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seven days

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Friday, January 28, 2011

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Kangaroo Flat Market A variety of market stalls. From 8am to 2pm Anne Conway will be singing between 10am and 1pm. Kangaroo Flat Uniting Church, High Street. Details and bookings: 5443 1809.



Saturday, January 29 The 2011 Roll the Dice Run By The American Motorcycle Club. 10am from Lake Weeroona car park. All bikes welcome, cash prizes. Barbecue at the second dice roll stop. Run by a local fire brigade for $2. Finish at the Guildford Hotel for the prizes, a chat and a drink. Details: 0408 780 684 or 0466 340 230

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Birds of a Feather Our Shed is hosting a contemporary artist market 10am to 4pm at Our Shed, 14 Sailors Gully Road. There will be bands, artwork and craft, fashion, jewellery and gourmet food. Contact: arts.

Friday, January 28

Saturday, January 29

Basement Bar McAlpine’s Fusiliers 9pm- FREE

Newmarket Hotel Nemesphyxia and Automata 9pm

Newmarket Hotel Stevenson’s Rocket, Pioneers of Good Science and Bank of All Places 9pm- $5

Huntly Hotel Undercover 9pm- FREE

Bridge Hotel Leigh Turner 9pm- FREE

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Chamber Philharmonia Cologne Sacred Heart Cathedral The Four Seasons, Concerto in D minor. The music of Vivaldi, JS Bach, Mozart and Tschaikowsky. 8pm. Details: 5434 6060.

Old Hepburn Hotel Live Music (call venue for details) Pugg Mahones Top Jimmy 11pm


Pugg Mahones Out of Order 11pm Old Hepburn Hotel Remedy 9pm- FREE Sunday, January 30 Basement Bar ‘Open Mic’ with host Deano 5pm- FREE Marong Family Hotel Jord Allen 12.30pm- FREE

Tuesday, February 1 Mature age meet and greet 2pm every Tuesday at the Newmarket Hotel. Details: 5446 2189. Tuesday Night Bowls South Bendigo Bowls Club, Palmerston Street. Bendigo. 6.30pm. $7. Names phoned in between 4.30pm and 5pm on 5443 4833. Barbecue from 6pm. Flat-soled shoes. Bowls available. Details: 5442 5774.

Golden Vine Hotel Bel and Jon 4pm- FREE Cambrian Hotel Silverwater 2.30pm- FREE Bridge Hotel The Mockbells 2pm- FREE One Tree Hill Hotel Chris Meek and Marlow Mosier 2pm- FREE Old Hepburn Hotel McAlpine’s Fusiliers FREE Drover’s Arms Knock Knock Rattle 2pm- FREE

30 Bridge Street, Bendigo PO Box 324, Bendigo, 3552 • Phone: 5442 5448 • Fax:5442 5450

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Burlesque Rating: M Staring: Christina Aguilera, Cher Director: Steven Antin Drama/Music




I was really excited about seeing Burlesque – its trailer looked sassy and it starred two vocal greats in Cher and Christine Aguilera, with the latter making her musical acting debut. While the film is visually brilliant, its lack of story makes the project a vacuous bore. Ostensibly, Burlesque is a two hour music video shot as a vehicle to showcase Aguilera’s stunningly powerful voice, with a trade off of two songs for Cher seemingly inserted out of respect for her longevity as a singer and actor. The pathetic screenplay is


Synopsis: Life seems perfect for John Brennan (Russell Crowe) until his wife, Laura (Elizabeth Banks), is arrested for a gruesome murder she says she didn’t commit. Three years into her sentence, John is struggling to hold his family together, raising their son and teaching at college while he pursues every means available to prove her innocence. With the rejection of their final appeal, Lara becomes suicidal and John decides there is only one possible, bearable solution: to break his wife out of prison. Refusing to be deterred by impossible odds or his own inexperience, John devises an elaborate escape plot and plunges into a dangerous and unfamiliar world, ultimately risking everything for the woman he loves.






crew become the stars of the movie. Christophe Beck’s original music is powerful and where necessary, fast-paced or poignant, as required. Bojan Bazelli’s exceptional choreography and cinematography is as good as the work done in the musical classic Cabaret. What a pity Burlesque can’t match Cabaret’s engrossing story. Virginia Katz’s editing is eye-catching and helps alleviate the boredom of the screenplay. The work by Jon Gary Steele’s production design team and Chris Cornwell’s art direction is colourful, intricate and on par with Baz Luhermann’s Moulin Rouge. Dena Roth’s set decoration also helps brings to life a burlesque club in downtown LA.



The Next Three Days (M)

Opening: February 3 2011 Director: Paul Haggis Cast: Olivia Wilde, Liam Neeson, Russell Crowe

written by Steven Antin and Diablo Cody. It ‘s so predictable and lacking in substance that even a re-write by Susannah Grant could not save it. PrĂŠcising the weak storyline is the easiest job in the world and can be done in a sentence: ‘small town girl with a big voice and ambition goes to Los Angeles, is discovered and falls in love with a barman at the club she works at’. Of course there are side bar stories of the club being in debt and the target of developers but there is little more to the plot. Apart from Aguilera and to some extent Cher, none of the other characters are more than two dimensional cardboard cut outs – they may be pretty and handsome but they have no depth. The story is so weak, that the project’s production




Also starring is Michael Kaplan’s costuming and the film’s large credited make-up team. As the form of burlesque requires, the costumes and make-up are racy, showy and flamboyant. With the project being all about Aguilera, and as she convincingly delivers on the showcase, she can now add formidable actor to her credits. For Cher, she deserves a better project to work in and fewer close-ups which expose an attractive pout that is annoying. If you are an Aguilera fan and like sexy dance routines with hot costuming then you will love Burlesque. However, if you don’t fit into these two categories then forget it and spend the two hours more productively on other film offerings.



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cope and

glory Working alongside an idol is the dream of most. And a Bendigo musician is doing just that, as he prepares to unveil his keyboard skills to the music loving nation. Samuel Cope is the latest keyboardist with urban roots outfit, Blue King Brown, one of the first bands added to the Big Day Out lineup – a promotion guaranteeing maximum exposure for Cope and the band, in all capital cities, across Australia.

Melbourne, she returned the favour, rocking up to Buttered Loaf gigs. “We got chatting about her work with Blue King Brown and the new project they were working on,” he said. “She wanted to know if I was interested in jumping on board. “Naturally I said yes.” With BKB supporting John Butler Trio, Cope enjoyed a homecoming late last year at the Schweppes Centre. “It was cool to play in Bendigo, it was great to get my family down on the night,” he said. “And to play with John Butler Trio is such an awesome project to be involved with.” “It would have been great to see more faces in the crowd but the vibe in the room was awesome. Although the crowd were initially unsure about the band’s early tunes, BKB eventually won them over. “We always get them by the end of it,” he laughed. Life had come full circle for the 30 year old; he too was once just a face in the crowd at a Bendigo gig. Although the scene wasn’t as healthy during his musical coming of age. “Back in 1998 there were some great Bendigo bands around when I was growing up, like Blackthorne Stick, Clumpy Bogg and Knobtang,” he recalled. “Unfortunately, as I became legal enough to go into a pub and watch live bands, the scene started to die off. “I haven’t been that in touch with the Bendigo music scene of late but from what I’ve heard it seems like the momentum is building again. “There are some great medium level music venues in Bendigo, and it seems the motivation is there.” While the dreaded music download is usually the bane of a the modern musician’s existence

New Releases


Friday January 28th

Sunday January 30th




on Sunday 30th January with $2 film from every ticket sold donated to Australian flood victims

The Mockbells

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The Green Hornet


Tangled 2D &




The Fighter (MA 15+) Burlesque (M) The Kings Speech (M) The Dilemma (M) $5 Kid Flicks

10am everyday Megamind (PG)





PHONE 5443 7811


7pm Michelle Meehan 7.25pm Urban Creatures 8.05pm Josh Owen Band

True Grit (M) 9.00pm

Australian film distributors and exhibitors nationwide unite to host


Leigh Turner

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Yogi Bear 2D &



Blue King Brown play the Green Hot Produce Stage at 5.15pm at the Melbourne Big Day Out.


How do you know? (M) 7.00pm


(just ask Metallica about their love for Napster), Cope believes it has actually helped the scene. “In this climate of the music industry, with the spectre of music downloads and record companies losing their grip on the music market in term of record sales, and the increased exposure from websites, more people are getting in touch with good music,” he said. “People are getting excited about seeing live music again, which is a great thing. “Groovin the Moo in Bendigo proved that. There are new festivals cropping up all over the place. “Although there are problems with music downloads, on the other side of the fence, it is a truly exciting time for the music industry. “It’s a wider range of acts too, not just what you are told to listen to on music video programs, or on commercial radio. “There is more diversity available.” Diversity is the theme of BKB’s latest album, Wordwise, a bi-product of the band’s relentless touring overseas. Cope reckons the Japanese have dug BKB’s jive more than most. But are Japanese crowds as reserved as rumoured? “Not from our experience,” he laughed. “We always have an absolute ball in Japan, it’s just a rollercoaster ride for us. “Going to as many parts of the world as possible and communicating our music with like minded people is what the album is all about. “All over the world you can find people with the same feelings and the same enjoyment of music that you have.”

(includes 4 small drinks & 4 small popcorn) Exp. 09/02/2011 limit one per voucher

3112 2801

ben cameron

The former Bendigo Senior Secondary College student has come a long way from Rosalind Park; he toured with guitar maestro, Carlos Santana, with BKB recently. “Those shows were absolutely enormous, we’d never played arenas before so that was amazing to get up on stage with amazing musicians such as Santana and Dennis Chambers, which were all influences on us,” he said from Melbourne earlier this week after wrapping shows at the Woodford Folk Festival. Born in England, before his family moved to a Kyabram dairy farm at the age of nine, Cope has always had music running through his veins. But it wasn’t until he moved to Bendigo for high school that a special friendship allowed his skills on the keys, to blossom. “When I moved to Bendigo Senior Secondary College I began to make my really solid music connections,” he said. “I met my best mate Selwyn Cozens in Year 12. “We started jamming together and he introduced me to soul music and Frank Zappa and more precocious 70s rock I guess, which came to shape me as a musician. “He also really encouraged me to take up keyboards, as I was just playing guitar at that point in time. “I was classically trained in piano so he helped me move back towards the keyboards.” After graduation, the boys moved to Melbourne and formed band, Buttered Loaf. He was also enjoying the work of Blue King Brown lead singer, Natalie Pa’apa’a , through her work with Skin. But it wasn’t until a Cat Empire gig in Wangaratta, where Buttered Loaf shared the bill with Skin, that the two crossed paths. “We really connected,” he said. And when Pa’apa’a moved to

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in the parks

Parklife returns... ben cameron

THE third edition of the Summer In The Parks program for 2011 was back were it belonged last Friday night – Rosalind Park – after poor weather moved the show indoors at the Bendigo Town Hall the previous week. And it was great to be back on the grass as Andrew Higgs and Tully Sumner provided the large crowd with plenty of toe tapping goodness. But the showstopper was the sublime final act, Lee Rosser – hopefully this very talented man will be back in Bendigo very soon. The month-long SITP program wraps tonight in fine style, with the up and coming Michelle Meehan, Bendigo’s own Urban Creatures and the you-seriously-cannot-miss Josh Owen Band. Indulge yourself.

Tully Sumner provided a sweet summer soundtrack.

Headliner Lee Rosser took funk to a whole new level.

Andrew Higgs kicked off proceedings.

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h sons ssell wit an Lara Ha and Bohd Tyzack

Kevin and Ru th Brandie

elly and Hannah K Jack Gabrielle

Juelene and Gr eg with pets Morgan and Mo lly

Samara, St acey, Lia, Katarnya, Lauren and Ariana

Musician photos: Brett Jones Audience photos: Ramon Carey

josh owen band jake schatz

MAKING the trip from Melbourne and heading off Bendigo’s night of music will be the legendary blues trio known as the Josh Owen Band. This is Josh’s second year of Summer In The Parks and he’s excited to be returning. “I’m really looking forward to it” Josh said. “Last year was awesome – playing

with the sunlight seeping through the trees put everyone on a good vibe.” Josh has been playing music for a good part of his life and has been taking it seriously since his late teens. “I started playing violin as a kid, but my teacher was pretty horrible so I swapped to guitar,” Josh laughed. On a grand scale, some of Josh’s biggest influences include Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix, but it’s within the music of many local bands that Josh finds the biggest inspiration. “Watching local musicians play has the greatest effect on me,” he said.

“Seeing what my friends play on a more personal level and studying their craft is something I love to do.” Josh’s talent is complemented in a huge way by his all-star band, featuring drumming powerhouse Jason Heerah and insanely funky bassist Luke Hodgson. Intelligent, intricate and above all, beautiful, Josh Owen’s music gracing Rosalind Park tonight is set to be as magical as it was last year. An opportunity to experience this legendary band for free in Bendigo should not be passed down.

Josh Owen.

urban creatures jake schatz

FILLING the gap between the lovely Michelle Meehan and blues titans The Josh Owen Band will be Urban Creatures, a local blues two-piece featuring guitar virtuoso Damien Neill and Bendigo drumming all-star Colin Thompson. Colin played Summer In The Parks a few weeks ago with TH3, but he’s beyond excited to be taking to the

Rosalind Park stage with Neill. “I love playing with Damien” Colin said. “We always play well and have fun together, playing as Urban Creatures in Rosalind Park is pretty magic for me.” As the talent liaison for the event, Colin also puts full faith in Josh Owen and Michelle Meehan to help Urban Creatures put on an awesome show. “I’m an embarrassingly big Josh Owen fan, brilliant songwriter, fantastic singer and awesome guitarist,” he said. “One of the finest acts in Australia, and I’m not sure why they’re not a

household name. Beyond all that, Josh is a fantastic guy. “I’ve always been a fan of Michelle Meehan’s work as well; she’s one of Bendigo’s best.” Urban Creatures started off as a three-piece with local bassist Ben Gibbons about 10 years ago but has lately been operating as a two-piece, which far from hinders the band’s sound. Explorative and virtuosic, the music that comes out of Urban Creatures always impresses. Another great reason to be in Rosalind Park from 7pm tonight.

PIC: Alex Kerr.

michelle meehan ben cameron

MUSIC has always been Michelle Meehan’s life– her parents were both musicans and played in a band together. “From the moment I was born my life was infiltrated with music,” she said. “My Dad plays electric guitar so I’d often go to sleep to the sound of their jam sessions together. “We often did long drives over the Australian countryside. I have very early memories of constantly singing

in the car because the car sounded like music. “I would harmonise with the car until my brother got really annoyed and elbowed me, at which point I would just put my face really close to the window and sing so softly that only I could hear it. “I wrote my first song on one of these drives, I was about four.” Although just 25, the folk singer has been around the Bendigo music scene for over a decade. “We moved to Bendigo when I was 14 and Mum used to take me to the open mic so we could both play some songs on stage,” she said. “I left home when I was 16, and

used to sneak into the open mics and hide under the table until it was my turn to play!” Meehan, who has just completed a solo acoustic album and is in the last year of her music degree, will return to Bendigo next year to complete her Diploma of Education, passing on her skills to budding musicians across the region. Not one to sit idle, Meehan is also in a band called Chandra with her Mum and Aunty Joy. “We played at the Carols by Candlelight in Bendigo,” she said. “That was the biggest thing I’ve ever done, there were thousands of people there. It was a real honour.”

PIC: Brett Jones

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yum food fossickers



Her Majesty Odious Death Metal

TASTE OF THE ORIENT: Joe Lam rosemary sorensen

IF the very idea of Chinese food makes your stomach gurgle in complaint, you will heartily agree with Joe Lam: too much pork fat and MSG is bad for the digestion. “Many places use pork fat to make it tasty and juicy,” the owner of Taste of the Orient in Castlemaine says. “But it’s not really healthy. “When I was in Hong Kong we’d go out all the time for yum cha and my stomach would tell me when it was too greasy or there was too much MSG. “It’s my own experience that makes me cook like this.” Joe and his wife Rebecca started the Taste of the Orient in Barkly Street last year, serving a classic range of yum cha dishes, but with one possibly unique difference: they use, where possible, organic meat and vegetables. They also mostly steam their dim sum, buns and dumplings, and even the rolls are deep-fried in vegetable oil. This is Chinese cuisine for those who like to taste the ingredients, not the fat or the salt. Joe says that, while it is still very common for people immediately to drown their dim sum in soy sauce, gradually he is educating

them to taste first. “Some customers say, no soy, I want to taste the real flavour,” he says. The Lams came to Castlemaine principally because they decided it was the best place to educate their two boys, now 12 and 9. Friends in Hong Kong had recommended the Steiner school there. Joe was in management in Hong Kong, where his parents still live, but he has had a love of food since he was a boy, and completed a professional diploma course before heading to Australia. To get to know the town, they ran a fish and chip shop, gradually introducing dim sum onto the menu. They also began to do the Castlemaine Farmers Market each month, tastetesting with the locals their increasing menu of yum cha food. “We started to think we could use better ingredients,” Joe says. “As we grew, we could afford to buy free range meat and organic vegetables, discovering that a lot of people want quality.” The menu at Taste of the Orient is classic and simple – beef and pork dim sum and dumplings although Joe says he gets bored if he isn’t experimenting and adding new combinations. He is particularly proud

DETAILS: Taste of the Orient is at 223 Barkers Street, Castlemaine, 5470 5465. Open Thursday to Saturday 11am to 8.30pm; Sunday 11am to 3pm.


COMING UP: You can try Joe’s Yum Cha on February 6 at the Castlemaine Farmers Market. Taste of the Orient also does a number of markets in the region, including Ballarat and Daylesford.


155 View Street, Bendigo Ph 5442 4411

of his Gai Siew Mai, organic homemade wrapper with chicken, ginger, mushroom and vegetables. “We use local carrot and cabbage which are very sweet, with a good taste,” he says. Plenty of chicken, too, and just a hint of ginger to sharpen it up. Some combinations are a little too exotic for local taste, such as the rice flour roll (gluten-free) filled with dry shrimp and spring onion. This is Joe’s particular favourite, although he finds he has to press Australians a little to try it. No pressing is necessary to get children to try the Jai Won Bao – steamed bun filled with creamy custard. Joe is proud of his Hong Kong heritage. He suggests it’s where you find the best Chinese food, partly because they are able to borrow from all the regions of China and then perfect the style. He is keen to develop a few dishes using Shanghai cuisine, because it is currently so popular. He also occasionally borrows from other cultures. A Thai-style cold noodle goes down particularly well here in summer. Chinese New Year, February 3, heralds the start of the Year of the Rabbit. Any chance of a bunny dim sum appearing on the menu to celebrate? “No,” he says, with a sweet smile. “The two things aren’t related.”

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Govern a great nation as you would cook a small fish. Do not overdo it.” (Lao Tzu)

jake schatz

IN a genre that is flooded by generic bands playing recycled riffs, Her Majesty have done well in making an EP that is interesting and unique enough to genuinely catch my attention. The young Bendigo five-piece death metal outfit are about to embark on a national tour to promote the release, entitled ‘Odious.’ I have a feeling that at the tour’s conclusion Her Majesty could be a name frequented within the Aussie metal circuit. The first sound you hear out of the EP is a simple, yet haunting symphonic passage that may at first seem a little gimmicky, until the atmosphere is completely shattered by the ultra-low gutturals of vocalist Jesse Burr – giving an early indication that the Bendigo youngsters mean business. As a vocalist, Burr is the complete death metal package – the 20-yearold’s arsenal of growls, screams and snarls are well developed and on par with some of the best in the genre. After the initial impact of the vocal entry, the listener is left little time to recover before they are hit by a fragmented, chainsaw-like riff that features some genuinely awesome guitar tone. From then on, the EP doesn’t really slow down, the rest of Eradication is laden crushing riffage interchanged with sweet atmospheric progressions. The Embodiment of Weakness and Harvest the Dead seem to take cue from more classic death metal sources but are twisted and wrought into Her Majesty’s apparent style with more atmospheric progressions and some sweet pause-and-release breakdowns. The release gets a step heavier with Repudidate and then again with Omnipotent, giving the entire release a juggernaut effect. My biggest gripe is that with the closing passage of Omnipotent the release feels far from complete. Fair enough it’s a five track but there isn’t a sense of finality at the song’s conclusion, making the EP feel more like a series of high-quality demos. It feels like a fresh and interesting EP and it’s on regular rotation in my bedroom. A solid first effort and one that is hopefully rewarded. Rating 7.5/10

Robyn Body Talk Part 3

jeff else

Electro Pop LAST year saw an awesome effort from Swedish electro dance pop maestro Robyn. This is her third of the Body Talk series of which have all been released in 2010 and all were of a high standard of quality pop. Not my preferred genre but I must raise my hat off when required. Part 3 is in fact also made of three parts. The first two thirds of the album is a best of Body Talk Part 1 and Part 2 with the balance of this release consisting of four new songs. My preference would be to own all three and accept the crossover of songs on Part 3, but if you had to choose then Part Three includes the best of all. Robyn makes accessible electro pop songs that are current but classic and easy to listen to over and over again. Good driving and work out tunes. Part 3 also includes a club friendly version of Indestructible from Part 2. If you are a fan of modern pop and have not yet heard any Robyn, then check her out on You Tube or something similar. You will not be disappointed.

9/10. That’s right, it really is that satisfying.

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Thing from


world megan spencer

Recently I was sent a communique by Jacques Soddell. He told me The Thing was on its way to Bendigo, asking if I would help spread the word quickly… FULL ON: free jazz trio The Thing.

newstead live

CONCERNED the deadly shapeshifting alien from John Carpenter’s 1982 movie was in fact real and somehow hot-footing its way to our fair city, I rang him immediately. Shows what a film nerd I am. The Thing is one of Europe’s most renowned free jazz trios. By a stroke of good fortune Jacques was bringing them to Bendigo, through his locally-funded experimental music outfit, Undue Noise. “Scandanavian free jazz” is their descriptor, meaning the troupe is made up of Swedish saxophonist, Mats Gustafsson – one of Europe’s most-revered sax players – and two Norwegians: drummer Paal NilssenLove and bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten. All are heavy-hitter ‘improv’ artists with Mats’s impressive bio including serious work with NY noise-rock legends, Sonic Youth.

Touring New Zealand, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and the wonderful ‘NOW now Festival of Spontaneous Music’ in Sydney (it was one of my favorite festivals when I was living there), Mats called Jacques out of the blue – such is the standing of Undue Noise – asking if he could add Bendigo to their schedule. A no brainer for Jacques who said yes on the spot. The trio will perform at the Old Fire Station this week, for next to nix. You can’t ask for much better than that! “I think artists know that we’re friendly to experimental music,” says Jacques of his home town, having pioneered Undue Noise and experimental music in our region since the 80s. “And this is a rare opportunity to hear free jazz of international standing – it’s going to be full on!” he adds, excitedly. Developed by musicians like Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman in the 1950s/60s, free jazz was kind of a punk reaction to the constraints and rules of more traditional jazz forms, such as bebop and modal jazz. It encourages improvisation by musicians – sometimes simultaneously – thus liberation from melody, chord changes and tempo, the defining molecules of jazz from earlier eras. Known for restructuring hits by indie bands the White Stripes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Thing will play acoustically, save for Flaten’s double bass “which will be fed through a bass amp,” says Jacques. He will also be plugging in with local musicians Justin Ball, Matthew Underwood

and Justin Marshall, as support. Another shape-shifter is Allans Walk Artist Run Space, renamed Shop 6 & 7 as the Council takes over running the gallery, shifting its focus to a community access space, rather than artist-run digs (which collapsed at the end of 2010). Arts Officer Rohan Phillips is coordinating the gallery. While no radical changes are afoot, he tells me “the council has made a commitment to keep it running as a community arts space, for now”. With only a “few shows confirmed” for the 2011 schedule, he strongly encourages local artists to apply. “We’re open to pretty much anything – from studio projects to the more ephemeral.” While the onus is on artists to “hang, man and promote their own shows,” it’s an opportunity for younger/emerging artists to get experience in every aspect of producing an exhibition. “This space has fantastic heritage and great potential,” Rohan adds. He is open to talking about ideas for new exhibitions. Shop 6 & 7’s first show is on now, including promising work by photographers Liz Fleming and Sebastian Young. “It’s a no-strings-attached kind of space, so come in and do what you like – artistically speaking”, laughs Rohan, eager to recruit. The Thing, Wednesday February 2, 8pm, Old Fire Station, View Street, Bendigo, $10 at door. Shop 6 & 7, Allans Walk. Artist applications: contact Rohan Phillips, Greater City of Bendigo, r.phillips@ or – 5434 6478

Adrian Barker (left) and Ruairi O’Gorman.

NEWSTEAD might have defeated the Loddon River the previous week but it was unable to stem the tide of folkies converging on the township. Situated between Castlemaine and Maryborough, Newstead is the home of the Newstead Live! music festival, held last weekend; long regarded as a small festival where performers seem to outnumber non-musical philistines – such as myself – in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Laconic Delta Blues musician Skip Sail kept the crowd entertained during a 40-minute set which included plenty of requests from the 30s and 40s era as well as a brief history of the genre. Purveyors of American Delta Blues wouldn’t have been disappointed despite Skip’s stage attire consisting of the quintessential Australian blue singlet and denim in place of

Enjoying themselves. Saturday’s evening concert at the community centre opened with the notorious local good time jug band, Ugly Uncles. Led by ABC radio’s Derek Guille, a rollicking set brought a smile to the faces of festival-goers as they launched into a polished performance of Junk Yard Blues. As usual their signature tune of Let’s Talk Dirty In Hawaiian, got the audience in the mood with the palm tree improvisation proving extremely popular. There is something slightly disturbing about mature-age male musicians performing a classic feminine folksy ballad as their closing number. Pretty Enough performed in perfect harmony sent the crowd into a near riotous call for an unfulfilled encore prior to a set by well-known folk identity, Faye White and Jane Thompson. The one thing wrong with Newstead Live! is that I didn’t get to spend enough time soaking up the atmosphere and the vast talent, including international acts, over the weekend. Perhaps next year.

HANG IT: Rohan Phillips and Liz Fleming 3CT INTERNATIONAL PRESENTS


+27(/ 8QGHUQH



1HZFKHI1HZPHQX DYNAMIC, ENERGETIC & WORLD-CLASS ACROBATIC ALLSTARS showcases China’s most talented and dynamic acrobats in a power-packed program that mixes traditional acrobatics with contemporary movement.

Thursday February 17 at 7.30pm BOOK NOW at The Capital on 5434 6100. Or online at 2801

For more information visit

Now serving dinner Wed - Sat Lunch Fri, Sat, Sun Bar menu Wed - Sun Sunday roast & Sunday night pizza Live music every Sunday afternoon Elphinstone Hotel, Wright Street. Telephone: 5473 3199


nick atyeo

dungarees. He finished his set with a rousing rendition of Jitter-Bug Swing at the Troubadour wine tent. Traditionalist Irish instrumental fans wouldn’t have been disappointed either with Adrian Barker and Ruairi O’Gorman‘s performance. Adrian’s diminutive stature has not changed since I heard him perform as a youth in the mid 90s. His reputation as a musician of immense talent has him at the forefront of traditional Irish music with a great variety of reels and compositions accompanied by Rauiri on mandolin. Back in town, recently formed five-piece Ballarat rhythm and blues band, Little Sister, turned on a memorable set partially due to the great vocals provided by local Jess Probert, assisted by renowned guitar maker Ian Noyce. Warm weather and the preceding week’s deluge might have initially kept crowd numbers slightly down on the Saturday during daylight hours. However the cooler evening had the festival-goers out in force along with the musicians doing what they do best.

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davethornton ben cameron

For a successful comic, timing is everything. Luckily, Australian funny man Dave Thornton’s is almost always spot on- apart from the time he unwittingly entered a warzone while backpacking across Europe. Thornton cracks wise about his most embarassing moment on the comedy circuit, and his love for the older ladies.

What have you been up to lately, Dave? Mate, I’m still recovering from being crook, I’ve been pretty insanely sick for the last couple of days. I’ve got the 7.30 Report, sorry the 7pm Project tonight. First thing’s first Dave, you’ll get there eventually. How have you enjoyed working on that show? Yeah last year I started getting some gigs on it. Dave Hughes went on holiday so I did it a couple of times. It’s been pretty sweet. It’s a good show. Good to finally have something on at that hour which stimulates both the brain and funny bone. Yeah it’s good to get the grey matter working rather than being told the difference between soft drinks and celebrity diets.

Yep the fact some of these shows call themelves news programs is a joke. Speaking of comedy, how did you get involved? Just through having brilliant sheer talent (laughs). I just entered Triple J’s Raw Comedy. I got pretty much a non confidence vote from all of my mates but I just kept at it. It’s a pretty inglorious story to be honest, I think I’ll have to make something up. Do you still listen to Triple J, even though you’ve got yourself a gig on Nova? I thought I was still down with it but then I did some festivals just recently, and half the bands I didn’t know. It doesn’t take long to fall out of the loop does it? New bands are popping up all the time. You’re right. Young bands with bigger fringes than I’ve ever known.


big day Forget the republican debate, refugees and Ricky Ponting’s captaincy, nothing divides the nation like a Big Day Out timetable. So b.entertained’s music writers Jake Schatz and Ben Cameron decided to go head to head over the big music issues...


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How was your first experience up on stage? I remember I told a joke that I didn’t know that well and my mind went completely blank. They say if you meditate you can get your mind blank and go to another level of self consciousness, but I don’t think it was that. I think it was just I couldn’t find a thought in my brain in front of a couple of hundred people. I think it was about 10 seconds of silence but it felt like an hour and a half. How do you recover from a moment like that? Maybe I was ahead of my time, providing a space for an advertiser to jump in. I just kept going. That’s the thing with stand up, once you’re on stage you have to fill the time. I could have walked off but I think my legs were too nervous to move. I was riveted to the ground so I had to do something. I just gathered my thoughts and kept going. Needless to say I didn’t go through to the next round. Mistakes are all part of your growth as a professional performer though? You only learn from the bad ones. The good ones, you tend to pat your own back on. Every stand up has a grim story, about how they started out or a gig that just went wrong. What doesn’t kill us can only make us stronger. I see your backpacking experiences around Europe have provided plenty of comic fodder? I did a show in 2007 about my European experience. I did stand up in Ireland and on some Greek Islands which was interesting. But it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, making backpackers laugh is pretty easy. I came back to Australia and found out a lot of those jokes don’t carry much weight with a normal, sober audience.

BEN: So Schatzy, the Big Day Out is on again this Sunday, who are you looking forward to seeing big fella? JAKE: A lot of bands. The Big Day Out has really surprised me this year. Heavy music has and always will be my thing so Deftones, Tool and Rammstein are all must-sees. I’m also hanging out for Dead Letter Circus, Airbourne, Iggy & The Stooges and of course the wonderful Birds of Tokyo. Yourself? BEN: This year’s line up is far from the best I’ve seen but I’m stoked Tool and LCD Soundsystem are here. Both cannot be missed in my book. I missed Tool in 2007 and have been kicking myself ever since, while James Murphy is an absolute genius and appears to be heading towards a hiatus, so they’re at the top of my list too. I’m surprised with your Birds of Tokyo call, Schatzy. I thought you’d be a bit over them after the whole Soundscribe thing? JAKE: Ahh yes, 2007, I wasn’t even old enough to go without my parents so it’s going to be great to see Maynard and the boys at last. LCD would be great to see but I don’t think I can quite justify missing Rammstein, those Germans are crazy! And I don’t think I could ever be truly sick of Birds, would still prefer to just have Karnivool again though. BEN: 2007. You would have been 12 or something? And Rammstein? So you’re opting for a bunch of nutty Germans over New York class. Interesting. Seriously though, that’s the only thing that annoys me about the Big Day Out. Sometimes you have to sacrifice seeing a band for another. What major clashes do you see on the bill this year Schatzy and what’s your advice? JAKE: Yeah around about 12 years of age, much younger than you. You’d be getting close to the age limit for the Big Day Out wouldn’t you, Benny? Oh Rammstein promise to be very entertaining Benny, they have the best pyrotechnics in the world and their last music

And you backpacked yourself? Yeah I backpacked for about a year and a half. Spent money, picked up diseases. I did the running of the bulls. I look back in hindsight and just think that was ridiculous. I also flew with Turkish Airways, I’m not sure if that’s classified as life threatening. I actually jumped into Turkey a few days after the Iraq War broke out. Turkey borders on Iraq. A mate of mine I was travelling with, his mum was just losing it. And I felt a little bit unloved because my mum was like ‘oh well, it’s your decision’. As you would say, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I don’t know, maybe she just hated me (laughs). It was interesting, I went to Gallipoli for Anzac Day. That was pretty hairy, but we eventually made it through. You’ve also done a bit of serious acting work on the ABC drama series Bed Of Roses, alongside that cougar Kerry Armstrong? She actually played my mum. That was a bit weird. It reminds me of an episode of Entourage where Johnny Drama’s sister was played by Brooke Shields. He was trying his darndest not to be turned on. So yeah, there was a little bit of that. But yeah, I played an AFL footballer and I’ve never played it in my life nor do I have a physique that would suggest that I would play football. I tried my darndest to look like a footballer. I’m not sure if I pulled it off . Are you a character actor Dave? Did you hang out with AFL footballers in Miami, just trying to see what makes them tick? I pushed it but I don’t think the ABC’s funding stretched that far. I’ve got heaps of mates who play football so there was no shortage of inspiration.

video was a porno. You are right though, clashes are the one big bummer about music festivals. Bands I’m going to hate missing include Bloody Beetroots, LCD Soundsystem, Crystal Castles, Children Collide, Blue King Brown, Primal Scream and Wolfmother. It sucks because there are a few timeslots during the day where I actually want to run away from every band that is playing. I may even have to put up with Bliss N Eso just to get a good spot for Deftones. Do you know of a company that makes earplugs that block out absolutely all sound? BEN: You’re going to miss Children Collide? Are you for real? Wolfmother I can understand but I would put Children Collide in the too good to miss basket. Agreed. I hate having to cut a set short, but sometimes you get it wrong. I remember way back at the Livid Festival in 2003 I left Linkin Park after a couple of numbers to see The White Stripes. Big mistake. Believe it or not but Jack and Meg were atrocious. The two songs I heard from Linkin Park were ten times better than The Stripes’ set. What about the side stages Schatzman? There’s always a few hidden gems to be found... JAKE: Being a Melbourne based band, Children Collide are a band that I can see any given weekend in a pub. They’re making way for Dead Letter Circus who are not only the best Australian band on the lineup, they are also Brisbane-based and play in Melbourne less frequently. Linkin Park vs. White Stripes is not a decision that anyone should really have to make, poor scheduling on the organisers behalf. I do know the feeling though and I hate discovering an amazing band AFTER they just played at a music festival which is why your point about the sidestages is important. Die Antwoord are an awesome, incredibly bizarre African rap group worth checking out, Gypsy & The Cat are a really solid band on the rise and I strongly encourage everybody to party hard with Andrew W.K. I also recommend that everyone checks out Lilyworld at some stage, strange things happen on that stage.

Would you like to pursue acting more? I’d love to but my comedy stuff is taking up all my time. I’ve got enough to keep me going. Although if you get a day off you start to fret, I don’t get paid sick leave or holiday pay. You’re coming to Bendigo for the Red Rover comedy nights at The Shamrock. Have you been to Bendigo before? I used to go a lot as a kid, I love the talking tram. (Comedian) Rod Quantock explained to me that The Shamrock was were we became self governing. Everybody converged on that pub and drafted the consitution. Yeah Prince Charles has stayed there too I believe. Which probably makes it more infamous than anything. Yeah Bendigo has probably got more history than Melbourne does. Then there’s the montrosity that is the Bendigo Bank. Doesn’t that stand out like dog’s balls? It amazes me as there’s all this great colonial architecture, then there’s that thing. It looks like they’ve just grabbed some shards of glass and stuck it all together. It looks like Superman’s fortress of solitude. It’s great for the town’s employment though Dave, play nice. Finally, who’s your ultimate comic idol? Groucho Marx for me is the funniest person I’ve ever seen. I used to grow up on Groucho Marx. What about modern day Aussie comics Tom Gleeson. I’d pay top dollar to see him. Dave Thornton plays The Shamrock Hotel for Red Rover Comedy tonight from 8pm.

BEN: And strange strange things happen off the stage too. Spend longer than five minutes in Lilyworld and I’ll guarantee you’ll come out a different person. Little Red or John Butler Trio for mine, if we’re talking best Aussie band on the bill. OK mate, no doubt you’ve got your plan of attack sorted, lay it on us. JAKE: Ok now I think the most important thing to remember with festivals is: DON’T follow your friends. The best plan of attack is go to the bands that YOU want to see. Anyway first up I’ll be catching The Vines for laughs, terrible band but I doubt I’ll have to put up with them for long before Little Red start playing. Dead Letter Circus and Airbourne will keep my attention focused on the mainstage before I ditch Lupe Fiasco for Andrew W.K. I may check out Die Antwoord in the Boiler Room before returning to the main stage for my favourite band of the day, Deftones. From there, the main stage holds my attention for the next six hours with Birds of Tokyo, John Butler Trio, Iggy & The Stooges, Rammstein and Tool all playing in succession. Finally I’ll head over to the Boiler Room to see M.I.A, I’ve heard she’s incredible live. Your move chief! BEN: I’ll be avoiding The Vines like the plague. They had one decent song (Ride) and that’s about it, so I’ll be making a beeline for Eagle and The Worm straight up, before an early highlight with Little Red, then run like the wind to catch Children Collide. From there I’ll sample a bit of Washington just to buy into the hype a little, then I’ll indulge you Schatzy with a bit of Andrew W.K. After grabbing a much needed ale I’ll check in with Plan B, those hippies Angus and Julia Stone, and then Blue King Brown, basically on the strength of their amazing performance in Bendigo a few months back, and their lead singer being a complete and utter sex bomb. I’ll have a crack at Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes for something new, and then Wolfmother for something tried and true. From there I’ll join the ravers in the Boiler Room for Kid Kenobi. Then comes the double whammy: LCD and Tool. I’ll be in heaven.

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b.entertained Issue 21 January 28th, 2011

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