empty today but usually contains Wellingborough’s recycling. This week was black bin week so nothing was happening, but next week Wellingborough’s dustbin lorries will be bringing loads of our recycling in and dumping it in the bay, where it will be loaded by the grabber onto waiting lorries which take it off to another site, to be sorted, while the dustbin lorries scurry back for the next load. The other site has a big rotating drum which sifts and sorts it all while airflows direct the rubbish into the right places. They haven’t got one of those machines here, which is why it needs to get moved on. The next thing I saw was the huge baler which sucks vast quantities of cardboard (or paper, or plastic) from the conveyor belt that two men in little trucks keep feeding with rubbish. It drops down into a hopper where it is squished and squashed, tied up tightly with very strong wires and then out it pops onto another conveyor belt – a ton every two minutes! (When it doesn’t break down or get stuck.) There are two balers in the building but one was out of action – choked up on Earls Barton’s rubbish I expect, as it had been baling plastic waste from one of Earls Barton’s factories. Then I saw the stacked bales at the end of the building – all different kinds of material. There was cardboard (brown corrugated kind); mixed card and paper; new clean paper (cut off the end-of-newsprintrolls);shredded paper; thin card; plastic bottles; plastic junk like milk crates that no-one wants and is virtually worthless; and then there were ENVELOPES! They make the best paper, they are a lovely sparkling white and made from high quality paper so they are much in demand and they get the best price. So just remember, when you are about to bin an envelope – it is a very desirable commodity – put it in the recycling bin and help save a tree! There were hundreds of pounds worth of bales waiting to be taken away through the loading bays – most of them, it must be said, destined for China, which is desperate for resources and seems to gobble up anything available. But don’t worry, it has all been sorted, graded and baled first. Stories we heard about unsorted rubbish being dumped in China don’t hold water, it is illegal, and environmental border controls are very strict, both here and abroad. Back in the office, Mark Gray found me some literature while I took photos of the lovely green roof, (now happily green again after recent rains) and Bay 2 where all our green bin contents go. So now you know where ALL your rubbish goes and judging by the way those bales of cardboard and paper have gone up in value over the last few years, recycling would be a very good investment, but you didn’t hear that from me! Little tip to remember – PLEASE take the lids off your plastic bottles first, they squash up so much easier if you do and they can fit more in a bale. You can put the lids in too, just not ON the bottles. Also put your recycling into the bin LOOSE – even shredded paper – as it is all going to be blown about to get sorted and if it is in bags that won’t help the process. Plus – 95% of what we put in our green bins is successfully recycled! The 5% is the stuff stupid people put in their bins – you do NOT want to know what it consists of! Of course, there are no stupid people in Earls Barton.....


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Barton Today

October 2012

Jonathon Thompson


“The greatest of these is Love”

By Adam Plater of Acorn Sales & Lettings

Some time ago, Diane and I went with friends from Bozeat on a coach outing to Canterbury. The city of Canterbury is a lovely place and our time would not have been complete without a visit to the cathedral. Simply to enter this home of Christianity was an inspiration, for this place was none other than the house of God and the gateway to Heaven.

Autumn has always been a good time to sell a house. With summer over (August is traditionally the worst time, only equal to the Christmas period), people start their search for their perfect home again.

The very first Archbishop of Canterbury, St Augustine is reputed to have said on one occasion, “LOVE AND DO WHAT YOU WILL” Reading between the lines I think he was saying that if a person loves the Lord Jesus Christ then the whole of their lives will display the love of God in everything. The love of God transcends all others for three main reasons.

Things start to slow down again towards the end of November – nobody wants to move over Christmas, so it is important that if your house needs selling you must not leave it too late. That said though, it only takes one buyer to successfully sell a house so if you have to sell at a traditionally quiet time, with the right price, agent and marketing, your buyer could be just around the corner!

Firstly it is an unconditional love. His love overflows to those who will follow in the footsteps of Jesus, and to those who totally reject him. We find it easier to love those who love us but Jesus deliberately chose to love those who rejected him, turned away from him, and who wanted nothing to do with him.

When to Sell a House - Month by Month Table

His Love has never been dependent upon our response, and he will on love us always. Secondly God’s love is an undying love. Sometimes in life, love can fade and die, relationships end, people choose to go in different directions. Life can often seem cruel, bitterness can come through broken hearts, and on occasion people will vow never to speak to one another again. How sad and hurtful that must be. Thankfully even when we break off our relationship with god he will never give up on us. There will be no moment in our lives when God will decide to close the door on us. For his love is indeed undying and he offers love and forgiveness to all who will turn to him. Thirdly, God’s love is redemptive. What does that mean? Quite simply it means that no one is worthy of receiving the free pardon that is offered to all people. However, God loved the world so much that he sent his own beloved son, Jesus, to die for everyone. No exclusions, none considered unforgiveable or without hope, but all counted worthy because of the redemption offered through Jesus Christ. In almost all marriages services the words of St Paul are read from his first letter to the church in Corinth, “And now these three abide, FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE, BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE”

Give it a lick of paint!

The love that is highest, and over and above all others is the love that God offers to all people, a love beyond human understanding, the love seen clearly at the Cross of Calvary, where Jesus offered once and for all his life in exchange for the lost, the hopeless, the broken and the sinner.

Change with the seasons... Why not freshen up with a lick of paint - it could cost less than you think.

That is all I need to know. The choice is open to you.

Call Stephen now for a FREE quote on 01604 466265 or 07905 168968

God Bless and be with you all,

Come and enjoy a

• Domestic & Commercial • Wallpapering • Touch up • Preparation • Fully Insured

Barn Dance

45 Churchill Road, Earls Barton Northampton NN6 0PQ Email:

The Earls Barton and District Historical Society

with Musical Roots

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Friday, 19th October at 7:30 pm. The meeting will be held in the St John Ambulance building on Manor Road. This will give our members a chance to discuss the future of the Society and elect the officers for the next twelve months.

The Friends of All Saints Church are holding an Autumn Barn Dance at the Silver Band Club in Queens Street on Saturday 6th October starting at 7:30. Music will be provided by Earls Barton’s own group Musical Roots. Tickets are priced at £10 and include a light supper.

In November we will be welcoming Barry Care from Moulton Morris as our guest speaker. This promises to be a lively and entertaining evening as musical accompaniment is promised.

Because of the size of the club there will be limited tickets available and these can be obtained from Roger Smith (811332), David Timms (810051) or Jeyes the Chemists. Don’t wait but buy now to make sure you won’t miss what promises to be an enjoyable evening.

For details of this and future meetings please contact Frank Batten on 01604 810618


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Barton Today

October 2012

NewLodgeVineyard Earls Baron...

in Earls Barton

The welcome warmth of the August sun shone through the few clouds overhead in the azure blue sky. The verdant vines stretched down the rolling hills in carefully planted lines.

Their first Open Day on Saturday 25th August 2012

The grapes were getting larger by the day. The harvest wouldn’t be too far off. The chilled white wine wet the palates of the appreciative visitors. Where could we be? Perhaps lazing on the terrace of a boutique hotel in Tuscany or meandering through the wine growing region of Languedoc Roussillon. No, we were sitting in the garden of the New Lodge Vineyard on Northampton Road enjoying the hospitality of Joyce Boulos-Hanna and her family, who had decided to open up their vineyard for its very first open day. The vineyard had been Joyce’s brainchild and the first vines were planted in the year 2000. Over the following years, the number of vines was increased so that today there are over 1500 plants producing mainly white grapes of German origin, with a smaller number of red grapes. It is Joyce who takes chief responsibility for the day to day tending of the vines. Come harvest time though, it is very much a family occasion, with relatives arriving from all over to help pick the grapes. The grapes are then sent to Eglantine winemakers in Loughborough, where they are turned into the Earls Baron label. There are currently three white wines; Bacchus and Phoenix which are still wines and Nene Valley Nectar which is a sparkling wine. A red wine will be added in the future. The main outlet for the 1500 bottles which are produced annually is Beckwith’s Emporium in Mears Ashby. New Lodge Vineyard started off as more of a hobby rather than a business and that’s how it remains though the knowledge of the winemaking process has certainly increased. It was with some trepidation that the Boulos-Hanna family opened its doors to the public on 25th August. They had no idea what the response would be. The four generations of the family were dispatched accordingly; car parking, photography, refreshments, seating and the all important wine tasting arrangements, were all taken care of. The response from the local community was excellent. By the end of the day over 100 people, mainly from within the village, had sampled the delights of the New Lodge Vineyard.

The Owner

The Wine

Looking to the future, the family is hoping to put on a wine tasting evening early in December. Furthermore, they were so pleased with the August Open Day that plans are afoot for a repeat during summer 2013. Watch out for news of these events. In the meantime, if you wish to be informed of any impending events , just send an e-mail to Although the 2012 crop has been hit by the vagaries of the British weather, Joyce Boulos-Hanna must feel a sense of inner satisfaction as she looks out from her garden to the beautifully tended vines successfully growing on her land. That rather wayward idea, concocted way back at the turn of the decade, has become a very successful ‘hobby.’ The Wine Tasting


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Barton Today

October 2012

IAN SUMMERLING ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR For all electrical jobs large or small Free estimates without obligation s s s s s s

Re-Wires/ New Builds Burglar/Fire Alarms Certification/Testing & Inspection Lighting Maintenance External Installations Extra Sockets/Telephone Points

All work guaranteed - Part P registered

Telephone: 01604 862710 Mobile: 07971 426775

Head for Heights

Earls Barton Parish Council invites local groups to apply for grants for the financial year 2013/14. •

All applications must state the amount required, what the grant is to be used for and be accompanied by the latest set of full accounts.

The size of the grant awarded is at the discretion of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council reserves the right to refuse any application.

Any funds awarded are for the express purpose for which they were awarded, unless written approval of Earls Barton Parish Council has been obtained for change of use.

Funds awarded will be issued during the financial year following the application, unless otherwise advised by the Parish Council.

Applications for grants must benefit the residents of Earls Barton.

Grants must be spent during the financial year awarded.

A report must be provided to the Parish Council by the end of the financial year as to how the money was spent.

In the case of national bodies, there is a requirement to demonstrate that the grant will directly benefit the inhabitants of Earls Barton.

On the 4th August I did a tandem parachute jump in aid of the Alzheimers Society charity. It was a fantastic experience and one that I will never forget. Jumping out of the plane at 13,000 feet we were in free fall for 8,000 feet until the parachute opened for the last 5,000 feet. I would like too say a big big thank you to all the staff and customers at Jeyes plus my family and friends for their support and sponsoring me for such a great cause. Thanks to the generosity of everyone I have raised a grand total £920.00 Trudy Lawson

Conservatories Ltd • Conservatories • New Windows • Replacement Windows • Doors

Please send applications to: Rosemary Smart - Clerk to the Council 83 Dowthorpe Hill, Earls Barton. Northampton NN6 0PY or Closing date for applications is 31 October 2012

Tailor made to your requirements installed by a Reliable, Local Craftsman

martin m CLIFFORD H High Quality Painting, Decorating & Household Maintenance

Tel.: 01604 811388 or 07816 958803

Contact Neil Tipler on:

Tel: 01604 812895

15 New Street Earls Barton Northampton NN6 0NN

or Mobile: 07714 776483 Email: 10


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Barton Today

nd the Arou World...

October 2012

Where has B2day been lately?

with Barton Today

Lewis and Sophie Gould took their copy of B2Day kayaking in Solva Harbour Pembrokeshire Wales.

Hola! Hannah Cowper (was line aka the girl that loves beer!) and newly wedded husband Barrie on honeymoon in Mexico outside the Coco Bongo Night Club having a quick read of B2Day!! Steve Atherley sent in a photo of his daughter Samantha with her copy B2Day in Australia

Marshall and Lucy enjoying their holiday in Corfu trying not to get their B2Day too wet!

After successfully completing his teacher training at the University of Birmingham, Robbie Todd took a break from education this summer to travel around South East Asia. Whilst relaxing on the tranquil island of Ko Tao, Thailand, he was able to catch up on all the news back home with his copy of B2Day!

Our very own Editor Steve with his copy of B2Day at the Olympics

Charlie “Naughty Pup� enjoying his copy of B2Day literally!

Taylor, Zoe and Holly Smart took their B2day for a ride on the Ghost Train at Hunstanton fun fair!!


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Barton Today

October 2012

EARLS BARTON MENS BOWLS – CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 The finals of the Mens Bowls Championships were held on Sunday 9 and Sunday 16 September. There were some fascinating battles and very close matches but none more so than the Championship itself which saw Brain Tipler and James Butts compete in the closest of matches ending with Brain winning 21-20. Brian, who has won the Championship many times before, was full of praise for the runner up, James Butts. Such was the high standard of the match one spectator was heard to say, “This could easily have been a match on telly - it were that good!” In other finals played on Sunday 16 September there were more close and exciting matches and all players are to be congratulated for reaching such a high standard. The full results are: CHAMPIONSHIP:

WINNER: Brain Tipler Runner Up: James Butts


WINNER: Damien Wright Runner Up: Alan Jeyes


WINNER: Neil Gould Runner Up: Trevor Denny


WINNERS: T. Denny & A.Ellis Runners Up: J.Butts & S.Jepson


WINNER: N.Gould Runner Up: Damien Wright


WINNER: Graham Dartnell Runner Up: Alex Ellis

Thanks go to Michael Griffin who as Championship Secretary did a great job and to James Butts for presenting the green in an excellent condition. Brain Tipler with the Championship trophy

All Your PC Problems Solved... We offer

• • • • •

PC Health Checks PC Repairs Internet Set-up Upgrades Data Transfer

• • • •

Printer & Wireless Networking problems solved Virus / Spyware Removal Hardware and Software Installs Home / Office visits

tel: 01604 581047

Earls Barton Rally & Country Fayre

Dont forget, you can drop your articles and news for Barton Today into Barton Sweets!



The 15th Earls Barton Rally and Country Fayre took place on the August Bank Holiday Weekend. We were very lucky with the weather and there was a good turn out of both exhibitors and general public. The auction on the Saturday was extremely well attended and Sunday was our busiest day. The comments we have received was that it was a friendly and well organised rally with a good balance of exhibits and entertainment for all the family.


We raised £450.00 for Kidney research on the Raffle for the Rally and if we have done well will add some extra money to this donation.

Earls Barton Parish Council have recently received complaints about litter and inconsiderate parking around take away establishments in the village.

We would like to thank the White's for the use of the field and for all their help during the event. Also our thanks to all the exhibitors and public who attended. It is all of you who make the event so successful. If any local organisation wishes to receive a donation when we have sorted out the finances please contact: Mrs P A Conroy, 57 Queen Street, Bozeat, Northants NN29 7LA with your request. Thank you again for all your support.

Please could you ensure you always park with consideration and take all your rubbish home. Many thanks.

P A Conroy 01933 663454 FREE 01933 663454


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01604 813 413



Polders have been proudly serving the village of Earls Barton since 2004 and have built up an in-depth knowledge of both the local area and property market. So whether you are looking to sell or buy, rent or let, call in for an informal chat to see how we can help you.

STOP PRESS.. SHOW HOME OPENING DECEMBER 2012. New home for Christmas? Have your say on your dream kitchen. Prices start from ÂŁ215 000.00 Call today for a free no obligation valuation of your existing home.

Free valuations: Sales Lettings & Land: Make your move now.

Call Polders, your local estate agent on 01604 813 413 See our full range of properties on

01604 813 413

64 High Street Earls Barton NN6 0JG

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Barton Today

October 2012

End of the Summer but the Charity is reaching for new Heights THE NC TLC Trust have had a fantastic Summer, and Autumn looks set to be as busy for the children’s cancer charity based in Earls Barton. This Summer the charity had a non-stop timetable of events and it does not look like it is going change for the next few months either as the Trust gears up to host a pamper event and its annual ball. At the start of the Summer there was the successful opening of the charity’s allotment project, followed by the launch of the coffee morning fundraiser project. The charity’s families have also enjoyed a canal boat trip, drives around Rockingham Raceway and a camping weekend at Billing Aquadrome. Founder of the charity and Chief Executive Officer at the NC TLC Trust, Janet Walker-Smith said: “It has been a really busy summer for the families - boat trips up the canal, then whizzing around a Rockingham Raceway in Ferraris and topped off with fish and chips supper on our camping weekend at the Billing Aquadrome...Phew! “ She added:” Now we looking forward to our next events a pamper night and our annual ball” The pamper evening is taking place at Hunsbury Hill, Northampton on Thursday, October 4th from 7pm until 11pm. Entry on the door is £3 or free with a pre-booked treatment. Treatments available on the night include back massages, reflexology, Indian head massage and pedicures for just £10 or £5 for mini treatments. To book any treatment call Clare on 07447 789 281 or call Gemma Martin on 07790 432 955 for more information on the event. The annual ball is not that far away either taking place on Saturday, November 10th at the Marriott Hotel in Northampton tickets for this sparkling event are still available at £35.00 each, to book visit the charity’s website at Aside from these two forthcoming events, the charity are looking for more people, organisations and groups to sign up to their coffee morning project and hold a coffee morning to raise funds for the Trust in the process. Finally, the charity are looking ahead to fundraising projects into 2013-2014 as well and are keen to recruit people looking to take part in the Kilimanjaro Challenge from February 21-5 March 2014 which includes a community project at a local village in Africa and a two day Safari. Anyone interested in taking part or supporting the challenge please email Gemma the charity’s Events’ Co-ordinator at Gemma Martin said:” The Kilimanjaro challenge is a great leap forward for our charity, not only is it going to raise a substantial amount of awareness but it’s also the biggest fundraising project we’ve ever taken on. We cannot even begin to describe the huge impact it will have on the services we will be able to offer our charity families. The challenge will be a huge achievement for us and each individual climber, it will consist of a community project, the ‘big climb’ up Kilimanjaro and on completion there will be a two day safari! Spaces are now available and we are looking for climbers, sponsors and supporters! Will you help us achieve something great?” For more charity information call the office on (01604) 811025 or email

Full range of services available including IUD and implant fitting, joint injections, minor surgery and counselling monday to thursday: 8.30am to 5.00pm • Friday: 8.30am to 12.30pm saturday: 8.00am to 9.45am (1st saturday in the month) New patieNts welcome apply to register on-line at:

at earls Barton

Visit our website at: 14

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Barton Today

October 2012

GALA DAY 2012 at Bowls Club

The Earls Barton Bowling Club annual Gala Day was held on Sunday 26 August. A total of 20 teams entered and bowling commenced at 10am. Teams are made up of 4 players, young, old, male or female. Many of the players were from Earls Barton but many were not. There were teams from within the County and friends and relatives helping to make up the numbers. The teams were divided in to 2 sections with each section bowling for an hour and then having an hour off to watch the other teams bowling, eat, drink or simply enjoy the weather! Refreshments were provided throughout the day by Sadie, her mum Muriel and Sue, a friend, and many players took advantage of the excellent breakfast, lunch and snacks available as well as the delicious cakes made by Sadie. The bar Stars of the future was run once again by Janet (with help from James and Michael) so nobody went thirsty or hungry! As the day progressed Neil and his family of helpers sold raffle tickets whilst Jimmy and David kept the master scorecard up to date so teams could see how they were getting on and as the last session approached there were only a handful of teams who had won 3 of their 4 matches. The final round of matches commenced at 5pm and as the magic hour of 6 approached it was still not clear who would win but in their closest match yet the team of Terry Williams, “Shady� Lane, Derek Essam and Arnold Orton snatched victory and duly won the Gala Day. It was a fantastic day with the weather staying fine. Special thanks were given to Jimmy Johnson for his help in organising the day, James Butts for the excellent presentation of the green, Janet Wilkins for running the bar and Neil Gould for his help with the raffle. The President of the Club, Richard Paintin (who was on a cruise at the time!) thanked the generosity of members who donated raffle prizes and also thanked all the teams for entering this annual fund raising event which was a great success.

Tactics before the match

The Cockney Rebels!

The Caterers

Now where shall I put this one!

Grant about to play

The Winners!


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Barton Today

October 2012 The Mens Long Jump was amazing, as all the athletes had vision problems and so had a guide (as did the T11 runners) who positioned them on the 'runway' and then stood on the take off area, bringing the men down to them by either clapping or calling slowly at first getting faster nearer they got, and the guide jumping out of the way at the last moment! Whole stadium went almost completely silent for each attempt so the jumpers could hear their guides. We had 1 or 2 wayward run ups, but majority were perfect.

LONDON 2012 PARALYMPICS Mick and Hazel Higham write‌Having spent the afternoon watching the victory parade in London - and wishing I had been there of course! - the realisation dawns that our wonderful summer of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is officially over; but I left my flags up till the morning to stretch it out abit further! And glad I did, with the news on Tuesday that Andy Murray had won his first Grand Slam title in the US tennis final! What a fantastic finale to a fabulous summer of sport for Team GB.

Thursday, 6th September Day 8. Oh dear our last trip down the now familiar route to Euston, walk round following the pink signs to St Pancreas to catch a Javelin train, walk through Westfield Shopping Centre and then into the Park. By now we had taken all our approach photos, and were able to 'people watch' those on their first visit and watch their reactions! Cameras snapping everything as we had done back in August. Late start today catching 13.05 from Northampton, we had an evening session for Wheelchair Rugby and although this included a day pass to some of the other venues, Mick had to work in the morning, but we still managed to catch over an hour of Wheelchair Tennis before joining queue for the Rugby (first one didn't give designated seats for, so wanted to be early so not at the back). We crossed the bridge over the A12 into Eaton Manor and were taken onto Centre Court! Had good seats and watched 2nd set of mens singles quad semi-final between 2 Israel players! No prizes for which country won that one! We had no idea what matches being played that day, and so imagine our huge delight when the first Ladies Doubles semifinal teams came out and Team GB were playing the Netherlands. Oh this was brill, we only watched first 6/7 games cus of timings; and overall our girls - Lucy Shuker and Jordanne Whiley - did lose the match but still got a great reception throughout. The movability of the chairs is amazing, and the only real change in the rules is that the ball is allowed to bounce twice, before being returned to allow the players time to get into position, the first bounce having to be in court of course. Wheelchair Rugby is played in an atmosphere resembling American baseball, without the cheerleaders - well crowd did that! When player sin binned for a foul, Michael Jackson's 'I'm bad!' came over the PA, and for 'time outs' we clapped along to 'We Will Rock You'. Each match played in 8 minute quarters, and between each one we had crowd participation with the bongo drums, 'Kiss Cam' ( when couple - yes and did pick couples rather than 2 strangers! -shown on big screens had to kiss) and Danceathon. Now although in all our visits we didn't see any GB gold medal presentations and so not join in singing 'God Save the Queen', they do play the anthems of both countries before each rugby match and so we were able to do so then, and it was emotional. Talking of anthems, in the Stadium when the medal ceremonies done, everyone (except couple of television camera people) including athletes on field turned and faced the flags in respectful silence. Amazing. Back to the rugby and our first match was GB v France! So we had a very patriotic day. Its fast, manic, bit brutal and brilliant! First 2 qtrs level on scoring, just have to get any 2 wheels of the chair of player holding the ball over the goal line. We went 1 up in the 3rd, and then the 4th was most exciting play, with getting some turnovers, and David Anthony (blue mohican hair) proving to be a firecracker! And so Team GB won by 57 pts to 50, and although the arena wasn't totally full, the noise was deafening. We watched first quarter of US v Japan, with much diminished crowds which was a shame for them, and then left to catch train. Walking back through Olympic Park, seeing the Stadium and other venues lit up was another memory to cherish, and even though we didn't see the races, we can also say that 'We were there' when David Weir, Hannah Cockroft and Jonnie Peacock took their 3 Golds on 'Thrilling Thursday'!

Mick and I were very lucky to get tickets to 3 sessions at Olympic Park for the Paralympics Games, and these were just as brilliant as our Olympic day had been - probably more so, as the level of support was fantastic and the Park was again jam packed with visitors. Our first visit was on Day 1 Thursday 30th August to the Velodrome for the morning session, this was the venue I had really wanted to go to, and it was amazing. Yes smaller inside than had expected, but what an atmosphere. With being totally enclosed the noise/roar of the crowd had nowhere to go, and so it was quite electric. We had brilliant seats once again, and were just past the start line on the back straight, looking directly into Team GB pits, with the other teams ranged alongside and behind them. We had the Womens Individual C1-2-3 Pursuit 3,000m qualification which while there was no GB interest did give us 2 world records, so a chance for even more noise than usual. C4 qualification gave us another world, and also a paralympic record, and then we had the C5 group and in this Crystal Lane and Sarah Storey took part! Well need I say more? Okay then, we know that Sarah won the Gold in the final of the evening session and that she only had to catch and pass her opponent to do this, and so didn't complete the whole distance, but in the morning she not only did the full race but set a new world record and as they say the roof nearly came off the Velodrome! It was sensational. As she rode round the track you could hear the wave of noise going round with her, and everyone erupted when she won getting even louder when the WR was confirmed. Crystal won her heat too and overtook her opponent, but sadly finished 4th in the final. Our next set of races were the Mens Individual B Pursuit over 4,000m these being for the visually impaired or blind cyclists riding on back of tandems with a sighted pilot on the front. 1 tandem on track at a time, and so going on times. No team GB to cheer, but as with all venues we cheered regardless. Between the 2 disciplines we did the compulsory Mexican wave, firstly at normal speed and then a s-l-o-w one to 'The Blue Danube', a Viennese Waltz, that was hilarious. Oh yes and we had to be quiet for the start of each race so the athletes could hear the countdown - a single beep at 10 secs, then continual from 5 secs. The giant screens showed 'Shhhhh' at 12 secs and then 'Make some noise!' as the races started. Well we couldn't disappoint, could we? Tuesday, 4th September and Day 6, saw us at the Olympic Stadium for a morning of athletics. These early starts - up about 5am! - getting 'normal' . We had a mixture of track and field events to watch, and at times there were 3 or 4 going on at same time, so hard to watch and follow everything. On the track we had sighted runners, guided runners for the blind/visually impaired, and wheelchair racers. No blade runners for us though. These were Womens 100m T11 and T46 rounds 1; Mens 200m round 1 T34 and semi finals T11; Mens 400m round 1 T46 and semi finals T12; Womens 800m races round 1 T54; and Mens 800m round 1 T 53 - we got excited here, till remembered David Weir is in T54! We saw Jade Jones and Shelley Woods in their 800m heats, unfortunately neither got through to the semis with Jade finishing 7th just 3/100ths outside the qualifying time, Shelley came 9th. Glad she got Silver in the Marathon. We also saw Jamie Carter who did a PB (can't ask for more) finishing 6th in the mens 200m wheelchair heat. Tracey Hinton came 3rd in her T11 100m heat with a SB; and Sally Brown also 3rd in theT46 100m and qualified. So many categories, does make sense though as explained each time. Field was Womens Shot Put F37 final, Mens Shot Put F57/58 final, Mens Long Jump final for blind/visually impaired F11, and Mens Javelin final F52/53. Team GB had 1 representative in the field classes that being Beverley Jones in the Womens Shot Put, finishing 7th overall.

So ended our wonderful visits to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and what fantastic games they were; whether you were able to go like we did or watched at home on the telly, it was brilliant. Well done Great Britain.


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Barton Today

October 2012

Animals in Need

Pine Tree Farm, London Road, Little Irchester, Northamptonshire, NN8 2EH Tel: 01933 278080 Email:


Designed by

loViNG homes

NeeDeD saphiRe

Saphire is a stunning three year old tabby girl who has been living as a house cat, sadly her owner works away a lot so thought it better for her to find a new home rather than keep being sent to a cattery. She would suit a quiet home where there are no young children or dogs but she should be fine with a friendly male cat.

maGGie maGGie This pretty little lady is Maggie. A three month old Netherland dwarf needs a nice home with a husbun after she has been spayed.

willow WILLOW is around 2 years old a pretty tortie girl, she was handed in to us with a litter of kittens and she will need a home when the kittens are weaned. Willow is a very aectionate young lady.


RED is a stunning gentle kind tan three legged crossbreed girl. She is a happy lively character who came in to us from the pound. Only around 2 years old this bouncy young lady willmake a great addition to some ones family

Kizzy is a gorgeous black collie cross girl around 4 years old. Handed in by an owner that could no longer keep her, she is fine with other dogs and children over 5 years old. Ideally she would love a home with Pippa.




PIPPA is a pretty 18 month old whippet who was handed in to us by an owner who could no longer keep her. She is fine with other dogs & children over 5 years but not smaller furries. Ideally she would love a home with Kizzy.

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Barton Today

October 2012

Acorn, a few months on... The Three Horseshoes 23 High Street, Ecton

Well, what a fantastic opening few months the new office has had! As this article is being written, we have taken on two new sales instructions. Even during August when so many people are away, we are finding there are buyers actively looking for properties that are priced correctly. In fact, we sold one house within a matter of days! Not bad for a traditionally quiet time…

Tel: 01604 407446

The rental market is as buoyant as ever. We had a lovely refurbished property in Manor Road which was let within hours of coming to market. We had three viewings and all wanted to take it! It was let to a lovely couple who are new to the village. While this happened at a fast pace, our record for taking on a property and agreeing a let stands at 2 hours! Due to the office being so busy we have reached the point where we really need to employ someone else… so do you or does someone you know need a job? We are sure that there is a perfect person in the village and we just need to find them. We are not looking for tonnes of sales or lettings experience; we need someone who is enthusiastic, a quick learner, with initiative and a sense of humour who also likes dogs as we have an office Labrador called Paddy. We need someone who is able to work some Saturday mornings – perhaps someone with children at school. In return we can offer a negotiable salary, flexible hours and lots of tea and biscuits!!! So if you think that you might be what we are looking for please email your CV and a covering letter to

• Freehold Ownership with three regularly changing Real Ales & choice of Lagers

Let me tell you a bit about who you’d be working for! Adam and his family live in the village, and even though this is a new office, Adam has been successfully running the rental side of the business for many years. We consider ourselves to be pro-active, eager to please and communication plays a big role in what we to. But don’t just take our word for it, see what people have been saying about Acorn Sales & Lettings…

• Regular Quiz Nights & Live Music Events • Friday Night Early Doors Happy Hour with draught beer at £2.50 per pint • Large Function / Games room available for Private Hire

"Thank you so much for your help in finding new tenants for three of our properties recently. We were very impressed with your standards of service, particularly keeping us informed at every stage. We have already recommended your service to others.” Andrew & Deborah Varani (Earls Barton)

A Proper Traditional Village Pub

“We instructed Acorn Lettings having been told by friends that they had really delivered an excellent all round service. We would actively recommend them to others and will be using them again with future lettings.” Mr Rigby (Local property owner) "I have been impressed with their personable and professional service" Mrs Barnes (Earls Barton property owner)

We like to be involved in the local community and as you know we have sponsored the Under 9’s Earls Barton football team. We are pleased to report that the start to the season has been a good one! They played a friendly match before the official start to the season and Kyle (their Manager) was able to use this to look for areas to improve. The team’s performance in the first two games has been fantastic winning 6-4 and 3-1! Feel free to contact Acorn if you think we can help, either with your local group or charity, with your rental or sales needs, and of course, if you would like to work with us.

espresso What a Great Place to meet for superb Coffee and Milkshakes Plus... Breakfasts, Teas, Toasties, Paninis, Jacket Potatoes and the best Homemade Cakes 1 Station Road, Earls Barton NN6 0NT

Tel: 01604 812719 18

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Barton Today

October 2012

C lo t

earls Barton Firework Display

Before you go any further, why don’t you pop into your village shop to see what a fantastic collection of women’s clothing, footwear, handbags and accessories we have available?

The time is approaching for this year's village firework display which is being held on Saturday 3rd November at the Pioneer Sports Field Station Road Earls Barton. It starts with a magical Torch-lit procession at 6.00 pm from the junction of Dowthorpe Hill and Station Road.

have Loved hes you

k oc ly st a i w gd Ne ivin r ar

Thinking about your Winter Wardrobe?

C lot hes

you w ill


Carolyn’s Collection

Many top name brands at great prices including: Monsoon, Hobbs, Jacques Vert, Marks & Spencer, Phase 8, Next, Radley, Marc Jacobs and many more....

The judging of the Guy's takes place at 7.00pm after which the bonfire will be ignited. The firework display takes place from approximately 7.30pm.

Opening hours are Wed to Sat 10.00am - 4.00pm

Adults £2.00 children £1.00 under fives free. The usual entertainment will be in place including the sale of burgers, hot dogs and hot drinks, plus rides for the children.

01604 810652

Let us hope we have fine weather so that we can all enjoy a great display this year.

First Floor, 4B The Square, Earls Barton NN6 0NA email:

Roger Page - Organizer

Enjoy a FREE New Patient Check-up WORTH £40

(terms apply)

Also benefit from:

Quality Private Family Dental Care The Wand - computerised anaesthetic system for the most comfortable injections ever Airflow polish which is exceptional in removing teeth stains Computerised instant X-rays with reduced exposure to radiation Relax with DVD’s on our ceiling mounted LCD screens Excellent Hygienist / Therapist Services Free Check-ups for Children (terms apply) Easy Free Parking


dentalcare 2009 FINALIST


CEREC® is here! Come and see our new CEREC® machine – the world’s only ‘one visit’ system for porcelain crowns and natural-looking fillings. We’ll show you how the technology works and explain how you could benefit.

We’re easy to find Our beautiful family dental practice is located in the quiet rural village of Denton, just 15 minutes drive from Earls Barton and 10 minutes drive from Olney or Northampton.

To To book appointments appointments tel: 0844

855 0205 Relax while we look after your smile smile... ... 19 www w.dentondentalcar .dentondentalca

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Barton Today

October 2012

Let’s mix with the stars this month in Northamptonshire! Wow you can feel like you have moved into Hollywood or the west-end this month with the amount of “stars” we have performing at our theatres ! We have everyone from showbiz legend Des O’Connor to Big Brother star Julian Clary!

ISAMS Home Computer Services Tel: 01933 272002

Your host: Gary Johnson

• • • • • • •

We start our star month at the Castle with a chance to see the one and only Des O’Connor at the Castle Theatre. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see a true show business legend live on stage for a wonderful evening of comedy, laughter and music. Des O'Connor is today established as one of the world's most popular and best loved entertainers. Since landing his first television series in the UK in 1963 he has starred in his own mainstream television show every year since then - longer than anyone, anywhere in the world. An Evening with Des O’Connor – LIVE ON STAGE (6th October) is now on sale from the Castle Box Office.

Internet / e-mail / Broadband / Wireless Setup New Kit Recommendations and Setup Virus and Spyware Protection and Removal Friendly Tuition for All Ages and Abilities Annual System Cleanups to Aid Performance New Website Setups at Low Cost Small Business Work Undertaken

!" # &

Staying at the Castle we move to a touring show that has three stars of TV staring in the show. (One being “one of my favourites.”) The Vagina Monologues is performing at the Castle Theatre on 12th October with a star line up. Eve Ensler's hilarious Broadway and West End smash hit is back with an all new cast! Featuring TV favourite Clare Buckfield (Dancing On Ice Finalist, Two Point Four Children), the feisty and fabulous Vicky Entwistle (Coronation Street) and making her stage debut Chelsee Healey (Strictly Come Dancing Finalist, Waterloo Road). An unmissable show for every generation - bring your mum, your best friend, your sister or even your gran - this is the ultimate girls night us! I hope to meet Chelsee Healey at the Castle in October. (I wanted her to win Strictly.)

$% &)


# &' # # +


( ,


" 2


/ . 3330


0 0 1 0 0 1

1 out 2 and keep by4 your Cut computer – just in case !!


Now it’s time to move over to the Derngate to call a visit on the very funny Julian Clary. "A HUGELY ENJOYABLE ROMP OF A COMEBACK ... THE AUDIENCE – GAY, STRAIGHT, YOUNG OLD – LOVED CLARY AND IT WAS EASY TO UNDERSTAND WHY" London Evening Standard on Lord of the Mince. Master of camp Julian Clary is scouring the land in search of love. He’s promised to leave no straight unturned. "Because I’m still considered to be quite a catch and because Northampton is noted for its heterosexuals on the cusp, there’s bound to be stiff competition", says Julian. "You can be sure of one thing. By the end of the evening, we’ll all be celebrating a new partnership." A glass of Blue Nun may be available to those who make an effort or anyone named Jason. But please bring your own confetti. Tickets are now on sale for the performance on Thursday 18th October from the Royal and Derngate box office.

Friendly and Reliable Local Business

We also welcome Julian Lloyd Webber to the Derngate this month with The Annual Malcolm Arnold Festival Gala Concert. A weekend of concerts, talks and events culminates in this spectacular concert, featuring Julian Lloyd Webber. Other highlights of the Seventh Malcolm Arnold Festival include the semi-staged world premiere of Sir Malcolm’s delightful comic opera, The Dancing Master. Performance is taking place on Sunday 21st October. The Derngate also welcomes Kevin Bridges in October as well as Lenny Henry.

All Aspects of Plumbing, Heating and Gas Work Undertaken

ANDREW LAWRENCE IS COMING TO GET YOU! No really he is and that’s the name of his latest production taking place at the Castle on Friday 26th October. As seen on BBC 1’s Live at The Apollo, now a regular on Channel 4’s Stand Up For The Week, Andrew Lawrence is back on the road following a sell-out fifty date tour of the UK. Twice nominated Best UK Headline Act at the Chortle Awards 2010/11, also a former double Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, audiences can expect Lawrence to deliver an evening of top class stand-up.

T: 01604 811655


M: 07855 169401/07968 349161 E:

Also coming to the “Northamptonshire’s west-end” this month is Jimmy Carr and Dara O Briain. For more information about our “star” filled month please go onto our theatre’s websites. Could any of these stars take a trip to Barton this month?

Discounts for OAPS 20

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Barton Today

October 2012

GO TEAM GB Yippee!! The Olympics are here. Team GB did great. We (me and my family) were one of the lucky people that have got tickets. Our tickets were to the athletics. On the day we got up really early to catch a train at 6.40 in the morning! It was a tiring journey but worth it all. We arrived at the park where we were greeted by volunteers with great big pink hands who were really enthusiastic. When we went through security there were soldiers, they all gave me smile as I walked past. Once we were inside and in our seats I thought how high up we were. We were on row 63 and I was in seat 109 I think they were the best seats we could see the whole track. Then it started! The reason that it was so fun was that there were lots of different things happening at once, like the men’s shot put and the 100m hurdles race of the heptathlon. Jessica Ennis was in one of the five races - she came first and set a British record. As she did the whole stadium was filled with cheering and shouting not one person was still sitting down. The day was one of the most exciting days ever. My heart was always thumping and my head spinning at the thought of a gold medal and I can’t wait until the next Olympics. GO TEAM GB! Jessica Ennis Lane (8 year old)

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Quiz Night

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Barton Today

In the summer of 2011, ten year old Isabel Heath had been vey busy working on a scaled down version of the wedding dress, as worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at her wedding to Prince William. It had taken Isabel many hours of intricate sewing to complete the dress and she was very excited about entering it into the handicraft section of the annual Earls Barton Produce Show. When Isabel’s mum Clare found out that the 2011 show would not be happening, she was so disappointed, she decided to do something about it. Whilst it was too late to organise anything for that year, her mind was already looking ahead to 2012. Clare met up with local residents Kirsty Austin and Zoe Middleton and between them, they decided to relaunch the show in 2012 under the guise of the Earls Barton Village Show. Fast forward twelve months to Saturday 8th September and the three of them could not have been happier. The Silver Band Club which kindly hosted the event was brimming with a fantastic array of local residents’ handiwork. Not only was Isabel’s royal dress on display but there were 350 exhibits from 114 different exhibitors covering 80 separate classes. What also pleased the three organisers was the large number of people who came through the doors during the day, to see what wonderful things the people of Earls Barton are capable of producing. When Clare, Kirsty and Zoe had first met to discuss relaunching the event, one of their aims was to build upon the success of previous shows and at the same time, to broaden the range of classes so that as many people of different ages might be encouraged to have a go. Those people who attended the event would be able to testify that this aim was well and truly met. On display in the Silver band club were fruits and vegetables (including some enormous leeks), floral arrangements, Victoria sponge cakes, breads, jams, photographs, patchworks, decorated biscuits, lego models, children’s handwriting, miniature gardens, giant sunflower heads…and so the list goes on. The organisers were absolutely overwhelmed by the response from the community and were particularly pleased to see local organisations such as the youth club, the village schools and the pre school play group becoming involved. It was a very difficult task to determine the winners of the different categories and the organisers were indebted to the expertise of the judges with Ben (Glebe Farm), Edward and James (Whites) judging the fruit and vegetables section, Andrea (Lee Berril) overseeing the floral arts and flowers section, Karen (KD’s Catering) in charge of cookery and preserves and Julia (My Little Vintage) working out the winners in the handicrafts. As ever, events like this would not be possible without the support of local businesses. Indeed thirty six of them sponsored the show in different ways, donating raffle prizes, tombola items and also cash. This enabled the organisers not only to set up the show and pay for all the items required for the day, but also to end up with a small profit. Additionally, at the end of the day, many of the items were auctioned off by the MC Dave Tobin and people made their way home with cakes etc tucked under their arms. Whilst the final figure is yet to be ratified, it is expected that there will have been a show profit of £700. Some of this will be needed to sustain the show into future years and some will be put back into the local community. Clare, Kirsty and Zoe worked incredibly hard to ensure that the show was a success and the support they received from the people of Earls Barton was fantastic. The three of them are already making plans for next year and are hoping for an even bigger and better show. So why not have a go yourself and enter one of your own creations into the Earls Barton Village Show 2013.


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October 2012

RAFFLE PRIZES KINDLY DONATED BY; 2 x match tickets Northampton Town Football Club 90 minute Driving lesson Barton Driving School Childs Scooter Acorn Sales & Lettings 2 x M.O.T. vouchers Newman & Reidy Bottle of Whisky Shellplant 1 x £120 shoe voucher Barker Shoes Limited Flight Simulation Experience Tony Sanders Luxury Hamper Havwood (wood flooring co.) Limited Boxed Red Wine Havwood (wood flooring co.) Limited Italian Cookbook Havwood (wood flooring co.) Limited Large Cuddly Dog Jane’s Hairdressers 2 x £5 vouchers Co-Operative Food Store 1 x £15 voucher Carolyn’s Collection 1 x “Cream Tea/Gateaux for 2” Jeyes Coffee Shop 1 X £5 Gift Shop voucher Jeyes Gift Shop Wine Pop-In Food Stores Wine Earls Barton Silver Band Club Wine Polders Estate Agents Nail Care Set Pink Rose Beauty Grey Goose Vodka Booker Wholesale 1 x £10 voucher E Lee & Sons Butchers 1 x £20 voucher Little India Restaurant & Takeaway 1 x “Pie & Chips for 2” voucher The Chippery Wine Taylor Stone Jar of Jellybeans Barton Sweets Wine My Little Vintage…….. Light and bulbs Bright Sparks Electrical Green Fingers Gift Set Big Tub of Soap Suds Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner Mrs M Pettit

CASH DONATIONS KINDLY RECEIVED FROM: Thorpe Paving Programmes funded printing and administration costs Ki-Tran funded Prize monies Power Data Technologies Limited funded Trophies PMI Bathrooms Limited funded Children’s rosettes EB Carnival Committee funded Certificates and Judges gifts Gearbox Centre funded Refreshments EB Working Men’s Club funded Tombola prizes Black Box Disco

Kindly supported by: Dave Tobin our “MC“ Dave Shurville @ Signs & Designs Bluefish Office Supplies, EB Silver Band Club Barton Today E Lee & Sons Butchers White’s Nurseries, Trixie & Ben Elderton @ Glebe Farm Shop Julia Chapman @ My Little Vintage Fair Barton Sweets KD’s Catering, Lee Berrill Florists.


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Barton Today

October 2012

Earls Barton Infant School News


As I write this the summer of 2012 has almost ended, a summer where we said farewell and good luck to Mrs Sarah Bennett after 23 years teaching at EBIS. We held a special assembly on the last day of term in July to celebrate her successful career with us and, of course, presented cards that the children had made as well as gifts that will help to keep her busy during her retirement. Sarah lives in the village and will be known to many of you and I am sure she will still keep in touch with the school. We wish her well for the future.





Emotional goodbyes were also said to our year 2 children as they moved on to the Junior School. Their leaving concert brought a tear to parentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; eyes as they relived their 3 years with us. We know they will do us proud and go on to achieve much success in their lives.



We never look back for long however, and as we enter the first full week of this autumn term we are all geared up to receive our new intake of four year olds.




There are bound to be a few tears on the first day, and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s just the parents, so tissues are at the ready! By the time we hold our Harvest festival at All Saints Church on the afternoon of 26th September everyone will be settled into their new classes and the Reception children will be feeling confident in their new surroundings. Parents will be invited to join us at the church and all produce donated for this service will be passed on to the Daylight Centre in Wellingborough.




We are hoping many of our new parents will also join our â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Friends of the school associationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; as we increasingly depend on their fundraising to provide those little extras that benefit our childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s education. The outgoing committee are holding a summer social at school on 21st September as a thank you to all parents for their support over the last year.

HEATING & PLUMBING (SPECIAL PROJECTS) LTD You found the best, we beat all the rest!

It is also hoped that the event will raise the profile of the association and encourage new members to join, replacing those whose children have moved on. This will be followed by the AGM on the evening of 26th September. I am sure the new committee will plan an exciting year of events for parents and children alike to enjoy. I look forward to sharing news of these with you over the forthcoming months.

DOMESTIC // COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL // INDUSTRIAL INDUSTRIAL // GAS GAS // LPG LPG // OIL OIL DOMESTIC â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘

Earls Barton Floral Society 18th October 2012

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Beauty of Flowersâ&#x20AC;? with Christopher White from Co.Dublin, Ireland

Boiler Repairs Repairs && Maintenance Maintenance Boiler Installation Designed Designed and and Installed Installed Installation Boiler Breakdowns Breakdowns Boiler Domestic // Commercial Commercial Gas Gas Pipe Pipe Services Services Domestic Landlord Certification Certification Landlord Gas Leaks Leaks Gas Upgrades ofof Heating Heating Systems Systems Upgrades Power flushing of Heating Systems Power flushing of Heating Systems Gas Fires Fires Gas Bathroom Suite Suite Installations Installations Bathroom Cooker Installations Installations Cooker Reliable Service Service Reliable Contract Work Work Undertaken Undertaken Contract

$%)$' 811515 +%%(%( or 813991 +%&,,% Tel: 01604

Come along and enjoy a great evening!

$%)$'811774 +%%**' Fax: 01604 # " " ! ! Email:

Meetings take place in The All Saints Church Hall, Earls Barton at 7.30pm - 9.30pm A Raffle of the Demonstration Flowers is held each month

! " " ! ! 24

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Barton Today

October 2012 When the Parish Council sent out questionnaires to the local residents, as part of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation, many people stated that they valued the many local facilities that Earls Barton has to offer. The Grange playing field is very much one of those facilities. If you have never been, why not take a visit, support your local teams and enjoy the hospitality that is on offer. If you really like it, you can even become a member for the princely sum of £10 per year.

When the Jubilee Celebrations were held in June, the Grange playing field, home of Earls Barton Cricket Club and Earls Barton United Football Club, was used as the venue for Big Lunch. It was one of the few June days with reasonable weather and lots of people made their way to the playing field to celebrate the Jubilee. For many, it was their first visit to the Grange and more than one person remarked that they didn’t know what a fantastic facility was available to the local community. They were pleasantly surprised by the large expanse of grassed areas for children to run around on and the comfortable clubhouse with a licensed bar. The current Earls Barton Sports Association members are very keen to promote this excellent facility and to get the local community to come along to the Grange, which is located off Northampton Road. The clubhouse itself has been recently refurbished. There is a family friendly atmosphere, plenty of comfortable seating, lots of outside space for children to use up their energy and a well stocked bar. There is also a large screen with Sky Sports available. The clubhouse can accommodate up to 100 people and is available for private hire for a very reasonable fee of £50 for non members or £30 for members. During the winter the clubhouse is open on Saturday afternoons when Earls Barton United first team and reserves, playing in their traditional green and white strip, can be seen competing against other teams from the MDH Northants Combination league. There are also a number of junior teams ranging from under 7s to under 18s. During the summer, Earls Barton Cricket Club field three teams in the Northants Cricket League. Like the football, there are a number of junior teams who also play on a regular basis.

Earls Barton’s

Best Kept Secret?


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Barton Today

October 2012

Christopher HeatonHarris Reports Sadly, cancer has the potential to affect us all, whether as a sufferer, or as a friend or family member of someone who is battling with the disease. Like you, I believe we should be doing whatever we can to ensure that the best care is available to help sufferers and that the signs of cancer are spotted earlier.


Gallery West

Large selection of pictures on sale …. Traditional & Contemporary, Originals & Prints

Last year the Government published its cancer strategy, ‘Improving outcomes: A strategy for cancer’. This sets out a plan to save an additional 5,000 lives every year by 201415 through earlier diagnosis and improved access to services such as screening and radiotherapy.

High quality picture framing service by Fine Art Trade Guild commended Framer

Despite the economic pressures faced by this Government, I am pleased that it has committed to investing over £450 million over the next four years to address these issues. Through raising awareness, I hope that potential sufferers are able to get diagnosed as early as possible, giving them a chance of better treatment. The earlier diagnosis money available will allow for primary care access to up to two million extra tests, in addition to funding increased testing and treatment in secondary care.

24 West Street, Earls Barton email:

Much negative - and in my view unjustified - press has surrounded the Government’s health reforms in the past twelve months, but frustratingly, little has been said about the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) introduced by it. It is a real success story. In fact, the Department of Health provided £50 million of additional funding for cancer drugs in 2010-11 and has now established the £600 million CDF over the three years from April 2011.

Tel: 01604 811737 Mob: 07759 174810

It is against this backdrop that the CDF annual report for 2011-12 was unveiled last week and identified that in the first full year of it, 10,207 cancer patients gained access to treatment as a result of the policy and in total, over 13,000 patients gained access between October 2010 and March 2012. Furthermore, 94 different drugs have been funded through the CDF and 97% of all requests for funding were approved during the first full year of the Fund. Going forward, it is projected that 14,661 patients will gain access to treatment in 2012-13 and 16,712 in 2013-14, at a cost of just under £167 million and just over £191 million respectively. Therefore, over the lifetime of the CDF, 44,000 cancer patients will benefit from the policy. Despite the positive impact of the CDF, the policy is due to end in 2014. Unless a way is found to incorporate treatments currently made available through the CDF into value-based pricing, nearly 17,000 cancer patients will miss out on life-extending treatment every year. This could mean that over 80,000 patients could be denied clinically effective cancer treatments over the course of the next Parliament (expected to be 2015-2020). I know that I and many of my colleagues in Parliament will push Ministers hard to protect this funding, given the success of the policy to date. The principle of the policy is sound: to enable cancer patients to access the treatments which their clinicians wish to prescribe, at a price that offers value and is affordable to the NHS. To my mind, health policy should be about offering the best patient choice possible and this policy evidently achieves that. I know this from constituents I have met at my own constituency surgeries. Clearly, there is still a lot to do in the treatment of rarer cancers, but this policy is at least one measure the Coalition Government can rightly be very proud of – it has undoubtedly helped change many, many, lives for the better. Chris Heaton-Harris MP. House of Commons LONDON, SW1A 0AA E: T: 020 7219 7048 Website: Twitter: @chhcalling


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Barton Today

October 2012

TradeLocksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Dragons Announce Tony Carter As Competition Winner After receiving hundreds of entries and whittling them down to just five to be put forward for the public vote, our Dragons have finally found a winner for our Dragonsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Den competition. After months of anticipation, the winner has now been announced as, Tony Carter, owner of Earls Barton Locksmiths, who won with a staggering fifty per cent of the votes.

Tony came up with the idea for the Mortice Lock Drill Deflector Plate a year ago when he was looking at Pinkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mortice Drill Template. It was then at The Locksmithsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Exhibition 2012 that he confided in fellow locksmith, Martin Pink, to ask if he thought steel alone was enough to deflect drills. When Martin replied â&#x20AC;&#x153;noâ&#x20AC;?, Tony asked; â&#x20AC;&#x153;What if the plate has lots of little bumps?â&#x20AC;? To this Martin replied, â&#x20AC;&#x153;This would work, but you would be hated by all locksmiths.â&#x20AC;? Knowing he was on to a winner, Tony jumped at the chance to make his idea a reality by entering the TradeLocks Dragonsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Den competition. Though up against tough competition, Tonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s idea was voted the clear favourite amongst our judges and customers. UAP TradeLocks Managing Director and judge, David Jennings said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We received some interesting entries, however there could only be one winner and after putting the shortlist to the public vote, it was clear that the winning idea had to be Tonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mortice Lock Deflector Plate and Bypass Tool. The idea is so incredibly simple and obvious that I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe it hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been done before. I am looking forward to working with Tony to put this tool into production. I am confident that it will be an incredibly useful and effective product and one that our customers will be very happy with.â&#x20AC;? Tony has recently qualified as a City & Guilds wireless alarm installer and will be adding a new range of high end alarm systems for home, farm, commercial and marine applications.

Tonyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s winning idea was for a Mortice Lock Drill Deflector Plate that consists of a unique material and bumps to destabilise and deflect drill attacks. However, for times when drilling is essential Tony has also designed a Deflector Bypass Tool which will enable the user to bypass the plate as a last resort for picking the lock.

For further details contact Tony on 01604 269525 FREE 01604 269525 or visit

Earls Earls Barton Barton LOCKSMITHS

All Locks Fitted Are British Standard

24 / 7 emergency access UPVC door / window specialists Lock fitting / upgrades


No call-out charge / competitive rates

Cookies are proud to be one of the fe few craft bakeries in the county producing REAL BREAD, ROLLS & CONFECTIONERY from scratch, ever yday, but are you aware of all we have to of fer er......... .........

Domestic and commercial locksmith CRB checked / insured Free security health checks OAP / students discounts Key cutting / hand cut keys Alarm systems - CCTV Garage door / driveway security Bespoke lock design / manufacture


All from your local locksmith... these numbers in your TTel: el: 01604 269 525 Keep phone, you never know when Mob: 07851 357 595 you might need a locksmith! www


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Barton Today

October 2012

Brian Emerson writes With the Olympics now over I wonder what will be the main items in our news bulletins. In the local press things are gearing up for the Corby and East In Northamptonshire as a whole there is the election for Police and Crime Commissioner. In the United States there is the Presidential election. In the USA President Obama has made great play in his address accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party of the fact that the Americans are facing a great choice between two very different “philosophies”. Every day in this country most of us have some sort of choices. It may be what cereal we will have for breakfast. It may be what clothes to wear. In the evening it may be what programme to watch on the television. For others there is a more desperate choice. Can I afford to go without food today so that my children can eat? What bill shall I pay today – the council tax or my heat and light? For children in school it may be shall I obey or disobey the teacher? At home for them it may be shall I do the homework I’ve been set and spend time doing it well or shall I spend the time on social networking or playing games on my computer. We all have choices. The choices that we have are immense compared to many in other countries; not only can we choose who to support in elections but parents can choose (within reason) where to send their children to school, where we want to have an operation, which GP doctor to see, which religion to follow and within the Christian church which denomination to belong to. In an article earlier this year I wrote about how we need to think, to use our minds rather than doing things unthinkingly. I wonder how many of us do really think about the choices that we have to make day by day.


In the Old Testament of the Bible Moses tells the people of Israel to “choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to his voice and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life.…(Deuteronomy chapter 30 verses 19 and 20). Joshua, the leader after Moses asked the people of Israel to “choose for yourselves this day who you will serve” (Joshua chapter 24 verse 15) asking people to choose between the Lord and the gods of Egypt or the countries they were moving into. The writer of Proverbs (chapter 8 verse 10) calls on the people to choose God’s instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold. He does so in other places as well. How wise that would be as we continue to react to the world-wide economic crisis.

SW Window Cleaning Services

Gutters must be free from debris and blockages to allow water to flow away from your property. We use a vacuum to remove all blockages from the gutters and downpipes. We can access hard to reach gutters.

01604 459990 • 07816 139046 Also Conservatory cleans, Fascias, UPVC, external and internal window cleaning.

Messiah Don’t forget that our autumn concert this year will be Handel’s Messiah. We will be performing this twice in the Earls Barton Methodist Chapel. The first performance will be on Saturday 1st December at 7pm and the second will be on Sunday afternoon 2nd December at 3.30 pm.

Jesus also gave people a direct choice, a choice which is still open to anyone today. It is a choice of whether to believe him or not. He said “My teaching is not my own. It comes from him who sent me. If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.” (John’s gospel chapter 7 verses 16 and 17). That’s the most important choice of all. Brian

If you have never been to one of our concerts before and yes, there may still be some people in the village that haven’t, please come along and bring your friends or family members and you will not be disappointed. Although we are a community based organisation you should never confuse amateur with amateurish. The choir is really of a very high standard and under the baton of Jon Rees combined with our excellent orchestra will make wonderful sound in the chapel that would put many a group to shame.

Moderator of the Baptist Church

Preachers in October at the Baptist Church are: Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday

7th 14th 21st 28th

Peter Hunt Stephen Spandl John Hutcherson Brian Emerson

Tickets for this excellent show will be on sale around mid October and will be available from the Pop-in-Store or through me on 01604 810989. Tickets will be one price for all at £7.00.

THORPE PAVING Drainage, Kerbing Slab & Block Paving Services C.I.T.B. Approved

What of the spring? Well at the moment we are still finalising our plans but at the moment it is looking as if it may be songs from films. We can all immediately hum or sing a few bars from lots of film scores through the years and this will undoubtedly be a popular choice of subject.


So be sure to get your tickets for the Messiah when they come out and we look forward to seeing lots of you at our two performances.


Nick Chapman For Earls Barton Music

T: 01604 810003 M: 07885 811029 28

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Barton Today

Dear Eric...

October 2012

If you have any concerns or issues that you want answering, why not write to Barton Today’s very own agony uncle. He works under the pseudonym Eric, to maintain his professional anonymity. Eric is steeped in wisdom and worldly knowledge and is very keen to provide advice and guidance to the people of Earls Barton to help them make those difficult decisions. Whatever your problem, don’t think twice about contacting Eric on He looks forward to hearing from you.

Dear Eric,

Dear Eric,

My husband Kevin has always boasted about the size of his marrow. I have never given it much thought but have just taken his word for it. I was somewhat taken back therefore when I attended the recent Village Show. There were a whole load of marrows on display of all shapes and sizes most of which were bigger and more attractive than Kevin’s. I must admit I felt a sense of dissatisfaction. Should I discuss this with my husband?

I was talking with my young niece recently and we got on to the subject of friends. She tells me that she has over 600 friends and that they contact her on a regular basis. The conversation made me feel a bit insecure as I only have a few friends. In fact, I would go so far as to say my only real friend is my old class mate Violet who I have known for over 50 years. I’m not really an unsociable person. Where am I going wrong?





Dear Jan,

Dear Nellie,

It’s fairly common for men to over exaggerate the size of their marrows. At the end of the day though it’s the quality that counts. Although my own marrow is not huge, I have been able to make some wonderful chutney with it which my Hilda loves. Why not ask Kevin to give chutney making a go. I can thoroughly recommend it. Let me know how you get on.

It is highly likely that your niece is using something called ‘Facebook.’ This is an application that lots of younger people use either on their PC, tablet or smartphone. People are able to communicate electronically (it’s like sending a postcard only faster and no stamps are needed) with lots of other people simultaneously. They can let everybody know really important things like what they have just had for tea, what colour socks they are wearing or that it’s their cat’s fifth birthday. My advice is to avoid it as some people spend hours every day using it and don’t have enough time to meet up with their friends.

Regards, Eric

Regards, Eric

Dear Eric, Last month I wrote to you about the young lady who lives next door to me and the fact that she was neglecting to attend to her bush. I was really surprised to wake up the other morning to see that her bush has been completely removed. Whilst my view has improved considerably, I have to admit that I am beginning to miss it and think that I preferred it with more foliage.

Dear Eric, I am a very keen bowls player and love getting my hands on those lovely smooth lopsided bowls that are used. Unfortunately the season has just ended and now that the long nights are arriving I don’t know what to do with myself. I really miss the excitement of the game and the camaraderie that exists between the players. Have you any suggestions as to what I could do to amuse myself through the winter.

Regards, Alan Dear Alan,


Some folk are never happy. Like you though, I prefer a bit of foliage. When bushes are allowed to grow more wildly it is amazing what they attract. We recently had a pair of peregrine falcons nesting in ours and a friend of ours saw a spotted woodpecker emerging from hers.

Richard Dear Richard, I understand your plight. We are very lucky in the village here as there are many activities available to us. I have looked at what might be a good temporary substitute for your beloved game and suggest that you try Knit and Natter which takes place in the library. Be careful with those needles though.

Regards, Eric

Regards, Eric


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Barton Today

October 2012

Pup-date...More Dog News! Elaine and Gary Horne write…Hello, Sandy met lots of Earls Barton folk at the EB Steam Rally, and she really enjoyed all the tummy tickles and ear scratches. She was such a good girlie, and nothing seemed to worry her.


Sandy is growing fast now, it's always surprising how soon they suddenly grow and she has now reached that gangly long legged stage.. She had her first free run at the Rec a few weeks ago. She seemed very surprised to find that she wasn't attached to her lead, and looked just like Bambi running free at full speed! Her Puppy walker supervisor was extremely pleased that Sandy responded straight away to the whistle. She went to say hello to a few people, and came back. Then she met 2 lovely Cocker spaniels and had a little play with them, again came straight back when we blew the whistle. It is always a relief when all the previous work at home with the whistle gets the right response when you are out - the first time is always a bit of a heart-racing moment!

It’s me again and YES, it is that time of the year again! How time passes, it seems like only yesterday that I became involved with the poppy appeal and now here I am in my sixth year. I still continue to be amazed at the generosity and cooperation of everyone in the village and surrounding areas. This year’s appeal runs from 27 Oct to 10 Nov 12. May I please ask you all to support this worthy cause as best you are able during the current economic climate. The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan continues to takes its toll on our armed services and their families. Without the money collected year on year there is no way that the Royal British Legion can give charitable gifts or grants to help ex-service people and their dependants. So please, dig deep into your pockets and contribute as much as you are able to this year’s appeal.

Sandy is fast loosing her baby teeth, and we are definitely NOT sorry to see them go. They are so sharp! She does not bark so much now either, which is much better. Asking her to "sit" when she starts to bark seems to stop her, and then we can get her mind distracted with other things.

If anyone feels that they are able to help at all with the Poppy Appeal collections please give me a call, if not this year how about next year?

Sandy put in an appearance at our collection for Guide Dogs at Sainsburys, and got lots of fuss from children, which she just loves. She also helped to increase the number of people putting coins in the collection buckets, and once again she was very good and didn't nibble one person. She also now thinks her name is Adorable.......

Remembrance Sunday 11th November 2012 For the first time in a number of years Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday are coincidental thus making it a doubly poignant and memorable event. All organisations are invited to join the Parish Council, The Royal British Legion and ex-service personnel at the War Memorial at 10.45 hrs and afterwards in All Saints’ Church for a Remembrance Service. Further details and confirmation of timings will be published in the November edition of this magazine. Thank you. Mike Nichols - Poppy Appeal Organiser Royal British Legion, Earls Barton 07783-516933 or 01604-810802

Can you spot the Grammatical Error?

She had a night out with us playing skittles. She wasn't very interested in that one, and slept the whole night - we had lots of fun though! We went to Castle fields in Wellingborough for the "opening of the band stand", and the loud speaker music didn't bother her at all, which was good. The pups need to be given as many experiences as possible, to avoid issues further down the line - so she has also been to the train station. She has got on and off the trains at Northampton, but her first actual journey on a train is yet to come.... We have spent some time at Northampton County Golf Club, where she is one of their sponsored pups, and she was a very good girl, and didn't bark once when the players tee'd off. She thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention she received on the green.

QUIZ NIGHT at the All Saints Church Hall on Saturday 10th November 7.30pm

Pepsi news - we went to watch her in training. It was very emotional for us to see her in harness - her tail held high and wagging all the time. There was talk of her moving on to the next stage of her training soon. She was a bit sensitive to the harness, but is now happier wearing it. You can see how hard she is concentrating in the picture! We will keep you informed on how she does and hope you will all join us in crossing your fingers for her.

£12.00 per table - Teams of 4 Nibbles included Bring your own drink - Raffle For tickets contact Gill on 812971 or pop into Jeyes

Possible catchphrase to go with the photo - "If I wasn't destined to be a Guide dog, maybe I could have been the new Andrex Pup"


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Barton Today

October 2012

Firework Now! At It LikeFear? Cats &Start Dogs! Expert Dog Advice from Graeme Hall, “The Dogfather” Expert Dog Advice from Graeme Hall, “The Dogfather”

I know it seems a littlecats early, butdogs if youtohave a dog The question of getting and live happily who’s afraid fireworks, NOW is theI time start together often of crops up. It’s tricky. was to recently helping them. Here are a few things you can do: asked my thoughts. Here’s the question and my answer. I’ve changed the enquirer’s name to protect the innocent!

I like sound therapy CD’s for dog firework fear. But, as ever with dog behaviour improvements, HOW youand do a it rather Dear Graeme, I am hoping to be able toit’sget a cat dog that The whatdog youwill use.probably I have abe dog CDthe which bought next year. a training puppy but cat Idoesn't on Ebay forto£8bewith several firework and other loud noises in necessarily need a kitten. its soundtracks. Play the tracks whilst the dog is eating but a VERY low level – almost imperceptible, fact.leaning The dog Basedaton temperament and exercise levels, Iinam begins to associate with something good – food – towards a Border Terrier atthe thesound moment. rather than the usual negative associations of fear or guardingtoresponses. Over a period of aI fear couple of weeks, I am reluctant get both at once because I might fail to the volume little by little so that youI don't finishwant with normal do oneraise or both the animals justice. Similarly, to get sound fireworks andacquire the dogthe happily eatingWhich away. one pet andlevels then for wait years to second. trickI is to increase sound levels by such small animalThe should acquire first? Fred increments that the dog doesn’t react.

Dear Fred, Thanks for your enquiry. It's always a tricky one to same seeing time, you could use a dog adviseAtonthe without individual cats andappeasing dogs but here's a pheromone plug-in spray of collar to calm the dog. (Adaptil few general thoughts for you: is commonly available - It used to be called DAP) It mimics the smell mothers give off and can helpthe to calm Mostly dogsthat andnursing cats live together in harmony when cat some dogs. They only ever seem to work if used in is a relatively feisty one who will stand up for themselves if conjunction with quickly behavioural the paws way, but necessary. Dogs learntechniques, respect forbylittle with they can claws! be a useful complimentary therapy to go with your retractible CD technique. On it’s own, it probably won't work.

Professional Canine Training

Problems with your dog’s behaviour? Need help dog training? New puppy? Call the expert!

07710 581007 œ 01604 493007

Scaredly cats who run away tend to be chased. Dogs Alongside pheromone might like tomore consider usually love achasing smallspray, furry you things. Terriers thana little Not herbal help (For dog not you, incidentally - and not most! a recipe for athe harmonious household! THAT kind of herbal.. Ahem!). Valerian and Skullcap remedies to to calm not aware of both any I agree thatcan it’s help harder getyour two dog. pets I'm at once and do scientific studies into them (Always willing to hear if you justice. They take a lot of care in the first weeks! know different), but the subjective evidence is that they may help in a low-level of fireworks anxiety and will not do Getting puppy cases at 7-8 weeks old is probably ideal. any harm at the recommended doses. Vet-prescribed drugs Socialisation is very important. So many problems with suchdogs as Zylkene may also help, but usually only in adult can be prevented with good socialisation. conjunction with the right behavioural techniques. (Ask your vet) Complimentary therapies such 8-12 as Reiki can old certainly There's a key socialisation period weeks when help too. puppies 'imprint' things around them into their mental

catalogue of what's normal. Of course, you can only Lastly, at to make sureyou thatalready your dog has had their socialise a night puppytry with a cat that have. walk before fireworks start going off. Let them have a big walk in the morning and a short one when you get home from work, for example, so that you can avoid being out walking a dog when they go off. (Don't stop walking the dog just because the dark nights are here, by the way - that's not fair!) Find your dog a nice place in the middle of the house and make sure windows are closed to minimise noise. Leave the radio or TV on if you go out. If your dog does show a frightened response, DON’T hug and cuddle them or try to reassure them with your voice as you might for a frightened human child. You risk making it much worse. In essence, you reinforce the unwanted behaviour by rewarding it with affection. It's hard not to - It goes against out instincts. Your best bet, then, is a cat who's not a scaredy cat but a We’re only scratching the surface withnot fireworks confident and steady character, probably a kitten.fear Get in thethis but it’s a ‘starter Youalways can find more catshort first article, and introduce thegood puppy to a for catten’. who's been on myThe website at around. only part of your thinking I'd question is whether or not a terrier is the best companion for a cat. It's certainly possible and I'd seen countless terriers living with cats, but there's a selectively bred instinct there usually to chase small furry animals! I hope that helps! Graeme

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Discou n Earls B t to ar Reside ton nts

Contact Martin Kightley on:

That’s it for this month, friends. find you morecan free drop dog articles, DontYou’ll forget, tips & help with dog training at

01604 466298 Or 07850 717261

your articles and news for Barton Today into Barton Sweets!

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Barton Today

October 2012

Your Parish Council www.


Clerk – Salary/Expenses


Youth Club Leader – Salary



Youth Club Assistant Leader – Salary



Inland Revenue – Tax/NI



Anglian Water – Cemetery


M Freeman – Grounds Maintenance


M Freeman – Supply & Install new Rec Gates


Came & Company – Annual Insurance Renewal

Minutes of the Meeting held at Earls Barton Youth Club, Harrowick Lane on Monday 10 September 2012


T A Greenham – VAS Maintenance



Viking – Stationery


The council meets at Earls Barton Youth Club, Harrowick Lane on the second Monday of the month at 7.15pm, except in August. Meetings are listed, three days before they take place, on the notice board in the Square, outside Jeyes the Chemists. You are welcome to attend and will be given an opportunity to address the Council.


Earls Barton Rally & Country Fayre – Tent Hire for Jubilee Event



Anglian Water – Pioneer



Anglian Water – Allotment


BDO LLP – Annual Audit to March 2012-09-12


Solutions 4 Playgrounds – Playground Repairs


Park Landscapes – Grounds Maintenance


Public Time A member of the public addressed the Parish Council on planning application WP/2012/0309.


J Wilson – Neighbourhood Plan Consultant



M & B Newsagents – Distribution of Housing Needs Survey

138/12 Police/Community Safety (a) Jam in the Hood & Insp Julie Mead – Northants Police Youth Group, Jam in the Hood, gave a presentation of what it meant to them to be part of the project. Insp Mead explained why she felt the current way of setting the sectors priorities (by going out to canvas members of the public) is more effective than the old quarterly panel meetings. Insp Mead also outlined how the sector is working and was pleased to report that anti social behaviour across the area has reduced by 27% compared to the same period last year.


Country Gardens & Ground Care – Grounds Maintenance


Country Gardens & Ground Care – Cemetery Maintenance


Moulton 77 Band – Barton Feast Reunion



Clerk – Salary/Expenses



Youth Club Leader – Salary



Youth Club Assistant Leader – Salary


(b) Crime Figures – In July 22 crimes were reported in Earls Barton. In August this reduced to 13.


Inland Revenue – Tax/NI


Present Cllrs M Cahill (Chair), I Abbott, K Abbott, G Blackwell, J Bond, T Brassington, M Higham, P Morrall, R Paintin, M Perkins.

(c) Police & Crime Commissioner – The Clerk will complete the “Have your Say” questionnaire on behalf of EBPC. For more info on the new Police & Crime Commissioners go to 139/12 Apologies for Absence Apologies for absence were received and approved from Cllrs R Gough, R Page & P Wright. 140/12 Declarations of Interest Cllr I Abbott declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 154/12. Cllr K Abbott stated that she has a personal interest in agenda item 154/12. Cllr G Blackwell stated that he had a pecuniary interest in items 149/12(e) and 149/12(i) 141/12 Minutes of the Meeting of 9 July 2012 and Extraordinary Meeting of 18 July 2012 It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a correct record. 142/12 Accounts It was resolved to pay the following accounts: 3404 Kimbolten – Fireworks



Kimbolten – Fireworks shortfall


Kimbolten – Training Course




J Wilson – Neighbourhood Plan Consultant



Park Landscapes – Grounds Maintenance



Royal Mail Group – Freepost Service


E-on – Pioneer Electricity


E-on – Cemetery Chapel Electricity


E-on – ¼ Street Lighting Maintenance



Country Gardens & Ground Care – Grounds Maintenance



Country Gardens & Ground Care – Cemetery Maintenance



Insignia Ltd – Diamond Jubilee Coins



T A Greenham – VAS Maintenance


A Rozzier (The Webservices Company) – Computer Servicing


All Saints Church – Church Lighting


E B Youth Club – Insurance Grant


J Wilson – Neighbourhood Plan Consultant



Under the Tower Drama – Grant


£2.38 £67.60 £22.07

£65.00 £30.00 £120.39 £1300.00



£14.23 £600.00 £560.00 £3700.56

£13.71 £660.00 £702.60

£50.30 £560.00 £165.00

*It was resolved to cover increase in the cost of the Moulton 77 Band from £150.00 to £200.00. 143/12 Finance & Projects (a) Audit 2011/12 - External Auditors Report – the Clerk advised that EBPC has passed audit. It was resolved to record the approval of the accounts in the minutes in detail in future years. It was resolved to increase the Fidelity Guarantee to £350,000. (b) Appointment of External Auditor from 2012/13 - the appointment of BDO LLP as auditor was noted. (c) ¼ Bank Reconciliation - it was resolved to approved the ¼ bank reconciliation (d) Village Magazine - Grant Advertisement – it was resolved to approve the advertisement (e) Upgrade to EBPC Computer - it was resolved to approve the upgrade 144/12 Redrow Appeal The Clerk reported on the outcome of the appeal, which saw outline planning permission granted for 65 dwellings off Compton Way, and the meeting with BCW Chief Executive John Campbell. BCW have agreed that communication in the run up to and during the appeal was not good enough and have said they will deal with matters better in the future. There may be a case for renegotiating the Section 106 agreement with the developers to secure conditions that benefit Earls Barton. EBPC cannot request a Judicial Review of the appeal decision as it is based on the lack of 5 year deliverable housing supply in the Borough of Wellingborough. BCW have, however, agreed to consult a barrister on whether there are grounds for appeal based on the Localism Act. 145/12 Neighbourhood Plan (a) Housing Needs Survey – it was reported that the Housing Needs Survey has been delivered to every home in Earls Barton. BCW are hoping for a good response of over 500. (b) Following discussion, it was resolved to approve the additional funding for James Wilson to cover the Community Event in October. After the Community Event, a meeting will be held with the Neighbourhood Plan Project Group to consider the future of the Neighbourhood Plan. A letter will be sent to BCW questioning whether, as the Redrow appeal was lost due to the lack of housing supply in the Borough, our Neighbourhood Plan will have any weight. A letter will also be sent to Chris Heaton-Harris MP expressing our concerns over the planned relaxation of planning laws.

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Barton Today 146/12 North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit Notice of Consultation It was agreed that the Neighbourhood Plan Project Group look at the consultation and draft a response.. 147/12 Northamptonshire Transportation Plan – Thematic Transport Strategies Consultation It was agreed that the Neighbourhood Plan Project Group look at the consulation and draft a response. 148/12 Firework Display The event will take place on Saturday 3 November. Cllr Higham to look into hire of toilets for the event. 149/12 Highways & Maintenance (a) Grass Cutting – It was noted that the final cut on the highway has been carried out. Any further cuts now need to be approved by EBPC. The possibility of funding maintenance in house is to be looked into and placed on a future agenda. (b) Parking Review – a meeting will be held with Helen Howard and Jim Whiting of NCC on Monday 24 September. (c) Harrowick Lane & West Way/Northampton Road Junction – road marking suggested by NCC were approved by EBPC. (d) Tree Survey – it was resolved to order Salcey Arborcare to carry out a Tree Survey on all trees owned by EBPC. (e) Update on highways works carried out and priorities for 2012/13 – works have now been carred out to improve the road surfaces on Harrowick Lane, West Way and the bottom half of Dowthorpe Hill. A meeting with NCC/MGWSP is being held on Friday 14 September to discuss Elizabeth Way and the Janes Estate. Priorities for 2012/13 will be considered and put forward in December/January. A request for a mirror opposite Campbell Square has been put to NCC, but they are against the use of mirrors. Therefore, a letter will be sent to the resident of Campbell Square suggesting they try and come to a private agreement. (f) Litter bins at bus stops – Clerk to arrange.

October 2012 (f) Master Composters – Volunteer Scheme – Clerk holds details for any allotment holders who wish to take part. (g) It was resolved to suspend Standing Orders to discuss a letter received by the Chair regarding the closure of Wellingborough Prison. It was agreed the Clerk should send a letter to the appropriate government minister objecting to the planned closure. 153/12 Planning (a) Minutes of the Social/Housing/Planning meeting of 28 August 2012 – it was resolved to adopt these as a correct record. (b) Planning Applications Received WP/12/0328/FCOU – change of use from A1 to A2 (Estate Agents) – 32 Broad St – Mr K Crocker, Polders Ltd. WP/12/0236/O – outline application for the erection of 8 dwellings, new vehicular access to Fairhurst Way (access arrangements considered – all other matter reserved) – land at & rear of 11 Doddington Rd – Mr & Mrs R Whyman WP/12/0309/F – erection of single dwelling – 36 Compton Way – Mr R Hodgkins. A site viewing meetings were requested on WP/12/0236/O and WP/12/0309/F. No comments were required on the other applications received. 154/12 Sports & Leisure Development – CONFIDENTIAL This section of the meeting was held in confidence. Cllr I Abbott declared a pecuniary interest and left the meeting along with any members of the public in attendance and Cllr K Abbott. Date of Next Meeting 7.15pm Monday 8 October 2012 It should be noted that these minutes are subject to the approval of Earls Barton Parish Council Rosemary Smart – Clerk to the Council Tel: 01604 812850 Email:

(g) Clay Lane update – awaiting a response from Wellingborough Norse, who are contacting BCW regarding funding for the downgrading of the road.

Your Borough and County Councillors Contact Information

(h) Skate Ramp repairs – quote – It was resolved to suspend Standing Orders to allow a single quote to be considered. It was resolved to accept the quote to resurface the skate ramps, with £2000.00 being allocated from the Sports Fund to cover the costs.

Borough and County Councillor George Blackwell 16 White Way, Earls Barton, NN6 0HT Tel: 01604 813485 E:

(i) Residents Parking – North Road, Victoria Street & King Street & general state to New Barton – a letter suggesting parking in unused areas of Victoria Close and Elizabeth Close to relieve parking problems in New Barton will be passed to Wellingborough Homes. A letter regarding the state of alleys in New Barton will be passed to BCW.

Borough Councillor Peter Morrall 79 Dowthorpe Hill, Earls Barton, NN6 0PY Tel: 01604 810824 E mail

(j) Litter and parking at Pizza Plus – the Clerk will place an advertisement in village magazines asking customers to all take away outlets to park responsibly and take their rubbish home.

Borough Councillor Peter Wright 2 Dowthorpe End, Earls Barton, NN6 0NH Tel: 07843 062197 E mail

(k) Speeding – Northampton Road – refer to Police.

150/12 NCALC/ACRE/SLCC Correspondence (a) NCALC AGM – 20 October 2012 – Chair and Clerk to attend (b) NCALC – Northamptonshire Larger Councils Partnership – 27 September 2012 – Chair and Clerk to attend (c) ACRE AGM – 12 September 2012 – noted

151/12 BCW Correspondence (a) Later Life Matters Event – 26 September 2012 – place details on notice board (b) BCW Regeneration Newsletter – held by Clerk

152/12 Other Correspondence (a) Thank you letter – Earls Barton Infant School (b) Thank you letter – Earls Barton Junior School (c) Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs – noted (d) Letter from Cllr Robert Gough (e) Thank you letter – Earls Barton Youth Club


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Barton Today

All Saints Church News

QR Codes In Use In Church (Thinks: Thanks to Barton Today!)

There’s More On The next get together for prayer and refreshments is at 2.30 pm on Tuesday 2 The Web…

Prayer & Tea

October 2012


At our June meeting Anne Toms, Mothers Union Speaker gave a talk to All October at 39 Mears Ashby Road. Everyone is most welcome. If you’d like to Saints Barton Mothersand Union on the told us that At present, by using the QR app Earls on your smartphone clicking on Daylight the code,Centre. you are She taken come and need a lift please phone Sue Suter on 466582 and we’ll pick you church up. families in Wellingborough Deanery, of which Earls Barton directly to the website, butthe soon the codes could be used to give even moreis part, are information about the church and items inside it. talk Earls Barton Mothers Union Members decided STARVING. After Anne’s All Bears@All Saints Want to know more aboutthat the we history of the famous Tower? the choir screen which MUST helpworld in whatever way we Or could. was buried and then dug up again? Like to find out more about the painting at the back of You are warmly invited to ‘All Bears@All Saints’. the church? Or about the OrCentre the pulpit? A QR code could give Street you a Wellingborough. running Thefont? Daylight is in premises located in High It There will be fun, music, story, refreshments commentary with a choice of started languages forMothers the many visitors who ago come from allaover the for those was by the Union 18years to provide hot meal and activity for pre-school children world to see Earls Barton’s greatest historical asset. in need. recent years it has evolved into not only providing hot meals, but (no minimum age) and a chance for their carers Interested? Watch this space! Or Over rather, watch the QR Code! All Bear also shower facilities, friendship, help and support in assisting people applying to relax over a cup of tea while the children play. for benefits and providing an atmosphere where they can meet and chat. The @All Saints (All Bears is free, but we welcome centre is open 4days a week and welcomes anyone wishing to drop in. donations towards refreshments) More recently because of need it has been asked to provide food parcels for Where: All Saints Church Hall from 2.15 - 3.30pm (come when you can) All families in crisis. To this end and with the agreement of our Vicar Miranda it children - and adults - are invited to bring their favourite bear to meet All has been decided to put a box beside the font in All Saints Church to act as Saints’ resident bear a collection point for any tins/packets of food people wish to donate, this will commence OCTOBER 1st. When: the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month We would ask you the villagers to help by leaving your gifts of food in the box so we can pass them on to the people making up the parcels. A list or food most required is on the box, but is also listed below.

If you’d like to know more please contact Sue Suter on 466582 Next dates: 12 & 26 October Come and look through our nearly new children’s clothes stall

Please WE NEED YOUR HELP so we can help these FAMILIES IN CRISIS

Mothers’ Union or ‘Mission Unlimited’

Standard Food Parcel Contents: Rice, sugar, cereals, jam, biscuits, Pasta, Instant Mash Potato, noodles, sugar.

The Earls Barton branch of the MU meets next on 3 October at 7.30 pm at Grangefield Care Home, Northampton Road. Rocky Coles will be speaking about his trip to Chile. Everyone is most welcome. Even if you are not yet a member but are thinking of joining, just come along. You can be sure of an interesting evening and a warm welcome. If you’d like to speak to someone beforehand please phone Branch Leader Kathleen Davison, on 811452.

Quick meals: pasta, savoury rice, instant noodles, cuppa soups. Tinned products: baked beans, spaghetti, vegetables, fish, meat, fruit, sauces, soup, and puddings. Drinks: Milk (UHT/powdered), tea bags, instant coffee, squash, water.

All Saints Together

Please can you choose food with as long a sell by date as possible. THANK YOU

Join us on Sundays at 11am for worship, fellowship, and a fresh perspective on what life is all about! Everyone of whatever age will find a really warm welcome. If you bring any children, they can join in with their own groups in the Hall during the second part of the service, or stay in church. Come to All Saints early and enjoy some refreshments - we’d love to see you. Note that on 2nd Sunday we’ll continue to have our 10am All Age & Parade Service instead of Together@11.

October Services at All Saints 6th October Saturday

Blessing of the Animals Service in the Churchyard

7th October Trinity 18

9.30am Parish Communion 11.00am Informal Worship + children’s groups 5.30pm Churches Together Barton Feast Service

14th October Trinity 19

8.30am Holy Communion BCP 10.00am All Age & Parade Service

21st October Trinity 20

9.30am Parish Communion with Baptism 11.00am Informal Worship + children’s groups 6.00pm Evensong

28th October 9.30am Parish Communion Last after Trinity 11.00am Informal Worship + children’s groups There is a 9.30am Holy Communion service every Wednesday in the Lady Chapel


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Barton Today

October 2012






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Barton Today

October 2012


PMI BATHROOMS ‘The complete service’ Established since 1992

Jewellery sale


at our October coffee morning we’ll be selling most of our jewellery at reduced prices to make way for our Christmas range. There will plenty of other things to buy too, of course, so do come and join us!


Fairtrade Coffee Morning on Saturday 14th October 10am - 12 noon at the Church Hall for homemade cakes, fresh coffee, Traidcraft food & gifts, secondhand and new books & children’s activities

14 Mills Close, Earls Barton, Northampton NN6 0RA email:

Our reductions enable us to move stock but the producers are paid upfront by Traidcraft already so we make sure they don’t miss out. Most of Traidcraft’s jewellery is made by producers in Peru, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. Here’s how one of them has benefitted from Traidcraft’s involvement….

Tel/Fax 01604 812700

A better future

Don't Be left in the Dark, call a Bright spark !!

Even after he set up his own jewellery workshop in Delhi, Mansoor never forgot his unhappy days as a child labourer. Working with Manjeen Handicrafts and making jewellery for Traidcraft helps him to provide good working conditions and a family environment for four young men from his home village. “I never went to school,” Mansoor said. “I think if I did not get my education at least my children can get a good education so I can forget all my bad days.”

Earls Barton’s Fully Qualified Electrician

Cash for Trash - Recycle your unwanted jewellery

BS7671 17th Edition City And Guilds 2382, 2377, 2392 Part P Reg

Support Traidcraft’s vital projects in the developing world while saving precious raw materials.


all Your electrical Needs

• Costume jewellery – beads, bangles, earrings, watches, bracelets, rings.

Rewires, New sockets, lights, Fault finding, outside power, landlord certificates, p.a.t

• Precious metal and stones – gold, silver and gemstones • Intact or damaged jewellery – snapped chains, broken watches, odd earrings

Has Your Electrical System Been Tested Recently ?

• In fact anything old or new! Pick up an envelope from our coffee morning, All Saints church or contact me.

Free advice and estimate

Finally, look out for our Traidcraft Christmas shop, which opens on November 10th!

call paul on: 07970 812522 or email:


For catalogues & other Traidcraft info please Contact Nicky on: 07812 686944 or email


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Barton Today

October 2012 BartonToday

Earls Barton United Football Club c/o Anne Cleaver (Secretary) 8 Cordon Crescent, Earls Barton, Northampton NN6 0PW - Tel: 01604 466366

The Start of the New Season Boys !! Meet the Under12

The new season is underway with Earls Barton having 3 less teams this season. As previously advised the Ladies have joined AFC Rushden, the Sunday side is having a year Ah don’t they look sweet ….. like butterand wouldn’t melt !!! Theand Under squad out due to management resignations player holidays the12’s under 13’sconsists lost too of: Dan Talbot, Dan Webb, Lewis Carvell, Harry McNeill, James Perry, Charlie Lawrence, many players over the last couple of years to meet the leagues minimum squad criteria. Luke Booker, note Nikhilwe Khatri, Woodruff, Sam Fidelia, Jake Channer, William On a positive haveAlex a new under 8’s managed by Kirk Thompson whoDodwell is new to and missing football from the and photo Jonathanfast. Ashworth, Jake Lay and Jack Smart. The team is competitive is learning managed by Darren Booker and Assisted by Dave Dodwell. Have you been down to Wembley recently? If not when you are next down there have a look at Wembley Way. This is on the upper level overlooking the main entrance from Not one ofPark the station. biggest Look on the floor and there are some Wheels of flagstones. If you Wembley squads at enough Earls Barton look close you will see the Earls Barton United Football Club one. Football Club but the This are well trying to give additional help to our coaches and the club have boysseason all get we on very provided every teams coaching staff their own FA copy of the future of the game on and off the pitch manual. We have also paid for each coach to be a member of the FA licenced (and although go to coaching club. Both of these enable the coaches to access hundreds of coaching drills no less than 8 different and techniques. The club has asked each team to specialise their training to a monthly schools, they still topic: eg, Passing - September. This ensures that developing techniques in passing are manage to communicate worked on for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks. A further development is once a during the the youth week, sides even will train with the next age group above and this will hopefully see month if it is on the xbox a change in Peer or influences on the training ground and bring a completely different playstation)………….. experience to the session.

The first team have started well with 3 wins from 3, the latest coming from behind to beat At the start of the season stanwick 2-1. A difficult place to get a result. Normally Barton are slow to start the season, it was decided that it however Matt has got the team fit and focused and this has told in the first few games would be good for the scoring 10 and conceeding 3. We are pleased to see an increase in the number of ex boys to embark on in a the adult squads. Whilst the reserves have not had such a good youth players now new challenge, so the start Darren is confident that his very young side will learn quickly and start to move up decision the table.was taken to move from the Kettering Weetabix League over to the Northants John Henry League. With 3 divisions, the team were entered into the U12C league. The adults andalthough under 18’s have across now moved to friendly the grange where you will also of see a Unfortunately, coming some up really opposition, the majority much out Sports hence Association andproud with New gamesrefurbished have beenfunction won withroom easecarried for most ofby thethe season, they are to begoal posts and decoration to railings and dugouts by the football club. sitting at the top of their league - having scored 80 goals and letting in just 8 in their first 10 games so far. The team have done extremely well and are due to play Nether Heyford in the quarter finals of the League Cup and by the time you read this article they will either be sad or on their way to the semi finals……….

Training for the U12’s is on a Wednesday night at the Pioneer Sportsground 6.30pm - 8.00pm. If you are player that can add something to our team, please dont hesitate to join us at one of our training sessions.

CLUB CONTACTS EBUFC Managers & FOR 2012/13 Committee 2010/11 Under 7 MANAGERS ShadHester 07413570251 Under 7 Contact8 Club Secretary Under Under 8 KirkThompson 07976555534 Mick McGuckin

07876 778872

Under Under 99 KyleLawrence 07745183492 Matt Parsons 01604 812273 Under 11 Under 10 James Cameron 07774 711171 AntonyOwen 01604811645 Under 12

Darren 11 Booker Under Under 13 RyanSmart

01604 811650


Steve Biggs

01604 810266

Under Under 14 14 DarrenBooker Graham Pinney 01604811650 07411 522262 Under 15 15 Under Dave Archer SteveBiggs

Under 16 Scott Bromwich Under 16

07532 113155


01604 510979

Under 17 GrahamPinney 07411522262 Keith Lawrence

01604 812517

Under 17/18 Under 13 Girls MorganDawson 07962060119 Cliff Elliott 07815 543455 Ladies15 Girls Under Angie Foster 01604 466265 CliffElliott 07815543455 Sat 1st Team

Sat 1st Owen Team Antony MattSmith Sat Reserves

01604 811645


Ian Clark (Temp)

Sat Reserves Sunday DarrenBryant



President Chris Heaton-Harris ChrisHeaton-Harris Chairman Antony Owen 01604 811645 Chairman Vice Chairman AntonyOwen 01604811645 Steve Biggs

01604 810266

Vice Chairman Secretary Anne Cleaver 01604 466366 SteveBiggs 01604810266

Tesco for Schools & Clubs Voucher Scheme is back for 2011 !!! Vouchers will be available in store and with online grocery orders from Monday 28th February until Sunday 8th May, so get collecting! Last year went well but let’s make it a record collection this year!! The more vouchers we collect, the more equipment we can get for the club. If you collect the vouchers and would like to donate them to EBUFC, please contact anyone on the General Committee - where they will be gratefully received! If you would like a collection EBUFC are always looking for new Players, Coaches box and poster to put in your workplace, please Sponsors & Volunteers. email us at

If interested, please call the club secretary Anne Cleaver 01604 466366 37

Treasurer (Temp)

Secretary Antony Owen 01604 811645 AnneCleaver Club Welfare Offi01604466366 cer MichelleBiggs 01604810266 Angie Foster 01604 466265 Manager’s Rep Treasurer (Temp) Geoff Cleaver 01604 466366 AntonyOwen 01604811645 General Committee

Club Welfare Michelle Biggs Officer 01604 810266 Andrea Nolan 01604 811591 AngieFoster 01604466265 Victoria Starmer

07896 214392

Graham Pinney General Committee07411 522262 GeoffCleaver 01604466366 AndreaNolan 07801945862 EBUFC are always VictoriaStarmer07896214392 looking for new Players, GrahamPinney Coaches &07411522262 Volunteers. RyanSmart If interested, 07445948532 please call the club secretary07967311225 Anne Cleaver MattSmith on: 01604 466366 or visit: March 2011


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Barton Today

October 2012

Steve Dodds writes... As your local estate agent I often get asked questions when bumping into homeowners in and around our village. The main thing I get asked is ‘What should I spend time and money on when improving my property’? This is my answer: Before you do anything to your home you should ask yourself whether you are doing the work for your benefit or for resale. Try and cover both scenarios and make changes that you can enjoy whilst improving the value and saleability. I suggest the five main points that you need to look at are; kitchen, bathrooms, decoration, windows and curb appeal. Kitchen - The kitchen often the most saleable room of a home. There are some fantastic styles of kitchen unit and some weird and wonderful appliances available. I would recommend that if you are not selling within a few years you go for a very traditional and robust kitchen that does not date. In the 20 years I have been in the Estate Agency industry styles of kitchens must have changed at least five or six times. In fact the only style that has remained constant has been the wood fronted base and wall style units. Appliance wise you need to think about building in as much as possible. The modern day buyer will expect a kitchen to have an oven, hob, fridge/freezer and dishwasher built in. Bathrooms - On the subject of bathrooms I have again seen some wonderful colours over the years. Colours are OUT! There is only one type of bathroom that you should install, and that is a white suite with chrome fittings. If you are thinking resale, do not remove a bath and replace it with a shower if it is the only bath in the house. Windows - Sealed unit windows are now part of building regulation so again double glazing has become a MUST. Wood is as popular as UPVC, but only if the wooden windows have been maintained and are in perfect working order. Wooden windows last for decades if you keep on top of them. Decoration - The simple rule on decoration is that unless you are very competent on the art of interior design, keep it neutral. Houses never fail to sell with magnolia walls and white ceilings. Light colours will also give a house a much more airy feel. Carpets are still as popular as both wooden and laminate flooring, but if you are going for carpets keep them neutral and try to run the same colour throughout the property. Curb Appeal - In so many instances I have been and valued a house where internally it is absolutely immaculate. No good if the outside is tatty. Curb appeal is about first impressions and that means the landscaping needs to be trimmed and the lawn needs to be mowed regularly. Windows need to be up to scratch and front doors, if wooden, need to be painted.

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As a final thought, remember home improvements don’t need to be expensive. It is not the amount of money you put into your home that counts, it is the amount of thought!


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On Saturday 3rd November our speaker will be Norma Jean Murrain who will be talking about her work in her ‘Silverfish’ jewellery shop in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter and the international projects she facilitates teaching jewellery skills to women in poor communities. There will also be a jewellery-making demonstration and an opportunity to buy some of her products, so do come prepared! Hope you can join us.




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To help us with the catering arrangements, just let one of us know beforehand if you’d like to attend Nicky on 07812 686944 or Sandra on 07979 961902

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Women’s breakfast - Save the date!

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Barton Today

Have your Say to B2Day...

October 2012 We always welcome your letters, phone calls and e-mails on any subject. They may be edited. Our address is shown on the Editorial page. Please sign them and mark ‘B2Day’ on the envelope. If you request that your name is withheld we’ll need your phone number or home address for verification. Thank you for writing to Barton Today

Disgruntled Resident A Bit Happier

Earls Barton Trade Fair Dear Barton Today, Recently I put together a goodie bag as a prize for a survey I compiled and I made a point of all the prizes being villagefocused. There was Earls Barton wine, Earls Barton cupcakes, Earls Barton sweets, Earls Barton honey, and other vouchers for village businesses. I was incredibly grateful to all the businesses who contributed (and well done to Adrian Green of Sunnyside who won the lot...).

Dear George What Can I say..........................You fixed it for the residents of Lower Dowthorpe Hill, a BIG Thank You! I awoke on Monday the 13th August to a re-surfacing team gearing up to start work at 0830hrs on Lower Dowthorpe Hill. The majority of the road is fixed and there are no pot holes. In the short time of our corresponding it has been fixed! Not knowing your track record because I am not a leek and still classified as a relative new comer to Earls Barton now in our 21st year so still 4 years to go, but not getting away from the point all very impressive, and may prove why there are some Councillors that are more successful than others. After all those years......... we can now look and drive up to the resurfaced upper section of Dowthorpe Hill and not feel any difference.

What really struck me in the process of putting the goodie bag together was that I had no idea that half of the businesses even existed before then. All the village residents should be proud of our local producers and trades; they’re all incredibly special. I think it would be an excellent idea if all of the local businesses were to collaborate in a producers and trade fair right here in the village in order to promote and celebrate everything Barton has to offer to residents and beyond. Please can any interested local business get in touch with me on to try and make this happen!

On another matter of the Redrow development being steam rolled through, it was heart warming to see all the Councillors united and standing shoulder to shoulder on this matter, although it was a bit disappointing that there was no sign of our MP Chris Heaton-Harris who also as President of the Committee of Earls Barton United, I believe, you would have thought he would have a vested interest in Earls Barton too.

Thanks everyone, Robyn Cutforth Earls Barton Today would be very happy to promote such an event that showcased the businesses in Earls Barton. What a great idea.

But I did read he had a fantastic time at the Olympics in London. I may drop him a note and ask him what he has done to help you good Councillors on this matter or maybe Councillor Morrell can shed light on the MP's assistance as they play for the same team? Or maybe that's too political, as most politicians do what they always do, and don't care a jot for those who pay for it all.

Churches Together Play Scheme

Thanks again George

Dear Barton Today,


Thank you for the mention of the Play Scheme in the September edition in your article “The Co-operative helps Earls Barton kids get their 5 –a-day!!”.

( A smoothed ) Lower Dowthorpe Hill Resident Glad to see that this particular Earls Barton newcomer is happy with the resurfaced road in Lower Dowthorpe Hill. Do you agree with his view that politicians don’t care a jot for those who pay for it all or is he being unfair?

I would just like to point out that the Play Scheme was not ‘run’ by me as indicated in the article (although I did a bit!), and nor was it held at All Saints Church – although children visited the church, and we did host the Sunday service held to celebrate all the good things that had gone on during the week. It was actually a Churches Together Play Scheme, based largely in the Methodist Church and on the Rec, and was organised and run by an extremely dedicated team of volunteers drawn from member churches, and the wider village.

Youth Club Hi All, Just wanted to say thank you very much for the lovely advert in September issue, looks great with the logo, will keep you up to date with any future developments and as promised we have let you know how the opening night went. Thanks again for your support!!

Thanks to all of them – particularly Lesley and Brian Emerson, Nicky Hill and Sara Halsall - it was a wonderful success, and plans are already being drawn up for next year! Many thanks, Miranda - The Revd Miranda Hayes The Vicarage, 7 High Street, Earls Barton. NN6 0JG

Zoe Middleton Hi Zoe, We are happy to support the village in as many ways possible, keep up the good work and make sure you send us articles, pictures and anything of interest in for future editions.

Sorry if the article was not entirely accurate. It was sent in to us by the Coop who generously donated fruit for the event. Hopefully those hard working volunteers who ran the scheme have now been properly acknowledged.


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Barton Today

October 2012

Extravaganza This November we're pleased to present ALADDINS MAGICAL, CHINESE BAZAAR (on Saturday 24th November). We're looking for local businesses / companies to support us with our main annual event. Since our bazaar re-launch in 2009 we have welcomed people from all over the county to Earls Barton to join in with our celebrations (at the methodist) to raise money for our own and supporting charities. This year we are looking for businesses / companies to sponsor our event and in return we will place your logo on our brand new website / homepage, our posters and banners (coming into the village) as well as flyers and in our themed rooms on the day itself. Can you be one of our sponsors? We also this year have a very exciting opening where a group of performers will perform a couple of musical numbers then hand over to our very special celebrity guest to officialy open the event.

Welcome to our October page in Barton Today! We have a really exciting period coming soon at the Chapel. We hope to see you very soon everyone is welcome to come and join us on a Sunday at 10:30am.

Coffee Morning Join us on Saturday 6th October for our Autumn Coffee Morning! We open our downstairs hall doors at 10:30am, and we hope as many of you as possible can come along for a bargain, cup of tea or coffee and a chat!

Harvest Festival Thank you to everyone who supported us during our Harvest Festival celebrations. We all had a lovely time and thought the chapel looked brilliant as ever! A special thank you to Rev Baker and Mr J Thompson for leading our services. We look forward to our celebrations again next year!

A quick message from the Genie Hello Barton! It feels great to get out of this lamp and join you all in Earls Barton on Saturday November 24th (10:30am – 1pm) at the Methodist Church. Myself and Aladdin our traveling via the magic carpet now from China to join you for a very special day for the whole family to enjoy! I’ll have more news on ALADDINS MAGICAL, CHINESE BAZAAR in next month’s Barton Today! So make sure you put this star event in your diary now, and I’ll see you next month!

The event itself takes place on Saturday 24th November (10:30am 1pm) and all the back rooms (upstairs and downstairs) at the church get decorated into a Chinese wonderland. Then everyone joins in the fun and dresses up as Chinese town people. As well as all our helpers getting dressed up our performers take on the rolls of the much loved characters including Aladdin, the Princess and the Genie who get to interact and entertain families throughout the event.

Methodist Wives Hello Everyone! After our summer break, Methodist Wives held a Beetle Drive on September 5th and we all had a great laugh! On Wednesday 3rd October we are holding a social evening with a bring and buy stall. We start at 7.30 in the Methodist Church hall and after tea and a chat we roll out the cheese and biscuits. All are welcome to come and join us. On 20th October at the Methodist Church we are holding our very own Autumn Fayre from 9am until 12! We will have white elephant stalls, cakes, tombola, clothes, toys, raffle and many more! The entry is £1 which includes coffee/tea and biscuits. If you can't resist the smell of bacon cooking, we have bacon baps available! Do come along and support us. We so look forward to seeing you!

Since our re-launch in 2009 numbers for this event have grown every year welcoming people from all over the village and the county. We advertise in all local shops that let us "put up a poster" as well as around the village on sign posts. We also have linked up with Stagecoach buses to put posters up on a number of there buses. If you sponsor our event your logo could be all over the place supporting our charity event. Every single penny from the event goes straight to charity. We hope we have explained our event for you to consider being a sponsor. If you wish for more information please feel free to e-mail us back. If you could be a sponsor please could you email us back, and then we can come to an agreement.

Preachers for October 2012 at the Methodist Church:

Thank you for your time EBMC

Everyone is welcome to join us from 10:30am every Sunday. October 7th: TBC (All age worship) October 14th: Rev N Bibbings (Holy Communion) October 21st: Mr J Thompson October 28th: Mrs D Ingram - A CHURCH AT THE HEART OF THE COMMUNITY


Like home-cooked, locally produced, fresh, yummy, scrummy food?

COSFORD & SON Fully qualified garage door fitters, specialising in hormann garage doors from canopys, retractable, sectional and roller doors with or without motors and in many colours and designs. Also repairs to all other makes of garage door


John Cosford, 8 West Street, Earls Barton. NN6 0EW

Tel : 01604 240650 / Mob: 07854 210221 40

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Barton Today

October 2012

Once again the Earls Barton residents are treading the boards with

WEST END TO BROADWAY the Castle Theatre Arts Barn Gilbert and Sullivan Society are again presenting their autumn concert at the Castle Studio, Wellingborough from Wednesday 3rd Oct until Saturday 6th October. Although they will be performing a couple of songs from next year's exciting new production of Princess Ida, the rest of the programme is dedicated to musical theatre that has been enjoyed on both sides of the 'pond', hence the title 'West End to Broadway'.

left to right pls. Ron Sheffield, Ross Green, Roy Collins Ron, Ross and Roy are supporting a host of very accomplished artists at this exciting event, NOT TO BE MISSED. Last year tickets went very quickly and we recommend you book now. There will be music and dance from popular shows that have wowed both London and New York over the years. These include numbers from 'Jesus Christ Superstar', 'Miss Saigon', 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers', 'Mamma Mia', 'Hairspray' and 'Mary Poppins'.

T&G Carpentry & Building Solutions Earls Barton, Northampton

With some fabulous soloists, including David Russell who will be singing 'This is the Moment' from 'Jekyll and Hyde', Mark Hanson, who will be reprising 'Gethsemene' from 'Jesus Christ Superstar' (he is playing Jesus in a production of the show in Finedon during September) and Carly-Jayne Panter a singer and singing teacher from Kettering who will be performing 'I'd Give My Life For You' from 'Miss Saigon', this promises to be an evening of musical delights not to be missed. A strong chorus and excellent dancers compliment and support the soloists with some great harmonies and slick routines.

Tel: 01604 466056 / Mob: 07971 962594 Email:

Look no further for your full property repair & restoration service Carpentry & Joinery

The concert is directed and choreographed by Sam Burgess (pictured). Musical Director is Alan Joyce.

Kitchens from design to installation

Performances begin at 7.45pm each evening and there is also a matinee on Saturday afternoon starting at 2.30pm. Tickets are priced at ÂŁ10 and ÂŁ5 for under 16s and are available by calling The Castle box office on 01933 270007.

All trades covered Professional and reliable service

A show of quality family entertainment not to be missed!

Testimonials available upon request

Producer and singer dancer, Samantha Burgess. 41

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Barton Today

October 2012

Wewouldliketosayhowoverwhelmed wewerewiththeamazingturnoutonour openingnight17thSeptember.

94youngpeopleintotalfiledthrough thedoorsandeveryonebehaved exceptionallywell!! Fromthefeedbackwehavereceived everyonehadawickednight (includingtheadultvolunteers). Wewouldlovetoseeahugeturnoutevery weekbutduetotheroomscapacityweare forcedtocapthenumberofmembers enteringto80youngpeopleonly! Inadvancewewouldliketoapologise foranydisappointmentthismaycausebutthis decisionwasmadewiththewell-beingofour youngpeopleatheart. Seeyounextweek,fromtheteam atEBJuniorYouthClub



Working Men’s Club

(Yr 3 - Yr 6 Junior school age group)

Queen Street, Earls Barton

Monday 1st 15th 22nd & 29th October (No Club on 8th)

Four traditional ales … … and a good selection of draught beers and lagers

6.30pm to 8.00pm ***Admission - 50p on the night***

Room hire for all occasions:

Come along and see us

(FREE for members) Birthdays, Wedding, Civil Wedding, Receptions, Christenings, Anniversaries, Funeral Parties etc..

Pool table, table football, tuck shop, organised sports, crafts, cooking, camping, events etc. (All volunteers/helpers CRB checked)

01604 810444 CIU AFFILIATED 42

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Barton Today

October 2012

The Feel Good Factory Welcome to the Feel Good Factory – October – The weather will be getting cooler, not many of us will be wanting a salad for lunch anymore. A time to start looking for some soup recipes maybe? I am now a convert to homemade soup. It really is one of the easiest things in the world to make. So how about a pumpkin soup recipe – I know many of you do carve pumpkins at the end of October to put in your window or outside the house on Halloween. What do you normally do with the inside of the pumpkin? So here is a fabulous soup recipe you can make from the part of the pumpkin you don’t normally use. The beauty of homemade soup is you know exactly what is in it, and you can use up any vegetables you have. It is easy to add a bit of protein to make it more filling – leftover meat from your Sunday roast is always a winner. You can add lentils, pearl barley, pasta – the list is endless. Pumpkin, Ginger & Apple Soup Ingredients 1 medium onion, chopped 1 medium apple, chopped 1 carrot, chopped 2 tsp grated fresh root ginger 450g pumpkin deseeded and chopped 850ml veg stock (use 2 cubes) ¼ tsp ground nutmeg pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper Saute the onion, apple and carrot in a large non-stick saucepan for 3-4 minutes until softened, adding a little water if it starts to stick. Add the ginger and stir well. Add the pumpkin and stock to the saucepan. Bring to the boil, then simmer gently without a lid for 20 minutes, until the vegetables are tender. Transfer the soup to a blender or food processor and blend for 15 seconds, or until smooth. Return to the saucepan, reheat and season to taste with allspice or nutmeg, salt and pepper. Serve, sprinkled with chopped fresh herbs or spring onions. This recipe will also work well with butternut squash. Enjoy! One thing I know from experience is how rewarding and helpful longer term it can be to sort your surroundings. There are many forms this can take. Here are a few suggestions Kitchen: Fridge/Food cupboards – what is in yours? Check the expiry dates, you may be surprised. Also think about what is where on the shelves – what do you see every time you open the door? If you are trying to lose weight make sure it isn’t your cheese or chocolate. Equipment – do you have to hand, or easily accessible the items you need every day. I need to keep my weighing scales out on the work surface or I never use them. The biscuit tin stays firmly in the cupboard and as far away from my kettle as possible. A full, interesting fruit bowl can also be really useful for most of us, adults and children alike. Car: Many of us have a few sweets or snacks in the car – just in case. Are these helpful to what you are trying to achieve? If not change the types of things you have in the car. There is nothing wrong with being prepared, but make it helpful to your goal. Wardrobe: If you have been on a weight loss or fitness journey this year there is a very good chance that there are many items in your wardrobe that are now too big. As a rough guide one stone in weight is about a clothes size. If you have clothes sitting in your wardrobe that are now too big for you – get rid of them. We get plenty of charity bags through our doors every week. It is a very therapeutic thing to do, you really will feel better for clearing out your wardrobe. You may even discover things that you now can get into that you couldn’t earlier in the year, or something that is a close fit that you can use as a short term goal. If you have good quality ladies items get in touch with Carolyn at Carolyn’s Collections on The Square and she may be able to help you sell them on, and you could pick up a bargain in your new size whilst you are there. To do all of these may take some time, just chip away at it bit by bit and you will get there. Just like your weight loss, fitness regime, giving up smoking or anything else. If you would like any information on WeightWatchers please do contact me at or go to the website If you are thinking about joining us but are not sure, pop along to one of the meetings at St John’s Ambulance on Tuesdays at 7pm or Wednesdays at 9.30am and you can just sit in for one to see what we are about and decide if it is right for you – no obligation to join. If you have any information you would like to share in future editions of the Feel Good Factory then please do get in touch. More from me next month, Susan Price – Your local Double Diamond Weightwatchers Leader.


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S rE IE ! o rt d M pE tE o N pr Wa


Proud supporters of

Sales & Lettings

Our service is pErSoNaL which is why we’re the BESt! LD SO




£225,000 - Earls Barton

£117,500 - Earls Barton

£174,995 - Grange Park

£130,000 - Irchester











£675pm - Earls Barton

£425pm - Earls Barton

£675pm - Earls Barton

£495pm - Northampton









£395pm - Earls Barton

£425pm - Earls Barton

£550pm - Northampton

£142,000 - Earls Barton





ExcEEdING ExpEctatIoNS...It’S What WE do EvEry day!

come and see more properties in our window display

No. 1 The Square, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire. NN6 0NA Tel. 01604 810088

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Talk to your local property consultant For a refreshingly different, personal service…

TOP 10 UK Estate Agent for custome r service. Please visit



Victoria Street £179,950

Barker Road £179,999

37 Sunnyside £185,000

Hornby Road £189,950

A deceptively spacious four bedroom semi detached Victorian house. The property briefly consists of a lounge, kitchen, dining room & bathroom to the ground floor & four bedrooms & shower room to the first floor. There is an enclosed rear garden & single garage with extra space for off road parking

A lovely extended two bedroom detached bungalow. The property briefly consists of a lounge, dining room, extended kitchen, two bedrooms and a shower room. The loft has been converted to offer convenient extra space. The outside of the property offers an enclosed good sized rear garden and to the front there is parking for several vehicles. To the side of the property there is a car port.

A FULLY REFURBISHED Victorian mid terraced three bedroom property offering stunning views over the Nene Valley. The property benefits from a new kitchen, new bathroom, new central heating system, and fully decorated throughout. It has been refurbished to a very high standard and viewing is essential

An extended semi detached house benefiting from a corner plot location in the sought after village of Earls Barton. This four/five bedroom property has been extended to offer a lounge, kitchen/diner, utility room, downstairs cloakroom and separate dining room/fifth bedroom. Upstairs there are four bedrooms an en-suite and family bathroom.



Spencer Close £179,950

Oxford Close £214,950

Brookes Mews £144,950

A modern three bedroom detached family home situated in a sought after area of Earls Barton. The property briefly consists of a lounge, kitchen/diner and converted garage, currently used as an office. To the first floor there are three bedrooms and a family bathroom. The property has an enclosed rear garden and a driveway to the front

An immaculate four bedroom detached house in the sought after village of Earls Barton in a quiet cul-de-sac. Situated on the edge of the village near to open fields the property briefly consists of an open plan lounge and dining room with adjoining conservatory, a downstairs cloakroom and modern fitted kitchen. To the first floor there are four bedrooms and family bathroom. There is a single garage that has been converted for use as an office and a landscaped rear garden

A STUNNING MODERN top floor factory conversion apartment. This apartment boasts open plan living accomodation with two double bedrooms a bathroom and a roof terrace. This rarely available property should be viewed early to avoid dissapointment

Meet Steve Dodds, your local property consultant I am pleased to be able to support The Earls Barton Wolves who are raising much needed funds for the local Youth Club. To help raise money I will donate £100 for every new instruction taken from 1st October until 31st December 2012. This donation will be paid when the house is sold. Help me to support this fantastic village project and help give our children a safe pleasant environment to spend their leisure time.

Call 01604

813854 today!

e. w. Your local property consultant

Steve Dodds


barton today October 2012 issue full of news on earls barton, local advertisers and whats going on in the village

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