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Reseller Case Study


Client benefits from a Reseller Program

Overview Service Availed ? Reseller Program – Data Solutions

Established in 2006, the Client is into list selling and campaign hosting services. The company was doing good business in the local markets. However, the client had a small database and was finding difficulty in meeting every list requirement of their clients. As a result, the Client started losing businesses.

Client Profile


The Client is into list selling and campaign hosting services since 2006.

The Client had a small team of data compilers with in-house list of total 20,000 contact names which were not segmented based on industry or any other categories. The data was compiled from some trade shows, directories and magazine subscriptions. They were aware that with such a small database they can never meet the growing list needs. Hence, they were looking for partners who could help them in providing instant data and other marketing support services.

Business Need The Client had started its online marketing support services- mainly marketing lists. The Client however was not able to meet the growing list demands and thus was losing business. Solution & Benefits Joined B2BDataPartner’s Reseller program The Client got access to thousands of B2B and B2C databases for its clients. Quote “Partnering with B2BDataPartners has helped us meet our clients’ list requirements faster. There is hardly any category for which they don’t have data. We managed to increase our client list by 40%. Today, our clients are happy with us for providing good quality, segmented, instant leads. The commission earned on reselling your lists is better than from any other reseller program” JoAnne Morgan, Marketing Director.

Solution The Client came to know about B2BDataPartners’ Reseller Program. After understanding the benefits of the program, the Client agreed to be a reseller. The Client opted for: (a) Data Solutions (b) API

B2BDataPartners’ 2-tier reseller program Tier 1 As a reseller, The Client got access to B2BDataPartners’ database comprising millions of B2B and B2C contacts. Based on their requirements, the reseller can pick as many leads and sell to their clients. Tier 2 Through API, the reseller can direct clients to B2BDataPartners’ master database to help them search and pick leads of their choice. Any client entering to B2BDataPArtners site through a reseller’s site will be taken care by B2BDatapartners. The reseller in return can earn commission on every purchase made through them.

Results Being a B2BDataPartners' list reseller, The Client:

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Got access to instant leads that helped them close their list requests faster. 40% increase in number of clients. API gave their clients direct access to B2BDataPartners’ data. The Client earned good commission and trust. The client is today a hugely successful online marketing service provider


B2B Datapartners Reseller Program Benefits  

Established in 2006, the Client is into list selling and campaign hosting services. The company was doing good business in the local markets...