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“Deadlier than Bond, more human than Reacher Trigger Point is the first novel in the Gabriel Wolfe thriller series. It follows Gabriel from the SAS into civvy street and then the murky shadows of clandestine operations for The Department. Other books in the series see Gabriel combat Chechen terrorists, a death cult in the Amazonian rainforest and corruption at the heart of the British establishment. It all starts here Gabriel is dragged back into government security work by an old flame, Britta Falskog, now working for MI5. The counter-terror agency has got wind of a political conspiracy involving a British billionaire and sends Gabriel undercover as a member of his team. Sir Toby Maitland claims to be standing for Parliament, but his true plans bypass the ballot box in favour of the bullet. A .50 calibre heavy machinegun bullet. Gabriel travels to the US with Maitland, becoming embroiled in drugs for cash deals with Hells Angels and

ending up on a farm in Michigan run as an arms depot by an ex-South African security service operator. With the Prime Minister due to overfly Maitland’s estate en route to a military conference, and a paramilitary force gathered in preparation for a coup, time is running out for Gabriel. As the action swings from the English countryside to Chicago, upstate Michigan and back again, expect plenty of kinetic action in calibres from 5.56mm up to the mighty "fifty cal". Plus martial arts, knife-fights and car chases. Gabriel may be learning the ways of spooks, but his military skills are still razor-sharp. As he gathers intel along the way he teams up with an ex-Delta Force operator, Shaun Cunningham. The two men bond over shared experiences in service until a horrifying development smashes the partnership.

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“A pacy and entertaining read, with plenty of action, genuine suspense and good snappy dialogue. Gabriel Wolfe is a great new addition to the world of thriller heroes.” bookworm51 | Verified Purchase Blind Impact

“There's so much energy in this story, you're hooked from the start and can't help but race through it. I'd love to see this series made into a film franchise!” VR | Verified Purchase Condor

“Oh! I love this series. Gabriel's latest excursion dealing with terrorism and a religious cult is thrilling from the very first chapter until the last. Andy Maslen has created a gem of a character and I hope it won't be too long before I get the chance to continue reading about him. I love out of nowhere how the plot develops and surprises. No spoilers from me. Just go ahead and read for yourself. You won't regret it!” Paul Smith | Verified Purchase First Casualty "I regularly read books of this action/adventure genre and I recently discovered Andy Maslen and his character Gabriel Wolfe. The style of writing is very engaging and I always wanted to read more to know what happened

next. I enjoyed the writing style and this journey of exploration. Watch out for Andy Maslen as his books are getting better each time. Already waiting for the next one!!" Matt Goulding Fury “Was really looking forward to the next in the Gabriel Wolfe series and was I disappointed - NO! Once again the plot is complicated and challenging and keeps the reader desperate to read more. Gabriel is a killer with a conscience and his relationships and escapades are extremely believable. If you want a book (or even a series) of books that will provide exciting holiday reading, or any other time, then these are the books for you.� Mrs K Miles


[pdf] download trigger point (the gabriel wolfe thrillers book 1) epub  

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[pdf] download trigger point (the gabriel wolfe thrillers book 1) epub  

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