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January 2012

Wishing all of our

readers health & happiness in


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Free Valua"on Service Please call Brian, Georgina or Paul on 01604 810933


MORE SEMI-DETACHED HOMES URGENTLY REQUIRED Free Valua"on Service Please call Brian, Georgina or Paul on 01604 810933



Free Valua"on Service Please call Brian, Georgina or Paul on 01604 810933

JG ad Sept 2011 indd 1



Free Valua"on Service Please call Brian, Georgina or Paul on 01604 810933

No other local agent can match our marketing. Not when you consider your property will be featured across our 11 branch network, in our much viewed window, on our website and, and in two newspapers. What’s more, all our viewings are accompanied, so you know your property is in safe hands with us.



Free Valua"on Service Please call Brian, Georgina or Paul on 01604 810933



Free Valua"on Service Please call Brian, Georgina or Paul on 01604 810933

Supporting local community initiatives When you sell your home through Jackson Grundy, we give 5% of our fee (upon completion) to a local community group of your choice*, including: t4BYPO%BZ/VSTFSZ t&#$SJDLFU$MVC t)PLFZ$PLFZ$MVC t&#6OJUFE6OEFST t&#*OGBOU4DIPPM t&#4DPVUTBOE&YQMPSFST t6OEFS5IF5PXFS%SBNB t"MM4BJOUT$IVSDI t4UBSGSVJU:PVUI5IFBUSF

Let’s work together and everyone wins! "MMPUIFSMPDBMHSPVQTDPOTJEFSFE

Don’t gamble with the odds Call Jackson Grundy on 01604 810933 today! 16/09/2011 13:24

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Barton Today

January 2012

About Us Barton Today is a Not-For-Profit Community Interest Magazine with over 6,000 readers. Delivered FREE every single month to every home in Earls Barton we are not controlled by, or affiliated to, any political, religious, social or commercial group. Website: Managing Editor: Steve Watkins Email: Telephone: 01604 810831 Advertising: Contact us by phone or email and we’ll discuss advertising rates and payment methods, and help you in any way that we can. Any problems, just call. All adverts before our deadline please. Deadline: Space permitting, we try to print everything sent in, but our deadline is the 10th of the month (for the January issue it is November 30th). After that date we’re flexible but we can’t guarantee publication. Include your name, address and phone number as we do not publish anonymous articles. If you don’t want your name published let us know. Articles may be shortened if space is limited. Articles & Adverts by Hand: In an envelope, please to: Barton Sweets, The Square, Earls Barton (Please address all items to ‘Barton Today’) Photos: By email or on disk please. We can scan your photograph but if you want a photograph returned, include a stamped addressed envelope. We ask permission of a responsible adult before any images are published of children under the age of 16. If you live in Earls Barton: Your magazine should arrive by the last day of the previous month. If you know of someone who hasn’t received a copy by then, please give us a call and we’ll hand deliver it directly to them.

The Legal Bit: Š Barton Today 2011 All views expressed in this magazine are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Publishers, or anyone involved with the production or delivery of the magazine.

In 2012, we will be trying our hardest to make Barton Today even better and welcome any ideas from our readers about how we can do this. In this month’s magazine, there are two articles about holidays, a subject always guaranteed to help lift the gloom of a dreary winter’s day; Louise Frohock tells us about the attractions of Cornwall and Simon Gidney details a long weekend’s skiing in Austria. We have our regular Feel Good Factory contribution from Susan Price who provides advice about what we can do to lead a fitter and healthier 2012. Other articles include one from Carol and Mike Lewis who describe what it was like teaching Buddhist monks in Kathmandu, one from Katy Mair about an exciting visit to the X Factor Final and one about Paul Wright, the new landlord at the Stag. I continue to be amazed by the diversity of activities and events that the people of Earls Barton get up to. Nowhere is this better portrayed than in our Where In The World campaign which encourages people to get photos of Barton Today taken in unusual places. My favourite has to be the one sent in this month of a newly born baby wearing a Christmas hat and with a copy of Barton Today carefully draped over him at 5.25 in the morning! We really value and indeed, need your contributions. Barton Today is your magazine. Please continue to support it and let us know about all those interesting things that take place week in week out. Finally, we asked a number of local people what their hopes and wishes are for 2012 and you can read what they said inside the magazine. At Barton Today, we hope that you all have a fantastic twelve months ahead we wish you all happiness and good health. The team at Barton Today



January 2012

Wishing all of ou


readers health & happiness in

Say itrwdsith wo


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NB: We will be doing a regular article which features a local resident. If you know anybody who you think deserves the ‘spotlight on’ treatment, please get in touch with us.

The acceptance of an advertisement or an article does not indicate any endorsement of a product or service by this publication. Barton Today is a Community Interest Company.



Our Aim: We wish to bring all peoples together in peace and harmony and to celebrate the diversity of the human spirit by encouraging talent in all its forms. Barton Today does not discriminate against anyone.

At Barton Today, we are very pleased to have got your local magazine up and running again. We hope that the five editions that have come to you so far, have been interesting and enjoyable.


If you live outside Earls Barton: A year’s subscription costs ÂŁ18 to cover postage and packing. Please make your cheque out to ‘Barton Today’ and remember to give us the address for mailing. If you’re overseas, contact the Editor for postal rates.

The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was the god of doorways. He had two faces, one looking ahead and one looking back. As you read this, 2011 will have passed us by and we will be wondering what awaits us in 2012.

Love Notes for Valentines Day More information on page 21

The Decision of the Managing Editor is Final


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Our Front Cover: Many thanks to Simon for capturing a lovely wintery scene.

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Barton Today

January 2012

The safest village? Last month thanks to the kind generosity of Bob Thomson at Polytime International we received our first AED. This now sits at Claremont Nursery, ready to go, and the staff are awaiting their short familiarity training session, which is in early January. This is the target we set ourselves when we set out on our fund raising journey. We had no idea how this would capture the imagination of our friends, colleagues and fellow villagers. So much so that we already had funds, as mentioned last month, to place a second AED. This was beyond our wildest dreams, so early on, and to be honest, caught us a little unprepared. We hadn't even approached the intended recipient. Oops. Rather hastily we contacted the Head teacher, Mrs Shacklady, at Earls Barton Infant School and offered the second AED, which has been accepted. This is great and goes to the heart (pun most definitely intended) of what SADS UK are trying to achieve in schools across the country. Every year 275 children die of unexpected cardiac arrhythmias. Let us hope that spectre never raises it dark head here, but should it do so the village is now prepared. This is where it could have stopped. Of course it doesn't. On the 26th November more hard work by Lynn, Claire and the rest of the staff and parents at Claremont Nursery helped to surpass everyone's most cherished hopes. The day was long and the preparation longer, but it was so worthwhile. At this point I'm glad I was sitting down when I was told the total. The day raised £1206. That is beyond brilliant, beyond stupendous, beyond fabulous. It is totally awe inspiring. Not at the amount, but at the truly amazing and overwhelming generosity of the good folks of Earls Barton. If ever there was a doubt about the goodness inherent in human nature, this journey would sweep it away, never to be seen again. It has been a tsunami of human kindness. Thank you. Next month I'll update you on the Race night at Earls Barton working men's club, my preparations for the Big3UK walking challenge, and where we will be placing the third AED, which we now have the funds for. A Happy New Year to all, and again, THANK YOU.

Weird Facts… The chances of you dying on the way to get your lottery tickets are greater than your chances of winning. You are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening! If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.

Friendly and Reliable Local Business

The can opener was invented 48 years after the can.

All Aspects of Plumbing, Heating and Gas Work Undertaken

False teeth are often minutely radioactive. Historically, sweat has been an active ingredient in perfume and love potions.


Consumption of TNT turns urine amber or deep red, which people often mistake for blood.

T: 01604 811655 Great News For Local Charity

M: 07855 169401/07968 349161 E:

Janet Walker Smith writes… NC TLC Trust attended the Community Gift awards on the 8th December 2011 at Beckworth Emporium. We were short listed to receive a share of £50,000 in the Barclaycard Community Gifts scheme. We are extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded £5,755.00 to save our charity caravan. We have also been selected by readers of Northampton Chronicle & Echo to receive an additional award of £1,000.00. All monies received will enable us to keep our charity caravan for the next year which provides a well deserved break for our charity families, away from hospitals and nasty needles.

Discounts for OAPS

Dont forget, you can drop your articles and news for Barton Today into Barton Sweets!

FRIENDS OF ALL SAINTS....ADVANCE NOTICE! A note for your diary. On Saturday, 18th February 2012 at 7:30 p.m., there will be a brass band concert in the Church given by The Moulton 77, a very popular local brass band. They will be performing well-known Marches, Light Classics and Songs from the Shows. The concert is in aid of the Friends of All Saints and tickets will be available shortly – keep a look out for further details. Come along and have your winter blues blown away! ERYL GADDES

We would like say a big thank you to the Barclaycard and everybody who has voted for us. Without this donation, we would have lost our caravan!


What fantastic news for this very important charity. We wish them the very best in 2012.

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Barton Today

January 2012

What did the Saxons ever do for us? The title is a cheat. It leads you to believe that what follows is a historical tour de force, well maybe not, on par with Gibbons "The History of the Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire". Unfortunately, I'm no historian, although I do like to dabble. I'm a geologist, rocks are my thing. Having said that the question still stands. What did the Saxons ever do for us? For most Bartonians the answer is simple. It is why we're here. The original village, called Bere-tun (literally a place for growing barley), was a Saxon settlement. Whether it existed prior to this I know not. So there you have it, but that is the end of the story. The start is millions of years earlier, in the time of the dinosaurs, the Jurassic. Not that there were herds of Iguanadons or lone Tyrannosaurs wandering across the plains of Northamptonshire feeding on stands of giant horsetail ferns, or stalking the placid plant eaters. Northamptonshire was entirely inundated by a shallow Jurassic sea, slowly silting up like an abandoned harbour. The history of the land under Earls Barton, is more complex still. It is not a continued period of submersion and sedimentation (the process of silting up). How do we know what was occurring 180-190 million years ago? As my geology professor would say "it's all in the strata". During the Jurassic the village basked under a warm tropical sea, somewhere around the latitude of the present day Sahara desert. The seas teemed with life; ammonites (curled shells) varying in size from less than an inch (2.5cm) to over 2 feet (60cm), belemnites (cylindrical squid like creatures), bivalves (like clams, oysters and cockles), ichthyosaurs (large dolphin like reptiles) and plesiosaurs (made popular by the Loch Ness monster legend). The basin in which this sea sat was slowly filling with sand, silt and mud, as this was eroded from the land surrounding it. The type of sediment being deposited depends upon the distance of the deposition site from the land. The names sand, silt and mud are specific terms in geology and are clearly defined. Sand is a heavy sediment and falls out of the water first close to the land from where it has been eroded, this can be clearly seen in beaches today, which are predominantly sand or shingle. Silt is a slightly lighter sediment and is carried out further to sea, whilst mud is lighter still and is generally carried even further from the land. As sea levels rise and fall, as they have always done and will continue to do, Earls Barton became either further from land or closer respectively and on occasion may have risen above the water. This would mean that the type of sediment being deposited would change gradually over time, from sand to silt to mud as sea levels rose and vice versa as sea level fell. What does this mean for our village? Sitting as it does on a spur on the north bank of the River Nene. When geologists examine the rocks beneath our feet they classify a location by the layer of rock they find at the top of any outcrops or the top layer under the soil, called the bedrock. A map, produced by the British Geological Survey, see below, shows three colour bands, green, pink and brown representing different underlying bedrocks moving north to south. Each bedrock has been studied and categorised by geologists and has been named. The green rock is part of the Stamford member; a group of rock layers laid down in a salt marsh type environment. This rock sits uncomformably on top of the pink bedrock, the locally described Northampton Sandstone Formation, which is the source of much of the County's iron ore and building stone, the bulk of the stone used in the main body of our Saxon church. Beneath the Northampton Sandstone sits the brown represented rock, the Whitby Mudstone Formation. The contact between the sandstone and mudstone is conformable, meaning one merges into the other, this would occur as sea levels fell. The sharp eyed amongst you will have seen that the contact between the Stamford and Northampton sandstone was described as unconformable. This means that before the Stamford Member rocks were deposited the Northampton Sandstone was exposed (rose above the sea) and was eroded in some way, leaving the contact ungraded and very clean. Geology provided the building material for our Saxon predecessors to build our late 10th century church, of which sadly only the tower is original. But what led the Saxons to build their settlement here in the first place? The village sits on a ridge above the river, which most likely held a track/ridge way, which has now been replaced by the rad running from Doddington, through Earls Barton and on to Mears Ashby. Transport routes have always been the focus for settlement establishment, particularly where they cross. But the simple answer for Earls Barton is geology and topography (the ups and downs of the land). The Northampton Sand is an aquifer, meaning it can hold water within its open structure. Sand grains do not cement together in an orderly fashion when they lithify (turn to rock) and this leaves lots of gaps through which water can flow. The Whitby Mudstone is a hard clay like material and as any gardener will tell you, clay holds water. It is impermeable forming an impenetrable barrier. This is the key to Earls Barton's (Bere-tun's) siting. Water flowing through the Northampton Sand aquifer reaches the Whitby Mudstone and can flow downwards no further, it can only flow along the boundary. As water flows downhill it heads down the slight slope in the rock strata and where the two rocks meet and are exposed by erosion on a hill side (in this case by a much enlarged River Nene in prehistory) a spring is formed, providing a water source on a hill free from flooding and near an ancient route way. Our astute Saxon ancestors harnessed an accident of geology and the laws of physics and exploited it to provide the most basic need of our fledgling village, clean water. All that's left is to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year. Andy Hewitt

Full range of services available including IUD and implant fitting, joint injections, minor surgery and counselling Monday to Thursday: 8.30am to 5.00pm • Friday: 8.30am to 12.30pm Saturday: 8.00am to 9.45am (1st Saturday in the month) NEW PATIENTS WELCOME Apply to register on-line at:

at Earls Barton

Visit our website at: 3






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Barton Today

January 2012

Food Cooked by Pam at The Old Swan Pam Furniss used to make pies and pasties for sale at markets until she was told by Council Officers that her home run business was not conforming to regulations. So her small business was put on hold whilst she looked for a commercial kitchen to use. She completed the entire mandatory catering courses (Health & Safety etc) and then by chance she bumped into a friend from Barton who told her that the Old Swan had a kitchen that was not being used. Pam met up with Mati, the Landlord who said “If you can do something with it carry on!” So she did and from June until September went about making sure the kitchen was properly fitted out and up to date with the never ending Health & safety regulations and on the last day in September she opened the kitchens offering lunches every day including her speciality a two course Sunday Lunch for £5.00 - yes only £5.00.

THE OLD SWAN Public House

Relaxing spacious Lounge & Bar Warm & Friendly Atmosphere Bar Snacks available Wed-Fri 2 course Sunday Lunches Horse Racing UK on the Big Screen Pool Table & Free WiFi

She offers a home made soup followed by a choice of two roasts (or a vegetarian option) and for £2 extra a homemade pudding - it really is excellent value.

Live Ban



She decided to offer a Christmas lunch and at the time of writing had well over twenty reserved places. It will be a family affair with Pam cooking, partner Alastair helping out in the kitchen, son Merlin and his partner Emma doing the waiting and daughter Phoenix serving the sauces and anything else needed by the customers. Pam’s philosophy is to enjoy herself and she wants people to enjoy the experience of eating her food which she prices as low as possible. During January she will be offering casseroles at lunchtimes to keep out the cold so why not pop in during the week or at the weekend and sample her cooking at very competitive prices.

Friday 2 0t January h

Acoustic Nights

5th of ev e month ry

01604 810468 The Square, Earls Barton

Find us on Facebook: Theold Swan

CHILDREN IN NEED BUSKATHON 2011 Once again this year I donned my thermals and busked in the village to raise money for Children in Need. Beginning at 7am outside M & B Newsagents, Doddington Road, Friday 18th November was a calm day, if a little cold. The early morning customers did a double take and either donated on their way in or gave me their change on the way out. Over the years I've learned not to be judgemental of people, as some even come back later with their donations. After some breakfast at around 9.30am, I pitched up outside the Co-op store and continued to attract donations and smiles of encouragement throughout the morning. That Friday was the day of the Royal visit, so it was quite busy. I didn't see anything of the Royal party though! The afternoon saw many of the children come by in fancy dress after school with tales of 'the day we met a Princess'. “What was she like?” “Um, a bit old!”. Later, after dog walking and tea, I played on into the night, until the shop closed at 10pm in fact. Some of the folks that had seen me in the early morning were amazed that I was still going! I knew Saturday would be a challenge, as I had a wedding to go to in the afternoon (congratulations to Tim and Linda). After playing until 11.30am, it was a quick change into the 'whistle and flute' and off up to Newcastleunder-Lyme for the afternoon and evening. I had some catching up to do on Sunday, so I was at the Co-op for 10.30am for a full day's playing. Lunch arrived at about 1pm (thanks Bernie) and all I could think about was how many people I'd missed while I was sitting in the warm car eating my butties! Dedicated or sad? After the early afternoon rush of customers, it quietened down and the mist rolled in too. Being outside really helps one appreciate the vagaries of the weather. It got really cold all of a sudden, the dampness I guess and the onset of nigh time fast approaching. For the first time, the singing and music became quite a chore. Everything sounded the same somehow, I knew I was getting tired. Suddenly, someone came up and gave me another £10 note. That perked me up, not the amount of money, but the fact that someone cared about either what I was doing or about the cause I was doing it for. I kicked into another gear somehow until 4pm when the shop closed. Even then, I felt I could have done more but the village was deserted and quite dark by then. I waited until the final customer had left and sent a text home – 'put the kettle on!' A TOTAL OF £400.89 WAS RAISED OVER THE THREE DAYS. Thanks to all who donated, those who gave paper donations and those who gave a few coins or their change from the shop. It all counted and means so much, especially when the economic outlook looks so bleak. Cheers, Paul Berwyn Roberts


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Barton Today

January 2012

Jog Leaders Wanted!!

Pierre Antoyé

Northamptonshire Sport is on the look out for individuals or groups to become trained up as Jog Leaders and become part of their growing jogging initiative – Jog Northants. We have an established network of over 35 community based jogging groups in Northamptonshire which we are continually trying to expand and strengthen.

Registered Osteopath Cranial and Structural Osteopath

Jog Northants is part of the Run England programme, which is England Athletics’ national running network. Run England aims to encourage and develop accessible running for all - to men, women, mixed groups, schools, workplaces and families - by working in partnership with local organisations, clubs and communities. The groups provide a safe and enjoyable social environment in which people of any fitness level can participate. Kirsty Frior – Leader of the Racecourse jogging group said “I have led this group for nearly 2 years now and absolutely love it. Our group is completely varied, we have men and women of all ages and abilities. Its great seeing them progress and achieve things they never thought they could.”

Osteopathy can help: • Back and neck pain • Sciatica, muscle spasm • Arthritis in spine and limbs • Disc problems, joint pain…

All our leaders are as varied as our members - all ages, paces, sizes, shapes, abilities and experience. By becoming a registered leader, Northamptonshire Sport will support you in setting up your own jogging group. On the day that you choose and a time that suits you, you can help people achieve new goals and get fit. For more information on how to become a jog leader, contact Sarah McVeigh; 07834 495 841 / 01604 366752

The Nightingale Clinic 12 The Square, Earls Barton NN6 0NA For Enquiries or Bookings call direct:

07969 355 161 or 0845 123 2799

On Tuesday 29th November 44 children and 4 staff travelled to the LG Arena in Birmingham for the Young Voices concert. We sang together with over 5,000 other children and with acts such as the High Kings, Urban Strides dance group and 11 year old Connie Talbot. The children rehearsed all afternoon and then sang and danced in front of a crowd of thousands until 9pm. Thanks to the sparkly golden hats and banner supplied by the PTA we were very easy to spot!!! My thanks to Mrs Skett for arranging this wonderful event and all the preparations leading up to it. Also to the children whose behaviour was impeccable, they made the trip a real delight! If you would like to see the young voices in action, go to and you can see a clip of the pop medley being sung. Here’s to doing it all again next year!!!

+ +

+ + Below is a link to a YouTube video of the children singing the pop medley and our choir can be seen really clearly at about 3 mins + + 15 sec!!! 6

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Barton Today

January 2012

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2011

URGENTLY WANTED Youth Club Leader & Assistant Leader (Salaried)

I am pleased to report that to date we have raised £6705 whilst this is down slightly on last year’s figure I am not disheartened given the current economic situation. Very many thanks to everyone, local businesses and organisations, my colleagues in the Legion, our volunteer helpers and last, but not least, those who put their hands in their pockets, purses and wallets!

Earls Barton Youth Club requires a leader and assistant leader to manage and run its senior Club, which is held on a Thursday evening, 7.30 until 9.30, for 12 to 16 year olds. If you have experience of working with young people, are motivated and enthusiastic to make a difference to the local community then contact Helen Stanton on 01604 812672 for an application form.

The Poppy Appeal is the major single source of revenue for the Royal British Legion’s Benevolent Fund. Each year more ex-service people come to the Legion for help and the cost of this help is continually increasing. Too often we see and hear of young service men and women employed in peace keeping roles in many parts of the world, often in considerable danger. This means that there will always be a need to provide help for them and their dependants and that is why it is so important that the Legion can continue with its vital work. Thank you on behalf of those who will now benefit from your support. Mike Nichols Poppy Appeal Organiser Royal British Legion, Earls Barton 07783-516933 or 01604-810802

Dont forget, you can drop your articles and news for Barton Today into Barton Sweets!

A friendly invitation to everyone to drop into our QUIET DAY

Don't Be Left In the Dark, Call a Bright Spark !!

All Saints Church Saturday 28th January 2012 10.00am to 4.00pm

Earls Barton’s Fully Qualified Electrician

Start the year with a few minutes of quiet and tranquillity.

BS7671 17th Edition City And Guilds 2382, 2377, 2392 Part P Reg

Drop in to All Saints Church to: • Look at the inspirational pictures and writings on display • Sit quietly for as long as you like • Light a candle for someone you care about • Say a prayer • Write a prayer request • Pick up a prayer card

All Your Electrical Needs Rewires, New Sockets, Lights, Fault finding, Outside Power, Landlord Certificates, P.A.T

Has Your Electrical System Been Tested Recently ?

Our ancient church is a place of peace and calm. Even if you don’t normally come to church, we invite you to come and relax with us for a few minutes after the bustle of Christmas and New Year. There will be ideas for prayer and meditation on display, or you may simply like to sit quietly in a place where people have come to seek comfort and peace for more than a thousand years.

Free Advice and Estimate

Call Paul on: 07970 812522 Or Email:



If you would like to find out more about this day, or about All Saints Church, please contact Glynis Harper (07919 952736) or Rev Miranda Hayes (810447).


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Barton Today

January 2012

Earls Barton Infant School News WOW what an exciting month we have had at school! Our year 2 children really loved learning all about pirates and using the theme to develop their skills right across the curriculum. The unit of work culminated with them all coming into school dressed as pirates for the day. Not only did they thoroughly love ‘walking the plank’ into the sea of sharks they also raised £37.45 for the RNLI at the same time. This day happened to coincide with HRH Princess Anne visiting Barkers shoe factory, so the crowd of children waving their flags in greeting that day included many ‘buccaneers’. Some of you may have seen us in the local paper or on Anglia TV. It is an occasion that will stay in the children’s memories and many have relatives that were able to relate how they did the same when the Queen Mother visited the factory in 1987. Since then excitement has continued to mount as we prepare to celebrate Christmas. It began with our Christmas Fayre, organised by our wonderful ‘Friends of Earls Barton Infant School’ association. It was very well attended with stall holders reporting good sales. The favourite attraction was, of course, Santa’s grotto! No time to draw breath as we entered December! The post box was out and daily deliveries were made to each class as children began sending to, and receiving cards from, each other. The stage went up, along with the decorations, as concert preparations began. This culminated in a dress rehearsal, enjoyed by two local pre-schools, and 3 performances for parents. Our audiences gave wonderful feedback which provided a well deserved ‘pat on the back’ for all the staff and volunteer helpers who had worked so hard behind the scenes. The children were confident performers and gained so many skills through the experience. We are so proud of them! In that very same week the whole school went to the panto (Oh yes we did)! The children thoroughly enjoyed the shared community experience of travelling by coach to the Castle theatre in Wellingborough to see ‘Peter Pan’. The orange lolly during the interval went down a treat too! We didn’t stop there. The year 2 children all designed Christmas cards that have been printed and sold to parents, and every child in school made a ’shiny’ tree decoration for our entry into the tree festival at All Saints Church. By the time you read this we will have all popped along to the church in our classes to appreciate the effect of our team effort, as well as marvel at all the other trees on display. We have more excitement planned for our last week of term but you will have to wait until next month to find out what!!


Being able to live at home can be one of the most important comforts in an older person’s life and because family and friends can’t always be there, Home Instead Senior Care are here to help.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Our Services include: • Companionship • Light housekeeping • Local transportation and errands • Meal preparation • Respite support • Convalescence support • Shopping • Personal care • Specialist Dementia and Alzheimer’s care and much more...

Boiler Repairs & Maintenance Installation Designed and Installed Boiler Breakdowns Domestic / Commercial Gas Pipe Services Landlord Certification Gas Leaks Upgrades of Heating Systems Power flushing of Heating Systems Gas Fires Bathroom Suite Installations Cooker Installations Reliable Service Contract Work Undertaken

$%)$' +%%(%(

From just a couple of hours a day to full time care, our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call us on 01933 358708 Unit 6, Moulton College, Chelveston Road, Higham Ferrers, Northants NN10 8HN

Spec provid ialists in with noing people n-m care in edical own ho their mes


! 8


$%)$' +%%**' " "


+%&,,% ! !

! !

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Barton Today

January 2012

Barkers Shoes celebrates 130 years with a Royal visit Just like her Grandmother before her, Princess Anne came to Earls Barton to visit the Barker’s shoe factory. This time it was to mark the 130th anniversary of the company manufacturing a world-class product on our doorsteps. The Queen Mother officially opened the doors to the newly developed factory in 1987, and for both her visit and Princess Anne’s, our very own Lee Berrill did the floral displays. The Princess Royal was given a tour of the Barkers Shoes factory by managing director Alan Pringle and then unveiled a plaque to commemorate her visit, also a pair of shoes that she had chosen were presented to her. Her Royal Highness was welcomed by the children of Earls Barton Infant and Junior schools who were all waving Union Jack flags and dressed up in costumes for Children in Need. They made a colourful spectacle lining the driveway up to the factory. A lucky few got to stand at the door as the Princess entered the factory for her tour. She said: “It is a real pleasure to visit any company celebrating its 130th anniversary but even more so one that has stayed in its home area throughout that period.” She praised the “fantastic” work of the Earls Barton shoe manufacturer and said “Barkers Shoes has become a really important company for the local area of Northampton and for Britain as well due to the fantastic job it has done in exporting its goods.” Mr Pringle said it has been a “great honour” to have a visit from the Princess Royal who also presented the company with the Gold Award for Export Excellence at the UK Fashion and Textile Awards last year. He said: “Princess Anne was very impressed with some of our manufacturing processes and was pleased to see so many youngsters employed in the business.” “I think the secret of our longevity is that we have maintained a high quality of shoes but kept in touch with fashions.” Adrian Gell, the company’s UK sales and marketing manager, said Barkers Shoes were exported to more than 60 countries and were particularly popular in Russia, Italy, South Korea and China. Mr Gell said: “We have moved forward with the fashion and we always make high quality shoes that fit and are fashionable. “It is all about maintaining quality and keeping our links with Northamptonshire.” Pauline Shacklady, head teacher of Earls Barton Infant School, said the children had been “very excited” to see Princess Anne. She said: “It is something they will store in their memories and tell their children about.”


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Barton Today

January 2012


The mens section of Earls Barton Bowling Club held their annual presentation dinner on Friday 25 November at the Clubhouse. Over sixty members and guests enjoyed an excellent dinner prepared by the “Wigley family” The dinner was presided over by Club President Richard Paintin and there were two guest speakers who entertained the assembled guests. In the President’s address Richard spoke of an outstanding year for the club with much success on the greens of Northamptonshire including winning the Executive Triples competition, runners up in the County Triples (gaining representation to the National Finals) and winning the Monday evening league. Each year the President awards the “Clubman of the Year Trophy” and this year he awarded it to Bob Frost (Frostie) for his outstanding service and loyalty to the club over many years and making reference to Bob making an appearance at the Nationals in the eighties. This year the Club Competitions, ably run by Michael Griffin, was a great success with record entries. The trophies were presented by Michael and the following were the victors:

CLUB CHAMPION Winner: A. Jeyes Runner - Up: N. Gould PHOTO A. Jeyes being presented with the Club Championship Cup by Michael Griffin

HANDICAP Winner: J. Butts Runner - Up: A. Jeyes PHOTO: James Butts being presented with the Handicap Cup by Michael Griffin

NOVICES Winner: T. Harte Runner - Up: G. Plain DRAWN PAIRS Winner: D. Lockett & T. Harte Runners - Up: D. Wright & H. Packman TWO WOODS Winner: A. Jeyes Runner - Up: G. Dartnell SKEEL - HARRISON Winner: N. Gould Runner - Up: D.Wigley


The Annual General Meeting of the Club took place on the evening of 29 November and the following were appointments were made for the 2012 season: PRESIDENT: R. Paintin VICE PRESIDENT: N. Gould CAPTAIN: A. Jeyes VICE CAPTAIN: R. Paintin SECRETARY: D. Rust FIXTURES SECRETARY: D. Wigley COMPETITION SECRETARY: M. Griffin MEMBERS: J. Butts; G. Dartnell; T. Denny

FREE ESTIMATES • NO CALL OUT CHARGE • Local Business offering Competitive Prices • All Plumbing & Gas Work • Boiler & Heating Installations & Servicing • Warm Air Heating - Servicing & Repair

The Club looks forward to an excellent season and welcomes new members of any age. Full details are available from the Secretary on 01604 813633.

• Gas Cooker Installations & Repairs

January Services at All Saints 1st January Christmas 2 8th January Epiphany 15th January Epiphany 2 22nd January Epiphany 3


10am Parish Communion No Evensong

Discou n Earls B t to arton Reside nts

8.30am Holy Communion (said) 10am All Age Epiphany Eucharist 10am Parish Communion 6pm Evensong 10am Parish Communion 4pm Churches Together Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service Saturday 28th Quiet Day 29th January 10am Parish Communion Epiphany 4

Contact Martin Kightley on:

01604 466298 Or 07850 717261 10

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Barton Today

January 2012

Here’s to the New Year and more fantastic snaps! All around the world! Captain Scott Holdsworth, (Scotty), on the bridge wing of the MV 'BlackEagle', container ship, reading the magazine with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, before entering San Francisco Bay. This particular copy of Barton Today has now gone completely around the world!


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and even baby’s first read... Congratulations to Szilvia and the birth of BALAZS. born 21.11 11

..... When you go away this year remember to pack your latest edition of B2Day ... or even include it in a photo of a special occasion! 11

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Barton Today

January 2012

Emergency Response Team Spring to Action Thank you to Peter Wright for letting us know about an incident near the Methodist church involving a burst water main, a few sand bags and some resourceful people. Below is the order of events that occurred: a) Burst water main occurred at around 9.3 0am on Sunday 4 December b) Initially, Anglian Water believe the leakage rate was 60 litres per second c) Approximately 2 years ago the PC purchased some high tech sand bags for use when there are flooding problems in Earls Barton d) The Parish Council used its stock of high tech sand bags to contain the water and direct it to areas which would not be harmed - in this case, the Blitz site. (The bags contain material that swells up when it absorbs water and are light and easy to move about. After use the bags can be dried out and reused again ) d) Corie, 7 years old and Joshua, 12 years old, helped place the sand bags in front of the Methodist Church and divert the water on to the Blitz site, as well as clearing leaves from the gutter e) Martin Cahill, Chair of the PC coordinated the PC responses with the help of Rosie Smart, Clerk to the PC and Peter Wright




Gallery West

Fully qualified garage door fitters, specialising in hormann garage doors from canopys, retractable, sectional and roller doors with or without motors and in many colours and designs. Also repairs to all other makes of garage door

Large selection of pictures on sale ‌. Traditional & Contemporary, Originals & Prints High quality picture framing service by Fine Art Trade Guild commended Framer

John Cosford, 8 West Street, Earls Barton. NN6 0EW

Tel : 01604 240650 / Mob: 07854 210221

Wishing you all a Happy an Prosperouds New Year

The Earls Barton Building Company your investment is safe in our hands From small extensions, alterations and conversions, through to full scale renovations and self build projects.

24 West Street, Earls Barton

The Earls Barton Building Company has a wealth of knowledge and eager capability to undertake all 2 Station Road, Earls Barton of your building requirements.

01604 811737 / 07759 174810 email:

John Elderton

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Northampton. NN6 0NT Office: 01604 810788 Mobile: 07973 489239 Email:

For more information, previous projects and customer appraisals go to:

EARLS BARTON RALLY AND COUNTRY FAYRE The Earls Barton and Country Fayre Rally Committee are sorry that Michael Higham felt it necessary to resign as organiser of the Earls Barton Rally. We would like to extend our thanks to Michael, Hazel and their family for all their hard work and dedication over the past fourteen years. The Rally will take place as usual in 2012 at White’s Rally Field on the August Bank Holiday, 25th, 26th and 27th August. The Rally will now be organised by the committee with no specific organiser so if you require any further information or would like to be involved with the event please contact either: Robert Hollowell, 6 Nene Rise, Cogenhoe, Northants. Home Tel: 10604 890346 Mobile: 07960 082975 or Elaine Gregory, 139 London Road, Bozeat, Northants Tel: 01933 664938 Mobile: 07867 775067 We look forward to your continued support and will keep you regularly updated through the Earls Barton magazines. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012. Robert Hollowell Vintage Secretary

Elaine Gregory Chief Steward


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Barton Today

January 2012

Earls Barton Ski Team What does: 10 guys + Foreign country + Skiing + The occasional beer = ???? Odds on for a possible disaster? So you may think, so read on…. This is the story of when the most unlikely of guys are bundled together for a four day skiing extravaganza in Austria. Quite a thought I hear you sigh. Well that is what happened. Ten ‘responsible’ chaps decided to get together and see what might ensue when the application of very dicey foot ware combined with the picturesque snow covered slopes of Kaprun. It all started with just three, to four of us deciding on a skiing ‘road-trip’ to wherever there may be snow. After great deliberation, investigation and contemplation over a ‘long’ pint of fine ale, Kaprun in Austria became our chosen destination, and the date of the 11-11-11 was fixed. The very delicate matter of informing various partners, spouses and general loved ones, as all you esteemed ‘other halves’ can imagine, went without a hitch. In fact they couldn’t wait to get rid of us! With the plan hatched, and all approval met, transport costs were investigated, and very quickly revised to ‘it would cost the same to fly’, and ‘we would get there quicker if we flew’. What was more, the word of the ‘road/fly trip, boys skiing expedition’ was out and very quickly the numbers grew from four to twelve, later to settle back to the final ten. And so it began. Rendezvous at 4.15am, in The Square in the village. The mini bus picked up nine of the ten of us, all full of chatter and anticipation, and we were off. Stansted loomed, and there we met the tenth Earls Barton Ski Team member, only known to one other of the group, but soon to fit in very well. We checked in, and following a hearty traditional fry-up, washed down by one or two 565ml vessels of Britain’s finest ales, we boarded the plane and took off, heading for Munich. With the usual German precision, the very comfortable coach was waiting for us as we cleared customs. Seated around the circular table, on said coach, was where everyday life finally melted away into conversations of what was about to happen, and the fact that we were actually ‘doing’ this well planned ‘road trip’, supported of course by the ‘local brew’, supplied by the driver. We arrived and were greeted by a picturesque scene of an Austrian town and accommodation on three floors, all to be occupied by us. Rooms chosen and settled in, we ventured into town to get the appropriate ski equipment. Once kitted out, food was next on the agenda, and so to the local supermarket to get the essentials. Up to now all was going to plan, and everything was just ‘perfect’. We ate and drank…a bit, and looked forward to the slopes in the morning. The sunny cold morning saw that at least two of the Earls Barton Ski Team were slightly the worst for wear…must have been something they ate! This was compounded by the 6.30 alarm call of ‘Guns and Roses’, which for those two seemed a lot louder than usual! A welcome cup of coffee, and a porridge breakfast led us to the 7.50am ski bus, a five minute walk from the chalet. We could only drool at the glacier topped mountain shimmering from the valley below, and the only obstacles to the beckoning slopes were the ski passes and crowds of people with nothing to do at the weekend…. apart from ski. Two cable-car rides and we would be there! All the months of planning, the hundreds of e-mails, the anticipation, and the excitement were to be realised. The only thing we had to do now was to ski, (and snow board), and ski we did! All ten of the Earls Barton Ski Team found their feet, with skis attached, and ventured into the unknown. Needless to say some were better than others: some picked up more experience than they thought they would; some found washing with snow was the answer; some that the quickest way down was indeed a straight line, but the stop was fraught with impending calamity, and some learned from the mountain rescue that rock climbing was not their sport, and should be avoided at all costs! For me, who hadn’t skied for seventeen years, (apart from two hours at the Snow Dome) there was the experience of the occasional ‘face plant’, reversing wildly down hill, and a complete wipe out. I was like a duck in water. In two words, absolute fun! “What about the Après-ski?” I hear you shout! Well the food was very fine, and the beer, although thirst quenching, was taken in copious moderation, according to personal tolerances, and habitual requirements. Hate to disappoint all various partners,’ spouses and general loved ones, and those who take time to read this, but, apart from the occasional hang-over, bruised parts, and aching limbs, (which lets face it can all be attained from walking to and from the Stag) we, the Earls Barton Ski Team all behaved as grown responsible members of the Kaprun community for three nights and four days.

So to answer the question: What does 10 guys + Foreign country + Skiing + The occasional beer ? = Well, a fantastic time, and definitely to be repeated.


Simon Gidney

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Barton Today

January 2012

Captain Hook goes off back to Neverland after the most successful Methodist bazaar to date! On November 26th Captain Hook and his gang of pirates landed the Jolly Roger into the Methodist church upstairs hall where they got to work trying to find Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle. Joining the pirates on their adventure to Earls Barton was the mermaids from Neverland as well as the Native Americans who kept the Pirates in order. The grand opening at 10:30am saw a performance from Captain Hook and his pirates as well as our official opening by our new minister Reverent Nigel Bibbings (who was captured by Captain Hook on the day.) This year’s event saw a record number of people of all ages attend from all over the village and county. On the day money was raised for Donna’s Dream House in Blackpool, Great Ormond’s Street, Mind Foundation and our own church funds. We raised £1, 866.55 which we thank everyone for! Thank you to everyone who supported Captain Hook and his pirates on the day and we hope that everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves and will be back later this year (November 24th) for our next bazaar, with a brand new theme. It’s going to be epic! Have a look at some of the photos from our biggest bazaar to date! Hope to see you again next year! Gary L Johnson (Methodist Bazaar Chairperson)

God bless you all! Thank you to everyone who supported us over advent and Christmas. We know what an important time of the year it means to so many people in the village and we hope (if you joined us) you enjoyed the celebrations as much as we did, to the lead up to the birth of Jesus Christ our lord and saviour. Thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas fayre as well as our action for children concert. We hope you will now join us in this New Year for more fellowship and events to share with each other.

Coffee Mornings are BACK!!!! On Saturday 4th February our monthly coffee mornings are back (after a small break!) There’s something for everyone to find on the morning (9:30am – 11:30am.) It only costs 50p to enter and that includes a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits. We hope to see you soon!

More Weird Facts… In 1992, 29,000 rubber ducks washed off a ship. They were found thousands of miles away 8 years later. In 1977 a 13 year old boy had a tooth growing out of his left foot. Whispering is more wearing on your voice than a normal speaking tone.

Bazaar Thanks.

Local Plumbing and Heating Engineer for all your domestic needs:

I should like to thank everyone that came along to this year's Annual Christmas Bazaar in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Research at the Church Hall in Earls Barton. May I also thank all the local shop keepers and people in charge of notice boards for displaying one of our posters advertising this year's event. The weather was especially kind to us this time and the extra publicity from the BBC Radio Northampton interview I had with John Griff the day before all combined, I am sure, to make this year's event the most successful we have ever had.

No Job Too Big or Too Small • Boiler Breakdown, Service and Repair • Central Heating Installations and Boiler Changes • 24 Hour Emergency Call Out

Thanks also to our friends from the village who helped us to run the event on the day, we couldn't have done it without you all and we are most grateful.

• Landlord Safety Certificates

Kind Regards Andy & Gaynor Smith Northants. Cystic Fibrosis. Earls Barton Branch

• Energy Efficient and Gas Safe Engineers

• Pipe Sizing and Design • Professional and Reliable Service

RJ Leach Plumbing & Heating

Phone: 01933 667470 Mobile: 07979 804945 Email:


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Barton Today

January 2012

Earls Barton Music Concert

top musicians who, on two rehearsals, were able to play beautifully and supported the choir in their parts. The technical and logistic crew, who put up lights, humped staging, fetched lit music stands and basically did the get-in and get-out with skill and accomplishment were amazing. I really know my place with these people about. They seem to know what to do with power tools and a lump hammer! The programme design, posters, front of house team, ticket sellers and the kind people of All Saints who organised refreshments on the night were also invaluable. Thanks also to Earls Barton Methodist Chapel for flexibility with rehearsal space and All Saints for agreeing to have the concert and letting us re-arrange part of the front of the church.

When the last notes of Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus died away, followed by four seconds of silence, I knew we had come to the conclusion of an epic musical journey. Performing to a packed All Saints Church on Sunday 20th November was a remarkable feat for all concerned. The choir of 82 singers stood before the 200 and something audience and sang as if their very lives had depended on it. Starting with a renaissance piece by our Academy of Ancient Singers the Taverner was sung by the Earls Barton Fourteen and accompanied by the Consort of Ancient Recorders.

With harmonies dipping and twisting in many directions and the presence of what musicologists call ‘false relations’, the chamber choir sang splendidly and accurately to get proceedings off to a fine start. This was followed by The Christmas Story by Heinrich Schütz, a composer not familiar to all and part of the emerging baroque school. Again, the music did not always go in the predictable ‘classical’ direction and the choir had had a number of interesting rehearsals finetuning what Schütz actually wrote! But they, the two soloists and narrator, performed with authority and beautiful music was heard by all. This was followed by the Handel, Alexander’s Feast, more familiar on the ears but a piece rarely performed. More excellent singing and our two soloists for this piece distinguished themselves. John Dryden’s poem may these days not pass the politically correct test, (invade a country, kill the opposition, throw a party, drink loads, get off with a beautiful woman, go and kill some more), but Handel’s music is, as ever, tuneful, and rhythmically metrical - we kind of know what’s coming and love him for it.

And finally, if you were part of the audience I hope you had a good evening and thank you for supporting your community musicians and others in what was a brave and audacious concert. Well done and thanks to you all. Jon Rees Music Director - Earls Barton Music If you would like to join us please come and sign up on Tuesday 31st January, 7.45pm, Methodist Chapel. Next concert: Friday May 18th 2012.

h il d m i n d i n g C R R Registered Childminder

Based in Isham on A509 to Kettering Part/Full time vacancies available Tel: 01536 726376/07875 070862 or email


But for all the brilliance of Taverner, Schütz and Handel, none of their music comes close to any Mozart – perhaps acknowledged as the genius of geniuses. The choir knew they were singing top music when they hit a wall in rehearsals in October – why did Mozart write like this, how did he write like this? The Mass in C minor is one of his greatest compositions and has passages of superb emotion and musical complexity hard to match. Three soloists and the choir managed to bring us home, including singing the notoriously difficult Qui Tollis – in eight parts, although in rehearsals I had thought we were sometimes in sixteen parts! We finished with the Ave Verum Corpus, a calm, short cameo after which the choir and soloists knew they had been part of something really special. But apart from acknowledging the efforts of the choir

! "! "

"! "$"

! '/& $


# & (+-%)) )*1++ ..+,**%

I would like to pay tribute to other groups of people who made this concert possible and successful. First, the Earls Barton Orchestra, 35



!1 &



! /$+) & 0$*-


+ " $ ! ( $ % $ " 3542,! / " () (

# ' " *.2

(% $ **

$! * %


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Barton Today

January 2012

The Feel Good Factory So Christmas is over, all the presents have been opened, your recycling bin is overflowing and the New Year is about to start. Every year, when the notes of "Auld Lang Syne" have faded and the New Year's Eve party has finished, we make a resolution. This resolution may be to give up smoking, to lose weight, to get fitter and I am sure you have made others in the past. The difference between success and failure? – A PLAN!

MY PLAN ........................................................................ New Years Resolution It is a New Year for me. This year I will ............................................................ I am doing this because I want to look/feel ............................................................................................ This is the year I will make it happen. I know it may not be easy, but this year I will overcome the things that have stopped me in the past, such as ........................................................... and .......................................................... I am resolved, and I am going to do it. This year I am going to make my dream of ............................... come true.

2012 will be my year! Do your resolution right this year, and write it down! We've created a fill-in-the-blank resolution form that will help you turn your wishes into dreams come true. Whatever you want 2012 to bring you, put it in this form. Figuring out the whys and hows of your personal challenge in the New Year can make all the difference to whether or not you actually do it. Putting a commitment to do something in writing can be a real motivator. We often make resolutions and never really make a start on them. A common reason for this is not having a plan. Not many people can give up smoking by going ‘cold turkey’, often the help of nicotine alternatives is the only way – although a well done to anyone who has managed it (particularly my Dad – 22 years in March!). So if you need a little help go out and get it. You can get lots of information from If you want to get fitter you will need to look for activities that you enjoy. If you don’t like it you won’t feel like going again. I mentioned a few last month. Many people join a gym in January, hate it and have stopped by February. If this sounds familiar then think about the things you really enjoy and look for that – there are so many activities running in Earls Barton and close by that everyone can find something they will enjoy. If you want to go it alone there are many exercise DVD’s available that you can do in the privacy of your own home. I am looking forward to having a go at Your Shape Fitness Evolved for the Xbox. I will let you know how it goes. Now I have done it – I’ve just made a commitment to all of you who read this! If you are looking to lose a few pounds, you need to find a weightloss plan that fits you and your lifestyle – I would obviously recommend WeightWatchers. You won’t feel deprived, as you can still eat everything you love. I can still get my chocolate fix – although I might have had enough by January 1st, for a little while. This is a bit like giving up smoking, in that we often cannot do it on our own. Many people need the help and support of a group to stick to it day in, day out until all those new habits become part of your everyday life. Due to great demand I have managed to persuade the powers that be to open a daytime WeightWatchers meeting in the village, opening on 4th January. We are there to help you lose 5lbs or 15 stone. At the beginning of a New Year everyone is full of good intentions to make big changes in their lives. So now you have made that commitment – let’s look at how to put it into practice. It is often easier than you think – making small differences to things you do everyday can work wonders without you hardly noticing! Here are a few simple ideas to get you started on a healthier year! •

Start each new day of the New Year in a healthy and positive manner. Get up 10 minutes earlier and take a brisk walk or just sit down and enjoy your breakfast. A few minutes of quiet in the morning lets you prepare yourself for the day to come.

Make a fresh start for the New Year. Start as you mean to go on. Clear out the kitchen, getting rid of leftover treats from Christmas and stocking up with healthy food the whole family can enjoy.

Resolve to be more active this year. Do what you can - gentler exercises such as swimming and yoga are great for improving fitness and muscle tone but even walking more is a great way to exercise. Remember to find an activity you enjoy.

Plan an outdoor activity weekend for this time of year when it is easy to feel down – walking, horse riding or cycling weekends are great fun and good exercise.

Often people find that they reach for the biscuits or cigarettes when they are bored, so keep busy. Sign up for a part-time course in your local area. Not only will you be keeping yourself busy and away from temptation, you will also be learning a new skill and meeting new people.

If you haven’t already done so, it must be time to make your New Years Resolution now. Remember the one you made last January? How long did it last? Let’s make 2012 the year of success by planning what we want and how we will make it happen. Remember – to fail to plan, is to plan to fail. Finally, I wish you all a Happy New Year. If you would like any information on WeightWatchers please do contact me at or go to the website For information on giving up smoking go to If you have any information you would like to share in future editions of The Feel Good Factory then please do get in touch.


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Barton Today

January 2012

The Live Arts Section

New Year, New Excitement in the Theatre! Your host: Let me start of by wishing you all a Happy Gary Johnson New year, and what a busy year it is going to be in 2012. We have the queen’s diamond jubilee, we have the Olympics and finally we have some great shows coming to the county this year! Of course this month our local theatres are still finishing off their Christmas programmes and so on but, there’s still some great performances coming up this month! Also I have some exciting news at the bottom of my page! (So keep reading!)

Cinderella, Anton Du Beke, Jeremy Hardy and Wenlock? “That’s it ladies and gentlemen, the panto season is over” OH NO ITS NOT! Ok we’ll not quite because the Wellingborough Pantomime Society has once again got a spectacular traditional pantomime to welcome in the New Year at the Castle Theatre. Cinderella will be performing at the Castle with some special real life ponies, to help Cinderella to get to the ball. Tickets are now on sale for the short run (Tuesday 17th – Sunday 22nd January). So bring some cheer into the new year with a special performance by our local stars. “Live from the Derngate on Thursday 19th - Friday 20th January it’s the stars of the hit BBC show “strictly come dancing”, Anton and Erin.” The pair are back following a sold out UK tour in 2011 (so you better get your tickets quick.) Britain’s favourite dance couple will be joined by singer Lance Ellington, superb guest dancers and a Live Orchestra conducted by Richard Balcombe. If you loved the pair on the TV show you’re not going to want to miss the touring show which is visiting Northampton. Tickets start from £33.50 - £41 but I’m sure it’s going to be worth it with these two leading dancers.

The Earls Barton and District Historical Society welcomed Mr Mick Boyce who gave a talk about Rockingham Castle And The Watson Family.

It’s time for a classic now Much ado about WENLOCK? What’s this? Well Vamos Theatre, in association with The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, presents its new production, Much Ado About Wenlock, a play about health, sports, a reforming doctor, and a runaway chicken! In 1850, the Shropshire Market town of Much Wenlock hosted its very own ‘Olympian Games’, an inspiration for the modern Games. In a captivatingly comic production celebrating the Games’ unlikely UK roots, Much Ado About Wenlock reveals a local doctor’s determination to improve the health of all. Will Dr Penny Brookes inspire the workers to swap tipple for triple jumping? Will little Eddie Sankey triumph over the bullying butcher’s boy, Archibald Blockley? A glorious full mask show, with original music, physicality and choreography. So why not give this brand new show a go! The show is being performed at the Castle on Tuesday 24th January at 7:45pm and tickets start from £10.50.

Mr Boyce works as a guide at Rockingham Castle, so apart from giving us a brief history of the castle, its contents and the Watson family he also gave an insight into his role there. He recounted the story of an American visitor who couldn’t understand why the castle was built there, because it would have been far more convenient if it was closer to the M1. We will be having our annual lunch in January at the Stag’s Head in Great Doddington. Our next meeting will be on Friday 17th February. Our guest speaker will be Mr Kevin Varty who will give a talk entitled Churchyards, Cemeteries and The Victorians. From Black Feathers to Black Underwear, about the Victorian way of death. This will be a welcome return visit by Mr Varty, he has previously given a talk about Victorian magic lantern shows. The Historical Society is supporting the museum in its project to publish a book about the men that are named on the village war memorial. If anyone can help this project in anyway, with stories or memorabilia relating to these men, or would like to be involved in the project, our meetings will provide an opportunity to get to know the people that are already involved.

Time for some comedy now with JEREMY HARDY who is "ONE OF THE SHARPEST COMEDIANS ON THE CIRCUIT" The Guardian. Jeremy may be best remembered as a much younger man, but there is nothing he can do about that now! His brand new comedy performance takes place at The Royal Theatre on Friday 27th January (£15) – Suitability: Ages 14+

Our meetings are held at the St John Ambulance building on Manor Road and start at 7:30 pm. Visitors are more than welcome at all of our meetings. For further details of the Society or our future programme please contact Frank Batten on 01604 810618.

It’s a funny time of year for theatre but as you can see above, yet again there is no reason to leave Northamptonshire because we have a great mixture of shows / performances coming to us. We of course have so much more as well, so why not go onto our theatres websites and have a look at what else is on offer. I feel that this year is going to be a great year for local theatre!

So That’s How Handsome He Is In the November edition of Barton Today we did an article about local cricket legend, Kevin Flannagan, who had reached the incredible milestone of taking 1000 wickets. We have had a flurry of calls demanding that we print a picture of him. For all his admirers, the photo below shows Kevin receiving his trophy from the Northamptonshire County cricketer Niall O’ Brien at the EBCC awards night held in September.

BREAKING NEWS! GARYL JOHNSON TO STAR in FOOTLOOSE THE MUSICAL at UPPER BROWN STREET THEATRE in LEICESTER. Gary will be taking on the role as the easily confused and scary Rev Shaw in the hit musical set in the American town of Bomont! More news in the next Barton Today!


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Barton Today

January 2012

Bartoners In X Factor Final Katy Mair writes…Last month, the once relaxed atmosphere of The Grange Sports field was ruffled as the bar was miraculously transformed into a buzzing auction room. This nail-biting occasion, ferried along by auctioneer Peter Brooks, was all in aid of the modern-day phenomenon; The X Factor. Being a sponsor of our local cricket club and The X Factor, not only does the mobile network, Talk Talk, clearly have impeccable taste, but they also kindly donated two sets of tickets for the live final. In order to raise some extra pennies for our beloved Cricket Club, the tickets were auctioned and after a heated battle, arguably encouraged by the free flowing of alcoholic beverages and the auctioneers ladle, the lucky winners were Gary Mills and Diana Mair. On 11th December 2011, history was made as four Bartoners set out to witness the X Factor dream, live at Wembley Arena. The tickets miraculously bypassed their buyers as in true parenting style Gary sent his girls, Evie and Kira to join me, Katy, and my sister Anna on our X Factor venture. Having arrived extra early, kitted out in winter woollies, fur coats and prepared to queue for hours to get in, it took the whole of two minutes to collect our tickets. At this point, it was only 2 o’clock, leaving five hours to kill before the doors opened, so what’s a girl to do?… We hit Covent Garden and went shopping. The Christmas atmosphere was amazing, with carol singers and gleaming, glittering lights around every corner - if we weren’t feeling festive before, we certainly were now. After a few hours mooching and a couple of food stops later, we headed back to Wembley all revved up and ready to go. As soon as we were seated, the show started giving us no time to prepare for the emotional roller coaster that was to come. As expected, tension ran high from the start but luckily Louis’s jokes in the advert breaks eased the pressure for both the audience and the two finalists Marcus and Little Mix. Every aspect of the show was phenomenal from the start: the lighting, the sound but most importantly Dermot O’Leary was looking as gorgeous as ever. Both of the finalist’s acts held their own, but guest stars Coldplay stole the show for me. Their performance was magical; the multi-coloured lights we were given to tie round our wrists rippled through the stadium, lighting up as they sang, making it a really special experience. Thanks to Talk Talk for the tickets but more importantly thank you Earls Barton Cricket Club for giving us this amazing memory, let’s hope the money raised helps us next season! On a more mundane, but equally important, note: the EBCC AGM was held on 10th November. The committee was elected back en masse excepting Sarah Gage who has stepped down from honorary secretarial duties. We are grateful for the efficient way Sarah has carried out the role over the last 4 years. A hard act to follow for Darren Trotter who has agreed to take over the role. Also congratulations to Tom Todd who takes over as Club Captain, Chris Ellis who steps up to 2nd XI captain and Phil Spencer who takes over from Chris as captain of the 3rd team.

Red Cross Volunteers Required In last month's issue we told you about Martin Cahill and the support work he does for the Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Services. Below, Pauline Mahon, the service manager, appeals for other volunteers for this very important service: The Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Services works in partnership with Northamptonshire Fire And Rescue Service supporting people that may have been involved in house fires/ floods or any other incidents that F & R are called to attend. We often see reports of the work Red Cross do internationally following tragic events, here in Northamptonshire the work focuses on our own community at their time of need. The service is supported by trained volunteers who attend incidents ,cover is provided 24hrs per day 365 days of the year.We arrive at the scene in a Red Cross vehicle in the style of a motorhome which is stocked with resources that may be needed for a family that may have been lost or damaged in a house fire. We hope we are there to make a difference and feedback from service users have confirmed this. We do have a wonderful team of volunteers who all feel enormous satisfaction from the work they do , the work load continues, extra help from new volunteers would be most welcome. If you are considering New Year resolutions, think about volunteering a few hours each week /month it really is worthwhile. Training, work wear and travelling expenses are provided. Red Cross in Northampton offer other services , 1st Call when we visit people in their own homes , First Aid at public events , Home Fire Safety checks ( again in partnership with F & R ), Fundraising, all of our local services are funded by voluntary donations. If you are interested please visit the Red Cross website for more information or telephone 0845 054 7171 Pauline Mahon FESS Service Manager


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Barton Today

January 2012

Barton Accounts and Taxation Services • Tax Returns • Accounts Preparation • Book Keeping • Inland Revenue Enquiries


FREE Initial Meeting Competitive Rates Over 20 Years Experience

Evening and weekend appointments if required

Tel: 01604 810795 or 07948 036193

NEW YEAR OFFER to all New Clients! Chinese New Year Year of the Dragon

1/2 Price Cut/Finish with any colour service with Liz/Carly on Fridays/Saturdays.

The Chinese New Year has a great history. In other traditions, by this time in the year, most resolutions - made on December 31 - have been subtly forgotten and placed in a cupboard marked "maybe next year." However, all hope is not lost, as there's a second chance to start afresh with the celebration of Chinese New Year on February 12th.

(This offer runs until 31st January 2012)

15% STUDENT DISCOUNT off all hair services for 2012! (Must produce I.D/ Proof of age)

The Chinese New Year is very similar to the Western one, swathed in traditions and rituals.

Bizzy Sizzors, 47 Wellingborough Road, Earls Barton, Northampton. NN6 0JS

The origin of the Chinese New Year is itself centuries old - in fact, too old to actually be traced. It is popularly recognised as the Spring Festival and celebrations last 15 days.

Telephone: 01604 812982

Preparations tend to begin a month from the date of the Chinese New Year (similar to a Western Christmas), when people start buying presents, decoration materials, food and clothing. A huge clean-up gets underway days before the New Year, when Chinese houses are cleaned from top to bottom, to sweep away any traces of bad luck, and doors and windowpanes are given a new coat of paint, usually red. The doors and windows are then decorated with paper cuts and couplets with themes such as happiness, wealth and longevity printer on them.

Earn an increasing monthly income… GENER OUS PAYM ENTS

The eve of the New Year is perhaps the most exciting part of the event, as anticipation creeps in. Here, traditions and rituals are very carefully observed in everything from food to clothing. Dinner is usually a feast of seafood and dumplings, signifying different good wishes. Delicacies include prawns, for liveliness and happiness, dried oysters (or ho xi), for all things good, raw fish salad or yu sheng to bring good luck and prosperity, Fai-hai (Angel Hair), an edible hair- like seaweed to bring prosperity, and dumplings boiled in water (Jiaozi) signifying a long-lost good wish for a family. It's usual to wear something red as this colour is meant to ward off evil spirits - but black and white are out, as these are associated with mourning. After dinner, the family sit up for the night playing cards, board games or watching TV programmes dedicated to the occasion. At midnight, the sky is lit up by fireworks.




1,000s of people earn a second income in their spare time, in partnership with the Utility Warehouse. You could too! • Make money by saving people money • No experience necessary

On the day itself, an ancient custom called Hong Bao, meaning Red Packet, takes place. This involves married couples giving children and unmarried adults money in red envelopes. Then the family begins to say greetings from door to door, first to their relatives and then their neighbours. Like the Western saying "let bygones be bygones," at Chinese New Year, grudges are very easily cast aside.

• Fantastic benefits!

Find out more!

The end of the New Year is marked by the Festival of Lanterns, which is a celebration with singing, dancing and lantern shows.


e mb ices Septe be dS ervices Septem

dS erv



b db ad Broa Bro


r 011 2011

Contact Steve.... Phon: 01604 813854 Email: Website:

The 2011 New Year began on 3rd of February and marked the start of the Year of the Rabbit, 4709 on the Chinese calendar. The New Chinese Year 2012 will start on the 23 January when it will be the Year of the Dragon. The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. A symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power, the Oriental Dragon is regarded as a divine beast - the reverse of the malicious monster that Westerners felt necessary to find and slay. In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority. Therefore, those people born in Dragon years are to be honored and respected.

BIZZY SIZZ would lik ORS all clients e to wish old a A very ha nd new, ppy a prosperou nd s New Year!

Get paid every month, for work you do once!

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Polders Earls Barton

01604 813413

'LG<RX.QRZ :HGRERWK6DOHVDQGOHWWLQJV Polders the oldest Estate Agents in Earls Barton.


Having served the village for over seven years no other agent can match our local knowledge.

Free valuations, accompanied viewings, and our professional staff here to help you.

2 Bed

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4 Bed

With the most comprehensive Service in the village why go anywhere else. Call Now 01604 813413



6WDWLRQURDG(DUOV%DUWRQ Being the only agent in the village who manages properties directly through our office. Offering a comprehensive full managment service. Call now to find out more about becoming a Landlord. 01604 813413

2 Bed

2 Bed



01604 813413



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Barton Today

January 2012

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"#$%!&'()*+,!-./!0111203 Reg. Charity no: 1000412

th Love Notes for i w t i Saywords Valentines Day


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"#$%!&'()*+,!-./!0111203 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! !

Reg. Charity no: 1000412

Summer Leys Summer Leys Local nature reserve

If you would like to write a little note to your loved one and have it printed in our February Issue, then all you need to do is email it to: or put it in an envelope and drop it into Barton Sweets. Love to all xxx

L Hardwater Road, nr. Wollaston

reserve Local nature reserve th November 15 Ha Hardwater rdwater Road, Road, nr. nr. Wollaston W o lla s to n

T Tuesday

Come and enjoy Happy Happy New New Year Year from fr o m An Illustrated talk on The Friends Friends of Leys of Summer Summer Leys

Wildlife in An illustrated illustrated talk t a lk b by y Northamptonshire N Wh Why yn not ot jjoin oin us us for fo r


John Showers Showers N


With Derek Larkin The Memorial Hall, Tues. Tues. 17 17 January. January. 7. 7.30pm 30pm to to 9pm High Street, Held Held42b at at T The h e Memorial Memo riall Hall, Halll, Gr Great eatGt. Do Doddington 7TQ. dDoddington, dington NN29 NN29 7 TQ.

Don’t blame me – it’s not my job

J Just ust £ £2, 2, including incluNN29 ding ttea/coffee ea/7QT. coffee a and nd a b biscuit. iscuit. Children Children Free. Free.

This is about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. They attended the same church. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done. (In other words, if there’s a job that needs doing, just get on and do it!)

7.30 – 9pm.

For For more more informatiom infformatiom contact contact us £2 donation includes tea/coffee and T biscuits. Young children free entry. The Fri end ds of o S ummer Leys Leys Leys The Friends Friends off Summer Summer Email Em ail jon.p email Or ttelephone elephone 01933 01 933 272205 272205 272205 Or telephone 01933

! !

A new Sunday School teacher was having trouble controlling her class and getting them to answer her questions. Feeling frustrated she said "I want everyone in this class who thinks they're stupid to stand up!" There was silence for a full minute, then little Johnny stood up. The teacher said, "So you think you're stupid, Johnny?" He replied, "Er, no miss, but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!"


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Barton Today

Oh Christmas Tree... On Saturday 10th & Sunday the All Saints Church & Church H Festival. There were over 70 de All village organisations, business to take part by entering a decora what they did. The event was a a variety of activities within our c much-needed funds for the upkee Over 800 people attended o ÂŁ2,300 was raised, including do that werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t able do a tree, so a especially the organisers and so hard to make i Here are a few of the creative tr our very own Barton Today Tre we have missed a few, we just


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January 2012

.. Oh Christmas Tree! & Sunday 11th of December hurch Hall held a Christmas Tree r 70 decorated Christmas trees. businesses and clubs were invited decorated tree that represented nt was a great success showing n our community and also raising e upkeep of our beautiful church. ended over the weekend and ding donations from businesses ee, so a very hearty thanks to all, sers and helpers who worked o make it happen! eative trees on display including day Tree…………. apologies if we just couldnt get them all in!


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Barton Today

October January 2011 2012

THORPE PAVING Drainage, Kerbing Slab & Block Paving Services C.I.T.B. Approved


Bakery ew Cookies are proud to be one of the ffe craft bakeries in the county producing REAL BREAD, ROLLS & CONFECTIONERY from scratch, ever yday, but are you aware of all we have to of ferr.........

T: 01604 810003 M: 07885 811029 HOLIDAY AT HOME IS BACK FOR A SECOND YEAR!


Now that Christmas is over, perhaps our thoughts are turning to next summer and to planning a summer break. (There was a time when holiday adverts appeared on television on Boxing Day!) The team which organized the very successful â&#x20AC;&#x153;Holiday at Homeâ&#x20AC;? last year met before Christmas and has already set the dates for this year. There will be two days of activities, on the 8 and 9 of August. Lunch, unlimited tea and coffee, transport and wheelchair access will all be arranged and thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a wide selection of activities to choose from (quizzes, sing-alongs, craft, entertainment, relaxation sessions â&#x20AC;Ś or even just a good natter!).



You may know of someone who doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t manage to get out to groups like the Luncheon Club or to the Evergreens and who would enjoy a two-day break in the summer. It may even be you! You can get in touch with Valerie Brown on 01604 811616 or Lesley Emerson on 01933 222645 to put their (your) name forward. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll then send out further details and arrange a visit.

PMI BATHROOMS â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The complete serviceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Established since 1992


Š Barton Today

Give it a lick of paint!

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Change with the seasons... Why not freshen up with a lick of paint - it could cost less than you think.

Call Stephen now for a FREE quote on 01604 466265 or 07905 168968


14 Mills Close, Earls Barton, Northampton NN6 0RA email:

â&#x20AC;˘ Domestic & Commercial â&#x20AC;˘ Wallpapering â&#x20AC;˘ Touch up â&#x20AC;˘ Preparation â&#x20AC;˘ Fully Insured

45 Churchill Road, Earls Barton Northampton NN6 0PQ Email:

Tel/Fax 01604 812700 24

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Barton Today

Dear Eric...

January 2012

If you have any concerns or issues that you want answering, why not write to Barton Today’s very own agony uncle. He works under the pseudonym Eric, to maintain his professional anonymity. Eric is steeped in wisdom and worldly knowledge and is very keen to provide advice and guidance to the people of Earls Barton to help them make those difficult decisions. Whatever your problem, don’t think twice about contacting Eric on He looks forward to hearing from you.

Dear Eric, I am a regular reader of Barton Today and always turn to the ‘Dear Eric’ page to read about people’s concerns and worries. I feel that I must complain about some of the letters and I know that I am not the only person who feels this way. It seems to me that there are too many innuendos and ‘double entendres’ that we could well and truly do without.

Dear Eric, I enjoy Christmas very much. My wife and I always make sure that our Christmas tree is nicely decorated. We also have a nice string of flashing lights that we put onto our miniature weeping cherry tree in the front garden. Our friends tell us how nice everything looks. Our next door neighbours however, are quite different. At the beginning of November, they started putting all sorts of things into their front garden so that everything would be ready for Christmas. By the time they turned on their lights on 1st December, it looked like Blackpool illuminations; seven life sized fluorescent reindeer running across the rooftop, Father Christmas climbing up the wall and shouting out ‘Ho,ho,ho’, a flock of flashing sheep repeating ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ every time a car passed by, three giant Wise Men bearing glowing gifts and much, much more. What with all the lights and noise, not to mention all the people who came in their hundreds to take a look, our peace and quiet was absolutely shattered. We are already dreading next year. All in all it has been a miserable time which wasn’t helped by the £1372 electricity bill we have received for the last quarter. Yours rather irritably, Bill and Jean Hardup

The series of letters about growing rhubarb were particularly lacking in taste. The team at Barton Today must put an end to this. If this does not happen I will cancel my monthly subscription. Yours rather upset, Fanny Rumble Dear Fanny, I am very sad to hear that you have been upset by some of our letters. I must reassure you however that there have never been any intended innuendos or ‘double entendres’. You may have read more into the rhubarb letters than was intended. I will take every step to ensure that this type of practice never happens on my letters page. In the meantime, I hope that you have a great Christmas – pull plenty of crackers and enjoy your stuffing. Yours, Eric

Dear Bill and Jean, What an awful situation. I find it annoying enough when my Hilda winds up our little glass Swiss snow shaker and it plays ‘Silent Night.’ If I were you I would report all this to the Parish Council. There’s a very nice lady called Rosie Wise who is always very helpful. If you don’t get any joy there, put your house up for sale and hope it sells before November, but don’t mention the neighbours to the estate agents. Yours, Eric NB. A bit of an outside chance but if you are still in your house next Christmas, try cutting your electricity supply and see if it affects the lights next door!

Dear Eric, I would love to go and watch some of the Olympic Games which are happening later this year. I applied for £2400 of tickets when they were put up for sale and didn’t get a single one. I have been looking on e bay and in the small ads of the Evening Telegraph, but nothing has come up so far. This is a chance in a lifetime. If it takes as long for the games to come back to Britain as it has done this time, I will be 125 by the time they take place again. Even with the advances in medicine, I think it is unlikely that I will still be around. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could get to watch the games?

Dear Eric, To put it simply, I am very depressed. I love Barton Today and I so look forward to the Winston Bear articles. He has not appeared for some time. My life has become a misery. Can you please speak with the B2Day editorial team to find out what is going on. I am reaching the end of my tether.

Yours, Linford Dear Linford,

Yours, Bruno Ours

You are not alone. Hilda and I also tried desperately to secure Olympic tickets but failed miserably. We have now come up with a cunning plan; instead of going as spectators, we are going to see if we can get there as participants. We looked through the programme of events to see in which ones we would have the best chance. Hilda, with her statuesque figure, is opting for Greco Wrestling and I am going to give synchronised swimming a go. I have already joined an aquarobics class at the Virgin gym though I have found I don’t like getting my hair wet. Wish us well with our training and perhaps you should give it a go (I’ve heard that beach volleyball is easy to pick up).

I have spoken to everyone at the B2Day team. The whole subject seems to be shrouded in mystery. They claim not to know the identity of the writer of the Winston Bear articles. I am sorry I can not help you more. Why not encourage others who feel the same to form a protest encampment on the land next to the library and refuse to move until Winston Bear returns to B2Day. Good luck.

Best Wishes, Eric

Yours, Eric

Dear Mr Ours,


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Barton Today

January 2012

ISAMS Home Computer Services Tel: 01933 272002

Silver Dove Ceremonies for all of life’s events

Meaningful Baby Namings Beautiful Weddings Touching Funerals

• • • • • • •

If formal religion plays little part in your life and you would like a ceremony that reflects you and your values, then I am here to help

Internet / e-mail / Broadband / Wireless Setup New Kit Recommendations and Setup Virus and Spyware Protection and Removal Friendly Tuition for All Ages and Abilities Annual System Cleanups to Aid Performance New Website Setups at Low Cost Small Business Work Undertaken

!" # &

$% &)


# &' # # +


( ,

Your Ceremony, Your Way


Peter Wyllie Independent Celebrant

" 2

07812 421330


Get at Least Three Valuations if you are Selling Your Home.




/ . 3330


0 0 1 0 0 1



Exclusive designs

Believe it or not, most people, when thinking of selling their most valuable asset, get only one or two estate agents out to value their home. With most agents offering a completely free market appraisal service it makes sense to call out, at least, three firms. Why?

by Mimi Hillier Why not buy a beautiful and original gift for someone you love? Or just treat yourself.

The basic service that estate agents offer may be pretty standard. Most will place your home on the major national property websites such as rightmove and prime location all will supply details or brochures and stick a board up. It is very normal now that all viewings are accompanied. The difference between one agent and another is really only the individual within that agent that you get to deal with. In a people business that is a very BIG difference.

Choose from an exquisite range of silk and velvet scarves and striking beaded necklaces, all hand-finished unique designs The Studio 32 West Street Earls Barton Northants NN6 0EW

The quality, experience and professionalism of the person that values your home and sells it can literally cost you thousands of pounds and a great deal of stress. It is of vital importance that you vet them. You should be asking them how well they know the area (its amenities, schools), if they have sold many homes of your type recently and, most importantly, how long they have been in the profession. I would also suggest that you check them out for ‘past client’ reviews on the internet.

Call or email for an appointment t 01604 813588 m 07736 227233 e

Earls Barton is extremely fortunate to have three estate agents dedicated to the village. Jackson Grundy, Polders and of course, Steve Dodds, working under the Horts Estate Agents banner. All three of these companies offer a free market appraisal and all three work on a no sale, no charge basis. So, if you are thinking about moving, get them all out and take your pick!!

Or browse the website

Accessories that are as individual as you are 26 13:16

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Barton Today

January 2012

Thoughts for 2012 We asked some of Barton’s residents to share with us their hopes and wishes for 2012. Here is what they told us: For 2012 my hope is that children continue to surprise, inspire and give optimism for the future.

May Barton Today continue and grow, that the Blitz site development is completed, that significant progress is made on the Sports and Leisure Development and that the Earls Barton Neighbourhood plan is completed.

Helen Dabrowski (Chair of Governors at the Junior School)

Peter Wright (Borough and Parish Councillor) My wish for 2012 is that despite the economic downturn people will not become self-interested but will still show concern, compassion and mercy for others.

My New Year wishes are for peace in our world, in our nation and within our families and also for a greater respect and care for all God’s children.

Brian Emerson (Baptist Church Minister)

Nigel Bibbings (Methodist Church Minister) My New Year wishes are that I remember to be happy with my life as it is now; that Earls Barton has a place for the young and the old and I wish that the joy and cheer of Christmas stays with us.

Hoping to see the Higgs Boson; a global agreement on carbon dioxide emissions and climate change and to prove the Mayan calendar world end prediction totally wrong!

Kathy Forsdyke (Junior School Business Manager)

Andy Hewitt (Barton Today Science Correspondent)

Music is for all. Music is more important than any subject in the politically-motivated English Baccalaureate. Music is about performing and composing; join a choir; learn an instrument now.

My wish is that all Bartonians have a happy and prosperous New Year in these very trying times. Keep plodding on there's better times ahead.

Jon Rees (Earls Barton Music)

Martin Cahill (Chairman Parish Council)

That Bartonians, accepting the need for austerity, will come together to help one another in a ‘time rich, cash poor’ community with a Christian framework of Peace, Love and Harmony.

That the London Games 2012 are a great success, that Northampton Saints win the Aviva Premiership, that the Cobblers avoid relegation and that Eric is able to help those in need.

Colin Suter (Local Pundit)

Steve Watkins (Barton Today)

a t n a S r a e D


Young Writers Rewarded During a recent Celebration Assembly at the Junior School, six children were given a prize for their articles which were published in Barton Today. If there are any other young writers out there who want to send articles into Barton Today, we would love to hear from you too.


* 27

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Barton Today

January 2012

As the nights are drawing in, and the weather has finally turned, our attention turns to planning next year’s summer holidays. With the Euro in free fall and less and less money in the average families pockets there is a continuing rise in the popularity of, what the sound bite gurus are calling, the ‘Staycation’. People have been flocking to the Cornish coastline for centuries to experience the warm climate, quaint fishing ports & unmistakable warmth of light, which has been enticing artists to its shores. It was this idyllic view which drew me to St Ives, the artistic capital of Cornwall. My base for the duration of my stay was ‘The Borthmor Hotel’ run by the delightful Martin & Margret. The Hotel is nestled on a hilltop, overlooking the beautiful secluded Carbis Bay. Like it’s bigger, more popular sister beaches of Portminister & Porthmeor in St Ives, Carbis Bay beach is blessed with golden sand & clear turquoise waters. You would be forgiven for believing you were on a Mediterranean shores rather than still on British shores. My first port of call was to explore two of St Ives artistic highlights, The Tate Gallery and The Barbara Hepworth Museum & Sculpture Garden. The Tate was not only a visual fest but a fest for all the senses. One of the highlights from my trip to the Tate was my experience of a spectacular, sea-facing gallery filled with hundreds of balloons by Martin Creed. Participants were invited to move the gallery space pushing through the walls of white balloons as they explored the environment. The Barbara Hepworth museum and sculpture garden housed a beautiful array of curvaceous sculptures which glistened after an early morning show in the warm July sunlight. After a huge, hearty English breakfast and some expert local knowledge from Martin I set off on foot to explore more of Carbis Bay. My planned day of sun soaked relaxation and reading however was punctuated by two dramatic events. The first event turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip and apparently is a regular occurrence in Carbis Bay. I stood, taking in the sea air and photographing some of the beautiful panoramic views when I noticed something bobbing in the waves. At a distance the shape appeared to be simply an enthusiastic swimmer but as it drew closer I realised it was a large sea lion. I pointed it out to some kids playing nearby & within moments a small crowd had formed. We watched mesmerised as the beautiful seal lion playing in the waves just metres from the shoreline. It remained there for a good 15 minutes before disappearing back off into the open ocean. After this delightful experience I decided to try out some of Cornwall world famous ice cream and opted for a British sea side favourite, Rum and Raisin. However after taking just a few small steps out of the cafe I experienced what I can only describe as a ‘Hitchcock Moment’. Eight vicious giant seagulls swooped down, knocked my bags off my shoulder and stole my newly acquired ice cream. So word of warning to all prospective sightseers, watch the skies and keep your ice creams close to your chest. (But not too close!) However not all of Cornwall wildlife is quite so violent. The Lost Garden of Heligan offers over 200 acres for exploration including meticulously manicured Victorian gardens, lush sub-tropical Jungle, pioneering Wildlife Project & much more. Highlights from this wonderful diverse estate include the Mud Maid and the Giant’s Head sculptures which are to be found as part of the Woodland Walk. No visit to any part of Cornwall is complete without visiting the now, world famous Eden Project. The Eden Project, once a disused clay mine, was transformed in 2001 into a rich global garden where people can learn about nature and the wider environment. I enjoyed scaling the steep metal stairs to look across the entire rainforest bio-dome and exploring the superb floral displays and giant outdoor sculptures in the gardens. In the Mediterranean Bio-dome I was taken on a vivid sensory journey through olive groves, lemon trees, vines and more fantastic sculptures.


So to sum up if you are looking for an award winning holiday destination with glorious beaches, beautiful gardens, wild moorland, peaceful woodland, fantastic food and a lively arts scene then Cornwall is the place for you. I certainly have some unforgettable memories from my short visit there and am already planning my next trip as there is loads more I still want to see. Thanks to Louise Frohock for this article and the lovely pictures she took whilst there.


Barton Today January 2012_Layout 1 16/12/2011 23:18 Page 31

Barton Today

January 2012

Sponsored Climb of Mount Kilimanjaro The Rev’d Phillip Nixon is going on a sponsored trek/climb in January 2012. He is Warden of Readers for Peterborough diocese, and his responsibilities include the care of the Readers (Lay Readers) attached to Earls Barton Church. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, at 5895m (19,340 feet), and the highest that he has been before is Mt Sinai (2,285 metres = 7,497 ft), so Kilimanjaro in Tanzania will be a considerable challenge. If you would like to encourage Phillip by sponsoring his charity, then this is the medical clinics supported by Christian Aid. They work with over 500 partners in 47 countries helping people in poverty out of poverty. Malaria is the biggest killer across Africa, and Christian Aid and its partners are working on innovative projects that teach people how to recognise, combat and protect themselves from this preventable disease. For example in Zambia Christian Aid partner Zambia Anglican Council (ZAC) is working to reduce malaria prevalence. ZAC's communitybased network of 100 trained community volunteers, are elected by, and work within, their own communities. Training for one malaria control agent costs £105 and this enables them to work giving advice and assistance to prevent malaria. Phillip will pay all the travel and administrative costs himself, so every penny that people pay in sponsorship will go to the relief of poverty. The pictures show him on the summit of Mt Sinai in October 2006, and a still from a Christian Aid Malaria prevention presentation. If you would like to sponsor this project, you can use the form below OR go to and type in Phillip Nixon, and donate!

I will sponsor Phillip Nixon on the Climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Jan 2012. Because this is such a strenuous trek, it is the attempt that you are invited to sponsor, rather than its completion. I would like to sponsor a fixed amount of………..……….... Either I enclose this now Or I will pay after the event (please tick one). Canon Phillip Nixon, The Vicarage, Vicarage Road Northampton NN5 7AX Name: ……………..….......................................................…… Address: ……………...............……......................................... ............................................................................................... ..…………...........................................................................… 29

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Barton Today

January 2012


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JEYES JE OF EARLS BARTON The Square, arre, E Earls Barton, NN6 ONA. N6 O NA. 01604 810289. YES O FE ARLS B ARTON 26-28 Th eS q ua arls Ba rton, Northamptonshire N o r t h am p t o n s h i r e N at 8. 30 – 5p m. www. Mon-Fri 5.30 Sat 8.30 5pm. je y eso fe a Mo n-Fri 88.30am .30am – 5. 30 S

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01604 810289.

T&G Carpentry 810289. 01604 01604 810289. & Building Solutions



Earls Barton, Northampton

Tel: 01604 466056 / Mob: 07971 962594 Email:

6 week week Bespoke Bespoke ke Course Course for for the fo the o ov ver 55’s’ 55’s’ Starting Star ting over

Look no further for your full property repair & restoration service

Tuesday Tuesday 10 10tthh January Januar y 2012 2012

Carpentry & Joinery

Time: Time: 11:00—12:00 11:00—12:00 Venue: Venue: B Ve Bozeat ozeat Village Village Hall, Hall, B Bozeat, ozeat, Cost: Cost: £ £4.00 4.00 per per Session Session

Kitchens from design to installation

For F or further fur ther information infor mation or or to to secure secure your your place yo place please please contact contact Kate Kate K Kingston ingston on on 01604 01604 629595 629595 email e mail lifetimeproject@acnor

All trades covered Professional and reliable service Testimonials available upon request 30

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Barton Today

January 2012

Does Your Dog HATE Being Alone? Expert Dog Advice from Graeme Hall, “The Dogfather” Some dogs hate being left by themselves. It’s an inescapable fact. Dogs whine, bark and howl intuitively, in the hope that you will hear and return. It’s how wolves bring the pack together and the instinct is still there in many dogs even after 15,000 years of breeding. We call it separation anxiety or monophobia (The fear of being alone)

Professional Canine Training

Problems with your dog’s behaviour? Need help dog training? New puppy? Call the expert!

How sad are those eyes..?

07710 581007 œ 01604 493007

There are a number of steps you can take to help your dog feel less anxious while you’re out.

DOG PROOF THE AREA - just as you would for a child. Remove things they can chew or choke on as much as you can. Prevent access to chemicals and electricity. You’ll be surprised what they can get into when bored or anxious. Give them a comfy bed, a few tough dog toys or chews, a couple of treats and enough water. CRATE - A crate is not as big and scary as an empty room or the entire house and consequently many dogs feel secure in their crate. Instinctively, to them it’s a sheltered, secure den - so long as they were introduced to it in the right way. Think of a crate as a cosy den, not a cage ENTERTAINMENT - Find safe, quality, durable toys or chew items to help keep him occupied. Change them around so your dog looks forward to something different. Don't underestimate the positive effect of mental stimulation. It’ll tire them out more than just physical exercise can. Which brings us to: NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXERCISE - Tire your dog out, before you leave them for long periods. A nice calm steady 30 minute walk before leaving them will help. You’ll feel the benefits too! A tired dog is a happy dog. COMING AND GOING - Keep your hellos and goodbyes lowdrama. Just come or go in a matter of fact way. It’s no big deal. If they whimper, whine or bark as you leave, ignore them and walk out the door. (That’s hard to do but anything else will be rewarding the unwanted behaviour) CHANGE THE ROUTINE - Dogs are very tuned in to our habits and the anxious ones will wind themselves up as you get ready to leave. Try changing what you do. Get your keys and sit down for five minutes, for example. When they see you’re not going through the normal routine, they may drop their guard and be less upset DOG WALKER/DOGGY DAYCARE - If your dog must be left alone for 8 or more hours per day, consider using a reputable dog walking service or enrolling them in a doggy daycare a couple of times a week. Not only will your dog appreciate the social interaction with people and dog playmates, it breaks the boredom of their day


GET THEM USED TO IT - Build up your dog’s confidence and reduce their anxiety of being alone through short separation exercises. Begin with 5-10 minutes, no more, then slowly lengthen it. It takes commitment from you, but it reassures your dog that you will return. You’re creating a track record of nothing bad happening whilst you’re away.


Ultimately, nearly all dogs are able to adjust to our routines. There remain a few, however, who never adjust to being on their own. To keep them, your house and belongings safe, it’s a case of prevention rather than cure. That’s it for this month, friends. For more free dog articles, tips and help with dog training & behaviour, check out my website.

&(*! $'*&% #" *&%+"##

Graeme Hall “The Dogfather”


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January 2012

Your Parish Council

(b) Update on changes to Panel Meetings – following discussion it was felt that the Panel Meetings need to be held face to face to allow full discussion on priorities for the sector. It was resolved that the Clerk write to Insp Lyall to express concerns over the Panel Meetings being held online in future. (c) Annual Police Carol Service – details were noted 221/11 Pollution Monitoring Cllr Perkins reported on a meeting regarding Billing Sewerage Works. As no member is available to attend future meetings, it was resolved the Clerk will ask for copies of minutes to monitor progress.

The council meets at the St John’s Ambulance HQ on the second Monday of the month at 7.15 pm, except in August. Meetings are listed, three days before they take place, on the notice board in the Square, outside Jeyes the Chemists. You are welcome to attend and will be given an opportunity to address the Council.

222/11 Neighbourhood Plans Following discussions, it was agreed that James Wilson be invited to a special meeting of the Parish Council to discuss Neighbourhood Plans and the type of professional help he can offer the Steering Group. Bob Entwistle and Steven Wood of BCW will also be invited to attend.

Minutes of the Meeting held at EB Youth Club, Harrowick Lane Monday 12 December 2011 Present: Cllrs M Cahill (Chair), I Abbott, K Abbott, J Bond, T Brassington, M Higham, R Page, R Paintin, M Perkins. Cllrs G Blackwell and P Wright arrived at 7.50pm

223/11 Youth Club Up to date accounts along with a grant application will be forwarded to EBPC for consideration by the Finance Committee. Other funding opportunities continue to be explored by the group and the Clerk is waiting for a response from BCW regarding whether they have any funding available. Work is ongoing to fill the positions for Leader and Assistant Leader.

Public Time No members of the public addressed the Parish Council. 214/11 Apologies for Absence An apology for absence was approved from Cllr Morrall (on Borough Council business) & Cllr Gough. Cllrs Blackwell and Wright apologised for arriving late due to Borough Council business.

224/11 Affordable Housing Update Possible sites on Manor Road and Elizabeth Close have been investigated and are not viable. Work is continuing to identify a site in Earls Barton to site a small number of affordable homes. Cllr Wright requested that the Clerk contact BCW asking that they carry out the next Rural Housing Needs Survey in Earls Barton in 2012.

215/11 Declarations of Interest Cllrs I Abbott and K Abbott declared an interest in agenda item 233/11. 216/11 Minutes of the Meeting of 14 November 2011 It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a correct record.

225/11 Website – request from Bill Newton-Dunn MEP It was resolved to offer Mr Newton-Dunn a link from EBPC website to his own website.

217/11 Jaimie Smith – Safari Northampton Jaimie and Jess from Safari Northampton made a presentation about Safari Northampton and the benefits of Earls Barton sponsoring a statue for the event in Summer 2012. It was resolved that the Clerk write to local businesses regarding sponsorship and a decision will be made at the next meeting once the response has been gauged. 218/11 Accounts 3253 Anglian Water - Cemetery


3254 Anglian Water - Allotment


3255 M Freeman - Grounds Maintenance War Memorial/Pocket Park


3256 Park Landscapes - Grounds Maintenance Pioneer/Grange Sports Fields


226/11 Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Consultation Although the Parish Council were happy with BCW’s suggested responses to the consultation, discussion was held regarding question 3 “What proportion of receipts should be passed to parish or community councils?” Cllr Blackwell tabled a resolution to respond to question 3 by stating that villages that know their priorities should be entitled to 50% of receipts. This was seconded by Cllr Wright and, following discussion, was passed unanimously. 227/11 Highways & Maintenance (a) Litter Bins at Bus Stops – Clerk to arrange (b) Tebbutts Yard – Ltr from resident about poor road condition – It was resolved that the Clerk write to NCC asking for an inspection of Tebbutts Yard and for action to be taken to improve the condition. (c) Off Road Parking in Earls Barton – update – The Clerk read out an email from NCC Parking Enforcement Officer. It was agreed that the Clerk send a letter to NCC reminding them of the serious parking issues in Earls Barton and asking for leniency where residents have shown initiative and taken action to prevent dangerous parking on the road. A request for parking restrictions for 1hr in the village centre will be forwarded to the Parking Enforcement Officer, and works to extend the white zig-zag lines on the pedestrian crossing outside the Post Office will be carried out before the end of the financial year.

3257 Churches Together - Grant for Carols on the Square £250.00 3258 T Greenham - Vehicle Activated Signs Maintenance


3259 Viking Direct - Stationery


3260 Solutions 4 Playgrounds - Play Equipment Repairs


3261 Marmax Products Ltd - Memorial Bench


3262 Northamptonshire ACRE - Annual Support


3263 Clerk - Salary/Expenses


3264 Inland Revenue - Tax/NI


3265 E-on - ¼ Street Lighting Maintenance


(d) Obstructions on Pavements – The Square – an informal letter will be sent to businesses asking that they keep the footpath clear. (e) Burst Water Main – Broad Street – Report to PC on action taken – It was noted that the Parish Council’s response to the situation worked well and sandbags were provided to residents and businesses in the area. The police thanked the Parish Council for their assistance and the Clerk will send a letter to Mr Mallards grandsons who also assisted.

219/11 Finance & Projects (a) Arrange Committee Meetings – Meetings to be held on Wednesday 4 January 2012 at Youth Club – 6pm Grounds Maintenance Committee and 6.30pm Finance Committee Meeting

228/11 NCALC/SLCC/ACRE Correspondence (a) NCALC Update & Training Calendar 2012 – held by Clerk

(b) Update on Grants for Freezing Council Tax – BCW has advised that these grants are not available at Parish Council level.

(b) National Planning Policy Framework – Consultation – following discussions, it was resolved to pass delegated powers to Cllr Wright and the Clerk to complete the consultation.

(c) Treework Recommendations – It was resolved to ask Salcey to carry out the recommended tree work on trees on The Knoll

(c) SLCC Practitioners Conference – February 2012 – it was agreed that EBPC pay for the Clerk to attend.

220/11 Police/Community Safety (a) Crime Figures & Report - PC Peter Littlejohn attended and advised that 15 crimes were reported in November.


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Barton Today

January 2012

229/11 BCW Correspondence (a) Ward Walk – The Clerk reported on items that were noted during the ward walk and what action will be taken by BCW.

Do you care about the future of Earls Barton?

230/11 NCC Correspondence (a) Changes to NCC telephone number – new contact number is 0300 126 1000

Would you be interested in helping us draw up an area plan for our village?

(b) Northants MWDF – Development & Implementation Principles Supplementary Planning Document – details of where to view the adopted documents held by the Clerk

The new Localism Act means it essential for us to have a Neighbourhood Plan, to ensure that our village develops in the way that WE want.

231/11 Other Correspondence (a) Electoral Review of NCC – confirmation that consultation response received

Please contact Rosie Smart, Clerk to the Council if you would like to be involved.

232/11 Planning (a) Proposed development – 117 Doddington Rd – Clerk to write to resident advising that EBPC cannot comment until a full application is received and recommend contact BCW Planning Dept to arrange an informal meeting to discuss proposal.

Contact details: 01604 812850

(b) Applications Received (a) WP/11/0207/F – erection of first floor extension & conversion of 2 no 1-bed self contained flats – 2 Queen St – Mr K Worley

101 is now the number to call your local police.

WP/11/0453/F – development of 6 residential units with associated roads & landscaping – access from Blackwell Cl (additional information, further plans & information) – Blitz Factory, 36 Broad St – Mr D Brebner, Life Space Developments Ltd WP/11/0499/F – reserved matters application pursuant to conditions 1 & 2 of permission WP/09/0348/O for the erection of a self-contained bungalow to be constructed in the rear garden of 3 Aggate Way having vehicular access from Park Lane – land at rear 3 Aggate Way fronting Park Lane – Mrs B White WP/11/0516/F – to erect garden shed 10’x20’x7’ in front garden of house – 1 Knights Cl – Mr M Flack WP/11/0551/CA – demolition of 36 Broad St – Blitz Factory, 36 Broad St – Mr D Brebner, Life Space Developments Ltd Discussions were held and it was noted that WP/11/0499/F relates to reserved matters regarding building materials as permission for the building of the property has already been passed, and that the original objection to WP/11/0453/F remains. No further comment was required on the applications received. 233/11 Sports & Leisure Development No report and item deferred to January’s meeting. Date of Next Meeting Monday 9 January 2012 – 7.15pm It should be noted that these minutes are subject to the approval of Earls Barton Parish Council Rosemary Smart – Clerk to the Council 01604 812850 –

Your Borough and County Councillors Contact Information Borough and County Councillor George Blackwell 16 White Way, Earls Barton, NN6 0HT Tel: 01604 813485 E: Borough Councillor Peter Morrall 79 Dowthorpe Hill, Earls Barton, NN6 0PY Tel: 01604 810824 E mail

Borough Councillor Peter Wright 2 Dowthorpe End, Earls Barton, NN6 0NH Tel: 07843 062197 E mail


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Barton Today

January 2012

London Olympics

Brookside Tyre Repair & Co.

London has hosted the Olympics twice before, in 1908 and 1948. For both, the Olympic movement was grateful to London for filling in when other candidates were thin on the ground, a debt London hopes the International Olympic committee will make good for 2012.

Quality Part Used Tyres Supplied

In 1908 London came to the rescue when Rome dropped out following a serious eruption of its nearby volcano, Mount Vesuvius, while the 1948 games were the first after the ravages of the Second World War when many other cities were devastated.

New Tyres Supplied, Fitted and Balanced from £35.00

Though much smaller than the gargantuan mega-circuses of more recent times, the 1908 Olympics managed to host over 2,000 athletes from 22 competing countries. As one of the first of the modern Olympics, London 1908 was in on plenty of the rule-making that still governs the games today.

Quality Part Worn Tyres Supplied, Fitted and Balanced from £15.00 Specialists in Vulcanised Tyre repairs for HGV and Plant Tyres

Among things sorted out as a result of the 1908 games were the exact length of the Marathon (which is still 26.2 miles, the distance between Windsor Castle and White City Stadium), the establishment of the International Amateur Athletic Association and the organisation of the whole event around national teams. One event that didn’t make it beyond 1908 was Tug of War, which is a bit of a kick in the teeth for all those who have since taken part in the event at school sports days.

All repairs are vulcanised to BSAU 159F Standard

General Repairs / Servicing and MOT Repairs Undertaken

By 1948 the Olympics had grown substantially. This time around there were more than 40,000 competitors from 59 countries and the main stadium was switched from one west London venue to another, White City to Wembley. (Wembley, the best stadium in the world in its day, was demolished a few years ago – and now a new version stands in it’s place.)

Open Monday to Friday 8am- 6pm Saturday 9am - 4pm

29/31 Main Road, Wilby, Wellingborough. NN8 2UD

Tel: 01933 224301 / 07858 526838

Despite all those big numbers, one name is usually associated with the 1948 games, Fanny Blankers-Koen, the Dutch woman athlete who won four gold medals in various sprints. Starting blocks and photofinishes were used at an Olympics for the first time in 1948, as well as broadcasts to home TV sets.

EARLS BARTON DIAMOND JUBILEE CARNIVAL CELEBRATIONS 2012 We have had our first carnival meeting and would like to thank and introduce Suzanne to our committee. We look forward to having a new pair of hands on board!! So far we are hoping to have a gymnastic display team, and a Viking village settlement around the moat area of the recreation field. They will give us a 'Viking battle' in the arena and will interact within their 'village'! By last year's accounts, we made a loss on the carnival. This was partly to do with having a 'basic' carnival due to my mum's illness, and also buying some essentials like high vis jackets and more collection buckets that will last for years to come. To do some extra fundraising this year, we are doing refreshments at the 'xmas shopping event' at the Silver Band club, and hopefully a raffle at the February wedding fayre. We are also looking into ways of some sponsorship from the village businesses and shops. At the meeting we also had a 'do you remember?' moment from carnivals previously held. With Suzanne being new to the committee it was quite nice to be able to say why these things

don't happen I thought I would share with you too! The fair being on the rec from Thursday night - due to new gates and walls up Harrowick lane, lorries can no longer get up and into the rec! I loved the waltsers and rides, but they don't physically fit anymore (even if they come up the one way system the wrong way!) More floats in the procession - I remember sitting on an articulated lorry with my legs dangling over the edge! That was before Health and Safety!!! Also all the village businesses used to put floats into the procession,now the expense is huge. A few years ago I rented a small lorry for my children and it cost over £100 and I was told not to tell them what it was for, or they shouldn't really let me use it! No visiting queens - the queens now need to be chaperoned, given lunch, have a room for changing and generally looked after...we just don't have enough people on the committee to do this. Better exciting arena events - The Red Arrows, parachuters, blazing fires and motorbikes and daredevil


stuntmen! All have been to our carnival,but now unfortunately with health and safety laws and insurance requirements the prices are through the roof! The average cost of one of the above is £3500! We try to run our carnival on £1500 and we need to make that money back and hopefully a profit, to run it again the next year! The procession is much smaller than it was - This one is easy...ENTER INTO IT THEN! We have great support from the infant school, Pied Piper, Harrowick lane crew and Hayley's posse! (who now doesn’t even live in the village but still enters her children and friends!!) Adults and children can all enter, and we will also advertise for the youth groups to enter too! I hope this has answered a few questions about the 'good ole carnivals!' and please remember...if you think you can help, do. Please contact: Nina 01604 810668 or email

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Barton Today

January 2012

Does your letting agent advertise your property on: Rightmove, Prime Location, FindaProperty, Zoopla AND Globrix?

Earls Barton's only dedicated Letting Agent "we don't sell houses, we just rent them." Deal with a local company which specialise only in Letting and Managing property. We charge only 8% (inclusive of VAT) monthly commission.

Lettings is our business. Run by Landlords, for Landlords.

Telephone: 01604 52 11 82 EARLS BARTON MILLENNIUM WOMENS INSTITUTE Have you ever thought about joining a WI but thought it was only available in the afternoons and was all about knitting and baking? Our WI was set up in the year 2000 to meet the needs of women who were not able to attend a daytime WI. We meet on the third Wednesday of the month in the Methodist Church Hall at 7.45 pm. Come and meet a whole lot of new friends or rediscover some old ones! We offer a wide range of activities, outings, speakers AND baking and knitting!! Some of our recent activities include a Bollywood night when we were taught Indian dancing, wearing saris!, a canal trip with buffet from Stoke Bruerne; a talk on the Sport of Kings just before we had an outing to Towcester Races; a talk all about fake (and real) hallmarks from the Head of the London Assay Office, to mention just a few. We are currently feeling very pleased with ourselves as we have just won joint first place in a county Challenge Trophy to encourage women to join the WI and first place in the WI Christmas Craft Fair for best stall!! Start the New Year with a resolution you can fulfill – to join the WI. Come to our meeting on 18 January when we will be hosting an evening on Beekeeping and Making Candles with Wax. Come and test the water, you never know you might enjoy yourself so much you will want to join. You can come as a visitor for £3.50 as many times as you like until you are sure you want to join. We currently have a membership of 42 but always have room for more! If you have any queries, please contact the President, Lesley Smith on 01604 466823 or the Secretary, Sandra Berry on 01604 810202.

November Children in Need Event

Preachers in January at the Baptist Church are:

Many Cowboys and Indians came along on Children in Need Night to the Working Men’s Club for a great evening. All who came had an excellent time, games were played, dances were danced and many prizes were won.

In January the services at the Baptist Church will start at 11 o’clock. We shall be meeting every two weeks while the weather is likely to be poor. Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday

1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th

6.30pm we will join the service at Ecton Parish Church Brian/Lesley Emerson No service Brian/Lesley Emerson No Service


A total of £521.17 was raised which included money also collected in the Silver Band Club, The Stag and The Swan. Many Thanks to everyone who played a part and you may like to know plans are ady afoot for next November Ray Mallard.

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Barton Today

January 2012

VOLUNTEERING IN NEPAL Carol and Mike Lewis, 15 October - 13 November 2011 When we signed up for a month’s volunteering, teaching English in a Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu, we knew some basic facts about the country - it’s one of the poorest in the world, with low literacy and high unemployment rates, average life expectancy of 60, a quarter of the population living below the poverty line, and on a more positive note, it contains eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. However, nothing could have prepared us for the life-changing experience that we had there! Teaching, once we actually reached our monastery, was very satisfying. However the walk to get out of the city was about 40 minutes each way through pollution, noise, hustle and bustle of taxis, rickshaws, motorbikes, past cows, wild pigs, monkeys, stray dogs and rotting rubbish tips, where we had to hold our breath and run!

Our monastery

We taught 2 classes of an hour each per day, the juniors aged between 8 and 14, and the adults, aged between 20 and 35. The monks were an absolute delight in their long red and gold robes (which they tucked into their shorts to play football in their flip flops)! Their days began at 5 am with a 2 hour ‘puja’ (worship), and we were invited to join in this. To hear the hypnotic chanting and incantations of Tibetan prayers interspersed with a cacophony of horns, gongs, cymbals and conch shells was most uplifting. One of the senior ‘lamas’ spent many afternoons with us, explaining his beliefs, leading us through the stages towards spiritual enlightenment, while we steadily climbed up the various floors of the monastery, each with its different holy symbols, until we ended up on the roof under a pure blue sky filled with colourful prayer flags fluttering in the breeze. Our afternoons and free weekends were spent sightseeing - a mountain flight in a 16 seater propeller plane over the Himalayas, taking photographs of Mount Everest from the cockpit while the pilot pointed out and named all the peaks for us; an early morning elephant safari through the jungle in Chitwan National Park, searching for the elusive Bengal tiger, which, of course, eluded us; Hindu cremations on the ‘ghats’ at the side of the holy Bagmati river; the 4 hour trek up to Sarangkot to view sunset and sunrise over the Annapurna range of mountains; the vibrant colours of fabrics, flowers, garlands, and ‘tikka’; the huge golden statues of Buddha and the towering ‘stupas’; the cable car up to the shrine at Manakamana where live goats, chickens and pigeons were sacrificed. Their owners only needed to buy a single ticket for the animals - they came back down in plastic bags! But what will remain with us for ever is the absolute sincerity, serenity and goodness of our monks, and the utter peace and beauty of their prayer times. It was indeed a life-changing experience. Boudhanath ‘stupa’

Some of our junior class

NEW LANDLORD AND STEWARD FOR THE NEW YEAR David Rust has been busy visiting local hostelries to find out what going on..... There are two new faces in two of Barton’s drinking establishments. The Stag has a new Landlord and the Old Silver Band Club a new Steward. The Stag has suffered much turbulence in the past few years so it is hoped that some stability might now be experienced for the future. The Band Club will benefit from a new couple running the Club after a period of uncertainty with the committee members doing a grand job whilst awaiting the new steward. I asked Katy Pettit to let us know more about Brett Booth, the new Steward of the Band Club and I spoke to Paul Wright just before he took up his new position as Landlord of the Stag. Brett Booth – Steward Earls Barton Old Silver Band Club Katy write “We welcome Brett along with his wife (former Bartonian) Lucy and their new born daughter Maisie to the Club and Village. Brett left school and went straight to catering college and after completing the course entered the hospitality trade. He has many years of experience in running Bars, Clubs and Kitchens in independent and chain pubs as well as restaurants across Bedfordshire and Berkshire. He and his family have relocated from Leighton Buzzard so why not come along and give him a good old Barton welcome and enjoy a drink – especially during “Happy Hours” which are between 5-8pm on Fridays and 5-7pm on Saturdays – you won’t believe our prices.” Paul Wright – Landlord The Stag, Earls Barton. Paul Wright took over the tenancy of Stag on the 8th December. He is vastly experienced having run a pub in Peterborough for 6 years followed by the Queen Victoria in Gayton for the past 9. He said that the first pub was an “entertainment” type pub and the second a designated food pub, so he has seen a lot of variety. He aims to offer light meals at lunch times and early evenings and wants to make the Stag a mixture of “entertainment and food.” He is hoping to introduce Sky TV and free Wifi in January and offer a loyalty deal or perhaps re-introduce the infamous and popular “happy hour” on a Friday – we look forward to that!! Welcome to our lovely village Paul and we wish you every success in the Stag.


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Barton Today

January 2012

Earls Barton United Football Club c/o Anne Cleaver (Secretary) 8 Cordon Crescent, Earls Barton, Northampton NN6 0PW - Tel: 01604 466366

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Barton Today

January 2012

Gardening With Grandad... By Steve Middleditch Welcome to the third column in which I am trying to live up to my gardening hero. This is of course my self-sufficient Grandfather, who used to tend his patch in Norfolk. Now with the help of his diaries I am gardening alongside him. I am Gardening With Granddad. Last month I promised you I’d be talking about apple trees. This is a favourite subject for me as I love apples, and growing my own meant I could grow some old English varieties that are hard to buy in the shops. In the world of apples trees the winter months are the doing months. Pruning and planting all happen when the trees are dormant. Winter pruning is all about getting the structure of the tree right. Rubbing and diseased branches need removing. Also for new trees like mine, now is the time to think about the overall structure of the tree. All my trees are on Dwarf root stock. Most apple trees consist of a root stock and then the apple top which is grafted on. This allows roots that will support smaller or larger trees to be used. I chose dwarf stock as I wanted several smaller trees and not just one large one, for variety. I have learnt that on these dwarf root stocks the tops will want to grow tall, but can’t get enough water from the roots to thrive. By keeping the height down, the tree flourishes. So how to prune? Firstly get an idea in your mind what you want. I want a lower tree with plenty of branches. Also having the heart of the tree open allows air and light into the tree encouraging the fruit to ripen. Deciduous trees will sprout new shoots from a branch that is cut. Use this to shape the tree. Decide where you’d like your tree to split into further branches then use a diagonal cut just above a bud. The diagonal cut will prevent damp and mould taking hold. See picture.

Cut Diagonally to help keep water from pooling on the cut

If you would like to have your own apple tree, take your time to pick a variety that suits you. Apple trees don’t give instant results. It has taken me 4 years to get a crop from my Blenheim Orange tree. When planting, it is cheaper to buy bare rooted trees which need planting in the winter months when dormant. Dig a hole twice the size needed for the roots and mix all the soil with compost. The tree will be in this bit of ground for a long time, so give it a good start. Then before the tree goes in put in the stake. Plant the tree next to the stake and then back fill the enriched soil. Attach the tree to the stake with a flexible tie. Make sure you water well and then keep it well watered for its first year and keep about one square metre of soil around the tree free from grass or weeds. I was hoping for some gems from Granddad on apple trees but unfortunately in 1979 he didn’t do any pruning. January was his time for buying seeds. However this was held up owing to industrial unrest in which the lorry drivers were on strike and the council workers were on a go slow and didn’t grit the roads. 1979 and 2012 don’t seem quite so far apart!


EARLS BARTON Working Men’s Club

What a Great Place to meet for superb Coffee and Milkshakes

Queen Street, Earls Barton

Plus... Breakfasts, Teas, Toasties, Paninis, Jacket Potatoes and the best Homemade Cakes

Four traditional ales … … and a good selection of draught beers and lagers

1 Station Road, Earls Barton NN6 0NT

Room hire for all occasions:

Tel: 01604 812719

(FREE for members) Birthdays, Wedding, Civil Wedding, Receptions, Christenings, Anniversaries, Funeral Parties etc....

❖ ❖ ❖

Make your cuts just after a bud

❖ ❖

01604 810444 !


" "


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Barton Today

Have your Say to B2Day...

January 2012 We always welcome your letters, phone calls and e-mails on any subject. They may be edited. Our address is shown on the Editorial page. Please sign them and mark ‘B2Day’ on the envelope. If you request that your name is withheld we’ll need your phone number or home address for verification. Thank you for writing to Barton Today

Barton Bend

Compton Way

Dear B2Day

Dear B2Day

The recent article regarding the turning off of street lighting, prompted me to write this. Why is the most pointless light still active and wasting money? I'm referring to the 'sharp bend' sign as you approach the village from Doddington.

Please can you read the following article and print in response to the overwhelming reluctance to entertain the Compton Way development… I have been following the articles regarding the proposed development of 65 houses behind Compton Way and I must say I am somewhat dismayed at the over whelming reluctance to entertain this development. I can understand the pressures this development could cause on the current infrastructure within the village; however, is this not an opportunity to improve things for everyone?

Before the 30mph speed limit was moved and the previous national speed limit was reduced to 40, there were a few 'idiots' who left the road on this bend. However if anyone managed to do this under the current speed limits, then they are obviously speeding and should be prosecuted. In icy conditions the corner would be very dangerous, but so would any corner and these signs are not needed anywhere else.

By allowing this development it could deliver affordable housing to the younger generation in the village so the need to move to Wellingborough or cheaper areas just to get on the property ladder may be reduced. It will also open discussion around access to the village which I see as fairly simple to tackle by re-opening the subway at the bottom of Station road or even developing an access road from Aggate Way. I also understand the pressures the development could place on the village schools, however by expanding, these may prove to be beneficial in the future, creating more jobs for teachers in the village and ensuring the schools are better poised to deal with a growing population.

I'm all for road safety and have no issue with the revised limits, however this sign is active 24/7 and it must cost someone a lot of money as it flashes at everything that approaches it. I would like to think Night Freight are paying for it, as they cause the most hazard on the corner when their artic lorries have to use both lanes to exit their yard, however I doubt this is the case. Maybe WBC need to consider turning this light off and putting some street lights back on instead? Kind Regards A

Over the years I have witnessed businesses within Earls Barton start and fail… would the addition of a further 65 homes and families help these entrepreneurs survive in a difficult climate, also allowing the current residence of the village to gain access to services and goods not currently available to us.

I have to say that the light for me, acts as a real deterrent and reminder that I am approaching a 30 mph zone. I wonder how others feel about this sign.

I understand this would not be easy to carry out and would be a big challenge, however we need to consider the younger generation and help them gain a foot on the ladder, all I ask is that we consider everyone’s needs rather than those who currently own their own property within the village, it would be fantastic to hear why we can do this rather than why we can’t’.

Ultra Marathon Dear B2Day Readers, My name is Roger Bullen and I have lived in the village for around 7 years. In 2012 I am running 5 ultra marathons with a total distance of 500 km to raise money for Beating Bowel Cancer, a charity that seeks to raise awareness of the disease and symptoms to support early diagnoses. I was inspired to do this following a friend who discovered he had bowel cancer having taken a routine test that arrived in the post and with an early diagnosis, has had a much improved recovery. The races are spread across the year starting on January the 14th, the day before my 50th birthday. Would you be willing to help me with my fundraising efforts I have a target of £5,000 and would be really grateful for any support you could offer. My telephone number is 01604 251689 or mobile 07981817519. You can make a donation via my Just Giving page:

Yours faithfully Mark Waples At Barton Today, we aim to give a balanced view of things. It is interesting to read how somebody sees the Compton Way development in a positive light, bringing potential benefits to the community of Earls Barton

Street Lighting Responsibility

Many thanks,

Dear B2Day

Roger Bullen

I always look forward to the new Barton Today, especially the letter pages –which help me, keep in touch with the views of the people of Earls Barton. You base your views on the people you talk to on a regular basis and Barton Today helps ensure that I listen to the whole community. I read with great interest the letter from Suzanne Johnson on street lights. The points she makes about the effect of the lights being switched off are very valid. I would like to correct one major error she has made in her letter .

Come on readers. Let’s see if we can help Roger reach his target. He has promised to do some regular articles for us, to let us know how this ambitious schedule is working out.

Top Secret

The lights are the responsibility of Northampton County Council not Wellingborough Borough Council and she should address her concerns to this body. I have objected to several lights being switched off. Some of these have been switched back on due to concerns of health and safety. If she or any resident of Earls Barton have concerns, based on health and safety grounds, they can contact me or the Parish Council to register these.

Hello Barton Today!! I am currently doing something very TOP SECRET about the history of Earls Barton. I was wondering if you could put a word in your magazine that if anybody has anything AT ALL that they know about the history of Earls Barton. I don't mind however gruesome and gorey it is, just tell me!! Could they please email if they have anything they want to share. I will be looking through whenever I can and I've been doing lots of research! If you could please put this in your magazine it would be so brilliant.

Peter Wright Thank you for this information Peter. Peter’s contact details can be found on the Parish Council pages of this magazine.

Alice Boorman, 10 years old Come on all you Bartonians. Let Alice know your gruesome gorey tales..


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Barton Today

January 2012

Costly farm quad-bike regulation threat deflected "This should mean that farmers who rely on all-terrain quads will be able to continue using them without the added cost of ABS, which would not be helpful off-road, or very demanding emissions limits which would have been disproportionate to the relatively low mileage they clock up.

A key vote in Brussels today means farmers should now escape unnecessary regulation that would have made their off-road quad bikes much more expensive. Proposed EU legislation was all set to lump in the Utility All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) used on many farms with the quad bikes used on public roads and make them all subject to stringent new safety and anti-pollution measures.

"Safety features that are welcome on road quads would have make farm quads less suitable and less safe, yet they would have become significantly more expensive. ATVs are an integral part of many farms and they must not be regulated out of existence.

Farmers were worried that new limits on emissions and the introduction of compulsory ABS brakes would make their vital machines too expensive to run.

"I am pleased that Conservative MEPs have been able to work with the industry, notably the All Terrain Vehicle Industry European Association, to deflect a threat that could have been extremely harmful to manufacturers and to farmers"

The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee in the European Parliament voted to exclude Utility ATVs from a package of regulations affecting motor cycles and on-road quad bikes and instead to include them in a new category for ATVs to be included in legislation on tractors and other agricultural vehicles.

The decision of committee is subject to confirmation by a vote of the whole European Parliament.

Mr Helmer, who is one of two Conservative MEPs in the East Midlands region, said: "We are very happy at the way the authors of this legislation have listened to our important objections so far as farm quads are concerned and haven´t blocked our proposed changes.


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Barton Today

January 2012

Happy New year to you all

FAIRTRADE NEWS Thanks for all the support in 2011! It has been great to welcome so many people to our coffee mornings and Christmas shop in 2011 & so that we can continue to raise funds for our link parish in Malakisi, Kenya, we do hope you can join us at our next: Fairtrade Coffee Morning on January 14th 10 - 12 at the church hall for homemade cakes, fresh coffee, Traidcraft products, secondhand books & children’s activities

ave Loved s you h e h t o Cl

C lot hes y ou will Love

Carolyns Collection

Visit us for clothes and prices you'll love. Suitable for all ages and sizes

Some of the producer groups Traidcraft work with have sent us Christmas & New Year messages which we share with you here. Here just some of the producers we work with around the world give you an insight into how much your support means to them.


"Peace and work to all..." “First of all, our heartfelt wishes for Christmas. We hope that it brings happiness and prosperity, also that it brings peace and work to all.




Shop opening hours are: Wed to Sat 10am - 4pm.

"We pray that orders will again increase so that everyone gets some work.

(Also open December 29th to 31st) For more information

"It is very important for our sustainability and survival, and it will bring health and prosperity to all. Best wishes to Traidcraft.” Mohammed Yunus, Tara Projects, India.

Call 01604 810652

Find us on:

email: First Floor, 4B The Square, Earls Barton. NN6 0NA

“We at Noah’s Ark always strive to bring happiness to the artisans & their families by providing them with enough work & sutainability so that they can celebrate their big festivals with joy and giving to their family, friends and co-workers. This year your Christmas purchases have certainly made a difference in the lives of these artisans as they celebrated their big festivals in september & October. Yes, you hav eextended your Christmas message through this purchase and we thank you very much for this special care.” Samual Masih, Noah’s Ark, India

" !


“Christmas time in the Ndima tea catchment area is hectic, because that time is what we call flush - that means we have a lot of harvest and people pick tea even on the 24th and the rest on the 25th and 26th. "They pick again after that, so for you who’ll be having a break, it’s good to remember your people - those people are the ones producing the tea that you are drinking. "So if you buy tea and you buy a lot of it - and you buy double, more than usual for Christmas - you will be making a difference for the children back home and for everybody back home, the communities. Their Christmas will be much better, so thank you.” Patricia Mutangili, Ndima Tea Factory, Kenya For catalogues & other Traidcraft info please contact Nicky on: or 07812 686944



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! !


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Barton Today

January 2012

CIRCLE OF FI5THS The Circle of Fi5ths gathered at the Old Swan in December for the final time of 2011. It was a full evening of great music, much of it impromptu duets with local violinist Julie Rands-Allen.

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$ A welcome newcomer was Bernard Hewitt, bass player with the band Fynnius Fogg, who made his solo debut on guitar and vocals (you'd never have guessed though!) Stalwarts Tony 'Singing Locksmith' Carter, Berta Erin, Jason Macleod, Jay Howe, Keith Beaumont and Marlene Packwood kept the evening rocking with an eclectic mix of material. 'Soundman' Steve Baigent, 'Recording King' Jim Bedster and myself also did our bit for the evening. Jim and Julie were joined by staff member Jo Gilmour for a top rendition of 'Kiss Me' to round off the evening. To get an aural idea of goings on, visit and see some photos as well. The January Circle is on Thursday, 5th from around 8pm. Join us if you can.

! ! !



! !



All the best for the New Year from the Team! Cheers, Paul Berwyn

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR For all electrical jobs large or small Free estimates without obligation

Being Still ......

Re-Wires/ New Builds Burglar/Fire Alarms Certification/Testing & Inspection Lighting Maintenance External Installations Extra Sockets/Telephone Points

We live in a busy, noisy world, and December is, for many of us, the busiest time of all. While we enjoy parties, family gatherings and outings, we may also begin to long for some peace and quiet. After Christmas many magazine articles and television programmes offer advice on how we can ‘detox’, both physically and mentally. Along with adopting a healthy diet, they are likely to suggest that we make time for relaxation. Finding times of quiet and stillness can be a challenge for many of us, and yet more and more people are looking for ways of introducing quiet time into their lives. Magazine and newspaper articles on meditation and mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular, and a number of television programmes have highlighted the benefits of quiet days and silent retreats.

All work guaranteed - Part P registered

Telephone: 01604 862710 Mobile: 07971 426775

Being busy often leads to stress, manifesting in headaches, aching muscles and irritability. Stillness, mindfulness and meditation have been shown to have a range of health benefits, including lowered blood pressure and heart rate, reduced muscle tension, and an increased feeling of wellbeing. Setting aside even a short time each day to be still, breathe deeply and unwind, can soon produce positive results.

Your Guide to Good Health ❖ 1-1 Nutritional & Dietary Advice & Programmes

Courses ❖ Healthy Chefs Cookery Classes ❖ Childrens’s Cookery Classes

All Saints Church hopes to offer regular quiet days or half days, starting with a drop-in day on January 28th, more information on page 8. The church will be open to welcome anyone who would like to call in between 10am and 4pm. You are warmly invited to spend as long as you like in the calm and peaceful setting of our church. You don’t have to be a church-goer to join us; everyone is welcome to pop in. There will be ideas for prayer and meditation on display, or you may simply like to sit quietly in a place where people have come to seek comfort and peace for more than a thousand years. You may like to meditate or pray, or to simply “Be Still”.

Faye Baxter BSc (hons) MBANT RSPH Nutritionist & Trainer tel: 01604 812800/ 07929 556908 e 42

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Barton Today

January 2012

All Your PC Problems Solved... We offer

• • • • •

PC Health Checks PC Repairs Internet Set-up Upgrades Data Transfer

• • • •

Printer & Wireless Networking problems solved Virus / Spyware Removal Hardware and Software Installs Home / Office visits

Children of Kabul need your help My name is Sean Nelson and I am currently deployed in Afghanistan, more specifically Kabul. Kabul is by nature a lot wealthier than most of Afghanistan, however that is not to say that doesn’t have some of the poorest and impoverished areas in Afghanistan. During my handover I was made aware of a very good local charity set up by the British Forces called Children of Kabul and it was set up solely to help the locals who are not fortunate to have a home, decent clothes or toys for the children. The charity does not ask for money or sponsorship but uses the generosity and kindness of friends and family to provide basic essentials to the locals of Kabul.

BARRY CRISP FLOORING Supply & fitting for all types of Carpet, Vinyl & Safety Flooring Domestic and Contract Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Since the project has run they have been able to drop some very much needed supplies, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and towels to the locals and we have secured 600 blankets from a donation to be able to provide warmth and shelter to the children during the very cold winter months up in Kabul.

Call today for a quotation on:

Tel/Fax: 01933 405819 or Mobile: 07546 350132 email:

As Christmas approaches a lot of your children, friends’ children and even you will receive new, exciting and often expensive presents from Santa, something which these children can only dream of. All I am asking is that before the festive period approaches and the mail system becomes clogged up can we look at all the nice things we have and maybe find something we could do without and donate it to a child of Afghanistan. These presents will not go unappreciated; the children of today that will receive these gifts are the adults of tomorrow. Your help will go along way to help win the hearts and minds of these children and maybe just put a little smile on their faces.

Earls Barton Floral Society “Floral Odyssey” - 19th January 2012 with National Demonstrator Jaynes Edmunds from Coventry

It doesn’t have to be new or even in a brilliant condition but teddy bears and toys really do make such a difference. It is free to send to the address out here and so at no cost to yourself you could be making a small child’s day, and believe me they do remember.

Meetings take place in The All Saints Church Hall, Earls Barton at 7.30pm - 9.30pm A Raffle of the Demonstration Flowers is held each month

If you would like to donate the address for you to send a parcel (no more than 2kg) to is: UK ICS DET I.S.A.F BFPO 764

Even more Weird Facts…

You may be asked to sign a declaration at the post office to say that it is a gift for children.

It would take 17,000 McDonalds strawfuls of water to fill a standard bath

Thank you, it doesn’t take long but the memories will last forever.

Larry Walters tied 45 balloons to his lawn chair and rose to 15,000 feet.

Sean is the cousin of local residents Emma and Emily Plant


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Barton Today

January 2012


Chris Heaton- Harris MP’s Westminster Report - November 2011

Monday 17th October 2011: Earls Barton Cricket Club has received a financial boost from TalkTalk, the home phone, broadband and mobile provider, who have provided sponsorship to the club for the next 12 months. As part of the deal TalkTalk has made a £1,000 donation, which will be used to help pay for new practice nets.

The Eurozone situation is both fascinating and yet starkly worrying at the same time. It is clear that it underpins the context of economic policy at present and will be the backdrop to domestic and international politics for many months, if not years, to come. This crisis will also have a great effect on our economy and politics for years to come.

Alongside this sponsorship deal, TalkTalk is investing £50,000 in technology to bring best value broadband offers to Earls Barton. TalkTalk is expanding its next generation broadband network in the area, which gives customers access to fast, reliable broadband services for all of the family’s needs.

At the end of October, there was also a well publicised debate organised by the Backbench Business Committee on a motion calling for a referendum to be held on the issue of the UK’s ongoing terms of membership of the European Union.

Earls Barton Cricket Club was established in the 1890s and today over 100 people, both adults and juniors play and train regularly at the club. The club welcomes anyone interested in getting involved in the sport, and offers them the opportunity to play regular cricket, enjoy exercise and fitness and to fulfil their potential.

I can safely say that since my election in May 2010, this issue has generated more correspondence than any other and I’m pleased that the House of Commons had the opportunity to debate this issue, given the level of public support for it, evidenced by the e-petition which triggered the debate to be held.

Rob Mair, Chairman of Earls Barton Cricket Club says: “TalkTalk have made an incredibly generous donation to Earls Barton Cricket Club which will be spent on redeveloping our practice nets. We will be laying a new concrete base with matting and purchasing new nets. Providing excellent training facilities is key to our clubs success and we will be working hard towards the 2011/12 season”.

For those that know me, I guess it won’t come as too much of a surprise that I voted in favour of the motion, alongside 80 fellow Conservative colleagues. Considering that I made only two pledges in the May 2010 General Election campaign (one to try and help sort out the plight of Equitable Life pensioners and one to try and get a referendum on our relationship with the EU), I was actually quite pleased to have an opportunity to prove to people that I am a man of my word. Had I been called to speak, I would have outlined exactly why I was voting in the way I did.

Tristia Clarke, Commercial Director at TalkTalk says: “Investing in the local area allows us to bring our great value offers to even more families in Earls Barton and we are proud to be supporting Earls Barton Cricket Club. They are in the heart of the community and we wish them every success with their endeavours both on and off the field over the next year”. Expanding its Next Generation Network allows TalkTalk to offer its best value for money packages to even more of the UK. With maximum speeds of up to 24 Meg, prices for broadband and phone packages start from as little as £6.50 plus line rental and include unlimited evening and weekend calls.

You may also be interested to know that Andrea Leadsom MP, George Eustice MP, and I, are working hard at the moment producing new policy ideas on what Europe should really look like. As you may know, after the summer recess we set up a new Eurosceptic group dedicated to reversing the process of closer European Union integration and to provide helpful advice to the government on this important issue. Around one-hundred and twenty Conservative MPs attended the first meeting of the new group and I believe this is a really positive step forward. By the time you read this, we will have produced some of our first thoughts on how the UK and Europe could re-stimulate growth, which you should be able to access from my website.

For more information about Earls Barton Cricket Club Football Club please visit



On an important, separate issue, I was also involved in settling the unsatisfactory and needless dispute which was preventing the English and Welsh football teams from wearing poppies in fixtures during the remembrance period. This was an incredibly emotive issue and I am pleased that I was able to play a small part in helping to restore common sense and ensure that our national teams could recognise the great sacrifices made by our armed forces over the years – we are all immensely proud of each and every one of our brave men and women and owe them a great debt of gratitude. It really is an honour and a privilege to be your Member of Parliament and if I can ever be of any assistance to you then please do not hesitate to contact me using the details below.

Personal Service On Your Door Step! Your local Chauffeur Service At Taxi Prices Peugeot 407 Saloon Peugeot 407 Estate Business or Pleasure Wedding Hire Local Trips and Long Distance Airports / Sea Ports Pre Booking Advisable 6 %$ .3

+ " - ,3


3 3

01604 812009


+ *


With best wishes, Chris House of Commons, LONDON, SW1A 0AA E: T: 020 7219 7048 Website: Twitter: @chhcalling

Preachers for January at the Methodist Church

3 + 3 -% )

07769 631233 99 Doddington Road, Earls Barton, Northampton, NN6 0NW.

Our services start every Sunday at 10:30am (People of all ages welcome)


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Talk to your local property consultant For a refreshingly different, personal service…

TOP 10 UK Estate Agent for custome r service. Please visit

Wellingborough Road,

New Build Bungalow

Shoemaker Close

Barker Road





An extended Victorian semi detached property consisting of a spacious lounge, separate dining room and bespoke fitted kitchen. There are three bedrooms and a family bathroom. To the rear there is a single garage and enclosed garden.

Your chance to own an individual three bedroom detached bungalow currently under construction. This bungalow can be designed to your own requirements with choice of kitchen, bathrooms and décor. Due for completion early 2012.

A modern three bedroom semidetached property consisting of a lounge, separate dining room, fitted kitchen, three bedrooms, the master with en-suite and a single garage.

A lovely two bedroom detached bungalow with extensive parking to the front. The kitchen has been extended to the rear. Two double bedrooms and a lounge and separate dining room. To the rear there is an enclosed landscaped garden.



Compton Way

Prince Street, Earls Barton

Sunnyside, Earls Barton




An attractive three bedroom semi detached property briefly consisting of a spacious lounge/diner, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms with a single garage and views over open countryside.

A large double bay fronted Victorian terraced property spanning over 2100 sqft with lounge, dining room and extensive kitchen area. Three double bedrooms and big bathroom. Completely refurbished with new kitchen and décor throughout. Also comes with planning to drop the kerb to give off road parking.

A spacious four bedroom detached property with a large lounge, dining room, kitchen, study and four double bedrooms, master with en suite. Also has a double garage with ample parking and a large rear garden.

Meet Steve Dodds, your local property consultant A happy and prosperous 2012 to everyone in Earls Barton and to celebrate this I am offering a special gift to all new house sale instructions during January and February*. So if you need a FREE no obligation valuation then look no further and give me a call.

January and February Offer Only*

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Steve Dodds

B2Day JANUARY 2012  
B2Day JANUARY 2012  

B2Day January 2012 Issue