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Musician photos: Brett Jones Audience photos: Ramon Carey

josh owen band jake schatz

MAKING the trip from Melbourne and heading off Bendigo’s night of music will be the legendary blues trio known as the Josh Owen Band. This is Josh’s second year of Summer In The Parks and he’s excited to be returning. “I’m really looking forward to it” Josh said. “Last year was awesome – playing

with the sunlight seeping through the trees put everyone on a good vibe.” Josh has been playing music for a good part of his life and has been taking it seriously since his late teens. “I started playing violin as a kid, but my teacher was pretty horrible so I swapped to guitar,” Josh laughed. On a grand scale, some of Josh’s biggest influences include Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix, but it’s within the music of many local bands that Josh finds the biggest inspiration. “Watching local musicians play has the greatest effect on me,” he said.

“Seeing what my friends play on a more personal level and studying their craft is something I love to do.” Josh’s talent is complemented in a huge way by his all-star band, featuring drumming powerhouse Jason Heerah and insanely funky bassist Luke Hodgson. Intelligent, intricate and above all, beautiful, Josh Owen’s music gracing Rosalind Park tonight is set to be as magical as it was last year. An opportunity to experience this legendary band for free in Bendigo should not be passed down.

Josh Owen.

urban creatures jake schatz

FILLING the gap between the lovely Michelle Meehan and blues titans The Josh Owen Band will be Urban Creatures, a local blues two-piece featuring guitar virtuoso Damien Neill and Bendigo drumming all-star Colin Thompson. Colin played Summer In The Parks a few weeks ago with TH3, but he’s beyond excited to be taking to the

Rosalind Park stage with Neill. “I love playing with Damien” Colin said. “We always play well and have fun together, playing as Urban Creatures in Rosalind Park is pretty magic for me.” As the talent liaison for the event, Colin also puts full faith in Josh Owen and Michelle Meehan to help Urban Creatures put on an awesome show. “I’m an embarrassingly big Josh Owen fan, brilliant songwriter, fantastic singer and awesome guitarist,” he said. “One of the finest acts in Australia, and I’m not sure why they’re not a

household name. Beyond all that, Josh is a fantastic guy. “I’ve always been a fan of Michelle Meehan’s work as well; she’s one of Bendigo’s best.” Urban Creatures started off as a three-piece with local bassist Ben Gibbons about 10 years ago but has lately been operating as a two-piece, which far from hinders the band’s sound. Explorative and virtuosic, the music that comes out of Urban Creatures always impresses. Another great reason to be in Rosalind Park from 7pm tonight.

PIC: Alex Kerr.

michelle meehan ben cameron

MUSIC has always been Michelle Meehan’s life– her parents were both musicans and played in a band together. “From the moment I was born my life was infiltrated with music,” she said. “My Dad plays electric guitar so I’d often go to sleep to the sound of their jam sessions together. “We often did long drives over the Australian countryside. I have very early memories of constantly singing

in the car because the car sounded like music. “I would harmonise with the car until my brother got really annoyed and elbowed me, at which point I would just put my face really close to the window and sing so softly that only I could hear it. “I wrote my first song on one of these drives, I was about four.” Although just 25, the folk singer has been around the Bendigo music scene for over a decade. “We moved to Bendigo when I was 14 and Mum used to take me to the open mic so we could both play some songs on stage,” she said. “I left home when I was 16, and

used to sneak into the open mics and hide under the table until it was my turn to play!” Meehan, who has just completed a solo acoustic album and is in the last year of her music degree, will return to Bendigo next year to complete her Diploma of Education, passing on her skills to budding musicians across the region. Not one to sit idle, Meehan is also in a band called Chandra with her Mum and Aunty Joy. “We played at the Carols by Candlelight in Bendigo,” she said. “That was the biggest thing I’ve ever done, there were thousands of people there. It was a real honour.”

PIC: Brett Jones

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b.entertained Issue 21 January 28th, 2011

b.entertained Issue 21  

b.entertained Issue 21 January 28th, 2011