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Urinal Visualisations

CLIENT John Notaras | December 2013

B.Product Pty Ltd Suite 801, 210 Clarence Street, Sydney 2000 NSW Australia +61 2 9264.6716

Marco Tallarida Strategic Director Marco actively collaborates with clients and bridges ideas to commercial product designs. Marco specialises in plastic and sheet-metal design.

ShanShan Wang Strategic Designer ShanShan applies human-centered design (HCD) approaches to deliver disruptive designs, products and services.

Chris Baxter Business Development Chris has extensive experience in commercialisation and startup firms. Chris specialised in intellectual property and business strategy innovation.

We are an experienced, multidisciplinary team that is built on the idea of forward design thinking. We are devoted to bring our client’s ideas to market in the most straight-forward, hassle-free manner.


THINK (Business)



INNOVATION (Strategic Design)


This design documentation is provided upon the completion of pre-development stage. All materials supplied in this documentation is to evoke thoughts and design considerations. As such this documentation should not be considered as the finalised design for manufacture.

Concept A: Forma The focus of concept A was to shift the paradigm of urinal usage through form design. By increasing the angles of the urinal face, we aim to promote targeted stream direction with the aim of minimising splash-back. Increasing the outer faces in ways which conform to the human figure provide an increased sense of privacy in the public restroom to create a better user experience.

Concept B: Retro The focus of concept B was a retrofit solution to the health and sanitary considerations of urinals. Through the use of biodegradable spheres, doped with varying anti-microbial and anti-odour agents, we create an added feature which sanitises the urinal through everyday usage. By encasing these spheres in a biodegradable shelter, we create a disposable hygienic additive which can be readily composted once used, producing only biodegradable waste, creating a sustainable retrofit

Concept C: Endless Possibility The focus of concept C was to transform the urinal into an interactive experience for the user, moving against current perceptions of urinal form. Through the use of super-hydrophobic coatings, we transform a fabric sheet into a water-repellent surface which emerges from the wall to conform to the shape of the individual. By shifting beyond the current framework of the urinal, we create a unique and interactive experience that reshapes the user’s perspective on the functional characteristics of the urinal.

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