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AGILE Age:14-30 Gender: Male Interests: Football, Video Games Location: Nottingham Ethnicity: White

Evidence from following sources: Interviews(5), Focus Group(1)

The target audience for our product, would like similar confectionery items, such as twix, snickers, and mars bar. This also includes snack bars, of which suit the target audiences lifestyles.

From looking into what the audience likes about our bar, we can use this to highlight the double deckers, double deck. our audience seem to like the fact of it being a snack bar, and the idea of it being so filling. This will definitely be useful in rebranding, so that we can aim to make a point to the audience.

These bars of chocolate, have similar qualities to double decker, they all have layers. The target audience like them, due to the fact that they are very filling, and are sold in almost every store so they are easy to obtain, you do not have to travel to a certain store to find one of these. In reference to our specific brand, from interviews we have found that they like the double filling, and it feels very filling, they also made reference to the cheap price of the product.

Research Market - Our product fits into the snack food category, eat on the go / on a whim Packaging/Advertising - Bright bold colours (Orange & Purple) Audience ● relatively young audience (14-30) ● No gender bias 50/50 (M/F) ● Diverse interests, these are usually interests which demand energy/make you feel hungry.

Evidence from following sources: Interviews(5), Focus Group(1)

Identify Competitors: Our main product competitors are Mars, Twix and Snickers bars as they all come into roughly the same price bracket and are quite filling. Also Mars and Snickers are the caramel alternative with Snickers having the addition of nuts as well. Twix has more of a biscuit base and so differs from our product in that way it is also the only one of the four to be packaged in two separate pieces instead of one larger bar. Appeal to audience: From our research we have found that our products appeal comes from two main areas, the first being the very obvious double layer, the second is the fact that Double Decker's are so filling but are a relatively small and cheap snack compared with some other foods of a filling nature.

Explain As our product has not had an active ad campaign for many years it has fallen from public knowledge, our advert will renew the products appeal to the younger section of our audience but to also appeal to the older loyal customers who remember the original. Our aim is to increase the current youth audiences knowledge of the product. â—?

Mars: One of our main competitors is Mars, when compared with our product they are both double layered chocolate bars of roughly the same size and price. Mars is an alternative product as its main ingredient is caramel.


Twix: Has a slightly different appeal as it first off comes in two bars instead of just one and whilst still crunchy like Double Decker has a biscuit base as opposed to our cereal base. Again both products are very filling and Twix is another caramel alternative to our product.


Snickers: This has many similarities to our product such as its size and how filling they are, the main difference here being the presence of nuts in the Snickers bar as well as caramel providing many different textures when consumed.

Key Message The key message of our advert is to bring back the retro advertisement which was broadcasted in 1990's. This advertisement had a surreal mise-en-scene, this is what we intend to replicate and improve upon. The reason we have chosen to advertise our product in this way, is so that we can remind the audience of the original advert and product, as well as presenting it in a way which will capture the new, younger target audience.

Needing something to eat


'Double Decker'



Initial Idea 1 Divine imagery

4x split screen

Imagery fridge idea

Tired, hungry people needing snack


Split screen, play on words


'Double Decker'



Initial Idea 2 Realistic Visual

Stop motion

Imagery Crunchy - Chewy

Chocolate bar


Conventions & Style Form/Style Realist Narrative One Off We have chosen to use realist narrative, to emphasise the impact of double decker on our target audiences daily life. We will use it to highlight a typical day for the target audience, and show how our product falls into that.

Unique selling point

Lifestyle Appeal

We will highlight in the advert the fact that the unique selling point of our double decker chocolate bar is its double layer, and the fact that it fills you up.

We will appeal to the target audiences lifestyle by feeding their hunger after a hard day of work, as we are aiming to people of a variety of ages who are mostly, in school/university/college, working, or training physically. We will show this in the advert when showing the four people.

Characteristics Benefits We will highlight to the audience the fact that double decker is a filling snack bar, and is treated as a well deserved, or earned treat. We will use the idea of the realist narrative to highlight this point.

Characteristics Solution to problem We will use the advert, to highlight the aspect of the chocolate bar that indicates that it fills you up, thus creating a solution to the problem in our realist narrative, which is after a hard day four individuals come home feeling hungry, and they all choose the same snack bar.

Outline (200+300)-234


In our advertisement we will

We aim to appeal to

our target audience in this advert, by using



we saw in another advertisement.

We will be using a four


screen video, in which ?

our four actors will run through scenes.




have the following actors 2x Boys 2x Girls This is to highlight the fact that we are aiming to an equal gender audience. We also in doing this show no bias to a single gender.


The scenes will consist of the individuals everyday life. We plan to

show one person in school, one in office work, one playing sports, and

the other working as a cashier in a shop. After this scene another scene in which they leave work will show, followed by a scene of

them walking through the door, the door will then shut behind them,

and they will be exhausted. After this they will walk to the fridge

and open it after hearing their bellies rumble. They then will eat the bar, and won't be hungry.


How Our Advertisement Meets The Brief ●



Our advertisement, is designed around the brief presented to us before the planning.

We had to aim towards a new target audience, which was 14-30 year olds.

There is no specific gender bias.

ce dien u a get Tar


We will adhere to the rules and regulations expected of a general advert.

We are aiming to advertise the double decker chocolate bar.

We are aiming to revamp this product and get the target audience from the brief, and the older, loyal audience.



Ethos Research

Cadbury's as a brand sells itself on using 'Joy' to make the chocolate.

Its not a serious brand of confectionary and has many fun/weird varieties of choc.

Founder, John Cadbury, was a 'Quaker' = reason for philanthropic efforts

Identify Ethos Quality





Explain Ethos ●

Showing the quality of the product and well it fills hunger in the audience

Bright, Bold packaging similar to all Cadbury's products

Rebranding of this product will help with brand recognition for other products

Conditions of reception Broadcaster




Channel 4

Early Peak 17302000

Come Dine with Me



Early Peak 17302000

Red Dwarf



Early Peak 17302000




Early Peak 17302000

The X factor



Early Peak 17302000

Big Bang Theory



Early Peak 17302000



Sky 1

Early Peak 17302000




Early Peak 17302000




Programme audience matches ours

Audience matches ours

Paid TV

Inexpensive for prime time

Large audience

Multiple advertisements per day

Covers all of target audience

Inexpensive for prime time

Multiple adverts per film

Captured film audience

Plan We will be advertising by the simpsons on this channel, between the times of 17:30-20:00. This is a prime time slot, and costs ÂŁ4,000. This channel will allow us to target the part of our audience who have a paid subscription television service.

We will advertise during one of the films shown within the times of 17:30 - 20:00. As this is a film advertisement slot we will be able to show the advert multiple times throughout the film meaning the audience will be more likely to remember it. The cost for a single 30 second slot during this time period is ÂŁ2,000.00.

Plan Red Dwarf will be the programme which we advertise by, this will be in the times of between 17:30-20:00, this being early peak times. The rate for advertising a 30 second advertisement on this slot costs ÂŁ800.00, this cheap price allows us to advertise at least four times. without spending a large sum of our one million pound budget.

The big bang theory is the programme we will be advertising by on this channel, we will be advertising in the times between 17:30-20:00, this being early peak time means we will be able to broadcast to the largest possible audience. The cost for advertising under a 30 second slot in this time, will cost ÂŁ2,000.00 advertising multiple times, will cost us more money than advertising multiple times on dave.

We are going to be advertising at such as specific time, as most people are home, or getting home by this time, we are using this to our advantage to maximise the viewing figures of our advertisement.

The reason we have decided to advertise during a slot on E4, is because it allows us access to a massive chunk of our target audience. The prices are reasonable, and we may advertise more than once, without actually taking too big of a chunk out of our budget.

The reason we have decided to advertise during a slot on film, is because, unlike a program, a film is longer, and more gripping, so having adverts by a film, would make people see our advert more than if they were watching a programme, with a programme the air repeats all the time, with a film, it is more gripping and you want to see what happens next. The kind of films on this channel are films our target audience may watch, and enjoy.

The reason we have decided to advertise during a slot on Sky 1 because the programme airing at this time is The Simpsons and we think that this is the type of programme almost all of our target audience is going to be watching.


25th-2nd - Half Term, Pre-production 3rd-7th June -Filming Time 8th-16th - Editing

Equipment ● Camera

● Tripod

● Mac

● Final cut Express (software)

Logistics Crew Sam Billy

Cast Alysia Sara Jamie Marcus

Location Park Street (bus stop) House (Front door, Kitchen).

Group billy sam  
Group billy sam  

media presentation