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Case Study

The Client Established Firm from Illinois

How a Cosmetics Firm Increased their Market Share by 18% in just 2 Quarters through an Ultra Efficient Mailing Campaign

Industry Advertising and Branding

Annual Revenue US$120 Million

Employees 4,286

Testimonial “B2Bdatapartners has helped us bag the biggest contract ever in our 4 years of existence. They were true professionals operating with real conviction and commitment. I really admire their process management style and domain knowledge which has helped us expand multi-fold.� Michael Ross VP – Operations

The Client The client is an advertising firm, based in Illinois with customers spread across 12 countries. The advertising firm specialized in products launched and brand building apart from covering regular advertizing requirements.

Challenges: The firm took up a 10 million dollar mailing fulfillment assignment for a consumer oriented international cosmetic company. The objective was to reach out to the female consumer population, preferably of an age group between 16 and 28, from all major cities of USA. The cosmetic company also wanted to distribute a product sample. The branding assignment of this magnitude required an established direct marketing vendor with experience and an excellent track record of handling such massive projects.

Solution: After much research, B2Bdatapartners was selected to manage the entire mailing fulfillment order B2Bdatapartners picked a team of professionals dedicated for this assignment. The team identified the major tasks to be:

? Identify the target audience and build a mailing list ? Prepare a package that can hold the sample at the same time suit USPS mailing

? Maintain low weight of the package to reduce postage costs ? Reinforce the brand through quality, value proposition and flawless service B2Bdatapartners took care of the entire process including:

? ? ? ? ? ?

Drafting the content Designing the product and brand information Printing the materialPrinting the material Packaging the sample keeping the weight in mind Labeling as per requirement Shipping and managing the inventory

Solution: B2Bdatapartners took care of the project from A to Z, achieving a 96% on-time mail delivery ratio. This helped the cosmetic company to increase their market share by 18% in just 2 quarters. The advertising firm won the contract to manage the complete advertising for coming two years.


B2B Datapartners: How a Cosmetics Firm Increased their Market Share