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This was expected seeing as the majority of the friends and the people on my Facebook account are females. (Sorry lads!)

This is again expected because the majority of my friends are ranging from 15-17. Although I have friends who are my age 18 and quite a few of my family members and my friends mums replied too.

This was going to be a stab in the dark. I have friends who like rock A LOT!!. No idea who indie lovers could be! The majority of number one songs are pop and also my close friends share an interest in jazz like me. Hmmm, maybe do a jazz piece to make my work different??

The most popular tempo for a music video is fast and upbeat. Having this makes the audience keep entertained in the video because it will will be boring if there were the same shots for a long period of time. Then again it would make no sense to have fast cutting shots in a slow song. I may think of having some slow motion in my video to in-corporate the two results.

A high percentage said they would like their music to be colorful. Similar to the fast tempo In a music video it keeps the audience interested and makes the video pretty to look at. Again I see that still some people said they would like black and white for a color scheme. Again I May have some shots during the video in black and white. This will

Again I was not expecting any specific results to this question just like the type of genre. Well if the majority of teenage females answered then they may pick a male singer just for their own satisfaction (e.g.: One Direction, The wanted, Justin Bieber ect.) Then if guys answered then the males would stick together and not want to listen girls sing on and on‌‌. unless the female singer was attractive. (Exhibitionism and Voyeurism)

This was expected, I can safely say thank goodness no-one wanted a surreal video, the work load would have been horrendous! A typical music video contains both a narrative and a performance element. Just have to think of a story line for a music video now.

I was surprised with these results, I honestly thought people would prefer one person singing the songs rather than a group too! I am shocked at how these two results came so close. I would like to do a group maybe to make the video different than to the other students in my class, I don’t know anyone else who will create a group of singers.

Music video survey: (  
Music video survey: (  

I have no idea what music video to create so I asked my audience what they would like.