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In the day, most everything use to last and still does. Cheap prices, freebee’s or deals to good to be true… simply don’t. If you are seeking to upgrade, do something different, welcome to Bel Air Fashions! We are an 3rd Generation same Family Owned Business for over 100 years in Omaha! Our hallmark has always been quality, affordable clothing with longevity. We make sure our merchandise stands up and not prematurely winding up in the landfills or oceans. The difference is we make sure when clients purchase apparel from our store it is the latest in fabric, technology and endure. We have never been about labels. Our manufacturers are the best in their product category. They have passion in the development and production of their merchandise, constantly developing new designs, fabrics and technologies, have a great carbon foot print, eco, sustainable and

protective of the earth’s resources. In other words, the word “Organic” has never had a deeper meaning and to protect the environment. There is a movement to be “NET ZERO” by 2040 and 2050, we have been part of this since 2012 and so have many of our wonderful companies. Whether your dress is Professional or Lifestyle, let us help you plan your wardrobe for a job interview, day to day, wedding, made to measure this is our expertise and has been for 3 generations for both men and women. Does Customer Service exist, you bet it is alive and well at Bel Air Fashions, we welcome you to experience a seamless professional shopping experience. It is the attention to detail. Be sure to visit our BLOG.

Store Hours: M-F 10 to 6, Sat 10 to 5, Sunday by Appointment.

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Showcasing the Best of Travel, Outdoor and Lifestyle Apparel & Accessories It’s time to get out there and live life to the fullest. This Spring and Summer whenever and wherever life takes you, the beach, mountains, trail or just kickin back, make sure your apparel has the latest in fabric technology. We picked the clothing lines in this Photo Montage that represent the best of organic cotton, modal, tencel, hemp, bamboo and so much more. Climate change and protecting the environment is so important that products last and don’t wind up prematurely in the landfills or oceans. Our vendors are leaders in Eco and Sustainable products, Fair Trade work standards so workers are not working in sub-human factories. The processes used by manufacturers are eco to protect the environment and to leave a good carbon footprint that the resources are protected for future growth. The result has been some of the best fabrics available. If you need to add to your wardrobe you will be pleasantly surprised by all of the latest garments available. Features of outdoor, travel and lifestyle clothing include: stretch wovens in the fabrics for ease of movement and sitting. Moisture wicking that lifts perspiration from the skin that helps to keep you cooler during the heat of summer. Fabrics that are easy care and quick dry that are terrific features when you travel. Insect Shield bonded to fabrics to protect you from insect bites carrying West Nile, Zika and other insect born diseases. This technology is proven. UPF+ Sun Protection from UV and the Sun’s

harmful rays. Fabrics that are lightweight, mix n match and pack away in tight spaces and don’t look like you slept in the garments when you get dressed. One Fabric that is amazing, is Bamboo! If you haven’t had Bamboo you are in for a treat. Tasc Performance is a leader in Organic Cotton and Bamboo. Wear Fitness Apparel, Underwear, Socks, 1/4 Zips, Hoodies, Short and LongSleeves, Polos, Shorts and so much more from Tasc. The features of Viscose from the Bamboo Plant are the following: natural stretch, UPF + protection, moisture wicking, lightweight, maintains shape, natural stretch and anti-odor. Nobody does it better than Tasc and their products have outstanding fit, quality, longevity and very affordable. One of the most sought after lines in our store. Men’s and Women’s available. Kühl is our most sought after vendor for outdoor, travel and lifestyle apparel for our men and women clients. Kühl is the leader in outdoor clothing, yet their products are perfect for the mountains, the trail, beach, travel and everyday wear. The use of fabric and technology are the perfect harmony in fabrics, fit, quality, longevity and most important how comfortable these garments are to wear. The tops, bottoms, outerwear are so comfortable and functional. Built in security features keep your items safe and secure for travel. Join the Kühl cult, our clients love Kühl. Experience the comfort of Geox Shoes for men and women, one of the most Eco and Sustainable shoes available, the comfort and fit of their products you won’t want to

take off your feet. Other fantastic shoes for comfort, day to day wear include Mephisto, All Rounder and Samuel Hubbard Shoes all available. All these shoes are the best in comfort, fit, styling and some of the best styles of shoes available. If you are tired for replacing luggage after a short time and want

something better you are in for a treat with Briggs & Riley luggage. Briggs & Riley bags are tough and withstand the rigors of travel. Your have a lifetime partnership with Briggs and Riley with their lifetime guarantee. Experience quality at its best! If you have an upcoming Wedding see our Wedding Collection that features the latest fabrics, models and fit. Outstanding quality and affordable. Garments that will be used over and over long after the Wedding and appreciated by members of your Wedding Party. We guarantee our fit! We take measurements on our website and we make sure we have the right information so the men in Continue on page 5

your Wedding all look great for your big day! Destination Wedding? Be sure to inquire, we have been doing destination weddings for many years and have many good suggestions. Getting ready for a Job Interview? Need to update your Wardrobe, my book, “Dress Like The Big Fish” (Dick Lerner) will take the mystery out of what to do and how to plan your wardrobe, available as a ebook or paperback on Amazon. It has helped many move ahead and make a compelling professional statement. See the other great outdoor and lifestyle lines that include Mountain Khakis, be sure to see the men’s and women’s cotton stretch pants that are durable and so comfortable to wear. ExOfficio bugsaway men’s and women’s travel apparel that features the best of fabric and technology. Prana men’s and women’s stretch zion pants and shorts are so comfortable for day to day, travel whereever life takes you. Don’t forget about their organic cotton, hemp, tencel and modal tops, so comfortable to wear! Prana truly is a company whose clothing is for positive change. Switch magnetic switch lenses are NASA approved Sunglasses and are used for the Space Program. These incredible sunglasses protect the eyes and are the best for travel, outdoors and everyday activities. Fits Socks have a cushioned footbed and made of washable merino wool. If you want a low, 1/4, anklet or over-the-calf sock that is comfortable and a cushioned fit, look no more. Fits are outstanding quality, great fit and our men and women clients appreciate the socks don’t stink or sweat and help get a great fit with their shoes. Outstanding quality, affordable and an great variety to pick from. Plan ahead and early, to get what you want. Please have 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices as the supply chain disruptions are real and continue. If something is coming up and need to add to your wardrobe, do it early and do not wait to the last minute. Let us know what you are thinking and we will be glad to help. See you soon, Dick and Shelly Lerner 3rd Generation of Family Owned Bel Air Fashions


The Road to Sustainability While we’re not quite there yet, the fashion industry has made much progress toward our goal of creating a circular economy where we put back as much as we take out. Much of the progress is consumer driven. According to a recent Simon-Kucher study of 10,000 people across 17 countries, a full third of consumers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products. As might be expected, younger generations lead the way. And globally, U.S. consumers are most supportive of new measures. These include: *Using 3D design technology to reduce sample waste; *Incorporating natural materials and recycled products in offerings to minimize the brand’s environmental footprint; *Applying regenerative farming practices to improve soil quality and biodiversity; *Choosing organic fibers without chemical pesticides/artificial fertilizers; *Switching to natural vegetable dyes;

*Shortening the wash cycle so less water is wasted; *Re-using and recycling textiles; *Rethinking packaging— everything from mailers and poly bags to e-commerce boxes and shipping cartons; *Adding a re-sale or secondhand component to an existing business; *Creating biodegradable fashion; *Increasing made-to-order so companies produce only what customers request, eliminating excess inventory; *Introducing carbon reduction measures throughout the supply chain; *Encouraging partner businesses to adopt transparent practices. How can you help? Read labels and ask questions, letting retailers and manufacturers know that you support all moves to a better, safer planet. According to a 2022 article in Deloitte Insights, while 67% of surveyed companies are using more sustainable materials, only 46 percent require their partner businesses to do so.

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