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b.entertained 04|Friday, January 28, 2011


in the parks

Parklife returns... ben cameron

THE third edition of the Summer In The Parks program for 2011 was back were it belonged last Friday night – Rosalind Park – after poor weather moved the show indoors at the Bendigo Town Hall the previous week. And it was great to be back on the grass as Andrew Higgs and Tully Sumner provided the large crowd with plenty of toe tapping goodness. But the showstopper was the sublime final act, Lee Rosser – hopefully this very talented man will be back in Bendigo very soon. The month-long SITP program wraps tonight in fine style, with the up and coming Michelle Meehan, Bendigo’s own Urban Creatures and the you-seriously-cannot-miss Josh Owen Band. Indulge yourself.

Tully Sumner provided a sweet summer soundtrack.

Headliner Lee Rosser took funk to a whole new level.

Andrew Higgs kicked off proceedings.

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b.entertained Issue 21 January 28th, 2011