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Barton Today

October 2012


January 2013

Let's Hope 2013 Is A Time To Celebrate NO Local News, Views, Letters, Features, Events, Photos and more... PR T Featuring: email: 01604 810831 Now Online: - OF FOR telephone: IT 0

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THE ONLY. . . estate agent serving Earls Barton from the same convenient location for over 8 years

THE ONLY. . . estate agent in Earls Barton that offers independent financial advice on site, to suit you and your buyer

THE ONLY. . . estate agent that has the experience and depth of knowledge to deal with these challenging times

THE ONLY. . . estate agent to donate money from every sale to a local group chosen by the home seller

THE ONLY. . . estate agent that currently has more SOLD (STC) properties than For Sale properties in Earls Barton

THE ONLY. . . CHOICE to successfully sell your home in Earls Barton CALL 01604 810933 CLICK COME IN 29 The Square

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Barton Today

About Us Barton Today is a Not-For-Profit Community Interest Magazine with over 6,000 readers. Delivered FREE every single month to every home in Earls Barton we are not controlled by, or affiliated to, any political, religious, social or commercial group. Website: Managing Editor: Steve Watkins Email: Telephone: 01604 810831 Advertising: Contact us by phone or email and we’ll discuss advertising rates and payment methods, and help you in any way that we can. Any problems, just call. All adverts before our deadline please. Deadline: Space permitting, we try to print everything sent in, but our deadline is the 10th of the month (for the January issue it is November 30th). After that date we’re flexible but we can’t guarantee publication. Include your name, address and phone number as we do not publish anonymous articles. If you don’t want your name published let us know. Articles may be shortened if space is limited. Articles & Adverts by Hand: In an envelope, please to: Barton Sweets, The Square, Earls Barton (Please address all items to ‘Barton Today’) Photos: By email or on disk please. We can scan your photograph but if you want a photograph returned, include a stamped addressed envelope. We ask permission of a responsible adult before any images are published of children under the age of 16. If you live in Earls Barton: Your magazine should arrive by the last day of the previous month. If you know of someone who hasn’t received a copy by then, please give us a call and we’ll hand deliver it directly to them. If you live outside Earls Barton: A year’s subscription costs £18 to cover postage and packing. Please make your cheque out to ‘Barton Today’ and remember to give us the address for mailing. If you’re overseas, contact the Editor for postal rates. Our Aim: We wish to bring all peoples together in peace and harmony and to celebrate the diversity of the human spirit by encouraging talent in all its forms. Barton Today does not discriminate against anyone. The Legal Bit: © Barton Today 2012 All views expressed in this magazine are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Publishers, or anyone involved with the production or delivery of the magazine. The acceptance of an advertisement or an article does not indicate any endorsement of a product or service by this publication.

January 2013

••• STOP PRESS ••• We are putting together a useful numbers and information page and plan on publishing it every three months. If you a part of a group/club and would like your information included then please email your details.

Here’s To A Successful 2013 The beginning of a new year is a great time to take stock of our lives. We can reflect on the past twelve months and consider what might lie ahead. For me the year 2012, like 1966, will be etched on my mind forever thanks to the outstanding sporting successes that came Great Britain’s way; fantastic medal winning performances at the Olympics and Paralympics heralded by the Queen, in her jubilee year, parachuting from a helicopter, the first tennis Grand Slam winner for 76 years, a test series win in India, an heroic victory against the All Blacks and Wiggo’s jubilant ride to victory down the Champs d’Elysees. I wonder what the odds on all that would have been had you gone to the bookies last January. As a regular user of a local gym, I am always bewildered by the sudden swelling of numbers in January as new members puff and pant their way towards their New Year resolutions. By February the numbers begin to dwindle and soon the gym is back to its normal state. Those resolutions quickly become long forgotten. Just to prove my point, how many of you can remember any of your promises from last year? How many of you are still keeping them? I’d love to hear from you if you can prove me wrong. So what awaits us in 2013? Perhaps your resolution might be to join the long list of volunteers who make such valuable contributions to the local community. In this month’s magazine you can read about the success of local charity NT TLC, the brilliant fund raising event held at the Methodist Church and news from the Earls Barton Music. Where would these organisations be without their willing helpers? Let’s hope that in the year ahead, Earls Barton continues to flourish and that each edition of Barton Today brings news of the many and varied things that take place in this splendid village.

'Dear Ernie Coming Soon... The withdrawal of Dear Eric has caused quite a stir amongst our readers so much so that a petition has been started to call for his reintroduction. Unfortunately, for the next three months, Eric will be otherwise engaged and is unable to fulfil his Barton Today responsibilities. We are pleased however to welcome another counsellor of equal gravitas and hope that you will find our Dear Ernie column just as informative when it comes to you next month.'

Barton Today is a Community Interest Company. The website is courtesy James Rands-Allen of Sublime Media The Decision of the Managing Editor is Final


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Barton Today

January 2013

Whats on in January 2013 MONDAY






Coffee Morning at The Methodist Church Info pg 7








Steve Perry at The Silver Band Club


Community Drop-In Event More on Page 29

Earls Barton Luncheon Club at Fairtrade Coffee All Saints Church Morning Hall from 12 till 1.30 More on Page 25

Tennis & Bowls Club Whist Drive 2.00pm






Jogging Group starts More on Page 30 Floral Society More on pg 6





Carolyns Collection Open Evening More on Page 31

Tennis & Bowls Club Whist Drive 2.00pm



Carolyns Collection Open Evening More on Page 31



Earls Barton Luncheon Club at All Saints Church Hall from 12 till 1.30



Guy Surtees at The Silver Band Club


Under the Tower Drama presents more on pg 12

Nataya at The Silver Band Club

Under the Tower Drama presents more on pg 12


Mike Bliss at The Silver Band Club


Tennis & Bowls Club Whist Drive 2.00pm




Line Dancing Starfruit Theatre Group Working Mens Club Baptist Church 9.30am - 12.00pm 7.00pm - 9.15pm Hokey Cokey Quiz Night at 1.30pm -3.00pm Street Dance at The Silver Band Club term time only The Silver Band All Saints Church Hall Club at 6pm Knit & Knatter Group Scrabble The Library Line Dancing 4.00pm - 6.00pm Working Mens Club The Library 9.30am - 12.00pm 2pm - 4pm Crib Team Puppy Classes Taekwondo The Old Swan EB Youth Club Silver Band Club 7.00pm - 8.00pm 6pm - 9pm Zumba Weight Watchers Weight Watchers Silver Band Club at St John's St John's 9.30am - 10.30am 7pm - 8pm 9.30am - 10.30am EB Junior Youth Club 6.30-8pm








Bell Ringers Practice The All Saints 7-9pm Youth Club 7.30pm 9.30pm age 12-16 Jog Group at The Grange 6pm Line Dancing Working Mens Club 9.30am - 11.30am

Poker Game The Old Swan 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Taekwondo at The Silver Band Club Yoga - St. Johns Ambulance Hall 6.30pm

Ignite Youth Project The Church Rooms 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Yoga - 10.00am EB Poker Game The Old Swan 7-8pm Bowls & Tennis Club





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Barton Today

January 2013

Yoga - not for me - I don’t bend that way! Yoga is widely recognised as one of the best methods of staying ďŹ t and healthy, even in more advanced years. Twenty years of worldwide research has shown the positive beneďŹ ts of yoga and its eectiveness in reducing ailments. Hatha’s yoga gentle approach does not strain the joints and muscles, helps to increase the ow of blood to the various organs and tissues of the body and slows the eects of ageing. A typical class includes a gentle warm-up, posture work, deep breathing exercises and a relaxation session. The yoga poses practiced under the guidance of a qualiďŹ ed teacher can help improve exibility and joint mobility, keep muscles toned and help maintain bone density and strength. Blood circulation is improved which helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure and getting more oxygen to the muscles and organs improves their function. So don’t worry if you can’t bend that way, Yoga can help to restore and promote exibility in the body. The breathing techniques teach you to breathe properly and deeply so that the capacity of your lungs is properly utilised. This in turn ensures that all the cells of the body receive suďŹƒcient oxygen which helps to reduce stress and oers a sense of inner calm. Meditation techniques help to improve concentration and sharpen the memory and the relaxation session at the end of a class further reduces stress and gives a sense of wellbeing. Stretching on a frequent basis through attending regular yoga classes will bring life and tone into your muscles and freedom and space to your joints. It will reduce tension and strain in your body, help to improve your posture and your spine will feel 10 years younger.

Happy New You

If you’re a beginner don’t expect too much of yourself and your body when you ďŹ rst come onto the mat, everyone needs to start somewhere and simply by recognising the need to start exactly where you are is enough. It is important to remember too that the physical practice of yoga is just one element for a well-balanced life. Meditation and breath work enhance what you do on the mat and more importantly, how you handle things o the mat too.

Bring some of yoga’s vitality and zest into your life. Enjoy 70 minutes of gentle Hatha Yoga to feel rejuvenated, recharged and relaxed.

Thursdays - 6.30pm at St. John Ambulance HQ Fridays - 10.00am at Earls Barton Bowls & Tennis Club

Yoga is a great tool for helping with whatever ails you in all areas, not just a way to sweat out toxins and develop a pretzel like body! It really is a discipline for anyone of any age and at any level of interest or experience.

For further information contact:

Sue on 07831 738109 or email

So the next time you doubt that as a beginner you can bend your body a certain way remember that it is more the bend of the mind that is needed to allow you to begin right where you are.

KEITH BARROW HEATING & PLUMBING (SPECIAL PROJECTS) LTD You found the best, we beat all the rest!



• • • • • • • • • • • • •


Boiler Repairs & Maintenance Installation Designed and Installed Boiler Breakdowns Domestic / Commercial Gas Pipe Services Landlord Certification Gas Leaks Upgrades of Heating Systems Power flushing of Heating Systems Gas Fires Bathroom Suite Installations Cooker Installations Reliable Service Contract Work Undertaken

Tel: 01604 811515 or 813991 Fax: 01604 811774 Email:




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Barton Today

January 2013

Why would anybody want to walk over Well my answer is simple. A very good friend of mine, Ray Ball, started walking the Pilgrim’s route to Santiago some 5 years ago. He had completed over 500 kms of the route in France when I joined him for a week back in 2008. I remember it well and had a great experience of walking towards the Pyrenees, passing through lovely French villages and in to the Basque country, where all the villages have houses painted in traditional Basque colours of maroon, white and green. Accommodation was in Pilgrims’ Hostels which varied from sharing a room with 8 others (bunk beds) or a single room. This gave us the opportunity to meet and talk with other “Pilgrims” from all over the world – a truly fantastic experience. We ended up at a lovely place called St Jean Pied-de-Pont which is the last stop in France before walking over the Pyrenees to Spain. I lived in France at the time so when we reached there we took a train back to our house where Ray had a few days rest until his wife and another friend flew out to join him on the next part of his journey to Santiago. A few weeks later he had made it and at that stage he started planning his next walk, starting in Seville to Salamanca and then on to Santiago on the “Via de la Plata” – a journey of some 1000km!! Then in 2009 whilst on holiday in France he collapsed and he was rushed in to Toulouse Hospital and Intensive Care. I met his wife at the hospital where she explained he had suffered a brain tumour – it was a very close thing but he pulled through only to be readmitted to intensive care a week later with an infection. Four weeks later he was air lifted by air ambulance to London where he was treated only to find out from the surgeon that he had a hole in the heart! So another worrying time but then some happiness as the operation was a complete success. At this stage he was quite weak understandably but being the determined individual that he is and with physiotherapy and a personal trainer he gradually got fitter and started to contemplate walking in Spain again. Then he found out he had prostate cancer; so 3 “hits” in the space of a year! Once again he drew on his immense inner strength and with great determination and physical effort he got himself “walking fit” and set off from Seville with his wife in May 2011. Unfortunately his wife was taken ill and they had to return after a week. As the route through Spain is rugged and remote he decided against going back to complete the walk to Salamanca until he had someone to go with and this is where I come in!! Ray and I meet up every few months or so and twice a year we are joined by old Army mates and at the Christmas lunch last year he asked me if I would consider walking with him. This was an easy decision and I said yes straight away in the knowledge that I would need to get a lot fitter than I was and the fact that I had not walked more than 8 miles since 2009!

250kms in Spain? The planned route would be from where he left off with his wife, Fuento de Cantos to Salamanca, a distance of over 200 miles. So after 3 months of training (you may have seen me walking more than usual!) I packed my ruck sack put my walking boots on and set off with Ray to Spain. We arrived in Seville and found a Pilgrim’s hostel where I purchased my “Credencial del Perengrino” (Pilgrim’s Passport)- this I would need for both proof of the journey and stops made but also to gain access to Pilgrim accommodation. We then took a bus to Fuente de Cantos and found some hostel accommodation for the night. Excited and apprehensive we set off at 8am the next morning and were almost immediately into the Spanish countryside. This was so different to Northamptonshire countryside. It was rugged and barren. The Pilgrim’s route was a dirt track which we followed to our first land mark, 6.5 kms away. After a brief stop we set off through pig farms and olive groves on a hike of 15kms. It was getting warm now with the temperature eventually rising to 31c and the full impact of a 14kg pack was taking its toll! Stopping for lunch after 10kms (succulent Spanish oranges bought in a village market!) we marvelled at the quietness and undulating terrain. A further hike of 6km took us to the town of Zafra. We arrived there at about 3.30pm and found the Pilgrim accommodation. It was a very old monastery where we were allocated bunk beds. We were surprised that there was only one other “pilgrim” staying but we were informed that it had been quiet for a couple of weeks. Having done our washing, we set off searching for something to eat. It was about 4.30 in the afternoon. This was a fruitless journey as “siesta” lasts from 3.30 until 7ish with restaurants not opening until 8.30!! So a long wait until our pork supper – well we were in “pig land!” Over the next few days we walked through olive groves, vine yards, cattle and sheep and small remote villages until we arrived at Merida on Saturday, a large town with a population of just over 50,000. Civilisation at last! On this stage of the journey we came across an Austrian who we swapped stories with and cross checked our guide books which were most important as they gave details of accommodation and places to eat. At Merida we stopped in the main square and enjoyed a coffee whilst tourists glanced over at us obviously thinking we were mad to contemplate walking in the hot conditions! But this was to change very soon. We had already had some rain the previous evening and looking at the newspapers it looked very much that the weather was due for a serious change on Monday.


The hike from Merida to a Roman dam, Embalse de Prospeerpina, took in some wonderful Roman bridges and the sun was blazing as we saw the famous Dam which looked very invitingly blue, but perhaps a bit too cold for a dip. We did however have a picnic lunch and gave our feet a rest! That afternoon we completed our longest hike so far, a total of 33kms and were delighted to find a German and an Italian waiting for us at the pilgrim accommodation at Aljucen. We spent a pleasant evening with our new found “Pilgrims” although it was unfortunate that our Italian friend was not well at all and as a result moved to another room in the hostel. At this stage of our journey we were both feeling good and relishing the week ahead. Sunday and the weather had turned a lot cooler so on with our thicker jackets and off through a National Park to Alcuescar, just over 22 kms away. In the spring this National Park is a sea of colour but in the autumn it was pretty bland and we saw nothing of interest. We found a small hotel as the Pilgrim accommodation was simply awful and enjoyed a late lunch in a local hostelry. We had an early start from Alcuescar and it was really cold. On route to Casceres, a city (where we would take a much needed day off!) we passed through Valdascar when the weather changed again to brilliant sunshine. This was another long hike and by the time we reached Casceres we were ready for a cool drink but first we had to find some Pilgrim accommodation! Luckily for us the tourist Information office provided us with a choice and half an hour later we were booked in and doing our washing. It was a pleasant surprise to meet up once again with the Italian (feeling much better now!) and the German and we spent a very pleasant and relaxing evening in one of the many squares in this lovely city. The following morning we had a walk around the city, taking in the sights and then at noon made our way to Canaveral. Just after we booked in I developed a temperature and headache, took some tablets and had a lay down. Ray was very chesty and we both thought that we had caught a bug of some sought, from our Italian friend perhaps! The following morning we decided to keep going and set off just after 8am. We faced a steep ascent out of Canaveral which certainly got the blood circulating but the view from the top of the hill was breathtaking and well worth the sharp climb. This section was described as “not suitable for cyclists” and we soon realised why as the tracks were very rocky and there were numerous deep ditches to negotiate. We made good progress and the sun was out again so we were able to rest our feet after a couple of hours and then on through olive groves for a further two hours when we stopped for lunch.

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Barton Today I quickly changed my top again (I had already changed one two hours earlier) and we rested. I must admit I did not feel great at that stage but we only had 6 kms to go to reach our target of Galisteo a lovely walled town. About half an hour after setting off on this last leg we spied another “pilgrim” walking towards us. We greeted each other and discovered he was French and this is where my knowledge of French came in as he explained in graphic detail that there was no way through to the town as the local farmer had blocked off the route. Being British we told him that we would climb over any obstacle! It was at this time we realised he spoke perfect English as he replied “oh no you won’t!” So between us we checked maps and guidebooks and decided on a route to take us to the walled town – it would be a diversion of 8kms and as the weather was closing in we agreed we should get a move on as getting wet when tired is no joke! It was a laborious route, mainly on roads but we arrived at the ancient town of Galisteo only to find that there was only one place to stay – and was it rough!! There we met a Dutch couple who warned us not to expect too much from the accommodation but being very tired we were not that bothered. The rain started and the temperature dropped, food would not be available for another four hours and the shops were closed. There was little point in doing any washing as there were no facilities for drying so we repacked our ruck sacks ready for an early get away in the morning. We did eventually get some food and it was easily the worst meal we had eaten in over a week – but it was food!

January 2013

Roman Milestone Keep climbing

Sleep was difficult to come by with the wind and rain buffeting the windows and it was very cold – the morning could not come soon enough. Up early and after coffee and toast we put on our waterproofs, covered our ruck sacks with a waterproof cover and set off for a relatively short hike of 11kms to Carcaboso. There was a driving wind with rain in our faces and it was very cold – I remember thinking that this was some sort of Army test until I reminded myself of why we were doing this – it was supposed to be fun!! Ray was coughing for England and despite the cold rain I was sweating however with mind over matter we plodded on and after 3 hours arrived at our destination where we had to make a choice to either stay there of walk another 38kms to the next available accommodation – there was little discussion as we agreed that the conditions were so poor it would be stupid to go on. Our decision was ratified by the fact that over the next hour a total of 9 pilgrims joined us in the hostel where the owner was doing all she could to keep us warm. With a temperature and feeling rough I went to bed where I slept for 6 hours waking with a shiver and sheets soaked – great I thought sweating it out and as I showered I was beginning to feel human again. We enjoyed a great evening with “Pilgrims” from France, Germany, Austria, Holland and Brazil but both of us were still so tired that we retired early. The following morning and it was still raining and cold. At breakfast our French friend made comment that we did not look well and he was right for despite both of us feeling better the previous evening we were both clearly not on top form. It was then that doubts entered our head and when the owner of the café explained in broken French that the route was flooded as the canal had burst its banks we studied the maps and guidebooks and realised that our journey this time was over for the terrain we had planned to walk through was clearly impassable. Moral was now really low but in reality we had no choice – we had to come home and finish the journey the following spring. On the eve of our departure from Spain we had mixed emotions but we knew we would be back in the spring to complete this part of the St James pilgrimage. We had done really well, walking over 250kms, but the weather and “bugs” had made continuing impossible. For my part it was a wonderful experience walking the route that proper Pilgrims had walked centuries ago with a true friend who had overcome his own battles too!!

Casceres 5

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Barton Today

January 2013

Northants Brickwork

T&G Carpentry & Building Solutions

New Builds Extensions Alterations Stonework

Earls Barton, Northampton

Tel: 01604 466056 / Mob: 07971 962594 Email:

Matt Morgan Tel: 01604 812437 / 07921 396814

Look no further for your full property repair & restoration service

7 Park Street, Earls Barton, Northampton. NN6 0EY Email:

Carpentry & Joinery

Earls Barton Floral Society 17th January 2013

“Congratulations - Happy New year”

Kitchens from design to installation All trades covered

with Alan Smith from Ipswich, Suffolk

Professional and reliable service

Come along and enjoy a great evening!

Testimonials available upon request

Meetings take place in The All Saints Church Hall, Earls Barton at 7.30pm - 9.30pm A Raffle of the Demonstration Flowers is held each month

Dan Hughes

Dont forget, you can drop your articles and news for Barton Today into Barton Sweets!

Session Guitarist / Guitar Teacher • Guitar and Bass Lessons • First Lesson FREE • Qualified Guitarist HND Brighton Institute of Modern Music

• All ages and levels welcome

Call 07921 573936

A Moo...zin tale


Hello everybody it’s Buttercup here!


I’m an amazing cow and you can come and see me do many things on stage with all my “udder” friends.

For all electrical jobs large or small Free estimates without obligation s s s s s s

I’m appearing in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Castle from Tuesday 15th January every night until Saturday 19th January with matinees on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th.

Re-Wires/ New Builds Burglar/Fire Alarms Certification/Testing & Inspection Lighting Maintenance External Installations Extra Sockets/Telephone Points

My friends include June Johnson as the Queen, Bradley Westley (an up and coming actor) playing Jimmy Wessex, the Major is played by the lovely Lilly Hill and Maid Marion is played by Victoria Farrar

All work guaranteed - Part P registered

So come on mums and dads bring the kids and enjoy the show!

Telephone: 01604 862710 Mobile: 07971 426775

Kirsty, Louise and Bayley Buttercup!


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Barton Today

January 2013

Bernie Keith, Riley and Widow Twankey put on a star event for Aladdin! Gary L Johnson bazaar director of Aladdin’s Magical, Chinese Bazaar said “What a brilliant day we had and what record numbers we had for the opening.” The opening itself consisted of a special musical number sang by our princess and then she was joined by all the other characters and guests. A special thank you to the actors for their work once again this year, and to our guests who joined us. Thank you to Rev Nigel Bibbings as always for supporting our event, Mike for bringing along his Olympic torch for us to have a look at and not forgetting Bernie Keith and Riley. Bernie and Riley officially opened the event after Widow Twankey and Aladdin forget to order a ribbon so found an old washing line for Bernie to cut to officially open the bazaar. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our event. We raised a brilliant £1,622 on the day and welcomed a lot of new guests on the day. One final thank you to make to all the stall holders who worked very hard to help bring the event together. So thank you all. Have a look on the ebmc website for more photos from the day.

Our brand new looking coffee mornings start on January 5th 2013 (9.30am - 11.30pm) Our coffee morning on Saturday 5th will be raising money for DONNA’S DREAM HOUSE in Blackpool as well as raising money for our TRANSFORMING EBMC project. Please come along and support us and one of our linked charities. We have cakes, brick-a-brack and so much more to buy. It’s only 50p to enter and this includes a FREE cup of tea or coffee when you’re ready to sit down and relax. Kick of the year how you mean to go on. Come along to our coffee mornings the first Saturday of every month at the Methodist Church.

Preachers for January 2013 at the Methodist Church: January 6th: Rev Lynwode January 13th: Mr Keech January 20th: Rev Bibbings (Covenant Service) January 27th: Mr Thompson


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Barton Today

January 2013


Shop, Lunch and Explore at Jeyes on The Square, Earls Barton You’ll be truly surprised what you’ll find behind our front door……

LOOKING AFTER YOUR EYES *FREE Prescription Sunspecs if you spend over £150



• The Keepsake Gift Shop • The Apothocoffee Shop • The Dolly Lodge • Baby J and The Children’s Den • Northampton’s Capital of Sylvanian Families • Fun of The Fair Model Exhibition • The Jeyes Heritage & Pharmacy Museum • The Earls Barton Museum of Village Life

Professional eye examinations and quality spectacle dispensing Large range of children spectacles Private and NHS examinations

Please pay us a visit soon – A warm welcome awaits you all.

All types of contact lenses supplied at competitive prices

Jeyes of Earls Barton, Northampton, NN6 0NA

Tel: 01604 810289

*single vision up to +/- 6.00D

Northampton General Hospital Cliftonville, Northampton

Earls Barton Clinic 58 Broad Street, Earls Barton

01604 545722

01604 810777

Opening Times: Mon to Fri: 8.30am-5.30pm, Sat: 8.30am-5.00pm Free Entry. Disabled access on request & stair lift available


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Barton Today

January 2013

Earls Barton Bowls Club

90th Annual Presentation Dinner 2012 The 90th Annual Presentation Dinner of the Earls Barton Bowling Club (Mens Section) took place at the Club on Friday 23rd November with 53 members and friends attending and with Richard Paintin, The Club President presiding. Michael Griffin, the Competitions Secretary presented the trophies and Laurie Harrison was the Master of Ceremony. It was an excellent evening, with really good food provided by Sadie, her Mum and helpers. Janet was kept busy behind the bar and members and guests provided an excellent atmosphere with much laughter, banter and of course a few unbelievable stories and I mean unbelievable! In past years the Club has arranged for a “guest speaker” but on this occasion the Club President took centre stage and gave us a very funny and enjoyable after dinner speech – even those determined not to laugh too much could not stop a smile and then a huge grin appearing on their faces! Well done “Tricky!” We are now making plans for him to be hired out to other Clubs to gain some income for the Club in future years!

Michael Griffin presenting the Handicap Cup to Damien Wright

The winners of the Club competitions are: HANDICAP Winner Runner – up

D. Wright A. Jeyes

TWO WOODS Winner Runner – up

N.Gould T. Denny

DRAWN PAIRS Winners Runners - up

T. Denny & A. Ellis J. Butts & S. Jepson

SKEEL-HARRISON Winner Runner – up

N. Gould T. Denny

NOVICES Winner Runner – up

G. Dartnell A. Ellis

CHAMPIONSHIP Winner Runner – up

B. Tipler J. Butts

Michael Griffin presenting the Skeel HarrisonTrophy to Neil Gould

Zac Wilson with his Mum, Sadie, Grandad Dave Wigley and Club President Richard Paintin

Michael Griffin presenting the Drawn Pairs Trophy to Alex Ellis and Trevor Denny

Following the annual presentations the Club President presented Zac Wilson with a new trophy donated by Dave Wigley, “The Young Bowler of the Year.” The President also presented his “Clubman of the Year” trophy to Graham Dartnell, a very popular choice. All members and new members look forward to Club Presdident Richard Paintin another great season in presenting the Clubman of the Year trophy to Graham Dartnell 2013 when it is hoped new “stars” will emerge whilst those who have yet to win the Club Championship get yet another go!!

Club Champion Brian (Brains) Tipler


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Barton Today

January 2013

Mrs Mop

Quality Cleaning Service NEW • Ironing Service Available • One-off cleans • Blitz clean • Regular Service

This autumn has been very busy with several events being held. September 28th saw the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning event at Wellingborough School. We started at 7.30am with a full English breakfast followed by a coffee morning with a variety of stalls including the ever-popular cake stall. This raised over £3,500 – a fantastic morning’s work.

Call Caroline on: 01604 811388 / 07858 004068

This was followed a couple of week’s later by an Auction of Promises at which we served a 3-course meal and offered lots including a week’s holiday at a Welsh cottage, a day watching Springwatch being filmed and a helicopter ride. This raised just over £2,500 We then held our autumn ladies’ golf day at the Embankment Club at which 30 ladies played 18 holes of golf, were served a 3-course home-cooked lunch and an afternoon tea which enabled us to raise just over £1,000. Our final event of the year, held yesterday, was Reindeer Racing at Stanwick Village Hall. Attended by nearly 70 people, it was a fun evening which got us all in the Christmas spirit and raised another £1,000.

$ !


! "

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us this year at our events and those who have held their own events and contacted us with their donations.


All the money raised will be sent to assist the fund-raising campaign for the Haematology Unit at NGH.

# !



We are currently putting together a programme of events for next year but we will be starting with a Pudding and Prosecco night on 13th February. If you would like tickets or any support for your own events, please contact me on 01604 810347.



& "(# $ " & & " &

# !

& "


!!# ! ! "!



" !

" ! " # & %!

Sally Fordyce

! & "


& #

& " !


& " " !


! !

" $ ! "

" " & ! " & " &



The Centre Stage Swing Band Concert ! !

in aid of the Royal Air Force Association’s Wings Appeal 2013


To be held at the Baptist Church, Park Road, Rushden on Saturday 2nd March 2013 at 7.30pm


Tickets £10 Mike Nichols - Wings Appeal Organiser 01604-810802

! !


Give it a lick of paint! Change with the seasons...

Action For Children

Why not freshen up with a lick of paint - it could cost less than you think.

We would like to thank everyone for the support given at the recent Christmas Celebration Concert, at the Earls Barton Methodist Church.

Call Stephen now for a FREE quote on 01604 466265 or 07905 168968

We enjoyed a wonderful evening led by ‘Musical Roots’ and the Earls Barton Junior School Choir.

• Domestic & Commercial • Wallpapering • Touch up • Preparation • Fully Insured

A full report will follow next month but in the meantime our most sincere thanks to everyone, for your help in helping the children of this nation, whose needs are great, and who are seeking to rebuild their lives. Jonathan Thompson and Joy Drage


45 Churchill Road, Earls Barton Northampton NN6 0PQ Email:


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Barton Today

nd the Arou World...

with Barton Today

January 2013

Where has B2day been lately? Marilyn Pettit's continued travels with her copy of B2Day - Brighton Beach (Sydney, Australia) you can see Sydney city skyline in the background.

While taking a break from presenting on QVC, Alison O’Reilly (nee Nolan) shows John Barrowman what’s been going on in B2Day

Julie Cleaver with her copy of B2Day visiting the Yosemite National Park while on holiday with husband Mick (taking photo) in California

Mick the Printer with Captain Ole-Johan Gronhaug of The Royal Caribbean cruise ship Adventure of the Seas. Discussing the finer points of B2day.

David Martin sent this fab picture into B2Day, excellent snap shot!!

Snap shots to give you a laugh 11

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Barton Today

January 2013

All Your PC Problems Solved... We offer

• • • • •

PC Health Checks PC Repairs Internet Set-up Upgrades Data Transfer

• • • •

Printer & Wireless Networking problems solved Virus / Spyware Removal Hardware and Software Installs Home / Office visits

tel: 01604 581047


Grendon School Pupils Head to Little India As part of their Global Curriculum studies of India, a class of 5 & 6 year olds from Grendon CE Primary School headed over to Little India on Wednesday 14th November for a taste of authentic Indian cuisine! The chef invited the children into the kitchen and gave them a curry making lesson before the children sat down in the restaurant to begin munching through their poppadoms. They were treated to massalas, kormas and rice and ate so much food that they all came back to school very excited and very full. Some of the children had never eaten a curry before but every single one of them was very adventurous and left fully converted. The staff at Little India made the pupils and staff incredibly welcome, catering for special diets and making sure plates were stacked high. School staff have revisited Little India since (purely for research pusposes) and the pupils would certainly recommend a visit.

presents Here we are in 2013, looking forward to the next village show to be held in September as usual (date to be confirmed). We hope that the severe weather conditions haven’t ruined your gardens too much?! And you all had an abundance of home grown sprouts to serve up on Christmas day! We were thrilled with the amount of money raised at the 2012 show, we were able to donate to Saxon Pre-school, EB Junior school and some towards the refurbishments scheduled for the new year at the Youth Club, but this still leaves us with £100 in our pot, we would love to help any other group, charity, club or organisation in the village that needs financial support…………… If you have any ideas or projects coming up that you think might benefit from £100 donation, please contact Barton Today at the usual address/email address with a brief explanation of how you propose to use the donation. Many thanks for all the support shown in the 2012 show, the team will be meeting again soon to plan this years event, please look out for more details in Barton Today. Thank you - EBVS team.


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Barton Today

January 2013




























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Barton Today

January 2013

Congratulations to


Care Home

Grangefield Care Home won the Best Customer Service Award as part of the 2012 Northamptonshire Business Excellence Awards. Finalists in 12 different categories attended the awards ceremony, which was held on 15 November 2012 at the Daventry Court Hotel. The Best Customer Service Award was judged by the Chief Executive and Operations Director of the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce and finalists had to go through face-to-face interviews as well as providing a comprehensive application. "We won the Best Customer Service Award due to our stubborn attention to detail and innovative methodology in care provision. We like to think outside of the box, and this award is testimony to the huge effort we put into what we do," commented Mr Nikul Odedra, Proprietor of Grangefield Care Home. Grangefield is a 23-bedded residential care home for the elderly based in Earls Barton near Northampton. In addition to residential care Grangefield also provides a homecare service, which helps local elderly people to continue living in their own homes.

Proprietors Nikul Odedra and Archana Odedra with staff members Peter Daniels and Wendy Phillips.

For further information please email Nikul or call on 0788 758 0506

Full range of services available including IUD and implant fitting, joint injections, minor surgery and counselling monday to thursday: 8.30am to 5.00pm • Friday: 8.30am to 12.30pm saturday: 8.00am to 9.45am (1st saturday in the month) New patieNts welcome apply to register on-line at:

at earls Barton

Visit our website at:

The Earls Barton and District Historical Society The night that Moulton Morris came to Earls Barton! Frank Batten writes…The Historical Society recently welcomed Barry Care from Moulton who gave a talk on traditional English dances. The talk was illustrated, not by slides or a PowerPoint but by fifteen dancers and musicians, all in full Morris regalia, all crammed into the St John Ambulance building. We heard how many villages boasted their own Morris sides, all performing subtly different versions of the same dances and melodies. This was demonstrated by three men each dancing to the same tune but in styles from villages less than 8 miles apart. The Historical Society is actively trying to increase its membership and broaden its appeal. Non – members are welcome at any of our meetings where our season of talks covers a broad range of topics and interests. Suggestions for speakers are always welcome, if there is a subject that you would like to hear being discussed by an expert please let us know and we will try to find a suitable speaker. We do not limit ourselves to local history at all, but nor do we ignore it. In the past we have had talks about the Royal Train, Rockingham Castle, the English longbow and Cosworth Engineering amongst many other subjects. Our meetings are held at the St John Ambulance building on Manor Road and start at 7:30 pm. Visitors are more than welcome at all of our meetings. For further details of the Society or our future programme please contact Frank Batten on 01604 810618.


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Barton Today

January 2013

Festive Treats Thanks to a Successful Shopping event Supporters of the NC TLC Trust charity and regular customers of the Koru shop in Wellingborough turned out and raise just over ÂŁ800 for the Earls Barton charity. On Monday evening, December 3rd the Koru Accessories store off the Irthlingborough Road attracted hosts of shoppers to its Christmas charity event organised for the NC TLC Trust by Fay Weatherston of Koru. On the night customers paid an entry fee but were offered a glass of bubbly and a mince pie or cup cake on arrival, then we were free to look around at handbags, shoes, scarves, clothing and other items for sale, with 10 per cent of profits on the night being given to the children’s cancer charity. Other small businesses also set up their stalls in the shop for the special event including The Gift Shack, Medium Karen Brown, Karen Walters with her wonderful perfumes, Angelica Florence Jewellery, Nikki’s Hampers and Sweet Things and Miss Bumblebee’s Bakehouse , and passed on a donation from their takings also. The entrance fee of ÂŁ3.50 per shopper and all raffle ticket money also went to the charity. The grand total raised from the night was a fantastic ÂŁ800.50, which is going to enable the charity to treat the families they support this Christmas. Not only will Christmas presents be able to be bought but also just before Christmas the families are being taken to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London on Sunday, December 23rd. Chief Executive Officer for the NC TLC Trust, Janet Walker-Smith said: “Truly amazing night, what a result!! Thank you very much to all concerned. We couldn’t do it without you.â€? Fay Weatherston of Koru Accessories said: “We were so pleased to arrange a shopping night at our factory outlet here at KORU ACCESSORIES for NC TLC Trust and what a wonderful night it was, with so many customers, friends & family supporting the night. Everyone said what a wonderful time they had grabbing some bargain presents & stocking fillers from ourselves and from the lovely stalls that attended on the night. Thanks again for a great night and we were so pleased people came along to support such a wonderful charity. For more charity information call the office on (01604) 811025 or email

JOIN FOR FREE* Lose weight today att Rosemary R Conley Classes

Follow us on

ABINGTON Abington Avenue United Reform Church, Abington Avenue, Abington, NN1 4QA Monday 09:30 - 11:00 am (Slim & Aerobics)

HEADLANDS Headlands Primary School, Bushland Road, Headlands, NN3 2NS Tuesday 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Slim & Aerobics)

DELAPRE Far Cotton REC Community Centre, (Far Cotton Library And Pharmacy), Towcester Road, Delapre, NN4 8 8LG Wednesday 09:30 - 11:00 am (Slim & Aerobics) Wednesday 6:00 - 7:15 pm (Slim & Aerobics) Wednesday 7:15 - 8:15 pm (Kardy-O-Fun)

MOUL LTON Moulton Village Hall, Moulton Sports Complex, Pound Lane, Moulton, NN3 7SD Thursday 5:45 - 7:15 pm (Slim & Aerobics) NORTHAMPTON Earls Barton Silver Band Club, 4 Queen Street, Earls Barton, Northampton, NN6 0LN Monday 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Kardy-O-Fun Aerobics)

NORTHAMPTON Hardingstone Primary School, Martins Lane, Hardingstone, Northampton, NN4 6DJ Tuesday 6:00 - 7:15 pm (Slim & Aerobics) Tuesday 7:15 - 8:15 pm (ZumbaÂŽ Fitness) WESTON F FA AVELL Weston Favell Parish Centre, Booth Lane South, W Weston eston Favell, NN3 3ER Thursday 1:00 - 2:30 pm (Slim & Aerobics)

Now running



Call Angela on 01327 706995 or 07794 525479 angela.holling@rosemaryconley .co 15

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Barton Today

brightwise electrical Call Now for a Free Quotation or Advice

January 2013

Chris Hager Qualified, Part P Approved, Reliable All Aspects of Electrical Work, Inspection & Testing

79 Churchill Avenue, Northampton. NN3 6PF

Tel: 07447 466835 Email:

Children in Need Buskathon 2012 This year’s BBC Children in Need Buskathon took place during the weekend of 16th November, beginning on a dark and cold Friday morning outside M&B Newsagents, Doddington Road. After a breakfast break, it was off to the Co-op stores for the rest of the day. The next day dawned bright and I was pleased to welcome Berta who joined me for the shift. There's nothing better than playing good acoustic music in the open air with the sun shining on your back. Berta must have enjoyed the experience, because we were a duo again for the Sunday stint. There were many highlights during the weekend but the one that springs to mind took place late on Sunday afternoon. A young guy in a pickup truck beckoned me over, waving a lottery scratchcard out of the window. 'Here, you've got a winner there', he said. We were feeling cold and tired and I frankly thought it was a wind up. I thanked him and carried on playing. Later we examined the ticket and saw it cost him £5 but had a £20 win on it. Sir, we thank you - you are a gentleman! The total raised on the street was £396.92 with an extra £40 raised from a JustGiving page on Facebook. We also had several foreign coins, a brass token and a Cransley Hospice trolley coin thrown in for good measure. We'd like to thank ALL those who gave so generously, despite the tough economic conditions still prevailing. You're ALL stars! Also to Bharat and the Co-op staff who put up with our songs all weekend!

The Royal British Legion - Poppy Appeal 2012 The trays for poppies have been stored away for next year, the collecting boxes emptied, the contents counted and banked. The total this year is £6170 which is some £600 down on last year but given the economic situation I am not too surprised. Very many thanks to everyone, local businesses and organisations, my colleagues in the Legion, our volunteer helpers and last, but not least, those who put their hands in their pockets, purses and wallets! Thank you on behalf of those who will now benefit from your support. Mike Nichols Poppy Appeal Organiser Royal British Legion - Earls Barton 07783 516933 or 01604 810802

Thank you to Roy Collins for sending in a fabulous Photo of the All Saints Tower

martin m CLIFFORD H High Quality Painting, Decorating & Household Maintenance

Tel.: 01604 811388 or 07816 958803 16

15 New Street Earls Barton Northampton NN6 0NN

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Barton Today

January 2013

Animals in Need

Pine Tree Farm, London Road, Little Irchester, Northamptonshire, NN8 2EH Tel: 01933 278080 Email:


loViNG homes

Needed BoB

BOB is a 2 year old liver & white Sprocker! He is ok with other dogs but would like a home that will give him lots of exercise and has no children or smaller animals.


GIO is around 16 months old, he is a cracking little terrier boy who wouldlike a for ever home after being sent back for the second time. He is lovely chap who enjoys a walk & a cuddle and is fine with other dogs, but not small furries.

Billie BILLIE is a cracking girl, a 5 year old Aylestone Bulldog. She has been used as a breeding machine and then dumped when she was no longer good to breed! The sta here would take this girl in an instant if we all didn't have too many dogs already! she is a happy friendly girl who loves toys& cuddles and gets on with other dogs.


ciNNamoN & pumpkiN

mork & miNie Rainbow is a stunning 8 month old tortie lop boy. He would love a large home with a gentle female companion.

07979 961902

Cinnamon and pumpkin these pretty girls are only 6 weeks old and would love a home together.

Mork & Mindie are 10 week old siblings, Mork (pictured) is black, Mindie is black and white. They are looking for a home away from any busy roads. They are quite shy but should be fine to live with sensible older children and possibly another feline.


BaNdit & hoBo Bandit & Hobo are handsome 6 month old boys who would like a home either together or seperately with female companions

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Barton Today

t t u b b e T Dawn

on how our Christmas fr

In December, we were very grateful to Dawn Tebbutt for the brilliant front cover that she produced for Barton Today of Santa flying over All Saints Church. This month, she shares with us the trials and tribulations of the creative process that lead to the final article. If you want to find out more about her paintings, you can find four galleries of them on her web-site and mounted prints are available for just ÂŁ25 each, cellophane wrapped and delivered to your door.

Stage 4

Stage 1

Stage 4 and I've painted the outlines in blue and have started to put in the blue washes (I think I may have used as many as 8 to give the picture depth.)

Stage 1 this is the first little sketch to check composition etc before I commit to the idea, As you can see it was very much like the finished piece

Stage 2 Stage 2 then I had to work out how I'd like Santa to look, so here's a copy of the sketch I went with drawn on a bit of scrap paper - you can even see the rubbings out on this one (and the badly drawn and placed thumb on the hand holding the flag which stayed like this until the very end!)

Stage 5 Stage 5 and the dark tones are coming along nicely - the only colour used so far is Prussian Blue, Ultramarine and a purple I mixed with Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine

Stage 3 Stage 3 and this is a scan of the drawing that I went on to paint. It just has the bare bones as I add the details as I go with the paint


B2DAY JAN 2013 final_Layout 1 18/12/2012 08:47 Page 21

January 2013

. . . e n o d s a w r front cove

Stage 6 Stage 6 and the trees have been painted and the village has been given a liberal dusting of snow. I've also added colour with the street lights, Christmas decorations and lights at the windows

Stage 7 and we now have a snowman in the middle of the village, and the reindeer and Santa and sleigh have been started. Santa still looks a little flat as I hadn't yet added shadows and highlights to his clothes or beard (his thumb is still wrong too!!) The reindeer just have white antlers as no shade or definition have been added. Also the war memorial is yet to receive its poppy wreath which you can see in the finished piece. After looking at this pic I was dissatisfied with the light shining out of the windows of the church (especially on the rook) so I softened it up which you can see in the final painting.

Stage 7




Stage 8

www.bart onto

Stage 8 and we have a low res copy of the finished piece complete with painted flag, reins and faces for the reindeer (one has a red nose), and shading on the snowman and Santa’s clothes, beard and face (he now has smiling eyes and pink cheeks) and a corrected thumb!

Decembe r

Finished! 19


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Barton Today

January 2013

So January sees the start of a new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Barton Accounts and Taxation Services

Some of our theatres are still showing their Christmas shows so please have a look at December’s Barton Today for more information about those shows. This month we take a look at the shows coming Your host: to our local theatres. Make sure you keep Gary Johnson supporting the local theatres throughout 2013. We’re starting with a bit of dancing fun…

• Tax Returns • Accounts Preparation • Book Keeping • Inland Revenue Enquiries

FREE Initial Meeting Competitive Rates Over 20 Years Experience

Evening and weekend appointments if required

Miss Strictly come dancing? Well on the 17th and 18th of January at the Derngate Erin and Anton (from strictly come dancing) are performing in there new show. New for 2013, the UK's favourite dancing duo Anton Du Beke & Erin Boag are back with a dazzling new show in a salute to the Golden Years of the MGM musicals. Sassy tunes, sensational choreography and sparkling costumes conjure up all the fizz and razzmatazz of glamorous Hollywood at its best.

Tel: 01604 810795 or 07948 036193

don't Be left in the dark, call a Bright spark !!

The show features guest singer Lance Ellington, conductor Richard Balcombe, a 25 piece orchestra and guest dancers. It sounds like it is set to be a very exciting night so don’t miss it. Next on my January must see list is the Moscow City Ballet at the Derngate (Monday 21st – Saturday 26th). The universally-loved Moscow City Ballet is currently at its artistic best, with the orchestra, choreography, beautiful costumes and sets, and outstanding virtuoso performances wining repeatedly rave reviews. This January it brings two of the most famous ballets of all time to Royal & Derngate; their stunning performance of the timeless love story Sleeping Beauty is a jewel in their repertoire, while their version of The Nutcracker has an appealing, innovative freshness.

Earls Barton’s Fully Qualified Electrician BS7671 17th Edition City And Guilds 2382, 2377, 2392 Part P Reg

The company are set to perfom Sleeping Beauty (Mon – Wed) and The Nutcracker (Thur – Sat).

all Your electrical Needs

Join this outstanding company for the perfect start to the New Year, and the ideal introduction to ballet for children.

rewires, New sockets, lights, Fault finding, outside power, landlord certificates, p.a.t

Next we move over to the Castle for a little bit of music. Paper moon Theatre Company presents “Magnificent Music Hall Matinee” on 23rd January.

Has Your Electrical System Been Tested Recently ?

They’re back! Carefree, cheerful and of course uniquely British!Step back in time to the heyday of Music Hall, as Jan Hunt and her multi talented Paper Moon Theatre Company return by popular demand to summon up the high spirits of rich entertainment with two hours of song, dance, magic and laughter portraying with great wit and warmth this truly golden era. With special guest stars from the BBC TV series The Good Old Days. Hesitate not, book early to avoid disappointment!

Free advice and estimate

call paul on: 07970 812522 or email:

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Time to talk about a production I’m co directing at the Castle Theatre. On 25th January the Castle Youth Theatre, present WAR CHILD. During WW2, Terezin in Prague was used as a site for a concentration camp. The majority of the Jews sent were writers, artists and musicians, within the camp, parks, concert venues and statues were built to hide the truth; that most of the inmates were not going to survive. What did survive was a suitcase full of drawings and poems created by the children of Terezín. War Child is a play inspired by the poetry and literature written by children during the Holocaust. This production is delivered in partnership with Wellingborough Borough Council and Wellingborough Museum as part of Holocaust Memorial Day.



Do please come along and support our local young performers at our local theatre for this true thought provoking piece of theatre. Lastly are you IN THE MOOD FOR MILLER on January 26th? Well if you love music head to the Castle. Ray McVay presents the world’s Greatest Big Band live in concert, bringing the 40s back to Wellingborough! Come and hear the music that got us through the war with smiles on our faces and laid the foundations of pop right up to the present day, including the song that became pop history’s first gold disc, Chattanooga Choo Choo! The show also features the fabulous harmonies of the Moonlight Serenaders, the sublime vocals of Catherine Sykes and Colin Anthony as well as the swinging jazz band, The Uptown Hall Gang. The perfect night out for Big Band aficionados!

What a Great Place to meet for superb Coffee and Milkshakes Plus... Breakfasts, Teas, Toasties, Paninis, Jacket Potatoes and the best Homemade Cakes 1 Station Road, Earls Barton NN6 0NT

Anyway that’s it this month so enjoy that start of the new year and next month we welcome Jimmy Carr, Milton Jones and Joseph in his multicoloured coat.

Tel: 01604 812719 20

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irca 2010, we (being the team at Jackson Grundy’s Earls Barton office) decided it was time to stand out from the crowd and give something back to the local communities who had supported us for so long. Lots of chat later, Brian Evans, Director and Branch Manager, suggested donating some of our house sale commission to a local charity or group chosen by the home seller. And thus the Jackson Grundy Community Support Initiative (C.S.I.) scheme was born!


ince then, we are proud to announce that through C.S.I. Jackson Grundy has donated in excess of a whopping great big £10,000 to local charities and groups. But we’d like to give more and with a little help from the residents of Earls Barton and the surrounding villages we are hoping to reach another £10,000 before too long! We currently have a list of very worthy nominees who, as you can see from some of their kind words, are always pleased to receive an unexpected cheque. However we want to be able to help more of you. So if you know of a local charity who you think might benefit from a little helping hand (courtesy of your friendly local estate agent) and perhaps aren’t aware of the scheme then please get in touch.


n the same vein, it’s worth mentioning that the scheme only works if we sell houses (so we’ve got some commission money to donate)! So if you are thinking of moving and would like to market your home whilst also ‘doing your bit’ for the community, please contact us to arrange a free valuation. Similarly if you would like further details of how the C.S.I. scheme works, please contact Brian, Georgina, Paul or Karen and we will be proud to talk you though it.








CALL 01604 810933 CLICK COME IN 29 The Square

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Barton Today

January 2013

PEPSI HAS QUALIFIED!!!! Elaine and Gary Horne write‌We are absolutely thrilled to share this wonderful news with Barton Today. Our little Pepsi is now a working Guide Dog. She is the lady's 4th Guide Dog, so an experienced handler, and the lady still has her last Guide Dog, who is now retired, and apparently they have lots of fun together when Pepsi isn't working. Pepsi is still a bit enamoured with the lady's 3 cats but is slowly learning to behave with them. We are looking forward to hearing about her soon. We were lucky enough to see Pepsi at Leamington when Sandy went for a check up, we had a lovely play with her, and also were able to take the photo shown, Sandy didn't sit as still as Pepsi. Sandy has been a good girl with all the Christmas decorations. She has been to Earls Barton Junior School a couple of times, and really enjoyed all the attention she received. She is growing up fast, and everyone admires her, and "mostly" she is very well behaved when out and about with us. We took her to Wellingborough Magistrates Court - don't worry, it was for a family adoption ceremony - no one was in trouble, and she behaved impeccably. We did have a chuckle though, when Gary was carefully led in a special way, rather than being taken through the metal detectors - it took them a few minutes to realise that Sandy was a pup in training, and that Gary was not visually impaired with a working dog!!! We then went for a lovely Brunch at AJ's Diner, where Sandy was again as good as gold. At puppy classes she still tries hard to do all that we ask, and believe it or not, doesn't even bark when the younger pups start vocalising. It's nice to not have the class clown for once! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.


Gallery West

Friendly and Reliable Local Business

Large selection of pictures on sale ‌. Traditional & Contemporary, Originals & Prints

All Aspects of Plumbing, Heating and Gas Work Undertaken


High quality picture framing service by Fine Art Trade Guild commended Framer

T: 01604 811655

24 West Street, Earls Barton

M: 07855 169401/07968 349161 E:


Tel: 01604 811737 Mob: 07759 174810

Discounts for OAPS 22

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Barton Today

January 2013

Carolyn writes .......

NEW YEAR - NEW YOU? Does that headline fill you with horror? Bills lie several deep on the mat every morning, the children are already bored with all those new toys you went into debt for and here am I, talking about re-inventing yourself!! There is plenty of good news though. You can do lots of things without spending a huge amount. The easiest way to update an outfit is with accessories. A single signature piece can re-invent last year’s dress - try a coloured bag, a silky scarf or a pashmina. A bold necklace or even a simple silk flower corsage can transform how you look. Do you usually wear black shoes – why not try silver, gold or a brightly coloured pair?

If you have always longed to try a different look - perhaps a long tunic worn over leggings or skinny trousers and boots; have a go! There is only one golden rule to trying something new. Either go with a good friend who will tell you the truth or, if you have to shop alone, go to a shop where you trust them to do the same and not just fob you off to get a sale. There are various ways trying different looks without breaking the bank. •

You could have a ‘swishing’ party with your friends. Some of these are held locally for charity and are a good way to swap items free of charge.

You could look through charity shops. Some of these have wonderful bargains in them and, if you are out and about through the year, try visiting them in other towns. The more prosperous the area, the better the clothes on sale for charity!

Internet shopping also offers many, many bargains. The downside is that you can’t actually feel the fabric or trying on the garment until it arrives. It is, therefore, very important to ensure that the seller will accept returned garments and be prepared to post things back if they don’t fit so you can claim your money back.

Finally, there are agencies, which sell nearly new and new, pre-owned garments at prices well below those on the High Street. We are lucky enough to have three of these very close to us, one in the village, one in Castle Ashby and one in Wellingborough.

There is one final accessory which, whatever month it is, is essential to put on – and that is your SMILE.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. 23

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Barton Today

January 2013

New Year message from Jonathan Thompson Health, wealth and happiness are words that we often see on cards we receive for the New Year. They are words that slip off the tongue so readily, but I have a different wish for you all; Firstly let’s take a look at these three key words. As we are all too aware, our health we have little control over. Of course, we can try to eat well, keep ourselves in good shape, exercise regularly by walking, swimming, running and playing sport. However, all these things count for little in the change and chance of life. Ill health can strike anyone at anytime and many people find that their lives are changed forever by illness. Within our own families, we can count ourselves very fortunate, if we have never had to face deep pain and sorrow over someone who has been struck down by a life-changing illness. It would seem, therefore unfair for me to wish everyone good health, when many people have to share and carry heavy burdens because of illness. I would feel more than ready to say to everyone, may you be given, through all things, an inner strength and peace, as well as courage and dignity to face the unknown tomorrow. Where does true wealth lie, I ask. Is it in winning the lottery, in owning the largest house, the fastest car, a huge swimming pool, the most expensive clothes, or the most luxurious computer? If that were the case, you would expect people to be happy, with a spring in their step, a smile on their face and with not a care in the world. The truth is, the more people have, the more people want. A constant striving after one of the most insecure things in life – MONEY. Caring for material wealth, instead of caring for others, breeds selfishness. The greatest treasure of all will never be found in wealth. It will be found by those who are content with what they have, at peace within themselves, and who realize that there is far greater joy in giving than in grabbing.

Pierre Antoyé Registered Osteopath

We live in a world that we have helped to build, and we each have a responsibility to seek to accomplish a more just and fairer world.

Cranial and Structural Osteopath

I wish you all then not wealth, but the seeking of life’s greater values in sharing and caring for all people especially the poorest in the world. Ken Dodd that great Notty Ash???????? comedian sang, “happiness, happiness, happiness the greatest gift that I possess, I thank the lord that I’ve been blessed, with more than my share of happiness”. But, where is happiness to be found? To show you, I would take you to one of my business calls in a place called Beanhill, Milton Keynes. Every Wednesday, I call on a small bakery shop where several members of the staff are mentally ill. On each visit the staff insist that I sing them a song and they will join in by making a joyful noise. Lorraine, I’m told, calls me ‘the singer’ and John always shakes me warmly by the hand. These lovely people are able to work to the best of their ability, and I always feel that happiness fills this place. It seems that nothing can take away their happiness, and I know that they are loved dearly.

Osteopathy can help: • Back and neck pain • Sciatica, muscle spasm • Arthritis in spine and limbs • Disc problems, joint pain…

I am very humbled as I meet with this small group of people, for their happiness is something that is very precious. Therefore, may you hold the assurance that in good or ill health, nothing can separate you from the love of God, may you find that treasure that nothing on this earth can buy, and may you know true and lasting happiness that is not artificial, but that dwells in the hearts of the meek and lowly.

The Nightingale Clinic

God bless and be with you all,

For Enquiries or Bookings call direct:

12 The Square, Earls Barton NN6 0NA

07969 355 161 or 0845 123 2799



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Barton Today

January 2013

Local travel agent celebrates


success at star-studded

annual conference

Peace & Work for all in 2013 As we come to the end of a year of fairtrading, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped and supported our events through the year and most recently in the Christmas shop, which will have closed on the 22nd December. Special thanks to the 23 wonderful volunteers who made it possible to open the shop during November and December

Earls Barton based travel professional Laraine Drage is flying high after being personally invited to join fellow colleagues from across the globe to celebrate the success of their travel business’ growth at a star-studded event last month. Laraine who is one of over 1,200 travel agents worldwide who runs their own business with the support of award winning company Travel Counsellors, was invited to attend the special event at Liverpool’s BT Convention Centre as a reward for her dedication to providing her customers with the highest levels of personal service. Laraine was joined by over 500 fellow Travel Counsellors from seven countries at the largest travel company conference in the UK, which commenced with a roof raising start with a highly entertaining set from renowned comedian Jason Manford. The event showcased an array of special guests including a dramatic performance from the ‘people’s tenor’ Russell Watson and chart-topping singer Alesha Dixon.

Here is one of the messages of thanks from the producers who have provided us with some lovely products over the past year, including some of the clothing, which I think sums up for many of us why we’re involved:

Hosted by TV presenter Amanda Lamb, Travel Counsellors’ conference provided Laraine with all the latest company developments and future plans, including news on new methods of creating tailor-made holidays and business trips for her customers. The event saw a record number of over 175 suppliers exhibiting at a dedicated session where Laraine was able to meet directly with representatives from a host of tourist boards, hotels and airlines to learn first-hand about their products and destinations.

“So Christmas is coming again. What gift can you give this Christmas? One is to give your heart to God, and the other is to give your heart for others. And that’s what we are all about – trying to make a change in the lives of people, to share the love that we have received. I will quote the Corinthians to say it is more blessed to give than to receive. Happy Christmas and God Bless.” Gaby Kamundu, Craft Aid, Mauritius

During her two-night stay in Liverpool, Laraine heard from a collection of guest speakers including founder of international lingerie brand Ultimo, Michelle Mone OBE, who gave a motivational and inspiring speech on how you have to believe in yourself in order to succeed. Agents learnt key business advice and skills from an array of speakers whom are considered the best in their fields. The event was underpinned throughout by the theme ‘with us it’s personal’ which demonstrates each agent’s highly personal approach to customer service which has ensured their business goes from strength to strength in an industry where many are struggling in the current uncertain economic climate.

To help Traidcraft carry on enabling producers like Gaby and his team, do come along to our next coffee morning where you’ll have a warm January welcome!

Fairtrade Coffee Morning and book sale

Laraine commented, “I had an incredible time at the conference in Liverpool. We were updated on the company’s future developments and given insightful travel advice and tips for the year ahead. It was a truly motivational experience with some influential speakers giving knowledgeable advice on how to succeed whilst running your own business. I am eager to utilise all I have learnt to benefit my customer’s needs.”

at All Saints Church Hall, Earls Barton Saturday 12th January 10am -12 noon for homemade cakes, fresh coffee, Traidcraft food & gifts, secondhand and new books & children’s activities

Priding herself on the highest level of personal service, Laraine runs her own travel business using Travel Counsellors’ award winning technology, and is available whenever is most convenient for the customer - including during the evenings and at weekends. This unique way of selling travel has enabled Travel Counsellors to achieve one of the highest customer service scores in the world, with over 90% of its customers stating that they would recommend their personal Travel Counsellor to their friends and colleagues.* This year’s highest scoring Travel Counsellor was awarded a brand new Mercedes SLK for their remarkable level of customer service.

For more details contact Nicky on: 07812 686944

Laraine adds; “When running my own travel business it is imperative to focus on the personal side, always putting the customer first by going the extra mile to satisfy their needs. I am proud of the growth and success of my business over the past year and would like to thank my customers for their loyalty and support.” Customers interested in speaking to Laraine Drage about their business or leisure travel plans can contact her on 01604 812589 or by emailing


For catalogues & other Traidcraft info please Contact Nicky on: 07812 686944 or email

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Barton Today

January 2013

WE REPLACE Steamed-Up Windows, Broken Hinges - Handles - Locks! SAMPLE PRICE LIST:


UÊ>ˆi`Ê-i>i`Ê1˜ˆÌÃÊvÀœ“Êœ˜ÞÊËÓxʈ˜VÊwÊÌ̈˜}ÊEÊ6/ UÊ,i«>Vi“i˜ÌÊ>˜`iÃÊvÀœ“ÊËÎxʈ˜VÊwÊÌ̈˜}ÊEÊ6/ UÊ,i«>Vi“i˜Ìʈ˜}iÃÊvÀœ“ÊËxxʈ˜VÊwÊÌ̈˜}ÊEÊ6/ UÊ,i«>Vi“i˜ÌÊœVŽˆ˜}ÊÃÞÃÌi“ÃÊvÀœ“ÊËÈäʈ˜VÊwÊÌ̈˜}ÊEÊ6/

Before & After

Before & After

See clearer, feel warmer, get better protected FREE survey call

0800 61 22 943

or email O u r G l a s s c o m e s w i t h a 1 0

Y e a r

G u a r a n t e e

EARLS BARTON Working Men’s Club Queen Street, Earls Barton


Four traditional ales … … and a good selection of draught beers and lagers


Room hire for all occasions:

• Local Business offering Competitive Prices

(FREE for members) Birthdays, Wedding, Civil Wedding, Receptions, Christenings, Anniversaries, Funeral Parties etc..

• All Plumbing & Gas Work • Boiler & Heating Installations & Servicing • Warm Air Heating - Servicing & Repair • Gas Cooker Installations & Repairs


Discou n Earls B t to ar Reside ton nts

01604 810444

Contact Martin Kightley on:

01604 466298 Or 07850 717261


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Barton Today

January 2013

New Baby? Dog? Thinking Of A Second About The Dog? Expert Dog What Advice from Graeme Hall, “The Dogfather” Expert Advice from Graeme Hall, Dogfather” There’s a Dog lot to be said for having two“The dogs. There are The pros AND cons, however. arrival of a new baby can be stressful enough without having to get a pet dog used to the new member of the “Should weTo get another is a question I’m asked. family. help, here dog?”: are a few simple rules to often ensure a Likehappy many outcome things withfor dogs, there’s no right or wrong answer in everyone. my book. (That’s a book I haven't written yet, by the way)

Professional Canine Training

Problems with your dog’s behaviour? Need help dog training? New puppy? Call the expert!

I work increasingly with parents-to-be, helping to ensure all It depends on whyParents you want keep dog goes smoothly. haveanother months dog: to get“To ready for our a baby company because we don't include have much time to walk him” That and preparations should your dog. sounds like a bad idea already. You don't have time for ONE dog, you say..? How about: “Because mine is badly behaved A baby changes everything – from how your home smells and and I think another dog would teach him to be good” Well you sounds to what the rules are. Making some changes before the might be arrives right. It can canhelp happen. social learning. Trouble baby your It’s dogcalled and ease parent anxieties: is, it also works the other way around. There’s a good chance your new well behaved dog will learn his new friend’s habits and If yourbadly dog is used todogs. jumping in your lap or up onto furniture, voila! TWO behaved Ahh... new boundaries should be set in good time.

07710 581007 œ 01604 493007

It’s not all bad of course and many of my clients have more than Perhaps you’ll want the sofa as a dog-free sanctuary for you one dog for good reasons. They certainly do keep each other and baby? Now’s the time to change the rules, before baby company. Dogs are certainly happier in company - be it canine comes along. or human, and for many of us one dog is just not enough. Like children, they are all very different. You can buy CDs or find online recordings of baby sounds. Pairing noises with treats and affection will help. Use baby Assuming then that you’re lookingbefore for the baby is born too. powder, shampoo and creams a second dog for all the right reasons. First of all, are you looking for a baby is still at theoften hospital, bring an item with the puppy While or an the older dog? Puppies baby’s scent home and encourage your dog to be calm around adapt more quickly whereas older that scent. Don't allow them to get excited or rag the item dogs can take longer to adjust. You around! need to be aware of especially dominant or nervous or un-socialised appointment the vets wellabefore your ‘due date’ will dogs. An You certainly at don’t want ensure that pets don't have fleas, situation where fighting may occur. parasites or other problems.

babies start crawling, it poses for Some When behaviourists prefer a neutered malenew andchallenges spayed female. fearful dogs. Their first response is to get away but when I have to say, in my experience, I’ve never found a the firm scary object coming after them, combination I’d keeps recommend. The them truth and is, itcorners depends on the consequences can be dire. Don't leave it too late to seek expert breed, temperament, age, sex and learnt behaviours. It’s advice. important to see which combination will work with your existing dog. Of course, you must NEVER leave a young child and a dog unsupervised. (I’d like to think that it goes without saying, but If you think you’ve found that special here a few tips: sadly news stories every year provedog, it’s not theare case.) Introduce the dogs outside on lead on neutral ground (I.e. not at home). They will sniff and even growl at first. Always use a my experience, most will accept their newand roles as positiveIn voice when you seedogs those wagging tails calm friend and companion given the right help but there can be behaviours. Walk around the area with the dogs still on lead. reasons they can't. For example, you may have an older dog Keep a short distance between them so they can still sniff and with arthritis. Getting pounced on by a young child can hurt, see each other, but can’t make contact should things become causing the dog to snap. volatile.

PMI BATHROOMS ‘The complete service’ Established since 1992


If a dog pants for no reason, licks their lips, yawns or won't Have several meetings with both dogs if possible to determine if look at a child, that could be a sign that the dog feels stressed it may Take timeDon't in selecting your new or puppy. If the by work. their presence. force the issue bydog making them say two hello. are “just not hitting then have to rethink. It’s much betterittooff,” allow youryou dogmight to keep a respectful There are lotsforofnow great distance at dogs least just waiting to be re-homed.

• • • • •

Incidentally, you’ve given a home to avisitors, puppy bear and in have If your ifdog is uncomfortable around mindan olderyou’ll dog,bemake sure you give the older dog a little quiet timeDo having lots of them after you bring your baby home. away from thearowdiness of the young you need little help with your dog’spup. behaviour? There will never be a better time to tackle it! Finally and most importantly, make them a part of your family. Having two I’d dogs gives youon double theand love. Enjoy!at the same Finally, avoid taking a baby a puppy time. That’s way too much like hard work! That’s it for this month, friends. You’ll find more free dog articles, tips That’s and help with training at it for thisdog month, friends. You’ll find more free dog articles, tips and help with dog training at


14 Mills Close, Earls Barton, Northampton NN6 0RA email: 31



Tel/Fax 01604 812700

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Barton Today

January 2013

eveYour Parish Council www.

198/12 Highways & Maintenance (a) Parking Review – update – the clerk advised that the parking restrictions requested have been submitted to NCC who will now move onto the consultation stage of the process. (b)

Highway Work Priorities for 2013/14 – the Clerk will make up a list of all requests for discussion at the January PC meeing.


Barkers Meeting – update – Clerk to chase


Clay Lane – update – Wellingborough Norse, BCW and Ecton Estate have all agreed to contribute to the costs of downgrading Clay Lane. Earls Barton Parish Council resolved to allocate £800 to the costs. The Clerk will write to Ecton Parish Council to ask if they can make a contribution. Otherwise, Cllr Blackwell will be asked if he can cover the shortfall of approximately £400 under the Empowering Councillors Scheme.


Litter Bins & Grit Bins – update – it was resolved to purchase a grit bin for the Recreation Field, to a cost of £300.00. The Clerk will put in a request to NCC for a grit bin on the corner of Thorpe Road and Station Road.


Memorial Bench – Clarke Court – awaiting quote. The Clerk was given designated powers to order the works if they are under £200.00


Gulley Cleansing – Clerk to chase up.


Road Closure Order for Maintenance Work – Grendon Road – 27 February 2013

Minutes of the Meeting held at Earls Barton Youth Club, Harrowick Lane on Monday 10 December 2012 The council meets at Earls Barton Youth Club, Harrowick Lane on the second Monday of the month at 7.15pm, except in August. Meetings are listed, three days before they take place, on the notice board in the Square, outside Jeyes the Chemists. You are welcome to attend and will be given an opportunity to address the Council. Present Cllrs M Cahill (Chair), I Abbott, K Abbott, J Bond, T Brassington, R Gough, M Higham, R Page, R Paintin, M Perkins, P Wright. Public Time Members of the public attended to speak to members about concerns regarding “right to light” laws in relation to the Redrow planning application and parking on The Pyghtle. 190/12 Apologies for Absence Apologies for absence were received and approved from Cllrs G Blackwell and P Morrall, who were on Borough Council business.

199/12 NCALC/ACRE/SLCC Correspondence The Clerk read out the review details and will respond to the online survey on behalf of the Parish Council.

191/12 Declarations of Interest Cllr I Abbott declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item 204/12.

200/12 BCW Correspondence (a) Trees & Landscaping Supplementary Planning Document – Consultation – Clerk to deal

192/12 Minutes of the Meeting of 12 November 2012 It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a correct record. 193/12 Accounts It was resolved to pay the following accounts: 3486

James Wilson Associates Ltd – Neighbourhood Plan Consultant (Oct)


NCC Earls Barton Junior School – Hire of Hall


James Wilson Associates Ltd – Neighbourhood Plan Consultant (Nov)


201/12 NCC Correspondence (a) School Buses – Earls Barton to Wollaston Secondary School – the Clerk will write to NCC expressing concerns over the condition of the school buses used from Earls Barton to Wollaston Secondary school and the route they are using on Hardwater Crossing.

£1048.40 £25.00 £702.38


Earls Barton Methodist Church – Hire of Hall



T A Greenham – VAS Maintenance



Country Gardens & Ground Care – Cemetery Maintenance



Clerk/Registrar – Salary/Expenses



Youth Club Leader – Salary



Youth Club Assistant Leader – Salary



Inland Revenue – Tax/NI


First Choice Heating – Repairs to Cemetery Lodge Boiler


Bozeat/Earls Barton Local Liaison Meeting – next meeting to be held 13 June 2013

202/12 Any Other Correspondence (a) Response from Ministry of Justice regarding closure of HMP Wellingborough (b) Thank you letter from Evergreens (c) Thank you letter from Earls Barton Youth Club (d) Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association – Annual Report (e) Western Power – Fixed Prices for Unmetered Connections


203/12 Planning (a) Planning Applications Received


194/12 Finance & Projects (a) Grounds Maintenance Committee & Finance Committee Meetings – 9 January 2012 – the meetings will be held at Earls Barton Youth Club at 6.30pm and 7pm respectively (b)

Billing Sewerage Treatment Works Liaison Committee – Progress Report – held by Clerk

WP/2012/0479/FCOU – retrospective application for the use of units 1215 for the mixing of ready mixed concrete – Units 12-15, White House Industrial Estate, Main Road – Mr A Orton & MacLeod WP/2012/0509/F – proposed new dwelling – land to rear 117 Doddington Rd – Mr S Piercy

Dispensation Requests – the Clerk explained the need for dispensation requests in relation to Precept setting.

195/12 Police/Community Safety (a) Crime Figures and Report – no report received.

WP/2012/0510/F – single storey lean-to rear extension -111 Churchill Rd – MR R Coombes

196/12 Neighbourhood Plan (a) North Northamptonshire Authorities – Consultation on CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule – the recommendations made by Cllr Wright for responding to the consultation were approved.

WP/2012/0525/TX – application for a new outline planning permission to replace an extant outline planning permission, in order to extend the time limit for implementation for Ref: WP/2008/0150/OEIA for up to 3000 dwellings, retails & commercial facilities, non-residential institutions, a neighbourhood centre, open spaces & parkland, associated facilities & infrastructure & a reserve corridor for the IshamWellingborough improvement (IWIMP) – land off A509 Niort Way & A510 Northen Way & south of Great Harrowden – Mr Mark Best – Midtown Capital Ltd



Neighbourhood Plan – update and discussion on future funding – discussion was held and it was resolved to continue with the Neighbourhood Plan. Funding for 2013-14 will be discussed at the Finance Committee on 9 January, and brought to the Parish Council for approval on 14 January.

No comments were required on the applications received. 204/12 Sports & Leisure Development – CONFIDENTIAL No report – deferred to January 2013.

Social Housing Needs – CONFIDENTIAL – this part of the meeting was held in confidence and members of the public in attendance left the room.

Date of Next Meeting 7.15pm Monday 14 January 2013 It should be noted that these minutes are subject to the approval of Earls Barton Parish Council

197/12 Meetings 14 January & 11 February 2013 – change of venue Due to refurbishment works being carried out at EB Youth Club, the meetings scheduled for 14 January and 11 February 2013 will be held at the Fire Station meeting room.

Rosemary Smart – Clerk to the Council Tel: 01604 812850 Email:


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Barton Today

January 2013


B2DAY JAN 2013 final_Layout 1 18/12/2012 08:48 Page 32

Barton Today

All Saints Church News

QR Codes In Use In Church (Thinks: Thanks to Barton Today!)

January 2013

A l l

January Jogging

There’s MoreHall On TThe next All Saints Men’s Breakfast will be held in the Church at 8am on Saturday 19th January 2013. We warmly invite you to join us for delicious The Web…

Saints Men’s Breakfast

New 12 Week Beginners Course Starting

Earls Barton Joggers are welcoming anyone and everyone to come food, fellowship and to hear our speaker, Andrew Gunn who will be talking At present, by using the QR app on your smartphone and clicking on the code, you are taken along and in the New Year taking parteven in the free jogging directly to inform the church website, but get soonfitthe codes could be by used to give more about "Quakerism". To help us with catering arrangements, please about the church andwhich items inside group will restarting on Thursday 17th January 2013 Bob Smith (, John Bromilowinformation or Peter Harper Want to know more aboutoutside the history of the world famous Or the choir screen which ( if you are able to join us. Earls Barton LibraryTower? at 5:30pm. was buried and then dug up again? Like to find out more about the painting at the back of Thefont? groupOrwill led by Aqualified insured leaders Tony Kennedy, the church? Or about the thebe pulpit? QR codeand could give you a running commentary with a choice of languages theSarah many McVeigh visitors who all overstart the running. Linda Higginsfor and tocome help from beginners There will be a 3 pm service of Holy Communion in the Parish Church Hall on world to see Earls Barton’s greatest historical asset. the first Wednesday of each month – so the next ones will beInterested? on 2 January and The new beginners group will run alongside the existing group and Watch this space! Or rather, watch the QR Code!

Holy Communion for the Less Mobile

6 February. Hopefully this venue and time will mean that those who can’t get to church for reasons of mobility have the opportunity to share Holy Communion in fellowship with other members of our community. If you’d like us to pick you up please phone Valerie Brown on 811616 and we’ll be very happy to arrange a lift.

will start with plenty of walking and jogging. If you came along before and would like to give it another go or if you have never ran before then the group is for you. If you already run and would like other people to run with, the improvers group are always welcoming new members. The Improvers groups run 5K – 10K every Thursday and the beginners group will start with lots of walking and jogging to gradually build up to 5k within 12 weeks.

The next get together for prayer and refreshments is at 2.30 pm on Tuesday 15 January 2013. Everyone is most welcome. If you’d like to come and need a lift please phone Valerie Brown on 811616 and we’ll pick you up.

Mothers’ Union

For more information visit or contact Sarah McVeigh:

The next meeting will be a Faith Supper at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 2 January at Grangefield Care Home in Northampton Road. For details please contact Branch Leader, Kathleen Davison on 811452. Don’t forget your donations for the Wellingborough Food Bank, particularly at this festive time of year. Thank you for the donations made already, please keep them coming! There is a box at the back of the Parish Church for any of the following: dried foods, packets, tins, sauces, sugar, jams, quick meals, powdered/UHT milk, tea, coffee, squash, fruit juices – all with as long a shelf life as possible. Food is given to those in need who are referred by Social Services and similar agencies.

All Bears @ All Saints The next meeting will be a Faith Supper at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 2 January at Grangefield Care Home in Northampton Road. For details please contact Branch Leader, Kathleen Davison on 811452.

All Bear

@All Saints Don’t forget your donations for the Wellingborough Food Bank, particularly at this festive time of year. Thank you for the donations made already, please keep them coming! There is a box at the back of the Parish Church for any of the following: dried foods, packets, tins, sauces, sugar, jams, quick meals, powdered/UHT milk, tea, coffee, squash, fruit juices – all with as long a shelf life as possible. Food is given to those in need who are referred by Social Services and similar agencies.

January Services at All Saints

You are warmly invited to ‘All Bears@All Saints’. There will be fun, music, story, refreshments and activity for pre-school children (no minimum age) and a chance for their carers to relax over a cup of tea while the children play. We meet in All Saints Church Hall at 2.15 pm and end at about 3.30 pm. All children – and adults – are invited to bring their favourite bear to meet All Saints’ resident bear. Next dates: 11 & 25 January Don’t forget we also offer children’s clothes to buy or swap

Sunday 6th January Epiphany

9.30am Parish Communion 11.00am Together@11 6.00pm Evensong

Wednesday 9th January

9.30am 3.00pm

Holy Communion Holy Communion in Hall for the less mobile

Sunday 13th January 8.30 am Holy Communion BCP Baptism of Christ 10.00am All Age & Parade Service

All Saints Quiet Day All Saints Church held an Advent Quiet Day on 24th November 2012 to provide an opportunity for people to drop into the church to spend some quiet time away from the busyness and the hustle and bustle of life and our preparations for Christmas. Quiet times provide an opportunity to simply ‘be’ and to contemplate and reflect on what God might be saying to us.

Wednesday 16th January

9.30am Holy Communion

Sunday 20th January 9.30am Parish Communion Epiphany 3 11.00am Together@11 4.00pm Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service at the Baptist Church

Advent is ‘a time of waiting, expectation and preparation’ for Christmas and the Second Coming. At various points around the church inspirational pictures, prayers and suggestions for contemplation helped guide those attending in their time of quiet reflection.

Wednesday 23rd January

Around 25 people dropped into the church on a cold, wet and thoroughly miserable day. Many commented on how the silence and the materials had helped them find an oasis of calm and to feel better equipped to face the challenges of life.


Holy Communion There is a

Holy Sunday 27th January 9.30am Parish Communion 9.30am Communion Epiphany 4 11.00am Together@11 service every

Wednesday January

The success of the two Quiet Days that we have held this year have encouraged us to consider offering further such opportunities in 2013.


9.30am Holy Communion

Wednesday 30th in the Lady Chapel

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Barton Today

January 2013

ISAMS Home Computer Services Tel: 01933 272002

• • • • • • •

Internet / e-mail / Broadband / Wireless Setup New Kit Recommendations and Setup Virus and Spyware Protection and Removal Friendly Tuition for All Ages and Abilities Annual System Cleanups to Aid Performance New Website Setups at Low Cost Small Business Work Undertaken

!" # &

$% &)


# &' # # +


ou r.. New Yea New Y

( ,


" 2




/ . 3330


Come to our one of our Open Evenings to see how to create your own new look for the new year.

0 0 1 0 0 1


Cut out and keep by your computer – just in case !!

e Loved you hav t hes C lo

C lot hes y ou will Love

Carolyn’s Carolyn’s Collection

Have you something which you bought but can't think how to wear? Bring it along and let us advise you.


Book early as spaces are limited. Tuesday 22 January 7.30pm - 9.30pm Monday 28 January 7.30pm - 9.30pm £2.50 per head to include refreshments

01604 810652

Dont forget, you can drop your articles and news for Barton Today into Barton Sweets!

First Floor, 4B The Square, Earls Barton NN6 0NA email:

Earls Barton Infant School News We were very pleased to welcome Revd. Nigel Bibbings back into our school this term. He impressed upon the children how they are all stars and will all shine in their unique way during their life as well as helping them explore the part they have to play in numerous teams. This linked in beautifully with the key messages we deliver throughout our curriculum. We have also been fortunate in having Brian and Lesley Emerson take an assembly, accompanied by the entertaining ‘Baa’. Our children thought this slant on the Christmas Story was wonderful. As I write this the children are really looking forward to visiting the Baptist Chapel for our traditional carol service this year. We know Lesley will be there but what about the mischievous ‘Baa’? Our fundraising activities continue at a pace with children in key stage 1 donating a total of £84.37 for the RNLI when they dressed up for ‘pirate day’. Our Christmas fayre was very successful, thanks to the commitment and organisation of our ‘Friends’, and money is still coming in from sales of calendars and concert photos. Needless to say this term in school has been dominated by Christmas festivities. Excitement ran high, especially when we had early December snow! The children rehearsed daily to perfect their stage performance for the Christmas concerts. As a treat the term will be rounded off with a disco for the older children and a party day for everyone, including Steve the magician performing his Christmas magic show. A special visitor will hopefully pop in too during the afternoon to see what our good boys and girls are hoping for this yuletide! May we take this opportunity to wish all your readers a very happy and healthy New Year from the children and staff of Earls Barton Infant School.

Your Borough and County Councillors Contact Information Borough and County Councillor George Blackwell 16 White Way, Earls Barton, NN6 0HT Tel: 01604 813485 E:

Borough Councillor Peter Morrall 79 Dowthorpe Hill, Earls Barton, NN6 0PY Tel: 01604 810824 E mail


Borough Councillor Peter Wright 2 Dowthorpe End, Earls Barton, NN6 0NH Tel: 07843 062197 E mail

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Barton Today

January 2013

Earls Barton Music

Handyman Services

Home and Garden

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December saw our performances of the Messiah in the Methodist Chapel. Our two audiences of over 110 were treated to an excellent rendition of the work.

Your friendly local reliable tradesman, working in your area

We are a community based choir and as such we offer some of our members the opportunity to sing solo parts or in smaller groups in many of our concerts. These performances delivered the recititives and arias linking together the together the choral numbers performed by the choir of close to 100. This is an opportunity that many of these singers would not otherwise ever have and we shouldn’t underestimate the pressure of standing up and singing in front of 100 peers and an audience.

A Member of

Small jobs very welcome! Free quotations General Repairs Painting and Decorating Garden Maintenance Fencing Lawn mowing only services

The orchestra as usual performed impeccably and for ‘the trumpets shall sound we were blessed to have two top trumpeters, both EBM stalwarts, Charlie Manning on the Saturday and David Blackadder on Sunday supported on each occasion by Paul Parker. Well done to everybody that performed and helped behind the scenes to make the concerts happen. On a slightly different note Earls Barton Music will be taking steps in 2013 to become a charity. This will help us to maximise our members’ contributions through gift aid and to be more eligible to apply for grant funding for those larger purchases of equipment.

Please call Richard any time on....

Tel: 01604 761216 Mobile: 07887 361111

Keep a look out for next years show which will be film and TV themes which we will perform in June during the Village Festival and also in Finedon at a time and date to be confirmed. If this is your thing come along and sing. Keep a look out in Barton Today or on the website for the dates or registration and rehearsals.

Nick Chapman For Earls Barton Music






Quality Private Family Dental Care Excellent Hygienist / Therapist Services vices Free Check-ups for Children * Easy Free Parking

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Barton Today

January 2013 BartonToday

Earls Barton United Football Club c/o Anne Cleaver (Secretary) 8 Cordon Crescent, Earls Barton, Northampton NN6 0PW - Tel: 01604 466366

EARLS BARTON UNITED U10’s Meet the Under12 Boys !! Ah don’t they look sweet ….. like butter wouldn’t melt !!! The Under 12’s squad consists of: Dan Talbot, Dan Webb, Lewis Carvell, Harry McNeill, James Perry, Charlie Lawrence, Luke Booker, Nikhil Khatri, Alex Woodruff, Sam Fidelia, Jake Channer, William Dodwell and missing from the photo Jonathan Ashworth, Jake Lay and Jack Smart. The team is managed by Darren Booker and Assisted by Dave Dodwell. Not one of the biggest squads at Earls Barton Football Club but the boys all get on very well on and off the pitch (and although go to no less than 8 different schools, they still manage to communicate during the week, even if it is on the xbox or playstation)…………..

CLUB CONTACTS EBUFC Managers & FOR 2012/13 2010/11 Committee Under 7 MANAGERS ShadHester 07413570251 Under 7 Contact Under 8 Club Secretary Under 8 KirkThompson 07976555534 Mick McGuckin

07876 778872

Under Under99 Matt Parsons 01604 812273 KyleLawrence 07745183492 Under 11 Under 10 James Cameron 07774 711171 AntonyOwen 01604811645 Under 12 Darren11 Booker Under Under 13 RyanSmart Steve Biggs

01604 811650


01604 810266

Under Under14 14 DarrenBooker Graham Pinney 01604811650 07411 522262 Under15 15 Under Dave Archer SteveBiggs Under 16

This season the under 10’s have won six games and lost two, with a couple of matches cancelled. We At theanstart of policy the season have open which has seen Robert and Jacob join the ranks it was decided that itover recent weeks. We also had twobeArrans up at the start of the season. would goodsign for the This means we have a wide spread of ability through boys to embark on a 15 players and whilst we play seven-a-side, it is new challenge, sotwo theteams due to weeks when insufficient to form decision was taken to move from the Kettering players are unavailable. Disappointingly, we have Weetabix League over to the Northants John Henry League. With 3 divisions, the team were entered into the U12C league. not had any girls wanting to join.

Unfortunately, although comingtopic. across some really friendly opposition, the majority of Each month we coach a specific September games have been won skills with and ease dribbling for most of the season, hence they are proud to be was passing, October, and sitting at the of their league - having scored 80 goals and letting in just 8 in their November a top combination of the two previous months, combining them in team matchhave situations. In first 10 games so far. The done extremely well and are due to play Nether December be focussing techniques use and by the time you read this article they Heyford inwe thewill quarter finals on of the LeaguetoCup in the attacking third, although with the recent will either be sad or on their way to the semi finals………. weather, we have to adapt to limited training nights and locations. Training for the U12’s is on a Wednesday night at the Pioneer Sportsground

The lads are a great bunch of mixed personalities 6.30pm 8.00pm. you are player that can add something to our team, please and their -parents are If very supportive of the team dontour hesitate join us at onerecently of ourwhere, training sessions. and aims. Weto had a few weeks after a string of good results, they started to play as individuals rather than a team. However the character of the group was shown when, after a pre-match discussion every player without exception took on board what was asked of them.

Tesco for Schools & Clubs Voucher Scheme is back for 2011 !!!

As a team we believe football has a lot to offer outside the pitch as well as on it. Last summer we were highlighted as the largest club fund raisers. The recent Christmas ice skating at Mears Ashby was Vouchers will be available in store and with online grocery attended by 37 players, family members and coaches further 33until are going to 8th Wales for a orders from Monday and 28thaFebruary Sunday May, tournament at the end of the season.soThe will beLast having Christmas night soonitand getparents collecting! yeartheir went well but let’sout make a Martin and I have a few other excursions planned for the New record collection this Year. year!! The more vouchers we

collect, the more and equipment we can get for club. Finally, I must thank Callum and Martin for their coaching match day support andthe Mick for managing communication, plus all the parents who collect the subs, put up the goals and respect If you collect the vouchers and would like to tape for matches. donate them to EBUFC, please contact anyone on

However, the ones that really matter and the reason we give up our time are Rob, Lewis, Charlie, the General Committee where will be Arran, Arran, Sonny, Robert, Jacob, Ben, Cameron, Finley, Owen, Seb,- Joe, andthey Hector.

gratefully received! If you would like a collection box and poster to put in your workplace, please us atCoaches EBUFC are always looking for newemail Players, Sponsors & Volunteers. If interested, please call the club secretary Anne Cleaver 01604 466366


07532 113155


Scott Bromwich 01604 510979 Under 16 Under 17 GrahamPinney 07411522262 Keith Lawrence

01604 812517

Under 17/18 Under 13 Girls MorganDawson07962060119 Cliff Elliott 07815 543455 Ladies15 Girls Under Angie Foster 01604 466265 CliffElliott 07815543455 Sat 1st Team

Antony Owen Sat 1st Team MattSmith Sat Reserves

01604 811645


Ian Clark (Temp)

Sat Reserves Sunday DarrenBryant 07717430858


President Chris Heaton-Harris ChrisHeaton-Harris Chairman Antony Owen 01604 811645 Chairman Vice Chairman AntonyOwen 01604811645 Steve Biggs

01604 810266

Vice Chairman Secretary Anne Cleaver 01604 466366 SteveBiggs 01604810266 Treasurer (Temp)

Secretary Antony Owen 01604 811645 AnneCleaver Club Welfare Offi01604466366 cer MichelleBiggs 01604810266 Angie Foster 01604 466265 Manager’s Rep Treasurer (Temp) 01604 466366 Geoff Cleaver AntonyOwen 01604811645 General Committee

Club Welfare Michelle Biggs Officer 01604 810266 Andrea Nolan 01604 811591 AngieFoster 01604466265 Victoria Starmer

07896 214392

Graham Pinney General Committee07411 522262 GeoffCleaver 01604466366 AndreaNolan 07801945862 EBUFC are always RyanSmart 07445948532 looking for new Players, MattSmith Coaches &07967311225 Volunteers. If interested, please call the club secretary Anne Cleaver on: 01604 466366 or visit: March 2011



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Barton Today

January 2013

THORPE PAVING Drainage, Kerbing Slab & Block Paving Services

Conservatories Ltd • Conservatories • New Windows • Replacement Windows • Doors

C.I.T.B. Approved


T: 01604 810003 M: 07885 811029

Tailor made to your requirements installed by a Reliable, Local Craftsman


COSFORD & SON Fully qualified garage door fitters, specialising in hormann garage doors from canopys, retractable, sectional and roller doors with or without motors and in many colours and designs. Also repairs to all other makes of garage door

Contact Neil Tipler on:

Tel: 01604 812895



John Cosford, 8 West Street, Earls Barton. NN6 0EW

or Mobile: 07714 776483 Email:

Tel : 01604 240650 / Mob: 07854 210221

Do you have star quality? Short term and permanent foster carers urgently needed for children of all ages. Foster carers are paid, receive quality support plus a full training package.







Please get in touch today: 34




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Barton Today

Have your Say to B2Day...

January 2013 We always welcome your letters, phone calls and e-mails on any subject. They may be edited. Our address is shown on the Editorial page. Please sign them and mark ‘B2Day’ on the envelope. If you request that your name is withheld we’ll need your phone number or home address for verification. Thank you for writing to Barton Today

Lost Ring

Poo Bags in the Square

Hi Barton Today,

Dear Barton Today

I’m just wondering if you may be able to squeeze a little notice in – I found a gold wedding band in the gutter at the junction of Broad Street and Dowthorpe End a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty battered, but having lost my engagement ring several years ago, I know that there’s probably someone out there who is devastated to have lost it. I have been able to decipher the hallmark, which gives details of carat and year of production, so if the owner would like to get in touch and provide me with these details, I should be very happy to reunite them with their ring.

This is a request to the dog owner who bags their dog mess up but leaves the bag behind in the vacinity of the square every day. If you can go to the trouble of picking it up why not take it with you and dispose of it, instead of expecting others too? Perhaps all dog owners will make a New Year's resolution to be responsible in their disposal of dog mess

Kind regards Claire Henson

Great Doddington’s Christmas Shopping Evening was a great success

Thank you Claire for contacting Barton Today. If there is anyone out there who has lost this ring, please get in touch with us and we will make sure you get it back.

Dear Barton Today,

Library Car Park

Thank you very much for including in Barton Today an advertisement for Great Doddington’s Christmas Shopping Evening. It was a great success and we raised over £500 for our Church Flush Fund. It was good to have shops from Earls Barton helping us with the evening. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved for an excellent village magazine,

Dear B2Day With reference to the letter in the December edition of B2Day regarding Library Parking I would like to reply accordingly. The library car park was resurfaced in the summer by Northants County Council following repeated requests from myself. The line marking was done with a donation from the Parish Council.

Thank you,

I would just like to clarify, however, that the ‘Staff’ parking bay is for the Library not the schools. We asked for 2 disabled parking bays to remain, however, the Northants County Council agreed to the request from the Library staff for a designated ‘Staff’ bay.

Thank you Ann for the compliments about our magazine. We are very pleased that you had such a successful fund raising evening.

Ann Newsome, Chairman of Great Doddington Flush Fund.

May I take this opportunity to remind all drivers to keep the school entrance clear and do not park on the hatched area, this is the school’s emergency entrance and must be kept clear AT ALL TIMES.

A Message from the Youth Club Dear Barton Today, We would like to sincerely thank you for supporting Earls Barton Youth Club in its recent fund raising event ‘The wolf run’.

I hope this clarifies the situation. Regards

The money raised is going toward the refurbishment of the kitchen facilities at the youth club. On average 150 people use the youth club every week, from the short mat bowlers, to the young people of the village. The kitchen has been in place for over 30 years and is in desperate need of an update as its poor condition inhibits its full use. We would like the youth club to be able to use the kitchen to develop the skills of our young people. Also if in full working order our older people would be able to use the facilities to potentially make meals and drinks for events.

Steve Greenhow Earls Barton Junior School Thank you Mr Greenhow for explaining the parking situation outside the library. Can I also reinforce the need for drivers to be extremely careful around the school and to respect any safety measures which are in place.

The wolf run and surrounding events have been tremendously supported by the village, so we thank you again for your generosity in contributing to this community event that will directly benefit the community of Earls Barton. Kind Regards Helen Stanton On behalf of Earls Barton Youth Club We are really pleased to support the Earls Barton Youth Club. It is fantastic that so many youngsters from the village have such a facility that they are able to use.


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Barton Today

January 2013

The Feel Good Factory Happy New Year to you all. This month I want to share some of the success we have seen at the Earls Barton WeightWatchers meetings in 2012. On Tuesday evening, members have lost in excess of 180 stone between them. On our Wednesday morning meeting, which opened this time last year, over 114 stone has been lost. Two sisters are celebrating their weight losses after shedding 63lbs between them. Rachel Hayes has lost a total of 35lbs and achieved her goal weight in 9 months. Helen Stanton has lost two stone this year and is well on her way to achieving her goal in 2013. I am so proud of Rachel, she has been such a huge inspiration to myself and the other members of the Tuesday Weight Watchers meeting. She is proof that you can lose weight and keep it off and still enjoy life, including tempting times like summer holidays, birthdays and celebrations. As a single mother with a part time job and her own business, she is an amazing lady. Rachel is loving her new shape and the fact that she had to go shopping after dropping three clothes sizes. Helen has regularly enjoyed the Zumba class at the Silver Band Club on a Monday morning – she even got me to join. Hopefully this will restart in the new year. She also loves walking her dog Minnie, a cockerpoo, further and further as her energy levels increase. Helen has been helping me out in the Wednesday meeting all year, and always has a smile for everyone. I know the other members really enjoy her company in the meeting and miss her when she isn’t there (which isn’t often). Not only does she run Maemonili ~ Handcrafted Jewellery and Accessories with Rachel, she is currently a MDS at the junior school covering for Maternity leave, Secretary for the Youth Club as well as a volunteer at both the Junior and Senior Youth Club sessions and has her husband and 3 sons to look after! I know Helen enjoys cooking the WeightWatchers recipes and is proof that you do not have to eat different food to the rest of your family when you are trying to lose weight. With all the Christmas Markets/Fayres that Helen and Rachel have attended over the past couple of months they have been surrounded by many tempting treats. They have indulged in some, but by keeping control they have still lost weight. At a time when scarcely a week goes by without the national press running another ‘obesity epidemic’ story, it’s great to see our local people winning their weight loss challenge.” Helen and Rachel say, “We can’t begin to tell you how much better we feel as a result of losing weight. From increased energy to loads more confidence; We’ve never felt better! So we challenge all Earls Barton residents to join us and feel fantastic – You at your best! There’s no magic trick or short cut to gaining a healthier, slimmer shape. What makes all the difference is the motivation and good advice we get from Susan, and the support and encouragement we all give each other in the meetings. We have both been WeightWatchers members on and off for most of our adult lives. The ProPoints plan is by far the best one. We both love the fact that fresh fruit and marmite (not at the same time!) have a zero ProPoints value. The plan is so flexible that we can make it fit into our everyday lives even when life gets hectic. I have some more great stories I want to share with you later this year, so watch this space. In the meantime if you have been thinking about losing some weight just pop along to the meeting and see what we do. I had to laugh in December when we had our works Christmas party, the DJ did not believe we were the WeightWatchers party, he said we were all too slim to be WeightWatchers, we know that we are slim because of WeightWatchers. You could be too. If you want to see what Rachel and Helen offer, have a look at their website If you want to know more about Weightwatchers visit or pop in at St Johns on a Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. I would love to hear from any of you who have anything you would like to see covered in the Feel Good Factory, email me at or call me on 07779 081264.


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s rE iE ! o rt d M pE tE o n pr wa


Proud supporters of

Sales & Lettings

Our service is pErsonaL which is why we’re the BEst! LD







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£199,995 - Earls Barton

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£650pcm - Earls Barton

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£595pcm - Earls Barton

£750pcm - Northampton

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ExcEEding’s what wE do EvEry day!

come and see more properties in our window display

No. 1 The Square, Earls Barton, Northamptonshire. NN6 0NA Tel. 01604 810088

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Talk to your local property consultant For a refreshingly different, personal service…

Churchill Road £179,999 An Underwood built detached house in the sought after area of Churchill Road. This extended four bedroom property comes to the market with no upper chain. There is a lounge, dining room, kitchen and utility room with a downstairs cloakroom. One of the four bedrooms comes with an en suite shower room.

Please visit

w ne uild b

w ne uild b


TOP 10 UK Estate Agent for custome r service.

Broad Street Mews (option 1)

Broad Street Mews (option 2)


Oxford Close £214,950


An immaculate four bedroom detached house in the sought after village of Earls Barton in a quiet cul-de-sac. Situated on the edge of the village near to open fields the property briefly consists of an open plan lounge and dining room with adjoining conservatory, a downstairs cloakroom and modern fitted kitchen. To the first floor there are four bedrooms and family bathroom. There is a single garage that has been converted for use as an office and a landscaped rear garden

An exclusive development in Broad Street Mews. This four bedroom home will be finished to an extremely high quality. The house will have a fully fitted kitchen, bathrooms and will be fully carpeted throughout. The grounds and gardens will be landscaped to a very high standard. Please call now to discuss and reserve your next home on this very exclusive development

An exclusive development in Broad Street Mews. This Three bedroom home will be finished to an extremely high quality. The house will have a fully fitted kitchen, bathrooms and will be fully carpeted throughout. The grounds and gardens will be landscaped to a very high standard. Please call now to discuss and reserve your next home on this very exclusive development


Northampton Road

re du c


£525,000 Sunnyside £179,950

A unique opportunity to buy this beautiful property in one of the premier roads in Earls Barton. This home consists of four/five bedrooms and very spacious living accommodation. There is a fully fitted kitchen with utility room, a sun room and two bathrooms. The master bedroom has a dressing area and access to the rear garden

A FULLY REFURBISHED Victorian mid terraced three bedroom property offering stunning views over the Nene Valley. The property benefits from a new kitchen, new bathroom, new central heating system, and fully decorated throughout. It has been refurbished to a very high standard and viewing is essential

Devon Cottage, £575,000 Gt Doddington This is a stunning cottage with outstanding views overlooking the Nene Valley. The cottage has been lovingly restored to offer spacious living accommodation with four/five bedrooms, two with ensuite, an open plan kitchen/dining room, lounge, study/fifth bedroom and a balcony. It also has a single garage and parking for several vehicles

Meet Steve Dodds, your local property consultant I would like to wish everyone from Earls Barton a Prosperous New Year. Properties in our village still seem to be selling very quickly so if you are thinking of putting your house on the market at the start of the new year then why not give me a call for a valuation during December so you are ready for the new year

Call 01604

813854 today!

e. w. Your local property consultant

Steve Dodds


B2day January 2013 issue full of news on earls barton, local advertisers and whats going on in the village

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