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Upgrade your bathroom's look and functionality with new bathroom accessories and hardware from towel bars and towel hangers to bathroom cabinet knobs and hooks.

Towel Bars

Towel bars are an essential part of any bathroom, bringing both style and functionality to the room.

Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom shelves can offer fashionable storage options for bathroom or dressing area.

Shower Baskets

Shower baskets ensure that the shower stays organized and safe. Available in one and twotier designs and fitting snugly in the corner of shower.

Toilet Paper Holders

Mount toilet tissue in style with a new toilet tissue holder. Use a shiny chrome toilet paper holder or a brushed nickel toilet paper holder.

Toilet Brushes

A brush that is high maintenance or appears grimy after its dirty work, despite a dip in some bleach water, should give you pause.

Bathroom Soap Dispensers

It not only provides functionality but also adds to the dĂŠcor and also serves the purpose of dispensing right amount of soap for sanitary needs.

Toothbrush Holders

Replace your old bathroom toothbrush holders with stylish, smooth, and trendy one.

Bathroom Hooks

Enhance your bathroom with stylish designed range of impressive bathroom hooks.

Bathroom Heaters

Bathroom heaters will change the way you take and shower by making the bathroom the perfect temperature for you whenever needed.

Bathroom Mirrors

No matter how much you decorate your bathroom, the beauty remains incomplete without an elegant bathroom mirror.

Types of Bathroom Mirrors a. Shadow Box mirror b. Framed Mirror c. Frameless Mirror d. Pivot Mirror e. Venetian Mirror f. Extension Mirror g. Lighted Mirror f. Wood Mirror h. Makeup Mirror

Shadow Box Mirror

Shadow box mirrors are preferred by most of the people as it is both functional and elegant in appearance. It can change the decor of bathroom.

Framed Mirror

Framed Bathroom mirror is mainly used to decorate bathrooms in most of the modern homes.

Frameless Mirror

Frameless mirrors are stylish and elegant with its various shapes, designs and colors. These mirrors can create an illusion of larger space in bathrooms.

Pivot Mirror

To add an extra style to bathroom, you can also choose pivot mirror which appear chic.

Venetian Mirror

Venetian mirrors are easily available, cheaper on the budget and have the original charm and beauty of 16th and 17th century styles.

Extension Mirror

Allows to check eyes, shoulders, putter face alignment, feet and the putter shaft angle.

Lighted Mirror

Makeup conveniently by using Lighted Mirror. It is surrounded by light so as to give you bright light for drawing your eye lines, eyebrows etc.

Wood Mirror

Wood mirror can be just the thing to accentuate the luxurious, rich look of your favourite room.

Makeup Mirror

This type of mirrors find in hotels, spa, doctors offices and even movies.

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Bathroom Accessories  
Bathroom Accessories  

Upgrade your bathroom's look and functionality with new bathroom accessories and hardware from towel bars and towel hangers to bathroom cabi...