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t r e l A e n Braunsto 17 May/June 20

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Alert y r e l l a G Pride in Braunstone Clean Up

ne taken by Beautiful Braunsto ms Debbie Miles-Willia

Braunstone History Group: March Exhibition

Austin Hoyte recieved Maundy Money from the Queen Team days at the Farm

Alert Readers

Front cover photo provided by Lucie Barry. Have you got a digital camera or a camera phone? Send us your snaps and we will print our favourites. We might even put your work on our front page - instant fame! See inside back page for contact details.

Braunstone Blues Breakfast Club

The NMB update


he latest meeting of the Neighbourhood Management Board (NMB) discussed the following items:


There will be a Clean Up on Hockley Farm Road in April and possibly another one in May. Residents will be able to nominate streets through facebook. Residents will be given prior knowledge before a clean up through posters and door knocking and facebook updates.

t’s been a busy time again. The trip to Matlock is all organised and there are still places available for anyone who may be interested in visiting Matlock. A date has also been confirmed for the trip to Drayton Manor, the Les Warner trip will be in the middle of Resnet Secretary August with the cost of each ticket yet to be confirmed. We recently donated £100 and 2 tickets to the trip to Matlock to the Easter TalkTime celebration party which was a huge success. A celebration evening that will replace the Braunstone Awards is in progress and we will be asking for your nominations within the coming months. Don’t forget your donations are always gratefully received so keep them coming in as this enables us to subsidise further trips and events.

The Carnival

Cheers Les Warner

Service update from b-inspired Last Friday b-inspired Employment Support Service closed its doors due to funding restrictions. Talent Match still continues but a restructuring of the Organisation means there will be more training and sign posting available from b-inspireds Neighbourhood Support Base on Wellinger Way. Residents will be sign posted to the Brite Centre for job searching. The Resnet The Resnet have applied to the Ward for a laptop and internet access. Two trips are being arranged, one to Matlock Bath and one to Drayton Manor. The volunteer awards will be different this year and will incorporate a celebration evening for all. Clean Up Campaign

The Future Project are running an event called the Braunstone Bonanza over the May Bank Holiday weekend of the 27th and 28th 2017. There has been 40,000 leaflets printed for this event. With this event in place b-inspired will not be holding the carnival this year. Power to Change A group discussion took place which looked at opportunities for community businesses to come to Braunstone. The Board discussed the possibility of a furniture bank, social places on Braunstone cyber café, free WIFI and intergenerational hub.


Braunstone Residents Network Coach Trip to MATLOCK BATH, Derbyshire Saturday 17th JUNE Meet at Wellinger Way 9.00/9.30am Departing Matlock 16.00 hrs £7.50 per head All welcome Contact Les Warner 0749 617 6220

Health and Wellbeing Corner What is Anxiety and where can I get help?


e can all experience occasional feelings of anxiety, fear and worry, which can be a normal response to certain situations, such as starting a new job. However, if you have an anxiety disorder these feelings can become more persistent and can impact negatively on your health and well-being. Here is an example of symptoms that may occur; Loss of appetite, lack of concentration, sleep disruption, heavy and fast breathing, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), fast heartbeat, feelings of wanting to escape. What services are available to help somebody with anxiety in Leicester? ● Local GP or 111 if you or your loved one is in a crisis. ● Rethink Help & support for people affected by mental illness - 0300 5000 927 ● LAMP (Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project) - 0116 255 6286 ● Samaritans – 0116 0116 270 0007 free to call 24 hours a day.

Melanie and Hannah


What is Dementia?

ementia is not a disease but is the umbrella term used to describe the different symptoms it can cause. There are various different types of dementia affecting 850,000 people in the UK, including over 700,000 in England. Alzheimer’s is the most common form. It affects communication, memory and impairments in thinking. Early signs include; Difficulty finding the right words to say, change in mood, short term memory loss, confusion, being repetitive, struggling to adapt to change, difficulties with everyday tasks/ routine. If you are concerned about a member in your family or a friend there are various support services that can assist you. These include: > Your Local GP and Social Services > Age UK Leicester - 0116 299 2233 > National dementia Helpline - 0300 222 11 22 > Alzheimer’s Society - 0116 231 1111 Monday to Friday 9-5pm > Carer support: Dementia UK provides a helpline 0800 888 6678 as well as local Admiral Nurse Support. Melanie and Hannah

The Importance of Breastfeeding


reastfeeding! It’s an extremely awkward subject at the best of times. Some women struggle to assert their right to do so in public, while others struggle just to do it. However, in this age of clean, fresh bottled milk, some people simply don’t want to. There are many reasons for this: Some are frightened, terrified of being thought of as a failure if they struggle, while others see their breasts as purely sexual, a vital part of their identity as a woman, and nothing to with babies. Regardless of how you feel about breasts and breastfeeding, the fact remains that it is important part of the early bond between mother and child. First and foremost, breastfeeding should be about more than the simple act of feeding. By holding your baby close to your chest, you are reassuring them, and bringing yourselves closer together, similarly to the way you were connected in the womb. Your milk is also important. During your pregnancy, you and your baby share an immune system, which protects both of you from illness and infection. After birth, breastfeeding extends this protection, as your milk, a natural product of your body, provides your baby with a boost, helping them to stay healthy for up to six months. So, remember, even though breastfeeding can be difficult, it has benefits for you and your baby, so why not give it a go? Written by Erik Humphreys

Did you Know that…


f you have access to the Internet you can read all our editions of our Alert at or here is the link If you have a smart phone you can scan the QR code on the front cover of the alert (you will need to download the QR code scanner free from your app store and use it to scan the code).

Easter TalkTimers have a Cracking Time!


his Easter, the Talktimers were treated to a Easter party with a special guest Leicester West MP Liz Kendal. Liz was on hand to judge the array of Easter bonnets and was impressed by the fantastic designs finding it hard to pick a winner. Bill Vickers took first place with his spectacular straw bonnet winning himself 2 tickets for the trip to Matlock Bath in June which were kindly donated by the Braunstone Resident’s Network. Marjorie Beighton and Pat Dunn were runners up. A great day was had by all as members tucked into sandwiches kindly donated by Bradgate bakeries, others donated cakes and Easter treats. After lunch Talktimers enjoyed Easter festivities and activities including bingo, a quiz and Easter raffle which included prizes kindly donated by Apple a Day café and Buds florist. Talktimers all left happy with a Easter egg each that had very generously been donated by our friends at Goldsmiths. Talktime is local a weekly group for the over 55’s. TalkTime hosts 4 social groups across 4 venues that aim to reduce social isolation and improve the lives of the older generation in the local community. If TalkTime is a group you feel would benefit you, please contact the b-inspired team on 0116 2232256 to arrange a visit.

The History of Braunstone is something we can all be proud of!


ur Exhibition at the Braunstone Hall Stables Museum in March was a roaring success. We had 112 visitors and 14 members attend on a sunny day. The weather was so beautiful we were able to put tables and chairs out for people to sit and have a coffee and a chat which is always nice. Once again we had people who saw old school friends and some which hadn't seen each other for 50 years. We had lots of new exhibits to display and were kindly donated more school photographs and more Winstanley items on permanent loan from Mr. Andrew Poore (Rosemary Winstanley's son). The Museum was very busy with lots of interest shown and a good time was had by all on the day. Kim Gamble from Friends of Braunstone Hall has also kindly donated more school photos, so those of us that can't access their Web Site will be able to see them at our next exhibition. Written by Geraldine Syrett

Come join our befriending scheme, please call Ali for more details about our services and volunteering opportunities. Neighbourhood Support Base 45 Wellinger Way Braunstone LE3 1RG 0116 223 2256

Braunstone Blues team up with Fullhurst Students


raunstone Blues and Fullhurst Community College are working together on a “Pass it on Scheme” whereby the Braunstone Blues will deliver a session on basic life saving skills and our healthy, safe and secure message to a group of students. The intention being that the students will then take the training on board and will then be able to deliver the same presentation to a community groups in Braunstone. If you are a community group and would like to be taught some basic live saving skills by the students of Fullhurst Community College or for any more information contact Marita from the Braunstone Blues on 07800 709996.

A Special night for local heroes


fter many years of Braunstone Awards where local people and workers have been nominated for the good that they do, the Residents Network have decided to shake things up a little bit! This year, you can still nominate people but the ceremony and winners awards will no longer be happening. Joy told us “We want to make sure that everyone who is put forward is given a proper night of celebration and we are going to book several acts. We will also be putting on a buffet! You can nominate friends, neighbours or others that generally do good things for you or the community. Look out in the next Alert for your chance to put names forward, places are limited so nominate early.

A farewell to Mary Please help Us!


i my name is Casie Hathaway and I am 14 years old. I have decided to do something that will cheer up all of the children in a hospital ward. To help me with this is my best friend Abigal Pickering. Together, we have decided to hold a Fund-Raising Day on Saturday July 22nd 2017at Blessed Sacrament Church Hall on Gooding Ave at 1pm - 4 pm. The funds will help to pay for new toys for two hospitals; the Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield, Children Units. We would be extremely grateful if you could help us by donating goods for our raffle. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our adventure. For more information please contact us by email at Casie Hathaway & Abigall Prickering


s Minister of United Reformed Church on Gooding Avenue, Mary Burgess has devoted her time in Braunstone to supporting local people in a variety of ways but notably with her commitment to Foodshare. In her 4 years within Braunstone she has been a listening ear to many people who have attended Foodshare and has ensured that they get that little bit of extra support. Mary has now decided to retire and spend some quality time with her friends and family and will be leaving Foodshare at the end of June. We would like to extend a warm thank you and good luck and wish Mary a long and pleasant retirement! Foodshare Committee

Storm Doris’ Aftermath


was really shocked! Cycling up Gooding Avenue alongside Braunstone Park I saw Doris’s aftermath. Several large branches from trees were on the ground. One tree had completely fallen, its roots showing in the circle of grass and earth that was still attached to the roots. Another tree lay nearby. I have never seen such wind damage so I went back later and took photos. This really makes you appreciate the great power of Mother Nature. She can make trees grow but can also cut them down with her breath. We can’t make trees grow but we can look after them as they provide the oxygen that we breathe and just the pleasure of walking through Braunstone Park, looking at them and wondering at Mother Nature’s power. Next time you walk through the Park, take a few minutes to stand still, look at the trees, wonder at them and imagine conversations between them as their branches and leaves sway in gentler breezes. Written and Photographed by Francis Hruszka

Braunstone Foodshare Dates July 2017

June 2017

May 2017 M













10 11






























12 13 14 15 16 17 18








19 20 21 22 23 24 25






26 27 28 29 30






S S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Monday 4.30 - 6pm

St Peters

Tuesday 11 - 12pm


Monday 4.30 - 6pm

BRITE Centre

Tuesday 11 - 12pm

Please be aware of the end of May Bank Holiday 29th/30th May 2017 which will effect URC and BRITE Centre foodshare members. You will be able to collect your foodshare bag from the b-inspired’s Neighbourhood Support Base, 45 Wellinger Way, LE3 1RG. Please see dates and times below. For more information call 0116 2232256. URC :

Mon 29th May 2017

can be collected on Wed 31st May 12 - 3 pm

BRITE: Tue 30th May 2017

can be collected on Wed 31st May 12 - 3 pm

Braunstone Foodshare


e are amazed that after more than 5 years Foodshare is still needed today as it was at the start. There are in excess of 600 registered members and more join every week. We are always open to new offers of food and other supplies and are particularly looking out for washing powder, shampoo and toothpaste at the moment. These items are used in our emergency bags (for when people are in crisis). Foodshare is about to undertake some changes and the committee is hoping to offer “smarter” bags in the near future! So look out for information about changes! There are a number of bank holidays this year and we will be offering a different pick up point on an alternative day. For those of you who would usually pick up from United Reformed Church on 29th May or the Brite Centre on 30th May, you will be asked to come to b-inspired’s Neighbourhood Support Base on Wednesday 31st May between 12noon and 3pm.

Growing Communities Together


s funding for the growing project comes to an end, we are currently seeking further funding for the upcoming year. Whilst that is being pursued we continue with our growing and look to new opportunities to explore. Growing Communities Together will be linking up with Braunstone Community Primary School to revitalise their existing growing plot and get fresh fruit and veg growing again on the school grounds. We also plan to make best use of their green house to encourage seedlings to grow for use all year round. We would like to say a big thank you to the Clinical Psychology Students and Ford and Slater who recently came to the farm for respective team away days in March. Both teams worked extremely hard digging over plot two ready for us to plant potatoes. Volunteers have worked extremely hard sowing their first early potatoes, sowing herbs and potting flowers for use in the “Pride in Braunstone Clean-Up Campaign”. For more information on how to get involved with Growing Communities Together contact b-inspireds Neighbourhood Support Base Team on 0116 223 2256 or email

Pride In Braunstone Community Clean-Up 2017


he “Pride in Braunstone” Community Clean-up Campaign got under way in March with funding from the Near Neighbours fund and the Braunstone Blues. Starting with a spring clean of Wellinger Way as the first of many clean ups to hit Braunstone over the next 12 months. Local Residents, volunteers, b-inspired staff, the Braunstone Blues and other services joined together to make haste of the rubbish and leave behind a much cleaner, safer and more attractive Wellinger Way. Residents were inspired by the clean-up and said what a difference the clean-up team were making and commented on how things would be so much better if people could just put their rubbish in the bin when they were finished with it. B-inspired staff visited Braunstone Community Primary School to talk to the children about the importance of keeping their community clean. The children were enthusiastic when they took part in an interactive assembly showing them just exactly what Wellinger Way could look like if we all follow one simple rule about rubbish… “Can you put it in the bin, please!” After school the children took part in a pop-up clean-up and those who used the bin gained themselves a sticker for doing a good job. Well done everyone!! Want to get involved? Why not come and volunteer at our next clean-up, see the dates below for full details on where we’ll be over the next 3 months. For more information on getting involved with the “Pride in Braunstone” Community Clean-up Campaign call the Neighbourhood Support Team on 0116 2232256 or email

Come and join us at our upcoming Clean-ups Date 23 May

Session Pride in Braunstone Clean-up Campaign Braunstone Bonaza Clean-up

Location Alymer Road

7th June

Pride in Braunstone Clean-up Campaign

19th June

Pride in Braunstone Clean-up Campaign

4th July

Pride in Braunstone Clean-up Campaign Pride in Braunstone Clean-up Campaign

Around Caldecote School Around Queensmead School St Peters Church Adventure Playground

27th May

25th July

Braunstone Park

Meet Alymer Road Shops B-inspired Event Shelter

Time 10-12pm

School Gates


School Gates


Church Entrace Playground Entrance




Report your local grot spots with the love Leicester App If you spot an environmental issue such as graffiti, litter, fly-tipping or dog fouling, we want you to take a photo and report it to us at Leicester City Council via the Love Leicester app. Take a picture of the problem and upload it using the app. You can tag the location and include other details so we can fix the issue quickly. Download the free Love Leicester app from the app store or market place for your device

Volunteer 4 Good


-inspired are joining forces with Leicester City Council in their Volunteer 4 Good’s Environmental project for people aged over 50. B-inspired along with other organisations will be offering a range of exciting volunteering opportunities over a 2 day event. This is for people who are new to volunteering and would like to Improve their local environment, learn new skills or simply meet new people. A range of activities are available and you'll also be able to take part in regular volunteering opportunities if you enjoy any of the taster sessions you take part in. For more information or to sign up please visit Alternatively if you don’t have access to the Internet you can register over the phone on 0116 454 4469 or call into b-inspired’s Neighbourhood Support Base for a full programme of activities. Date 12th May

13th May

Session 50+ Community garden makeover 50+ Pocket Park Clean-Up 50+ Sheltered housing garden makeover 50+ Community Planters 50+ Farm Gardening

Location Wellinger Way Webster Road Hockley Farm Road Hockley Farm Road Lubbesthorpe

Meet at B-inspired Wellinger Way B-inspired Wellinger Way B-inspired Wellinger Way B-inspired Wellinger Way B-inspired Wellinger Way

Time 10-1pm 10-2pm 10-1pm or 1-4pm 12-2pm 9.30-12.30 or 1-4pm

Braunstone Blues In the community

Great Braunstone Easter Egg hunt

Life skills training

Pride in Braunstone Clean-Up Campaign The Great Braunstone Bake off

Caldecote Grafitti by Adi Gardner

High Sheriffs Award for innovative partnership working

For your free home visit from the Braunstone Blues please contact us on: 07800 709802 or Email: Website:

Pet’s r e n r o C

The Dogs that saved the day…


ost people have heard the saying about “man’s best friend” and we were interested to hear a story about a local man who quite literally tells a story about how rescue dogs have helped him and his family. Four years ago tragedy hit Dorian Gambles family, when at just aged 21, his son Kona died in an accident whilst on holiday. Dorian told us how he rushed to the boy’s side only to be told that there was no hope, and the family made the difficult decision to donate Kona’s organs to help save the lives of others. “A difficult year passed and one day my wife Kim announced that we were going to look at a puppy… and that’s the day I discovered how dogs can help people. Kenny, a Welsh border collie, needed a loving home, he also needed lot of walks and training and proved to be highly intelligent” Kenny gave Dorian and Kim a focus and a reason to get up and on with things. More recently Dorian has got involved with a Border Collie rescue group and decided to adopt another dog which had been through a rough time. Dorian cannot express enough how having dogs help people, they provide companionship, a reason to exercise, a chance to make new friends and a confidential listening ear! Dorian says “you have to take everything into account, the vet bills, the noise, the exercise, the grooming, kennels and so on but the benefits are amazing. “We have met and made friends with so many people whilst out walking and we use the time to litter pick too. Kenny and Teddy have been lifesavers and even have their own Facebook page!

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The Braunstone Alert is brought to you by

Can you spare an hour or two every couple of months to help deliver copies of the Braunstone Alert to your neighbours, local shops and community businesses? Then come and join the Alert Delivery team. Contact Lucie at b-inspired on 0116 223 2256

The Leicester City Story


s a Leicester supporter all my life, I have supported my team through thick and thin but it is only really when you think about it just how much Leicester City have been through in the last 9 years. Since relegation from the championship in the 2007/08 season to the hands of Stoke. Leicester have battled back to earn themselves a place amongst Europe’s elite in 2017. Relegation from the Championship in May 2008 saw Leicester City play for the first time in their history, in the third league of English football. However, after a well fought season under Nigel Pearson, Leicester won promotion to the championship at the first time of asking. A managerial merry-go-round then ensued, as Pearson was sacked for Paulo Sousa, Sousa was sacked for former England manager Sven Goran Erikson and Erikson was sacked for the returning Nigel Pearson. Pearson’s second stint in charge saw Leicester city march up the Championship table in respective seasons, securing themselves a spot in the championship playoffs, against Watford. Which ended in defeat after a last gasp penalty miss from Leicester’s Anthony Knockaert saw Watford counter attack to win the game in added time 3-2. Leicester came back stronger the following season, gaining promotion as champions back to the premier league after an 11 year absence. Leicester struggled to establish themselves in the Premier League and with just 8 games remaining found themselves at the foot of the table. What happened next can only be referred to as the great escape, as Leicester went on to win 6 of their remaining 8 games to ensure Premiership survival. A spat over the summer between manager Pearson and the owners of the club saw the introduction of Claudio Ranieri as new manager. Ranieri lead the club to their first ever Premier league title in 2015/16 and brought Champions league football to the King Power Stadium. Little did any Leicester fan dream we would ever be treated to a Quarter final Champions league match against old rivals Atletico Madrid. After a gallant performance, Leicester’s Champion’s League dream came to an end, after a 2-1 defeat on aggregate to Atletico, yet in defeat fearless foxes may hold their heads high knowing they have done us as supporters proud. Well done Leicester!!

Friends of the Highway Spinney: Planting for Wildlife


n the evening of 4th April, 21 Beavers from 82nd and 2nd/60th joined members of the ‘Friends of Highway Spinney’ to plant wildflowers and native plants at three entrances of the Spinney. This is part of the RHS Britain in Bloom, ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’. This year’s theme is ‘planting for wildlife’ and getting young people involved in Greening Grey areas. We had a great time, the Beavers were very excited and loved being in the Spinney. We enjoyed being in the fresh air, imparting our knowledge and helping to turn the Spinney’s grey entrances into green and attractive spaces. Thank you Beavers for your company and help. If there any more boys and girls groups who would like to come and join us, please contact Ann on 0116 2892518 for more information. We were also awarded with a cheque from ‘The Asda Foundation’ that helps support community groups for £111.15 by Debbie, Community Champion of Asda Fosse Park. The money will be used for purchasing trolleys, hats, litter pickers and gloves. Our grateful thanks to Asda.

Local couple recognised for their Slimming Success


s one of just 30 couples to make it to the semi-finals, Paul and Dan Cox-Stone, who attend the group at Blessed Sacrament, believe the secret of their success was getting support from one another at home as well as in group every week. Paul said 'We couldn’t believe it when we made it to the semi-finals, it’s way beyond what we could have imagined when we first decided to join Slimming World. We already feel like winners, we feel great and we know we’ve got a long, healthy, happy life to look forward to together now. “I’d recommend Slimming World to anyone who wants to lose weight. The plan works for everyone and get a warm welcome from the other members. Our group has always been there for us, we pick up new recipes and tips every week and they’ve really helped to keep us on track.”

In the Spotlight


n the Spotlight this edition is b-inspired volunteer Becky Hathaway. Becky is a good ol Braunstone gal who will help anyone out. Since she has been volunteering with us at b-inspired she has done everything from sorting, shifting, foodshare, garage and of course she is now a well-known face at TalkTime. Becky cares about Braunstone and that clearly shows through the work she does every day at Wellinger Way. Well done Becky!! A good night out? Cinema A good night in? Film and a takeaway What is your pet hate? Snakes and spiders What was the last book you read? P.S I love you What is your favourite film? P.S I love you Describe Braunstone in 3 words? Friendly, lovely and caring What words would people use to describe you? Annoying, weird, happy and caring What would you do if you won the lottery? Buy a farm house in the middle of no where What is your ideal holiday? Egypt What is the one thing you would change? My house What could you not live without? My kids In a movie of your life who would play you? Casie, My Daughter Who would you like to invite for tea? Gerard Butler Fancy your 15 minutes of fame? In the Spotlight needs you!! Come and face the 12 most difficult questions in Braunstone! Contact Michelle for more information

Whats on… 10.00am-12.00pm 10.00am-11.30am 11.00am-12.30pm 1.30pm-3.00pm 4.00pm-6.00pm 5.00pm-7.00pm

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Mondays Talktime @ Sandyhurst Call b-inspired on 0116 223 2256 50+ Aqua fit @ the Leisure Centre Lets Walk Braunstone @ the Stable Block, Braunstone Park Golden Years Group (Bingo!) @ Blessed Sacrament Church Taragh Twirlers @ the Oak Centre 13+ Street Dance(Beginners) @ the Brite Centre call 07850 747 999 Tuesdays Walk/Run Westcotes Park Every 4th Tuesday of each month Memory Cafe @ the BRITE Centre call 0116 299 5476 Braunstone History Group @ the BRITE Manor House Lunch Club call 0116 222 1021 Knit Wits @ the BRITE Cardio Combat @ West End WMC 16+ only call 07850 747 999 Wednesdays Coffee and Chat @ St Peters Church VONS Art Classes @ St Peters Church Garage Sale @ 45 Wellinger Way Family Multi-Sport @ Braunstone Leisure Centre call 07850 747 999 Taragh Twirlers @ the Oak Thursdays Talktime @ St Peter’s Church call b-inspired on 0116 223 2256 Film Matinee 1st Thursday of each month @ Sandyhurst £1.00 per ticket Lunch Club @ the Trinity Church 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month, £4.50 Women of Wisdom co-operative Call Eileen on 07881 284498 Knit and Natter @ the BRITE Friendship Group @ Trinity Church The Hub @ the Oak Centre Fridays Friday Pop-in @ Blessed Sacrament Church Sew ‘n’ So’s Needlecraft @ the Oak Side by Side St Peters Church Golden Gloves Boxing Club @ the Oak Saturday Mixed Group: Golden Gloves Boxing Club @ the Oak Street Dance (Advanced) @ West End WMC call 07850 747 999

Dear Alert, We are the Occupational Therapy (OT) Students Mel and Hannah from Coventry University who have spent 10 weeks with the fantastic Neighbourhood Support Team. We both want to thank the team for all their support and for making us feel so welcome. We have really enjoyed meeting the local residents of Braunstone, who have been both friendly and supportive. It has also been a privilege to work alongside the volunteers who are real assets to the community, as they support the projects that are delivered to meet the needs of the local community. The role of OT in the community, involves applying meaningful activities to groups of people or individuals within their local community. We have been able to observe this in Braunstone when attending; food share, TalkTime, The History group and The Growing Project. The skills and knowledge we have gained will be extremely valuable in our future practice. We both wish all of you in Braunstone the best of luck in your future and hope you continue to support each other in the community.


Dear Alert, We at St Peter’s Talktime would like to say a huge thank you for the invitation to the fantastic and classy Easter Party that took place at

Thank you for having us!

Sandyhurst on April 11th. We loved taking part in the Easter bonnet competition and meeting MP Liz Kendall. Everybody worked really hard at the event and it was nice for Liz Kendall to see just how hard b-inspired work within our community. We all enjoyed a fabulous lunch and even got an Easter egg as we left, no one was expecting that.

Mel and Hannah

Thank you b-inspired for an Egg-celent event!!

Dear Alert,

St Peters TalkTime

On behalf of B-inspired, Braunstone Blues, Highfield Blues and the volunteers we would like to say a massive thank you to Atenea and Gina who came all the way from Mexico to deliver a workshop called “I can, I will…. Be Healthy, Safe and Secure”. The workshop was excellent and has taught us all new life skills that we are now able to deliver to our local communities.

Thank you! Produced by b-inspired Neighbourhood Support Team, ably assisted by the A-Team, write, or send pictures to the Braunstone Alert Team at 45 Wellinger Way, LE3 1RG. Call 0116 223 2256 or email Printed by Joseph A. Ball (Printers) LTD. We make every effort to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date at the time of publication.

Trader’s Corner live happy! with

Slimming World Blessed Sacrament Church Hall Gooding Avenue Tuesdays 3.30pm 5.30pm and 7.30pm ****New times and New 7.30am session starting Wednesday 26 April **** Wednesdays 7.30am 9.30am and 11.30am Call Karen on 07966 506389 Like my facebook page Karen OB Slimming World Groups to find out about any offers!! 0344 897 8000


rectors Inde pe ndent Fu ne ral Di s Ston e Ma sonr y Se rvice Ca te rin g Floral Tributes

Summers Cafe Advert

ne p.penderandson@btcon stover Ro ad 0116 289 6608 2 We tone 24 Ho ur Servi ce Brauns Lei cester LE3 3D T

Call Chelle on 07954857850

Sandyhurst Summer Fair and Funday Saturday 17th June at 2.00-4:30pm 37 Hockley Farm Rd, LE3 1HN Stalls, Raffle, Tombola, kids games and much more!! Stalls avaliable for ÂŁ10 each For more information or to book a stall contact Melissa on 07967 608112

Apple a Day Skegness Day Trips Sat 24th June Sat 19th August ÂŁ12.00 Per Person For more information or to make a reservation visit the Apple a Day Cafe Leaves Hockley Farm Road at 7am Leaving Skegness at 6pm

Braunstone Alert May/June 2017  
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