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Clean Energy. Bright Futures. CE is a national clean energy, career connected education program from Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Together with schools, educators and industry, we strive to build a clean energy future to ensure that our communities and the environment are thriving and resilient. We work to expand access to opportunities for all students regardless of their geography, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. CE is funded by corporations, regional utilities, and philanthropic organizations. To date, our funders have impacted more than 180,000 students nationwide through CE programming.

Preparing the Next Generation to Lead a Clean Energy Future The Challenge How do we inspire and prepare the future energy workforce and consumers to engage in the clean energy economy, when energy is something not well understood by many and overlooked by most?

The Theory of Change 1 Educators

are empowered with the latest information and resources

2 Leaders

emerge among educators to lead their districts in clean energy STEM/ career-connected education

3 Districts

support their leaders and integrate new content into curricula

4 Students

from all backgrounds are included and encouraged to participate in STEMrelated clubs, internships, pre-apprenticeships, higher education & civic engagement in energy

5 An informed citizenry emerges made up of educated energy consumers, problem solvers and leaders in the clean energy economy

The Solutions We invest in educators to build practical skill sets in students and bring renewable energy topics to life in the classroom, augmenting STEM & career-connected education programs so that the next generation is prepared to lead a clean energy future and create thriving, resilient communities.

We do this by: • Directly engaging districts, schools and community organizations • Providing customized educator trainings & leadership institutes • Leading the development of teacher generated classroom lesson plans published to our online Educator Library • Equipping educators with innovative science materials • Designing engaging engineering challenges • Developing online solar data displays and interactive kiosks

Success to Date

Trained over 2,900 educators

Provided services in 26 states

Engaged over 1085 schools

Reached over 219,000 students nationwide

Provided 14,600 hours of professional development Provided $1,000,000 in materials

Benefits of Partnering with CE By supporting CE utilities, renewable energy developers and businesses are true leaders in supporting an equitable clean energy future. Our partnerships help create high-impact classroom and after-school experiences that introduce students to real world career opportunities and support the essential skills and knowledge students need to succeed.

Utility Partners: CE is inspiring and preparing the next generation of energy literate customers, a tech savvy workforce, and meaningful connections to the communities you serve. CE helps boost investments in renewable energy in a way that ensures projects are valued by the community. Linking our educational services to realworld utility projects not only increases the value of these investments, but also helps to meet educational needs of local communities.

Renewable Energy Developer Partners:

Business Partners:

CE helps organizations amplify the impact of their renewable energy investments.

CE helps partners gain recognition as long-term committed supporters of renewable energy and thriving, resilient communities.

Our team speaks the language of utilities, communities, schools and companies - helping to provide differentiation and showing community value to energy providers and end users.

Our adaptable program is designed to fit both the funder and educator needs, and can help meet corporate sustainability and social responsibility goals.

Partnership Opportunities CE’s collaborative approach engages local schools and districts to co-create a customized plan to deliver relevant renewable energy education that is appropriate to the geography, grade levels, and educational goals.

Leadership Institutes

Teacher-led curriculum development that results in new curriculum for students across entire grade bands.

Regional Trainings

Professional development workshops that provide an easy first step engagement in a community of interest.

Engineering Challenges

Robust community engagement experiences that draw together educators, parents, students, local utilities and other community partners.

Out of School Time STEM Professional development for educators from local after-school or summer programs.

Renewable School

A deeper dive investment in a community with a low prevalence of deployed solar to build a demonstration scale solar system with live data monitoring and education training.

Case Study: Arconic Foundation CE partnered with the Arconic Foundation to deploy teacher professional development workshops across targeted Arconic Foundation communities to advance STEM education and workforce skills training, with an emphasis on engaging and creating access for underrepresented groups. Arconic Foundation views support for K-12 STEM programs as critical to shaping the workforce of the future – the economic future of our communities and the advanced manufacturing industry depend on it. Energy is a critical component of what we do in industry and in our personal lives – it is a topic that Arconic Foundation wants our youth educated about so that they can solve the problems of tomorrow. By investing early in impactful STEM curricula, Arconic believes that they can spark the imagination of our youth and set them on a path that encourages creativity and innovation – the very skills that make Arconic and other advanced manufacturers successful. CE is a proven and innovative model that Arconic Foundation believes can bring to life the issues and solutions around energy management. Through a multi-year partnership with CE, Arconic Foundation supports STEM professional development for educators that teach students from communities surrounding their facilities nationwide as one way to address the talent gap in advanced manufacturing. With a heightened focus on underserved communities, both CE and the Arconic Foundation strive to close the opportunity gaps and inequitable access to these careers.

Partnership Type Community Engagement + Regional Teacher Training + Early Workforce Development + Science Kits


Students Reached:


States Activated:


K-12 Teachers Trained:

Schools Engaged:



Science Materials Provided to Educators:


Hours of Professional Development Provided:


Case Study: Portland General Electric and Portland Public Schools CE partnered with PGE and PPS on a three-year, districtwide program designed to leverage onsite solar and to bring renewable energy STEM knowledge to life through teacher trainings, in-classroom Solar Industry Professional presentations, KidWind Engineering Challenges and interactive kiosks that display live solar energy data from the projects at each site. Funding for the program is provided by PGE’s voluntary green power fund. PGE and PPS share a mutual interest to leverage public and private funds to benefit schools, students, and surrounding communities. In 2014, PGE began implementation of the PPS Solar Rooftop Project with support provided by the Energy Trust of Oregon and the PGE Renewable Development Fund. PGE’s partnership with PPS emerged through efforts to address stakeholder input to include solar in the initial planning for reroofing certain PPS facilities funded by a voter-approved bond measure. PGE engaged with PPS to install rooftop solar on the designated schools and provide robust energy education training to PPS educators. By partnering with CE the following community and educational benefits are realized through the implementation of this project: • Encouraging local partnerships • Providing opportunities for students to learn about conservation and sustainability • Demonstrating commitment to conservation ethic and values of Portland • Developing formalized clean and smart energy curriculum as part of the District’s required content for all 4th and 5th grade students PGE is a key supporter in the region for STEAM and careerconnected education investment for area students – their future workforce and customers. CE provides a way for PGE to effectively link deep educational benefits with real-world utility-scale solar projects.

Partnership Type Utility-Scale Solar + Regional Teacher Training + Science Kits + Engineering Challenge + Curriculum Development


Students Reached:

States Activated:

K-12 Teachers Trained:

Schools Engaged:





Science Materials Provided to Educators:

Hours of Professional Development Provided:



Leveraged Solar PV:

1.2 MW

installed on 6 schools

“The teachers that I talked with really enjoyed the solar curriculum and activities. There was enthusiastic “buyin” and that means it will be utilized with students. The most exciting part was the variety of academic subjects represented - sciences to special education to math to Family and Consumer Sciences to librarians. We already have plans to use the solar cars at our Science Palooza this fall (a community wide STEAM event).” -Jamie Romney Fitzgerald, Board Member, Frenchtown High School, Frenchtown, MT

“We absolutely loved the solar car curriculum! We loved how open ended the building of the cars is, allowing for freedom in design and modification, which is what our programs are all about! In speaking with my teachers after the class, they were excited about the various ways we could incorporate this into our classes, camps and parties. The videos and visuals supporting the curriculum were great as well!” -Ron Hoagland, Ron Hoagland, Program Director, East Valley Engineering for Kids, Chandler, AZ

“Teachers left with not only supplies that they could implement in classrooms, but with actual activities and lessons that are truly integrated STEM. There is the problem-solving piece. Often time we provide PD [professional development] for teachers, but not with the supplies they need to implement what they learned.” -Lauren Beal, Curriculum and Instruction Consultant for STEM, Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13, Lancaster, PA

For more information please contact: Corey Hart chart@b-e-f.org 503-553-3935 or Chaun MacQueen cmacqueen@b-e-f.org 503-553-3925

CE is a program of the Bonneville Environmental Foundaton.

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CE clean energy bright futures  

CE clean energy bright futures  

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