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Cultivating Growth. Delivering Results.

w w w. mya ve n i r. c o m Experience a New Paradigm in Marketing & Business Development. Experience Avenir.

| What is Avenir? Avenir is a French word that means “future.” Our mission is to help you secure and maintain a strategic position within your industry, so you can face the future with optimism. We’re changing the way marketing agencies work so that we truly partner with you through a “results” mentality. Avenir is the future of marketing and business development for professional service firms.

| A New Paradigm for Growth Avenir is a new paradigm for growth in professional services marketing. We’re changing the way professional service organizations cultivate their growth through accountability, seasoned talent and innovative marketing techniques. Unlike other outsourced marketing and business development firms, we work towards achieving results, not just marketing activities. Our “results-incentive” paradigm aligns us to your success. We win only when you win. Avenir is your partner, your advisor, your senior strategist and experienced tactician. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, accelerate the development of your practice, or implement innovative marketing strategies, Avenir’s industry-experienced professionals cultivate your growth culture to help you achieve success.

Experience a new paradigm in marketing and business development. Experience Avenir.


Cultivating a Growth Culture

Your growth culture needs to be cultivated; it can’t just happen or solely rely on a few “rainmakers.” Nor can you expect all experts in your firm to be strong in the area of practice development. But you can develop a culture that enables each individual to be an accelerant in an overall business development program. Growth is only sustainable when each individual in your organization understands the behaviors and activities they must exhibit to power growth. It’s only at this point that your organization can truly think innovatively, plan for the long term and become an industry leader. Avenir has the talent and experience to help get you to the next level of growth. Our experienced advisors and strategists understand how to assess your current growth culture, as well as the individuals and systems within it. We fill in the gaps and align the resources appropriately. The best programs leverage your strengths and build to address your weaknesses.


Cultivating Growth Through

• Increasing brand awareness • Strengthening professional reputation • Reaching today and tomorrow’s revenue goals • Ongoing access to a senior marketing and business development advisor • Understanding your “wallet-share” potential • Bridging marketing & sales gaps • Enhancing communication within your organization • Strategic planning and meeting facilitation



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Avenir Continues Cultivating Growth Business Development

• Telemarketing

• Sales & Competitive

• Direct Marketing

Assessment • Meeting Planning

Lead Generation

• Presentation

• Post-proposal Survey • Team Assessment • Presentation Review

Project Follow Up

Avenir’s Business Development Advisor Program increases revenue-generating opportunities through seasoned, career business developers. While most marketing agencies concentrate on building brands, collateral materials or lead generation, Avenir partners your firm with a business developer that works side-by-side with you as part of your team. Lead generation immediately opens doors, and a business developer helps assess, plan, and present your proposal. We’re there with you, the whole way. Best of all, you gain all the expertise that the big brands have with a simple retainer and incentive program aligned to your growth objectives. When you win a deal, so do we, but we don’t stop there. Avenir continues to cultivate your growth culture by providing a post-proposal survey and team assessment. It’s important to review your wins and especially your losses. We are your partner and your value to us is the success of your organization—literally. If you are not successful, neither are we.



Avenir offers senior-level marketing strategists that have worked with many successful global brands in professional services. Seasoned marketers from the professional services industry will share their expertise and collaborate with you to develop programs that propel success. As a “Marketing Advisor Program” client, you gain consistent advice, aligned to measureable results, from someone who truly understands your marketing and practice development goals and knows how to help you achieve them.


Avenir Marketing Services AVENIR NOT ONLY PROVIDES YOU THE TOOLS TO CULTIVATE A GROWTH CULTURE, WE SHOW YOU HOW TO USE THEM. Marketing Services & Advisor Program Avenir’s Marketing Services & Advisor Program gives you direct, on-going access to our marketing expertise whenever you need it. Per a monthly retainer, we partner you with one of our veteran advisors. They will become part of your team and guide you through a comprehensive Growth Culture Acuity and Market Assessment. During this process your advisor helps you identify your growth priorities and devise a plan of action based on your firm’s strengths, weaknesses and growth objectives. They are also available to help provide strategic insight, direction, and manage marketing implementations and staff, if needed.

Marketing Implementation & Lead Generation Sometimes you need immediate results, and Avenir knows how to get them. Whether it is direct marketing, broadcast, the Internet, social media, public relations, or special events, we know how to accelerate your results. Additionally, we can forecast programs and develop benchmarks that will help focus your marketing efforts and provide clearly defined goals and measurements.

The Marketing Services & Advisor Program includes*: • A senior marketing advisor who joins your team • Annual Growth Culture Acuity Assessment • Annual market assessment • Campaign strategy & ideation development • Strategic advice regarding organizational development & management tailored to your growth culture • Supervision & management of any implemented marketing program *Tactical project implementation and production are additional costs not included in the ongoing monthly advisory fee.

Advantages include: • • • • • • • • •

Market attack plan Media planning & buying Demand generation Telemarketing Outsourced business development Exhibit resources & event management Thought leadership & collateral development Public relations Web development & social media

• Online marketing including SEO & SEM • Creative/collateral development

Market Research & Strategic Planning Understanding your position in the marketplace and your market potential are keys to devising an effective strategy. Avenir works closely with your team through a proprietary assessment process that helps you determine where to invest, maintain and pull back resources when it comes to marketing efforts. This provides you with better focus so you can maximize your efforts and experience success.

Growth Culture Acuity Assessment Our Growth Culture Acuity Assessment provides you with an unbiased and independent review of your business development and marketing. Through interviews, data review, systems and process understanding we ensure your foundation is strong so you can start seeking improved growth and remove any potential obstacles. You have to understand where you are before you know where to go.

Advantages include: • Annual strategic planning & market assessment • Primary & secondary market research • Value proposition development • Competitive review • Market segmentation & targeting • Client loyalty & surveying

Advantages include: • Business development practice review • Marketing strategy alignment • Marketing infrastructure review • Cultural alignment to growth • Brand, value proposition & positioning assessment • Staff assessment

Avenir CRM/SFA Software Cus t omer relationship manag ement (CRM) and Sales Force A ut omation (SFA) f ocuses on managing t he relationships you ha ve wit h your clients. CRM/SFA combines business processes, people, and t ec hnology t o im prove relationships, trac k activity and be more relevant at t he r ight time. It is a com prehensive s trat egy t o help you lear n more about t he beha viors of your prospects and clients. This allows you t o develop s trong er, long er-las ting relationships t hat will benef it bo t h of you over time. By f ocusing on ext ending your know ledg e about clients and prospects, you can ext end t hat know ledg e t o t he res t of t he org anization. Successful CRM/SFA invol ves many dif f erent areas of your com pany, no t jus t sales. Ot her cus t omer-f acing areas like t arg e t ed mar ke ting and cus t omer ser vice are jus t as im por t ant. Avenir of f ers a t ec hnology solution f or all t hose areas and more. In jus t 30 da ys you can be up and r unning wit h a sys t em designed specif icall y f or t he prof essional ser vices you of f er. CRM/SFA em powers em ployees by allowing t hem t o share client and prospect inf or mation in order t o uncover and maximize sales oppor tunities.

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