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The Digital Issue

From the Editors Welcome to this month’s special digital edition of Dine Out! We all know that digital is everywhere, Facebook dominates our mobile internet services and Google can proved billions of results on less than one second! How are we supposed to keep up? Digital can bring tremendous benefits to the restaurant industry if it is used effectively. There’s no reason why you can’t use your website to develop relationships with your diners, show off your seasonal dishes or even launch competitions. You just need to know how to do it, and see some examples of who does it well.

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That’s where we come in. Sit back and get comfortable, this is your guide to designing a great, interactive website that will keep your customers clicking and ultimately, walking through your door! Enjoy! The Dine Out! Team

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The Restaurant Industry Overview ď‚—



The Digital Marketing Mix The Digital Marketing Mix is important as: It affects all aspects of the business The elements need to be effective  If the correct audience is being targeted.

Let’s Mix It Up... When deciding to start a business online, the main consideration is whether your marketing mix will be affected and how. It is important to know that in fact ALL the elements of the mix will be affected by the online world. The e-marketing mix is CHANGING as products are becoming services, services are then becoming customer driven and customers are creating communities that are extending the brand into new online experiences.

This is CRUCIAL to the success of any online business. The principle of place is to increase your REPRESENTATION and make it widely available and attractive to the target customers. You will need to think about MULTI-CHANNELS for distribution rather than one specific type to attract the correct consumer. 4

Partnerships? Many believe that with an online business a new P is added to the marketing mix, ‘Partnerships.’ This is due to 64% of the UK top 1000 companies confirming they have partnership marketing in place. These partnerships can open doors to vast new markets, and will be a great advantage to your business. However skilled management is necessary to succeed with a partnership. Restaurant owners could possibly build partnerships with well known food brands /suppliers such as; Heinz or Waitrose.


WHAT MAKES GOOD CONTENT? You’re competing with millions of other websites and thousands of restaurants when you put your business online. We’ve looked into how to drive traffic to your site, but what can you do to make your customers stay? And importantly, come back again? Here are a few tips about your content and how to make it as effective as possible.

Information Architecture 1.This is the way you organise, label and allow navigation on your website. Ensure it takes only 3 clicks for users to get where they want to be.

Assume your visitors know nothing about your company and its products or services.

Update frequently

Chunky Relevant Accurate Brief Scannable

Never lose sight of the purpose of your website. Are you selling, providing information, generating leads? Make sure your content is relevant and has its role in the target audience’s life.

Make sure each page is specific and that they all flow logically.

Make it easy to scan. People will stay on your site for a few seconds before they decided whether or not to stay.


SEO & Traffic Building ď‚—



Meta Tags EASE OF USE = Structure + Navigation + Page Layout + Interaction

Keep it simple





Three Clicks! Hip Hip… Don’t forget the three click rule, its important to note users should be able to find what they want within three clicks, otherwise the site’s flow-ability may prevent users coming back.

Meta Tags


Pizza Online pizza Pizza delivery Local pizza

Meta Tags

Bella Italia

Bella Italia Italian restaurant Pizza Pasta London restaurant

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Pizza Express

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Meta Tags

Pizza Hut

    

pizza hut restaurant pizza hut pizza hut menu order online pizza deals

 pizza hut deals  book a table



Online Value Proposition Online value proposition is simply what a site can offer:

That is different to its competitors


is better than the real-world


benefits the customer


Loud & Clear!… and Stong With such a huge choice online not only is good content, ease & speed important, but so is having a clear proposition. The services offered and credibility to deliver should be shown in the proposition

New products advertised across site Easier to order online than going into store but both options available

Bella Italia

Core Product is key benefit Family dining, restaurant locator View menu online & book table

Pizza Express

No surprises when visiting and helps plan

Combines quality dining In store and at home Find, Book, Order Online or through their mobile app

Pizza Hut

Core Product New products and deals shown across site Exclusive offers that need printing to be claimed in store Delivery, collection, dine in store all options are catered for10 10

Dynamic Design & Personalisation  Cookies are the key to web personalization.  Customized website content for each customer.  Sell, Serve, Speak and Sizzle

It’s Getting Personal... Remembering customer names and their needs is a personal thing. It is vital for websites to get personal. With the combination of web technology and database technology any number of customers can be recognized, their preferences remembered and served immediately.

COOKIES Cookies are a vital tool within web personalisation, when a new visitor arrives at a website a cookie or small text file is placed on their computer which is personally identified to them, on their next visit, this is recognised and a personalised message will be displayed. Cookies will remember previous information about how they used the particular service and what they are most likely to want from the website. Restaurant websites use cookies to remember what their customers last ordered, where and when they last booked a table and what offers and deal will relate to them. By using this personalisation method, their customers are more likely to return to the restaurant and order from the website again.


> SELL, SERVE, SPEAK AND SIZZLE This makes it easier for customers to select their products or services that they require and to have this remembered on their next visit. Pizza Hut and Dominos personally remember your last orders and address for delivery. Pizza Express and Bella Italia remember the customer on their next visit to the website & show when and where they last booked a table. Each website requires general personal information to be entered, which then will be remembered on their database. This all appears on the customers next visit to the website. -Customer name -Location -Customer Preferences -Offers and deals specific to customer All websites offer an opportunity to receive the latest deals and offers via email relating to recent searches, locations and up to date news. 12

Customer Orientation Customer Orientation Provides: Easy Access

It’s Easy Peasy...

Appeal to a range of people Familiarise the audience

It provides easy access to the content and services on the webpage for a range of different consumers, it should appeal to a wide range of people. The website should familiarise the audience about the organisation, their products and the website as a whole.

Pizza Express Generally couples, older customers and families on occasions.  Does not familiarise the audience with their services. Homepage does not present any the food or services they are offering. The audience need to navigate to the ‘our food’ section. Presents booking a table in an easy way.

Pizza Hut Families, children and students due to its value for money approach. The option for takeaway is a quick and easy method of purchase. Connect their audience with the information they need. It is easily accessible for all types of audiences and easily identifies a customers need.

Bella Italia  Families with younger children.  Customers needs are addressed promptly as there is an option to view the menu, book a table or find a restaurant immediately.  It familiarises the audience with the products it serves, by using images and also their brand by using a large logo.  It promotes a child friendly atmosphere.

Domino’s  Families and students due to their promotions and deals presented on the homepage.  It efficiently connects their audience with the information they need.  It is easily accessible for all types of audiences.  They conveniently check that the customer can receive their services by allowing them to enter their postcode.

So which webpage is the best for Customer Orientation? Bella Italia provides a website which appeals to a range of different people, they make it easy for children and adults to achieve their needs whether it is to book a table, look at their food or find a restaurant. This is definitely the WINNER! 10/10 Pizza Hut follow closely behind Bella Italia as it provides excellent customer orientation due to ease of use, familiarising the product and brand to the customer and also addressing their main needs immediately. However the layout of this is not as easy as Bella Italia, therefore it has to take a worthy second place. 9/10 Domino’s have created a great customer orientated website which allows customers with a specific menu depending on their postcode as many Domino’s restaurants provide different products. However there is not an option to look at the menu without having to create an order which is inconvenient for some consumers. 7/10 Pizza Express was considered the worst website for customer orientation due to the fact that it does not appeal to children, whilst the others do. It does not familiarise their food immediately and navigation is needed to address the need of the audience whereas elsewhere it directly tackles them. 3/10 14

Aesthetics Site Personality  Site Style  Colour and Typography

It’s all about your image.. Effective website design includes both form and function, this covers both the visual design layout and interaction, navigation and structure of the website. To help communicate a brand’s essential values and what they offer a website must portray powerful aesthetic appeal.

Aesthetics = Graphics + Colour + Style + Layout and Typography

SITE PERSONALITY A website’s personality must be consistent with the brand, what they want to perceive and how they want to be represented is shown through the design style, colours and layout.  Pizza Hut and Dominoes highlight a sense of fun, excitement and value for money through their website design. The bright colours used throughout both emphasis this. Pizza Hut presents itself as an informal restaurant in comparison to Bella Italia and Pizza Express and since Dominoes is a delivery service they highlight their services through their quick and simple layout on their website. Bella Italia and Pizza Express present a more formal and elegant approach, highlighting good quality, high end service and a place for special occasions. 15

Dominos use graphics, loud colours, animations and large text to capture the audience, make the website exciting and get to the point as quick as possible. Like their service they want their website to represent a quick, easy and exciting brand.

SITE STYLE Information Intensive vs. Graphic Intensive Information intensive sites may appear cluttered because they have a lot of text but the intention is to provide a lot of information to the visitor and come across more formal and usually more expensive. On the other hand graphic intensive sites contain lots of images, animations to create an instant impression. ďƒźInfo intensive = Pizza Express and Bella Italia: although both websites have images and few graphic animations, they offer vast amounts of information to highlights events, what they offer and other forms of promotional activity. ďƒźGraphic Intensive = Pizza Hut and Dominoes thrive on grabbing their visitors attention through colour, animation and images. This shows simplicity, to the point information about the brand as well as making it exciting and fun to look at.

Bella Italia have articles and large amounts of text information for their customers to read. They want to keep their visitors on their website for as long as possible.


Page Design The page design aspects which need to be considered are: Visually pleasing layout Emphasis on different content Consistency

Pizza Express  Company name and logo clearly at the top of home page and is coherent through every page navigated to.  The navigation bar along the top is consistent.  Simple headings create ease for visitor.  The traditional layout of the website allows the customer to access all information easily.  Black and white are the main colours used.

It’s Easy Peasy... There are many page design aspects that a restaurant website must consider whilst in the constructing stage. A good page design will have the following; a visually pleasing layout, emphasis of different content types, clear navigation options, prioritisation of marketing messages and finally consistency throughout the website. If these are applied correctly the restaurant will achieve effective web as well as being attractive to the audience.

Pizza Hut  Consistently used the company name, logo and navigation bar.  The website is graphic intensive as the visual appeal is of high importance.  More information can be accessed by clicking on the different graphics.  The background uses moving image, each highlight a different message. 17

Domino’s  Company name and logo clearly at the top of home page.  The navigation bar along the top is consistent.  The layout is kept the same throughout each webpage.  The main colours red and blue are used to relate the webpage with the brand logo, it also helps make it visually appealing.  However this website does not promote the Domino’s marketing message to the audience.

Bella Italia  Homepage layout is very busy, with many different aspects presented on the webpage.  The navigation bar at the top and the logo are consistence throughout.  They have good emphasis of different content using moving image.  The colours used are mainly neutral however the bold colours are used to highlight important sections to catch the consumers attention.

So which webpage is rated highest on Page Design? The Pizza Hut webpage design is the clear winner, they provide consistency, visual appeals, use moving image to convey their marketing messages and the layout is simple, even though it is busy, everything is placed nicely. However they should pick a prominent colour to use throughout each page. 9/10 Domino’s should be proud of their webpage design even though a few things should be included to improve such as; presenting their marketing messages more effectively all their other aspects are great, the layout is the best, using a simple design consistently with each page. 7/10 Pizza Express page design is similar to domino’s, they layout of the images and text is consistent throughout each page, they also have coherent colour scheme which is used throughout. However it lacks marketing messages to the customer, they should also include moving image to portray this. 6/10 Unfortunately, Bella Italia has been rated worst restaurant for page design. Even though they have many aspects which are positive, such as moving image and consistency, however the homepage is very cluttered which makes it less visually appealing to the audience. 5/10 18

Copywriting ď‚—



Navigation and Structure EASE OF USE = Structure + Navigation + Page Layout + Interaction

Keep it simple





Three Clicks! Hip Hip… Don’t forget the three click rule; its important to note users should be able to find what they want within three clicks, otherwise the site’s flow-ability may prevent user coming back.

Mini Navigation & Structure Review


Dominos have a simplistic page structure that compliment the brand and the business. As dominos don’t do tables all food is for delivery or collection. The site takes you from the main screen with postcode input, to a menu that follows you through the order. Sections brighten to indicate your position in the site

Mini Navigation & Structure Review

Bella Italia

Bella Italia are more of a dinning experience, locating a restaurant, booking a table and viewing the menu can be done from multiple areas. Similarly, buttons contrast to show user of their location within the site.

Mini Navigation & Structure Review

Pizza Express

Pizza express has a deeper structure than the previous sites, a menu bar is displayed across the top which like the others changes to indicate position on the site, they however have a sub menu that appears depending on whether the page has sub links to further pages.

Mini Navigation & Structure Review

Pizza Hut

Pizza hut have a simplistic first page that rivals domino’s site. Greeted with whether you will be dinning or getting a pizza delivered. From the user’s choice the site then takes you to the appropriate side. Where the takeaway is very similar to dominos and dinning typical of the restaurants seen so far


Interaction ď‚—



Editorial ď‚—



Usability ď‚—