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  Constructing  Environments     ENVS  10003     Week  2     Ben  Hayman     641736                                        

Week 2    

The tutorial  class  this  week  required   the  assembly  of  a  structure  made   entirely  of  balsa  wood  held  together   with  super  glue.  Though  the  glue   seemed  errant  of  all  super  powers   the  task  completed  in  groups  posed   other  challenges.  On  such  challenge   was  that  of  the  shape  of  the  base.  A   disagreement  stemming  from   whether  the  balsa  wood  should  be   conserved  for  height  (triangle),  in   lieu  of  a  sturdier  structure  (square).   The  end  result  was  a  square  base,  as   the  small  width  of  the  balsa  wood   would  not  allow  for  the  stinking  of   angles  for  the  triangle   structure  unless  overlapping   occurred.  We  stuck  the  Balsa   together  via  the  square  base   and  we  had  lift  off  whilst   cutting  and  consequently  using   what  was  not  need  from  the   square  base  for  support  at   loftier  heights.    

The  weak  balsa  wood  meant  that  at   the  height  each  sat  at  that  at  any   moment  it  would  collapse.  This  was   remedied  through  the  use  of  the   crossbeams  show  in  the  pictures.  

As our  design  grew  taller  we   were  faced  with  impeding   doom  each  time  a  slight  breeze   grazed  our  structure.  We   decided  as  a  group  that  instead   of  letting  the  structure  rest  on   its  laurels  we  would  instead   make  the  building  of   decreasing  width.  Though  the   construct  was  not  structurally   sound  our  structure  did  reach   the  highest  heights  in  the   allotted  time.  Though   shoddiness  was  not  desired,  to   design  a  structure  that  was   comprehensively  sound  would   have  taken  to  long.  Thus  we   were  left  with  what  you  see   below.        

Studio journal week 2  
Studio journal week 2