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Latest Launch Apple iPhone 4S Release Date: 14th October 2011

Report 1 – Latest Story NEW: Apple iPhone 4S Report by: Brent McDonald

iPhone 4S has been released in the US and is due into the UK 14th October 2011. Looking at the previous version the iPhone 4S is more of an updated iPhone 4 as opposed to a complete new model! The camera has been upgraded to an 8mpx from a 5mpx on the previous version and the processor has been updated to the new dual-core A5 chip. The new 4S will have the new iOS 5 software which has a bundle of new features (more detail in a different review). iPhone 4 has proved to be very popular but I can see the 4S only attracting customers that wanted the 4 but were contract stricken and customers who are at the forefront of all new apple products. People who already have the 4 will probably not upgrade to the new one just yet as the biggest change (iOS 5) is available on the older handsets to download.

Whilst typing this news has broken that Samsung are looking to file a preliminary injuction against Apple’s iPhone 4S regarding patent infringement on the 4S’s 3G WCDMA technology. The launch in France & Italy may be postponed as it looks as if Samsung’s actions have led to the new 4S being banned in both those countries. Stay Tuned for future updates & developments

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