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he latest meeting of the Neighbourhood Management Board (NMB) discussed the following items. - Unsightly graffiti has been removed and offensive graffiti can be removed within 7 days. A Graffiti Art project on the park toilet block is underway. Rubbish dumped in the lake will be removed soon. Damaged gym equipment will be repaired once replacement parts arrive Following a query at the last meeting about the 0-19 Review, the board heard that there will be discussions and consultation about youth provision. Youth providers will have to tender for services. - There will be £60,000 to provide additional parking to ease this problem. Cllr. Glover is pushing for local consultation and she expects the problem to be resolved by the end of 2012. - Three picnics are planned for the OAK Centre, Audley End and the Walled Garden. – This now has 175 members and volunteers are needed to keep up with the demand. Foodshare distributes food that would otherwise be sent to landfill. There are no means tests associated with it. - The Policing Unit have dealt with several mini-moto incidents. The unit has made four arrests for burglary. The local police were thanked for funding the graffiti project on the park. The project involves a graffiti artist working with young people from Fullhurst Community College. The Over 60s CAB is working well. Thanks to the Alert, leaflets and word of mouth, the CAB is reaching more people. CAB worker Roz Burch, has moved back to the city base and our new worker is Alicia Korbeal. Over 60s Befriending Scheme is looking for befrienders and befriendees. Volunteers will have a CRB check, plus training and support from co-ordinator Jane Cawrey. – Takes place on Saturday 30th June in Fullhurst College grounds. It will be an alcohol free, family fun day with lots of attractions:- a walking procession of troupes, car boot sale, stalls, sports and kiddies funfair. - CDF have accepted the priorities of the local panel, so Braunstone Park and Rowley Fields Community First Panel is now in operation and already receiving enquiries. Information & on-line bid forms are on b-inspired’s website ( - Residents say this is now a very poor quality service with fewer buses and a reduced route. Councillors have expressed their concerns and will raise them at Council meetings. Residents are encouraged to feedback complaints via Cllr. Naylor and to Centre Bus. Feed-back from the Traffic Panel will be on the next agenda.


n the Residents’ Network, we love where we live and we love what we do! On top of our regular activities we have been busy with the Foodshare and getting ready for Carnival. Thinking ahead we are even preparing for Christmas - but more about that later! One of the things we are working on is getting the ‘formal’ side of the network running. We have a committee that meets regularly to discuss ideas and look at what practical things we can do to support bconnected and other things that are good for the community.


We think we need our own clear identity, so we have designed a logo and will be having t-shirts, letter heads and i.d. badges made. When we are out at community events and activities we’ll be highly visible. So, if you want to talk to us about the network and how to get involved, we will be easy to spot!

arents of children at Braunstone Community Primary School (BCPS) have been cooking lots of easy, inexpensive, tasty and healthy meals.


In groups of up to ten, the parents make meals including porridge, baked rice pudding, omelette and pizza. The school provides all the ingredients and the parents get to take home plenty of lovely dishes. It’s been so much fun that next term the school wants to invite every school parent to join in. Every Monday after school, parents and children will be able to cook together. The school promises lots of fun and good cooking and hope more parents will join the sessions. Ask the school for more information.


he dress on page 2 is made from ring pulls from drink cans. How many do you think are in it? Just for fun!

Food For Free


raunstone’s Foodshare’s is growing fast. After only three months the free food scheme has 250 members. To cope with rising demand Foodshare needs help.

Anne Short from b-connected, “I think it’s a valuable local service and the numbers prove it. We collect food from the main charity’s depot every two weeks, then we and team of volunteers make sure that it gets to local people. Our success means that we need more people to help us to keep Braunstone Foodshare working.” St Peters Church hosts the fortnightly Foodshare sessions. Rev. Chris Burch said “When people come here they see friends and neighbours. They have a cup of tea, a cake and a chat. It’s become a real community event.” Volunteer driver Bryan Jones, ”I heard about it from my nephew, and volunteered straight away. I hate food being wasted and this stops good food from being dumped. Some people said they’re too proud to accept charity… but it’s not charity, it’s stopping waste.” Another local volunteer said, “A few of us help out by serving refreshments to people who come along. You can get your bag of groceries and sit with us for a bit of a goss. It’s a real friendly atmosphere.”

Health Trainers ave you ever thought about getting fitter,or stopping smoking and then thought, “I can’t do it?” The help you need could be at hand in the shape of local Leicester City NHS Health Trainers.


Leicester City Health Trainers is one of a range of helping hand programmes designed to improve your health. Abdikayf Farah and Jennifer Ferrar are Health Trainers helping Braunstone residents. Abdikayf told us, “We are here to help people who want to make changes like, improving their lifestyle, getting more exercise, giving up cigarettes or cutting back on alcohol. Our role is to support you and motivate you to make those changes - without telling you what to do!” The key is to help you develop a personal health plan, looking at your aspirations and options and is made up of your own simple goals. Abdikayf said, “These ‘baby-steps’ mean that everything you decide to do is achievable.” Jennifer said, “We spend a lot of time in Braunstone and are meeting community members in the Leisure Centre, BRITE Centre and local schools. For us, each day is different as we meet people with different needs. We might be ‘buddying up’ with an individual or supporting a group. For example, I am running the Healthy Eating Group at the Hockley Farm Practice.

Some members spoke to us about the scheme. One said, “I think it’s great - I look forward to getting my bagful of goods once a fortnight. You don’t know what you will get but it’s all welcome and it helps people like me who have to watch every penny.” Another said, “This is a real lifeline for me. Times are tough and I really appreciate this.”

Abdikayf wanted to make some important points. “The support you receive from us is free and is designed to suit you. So we may help you develop your own plan or sign post you to other suitable support, but we will not tell you what to do. Prevention is better than cure and we can help you find ways to avoid As well as helping local people Braunstone Foodshare is poorer health.” saving good food from being sent to landfill sites. Just by Jennifer added, “Some people think it’s too late to joining and taking away a free bag of food you are helping change their habits and don’t realise the impact that to avoid unnecessary waste. making small changes can have.” As a volunteer you would be providing a very valuable Both agreed, “Small, simple changes can make really service to your community. Volunteering for Foodshare can big differences!” be as little as an hour a fortnight. Foodshare is looking for Find out more about how to enjoy a healthier life from; a couple of people with good organisational skills to help make the scheme work more efficiently and to keep it going into the future. If you fit the bill, then speak to us at one of the Foodshare sessions. Call 0116 223 2256 or email

n an earlier Alert we had a story about Elaine Halford starting the Mums Supporting Mums group. Now she is working on a new project. “I am involved with Amplified Resilient Communities (ARC) which made me think about what else I’d like to do.” I considered community radio but it seemed too complicated. Then I heard some on-line radio stations and used Google to find out more about them.”


It turned out to be just what Elaine wanted. “A bit more Google-ing and I found a lot of sites that would help me do my own on-line broadcasting. I picked one called Spreaker - it’s very user friendly and I’ve been on air regularly since March.” Elaine says that Demon FM helped her produce some jingles and now she is able to do more for herself. She adds “My problem is that I’m not confident in my own voice, so I mainly do music and linking jingles. I need to get over my mic-shyness because I want to interview other local people and get their stories on the air. It would be great to have stories about local groups, local news and events and interviews with interesting people.” Elaine broadcasts for a half hour every Friday night from 10.00 p.m. Occasionally she’s on air in the early hours. Sometimes I can’t sleep so I get up and record a broadcast. It’s surprising how many people are still up a three in the morning, so I get plenty of requests on the phone, Facebook and Twitter.” Elaine says she wants more people to listen to her show and has put a link on facebook so you can tune in at any time. “I also think it would be great if other residents had a go at broadcasting. It’s so easy - if I can do it then anyone can! But it’s great fun too - I love the planning, picking the music, and making the links.” Elaine says it all started through ARC and now she is part of a local support and information network. Always looking to the future, Elaine says she intends getting back into art and has ideas for art related projects. We look forward to hearing about them. Hear the Community Radio on Facebook (just type in Elaine Halford) or on Braunstone Residents’ Network Facebook page.

raunstone History Group supplied us with some more snippets about the area’s interesting past. These focus on the Manor House - or Houses as it turns out.


Braunstone is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 and over the centuries many wealthy families of the nobility were associated with the area. At first, these would have been the noblemen of William the Conqueror, following the Norman Conquest of England. Originally, it was known as Brantestone or Brant’s Tun with the spelling we have today eventually coming into common usage. There was a Manor House in Braunstone. In 1246 it was owned by Roger De Queney, and passed through several families. In 1299 Hugh de Braunstone gave an interest in the lands and estate to William de Herle. We can see how historical names echo down to modern times. In both the names the word ‘de’ is French for ‘of’. So ‘Hugo of Braunstone’ was French, or of French ancestry. The Harecourts held most of Braunstone up until the 16th century. Later in the century, pieces of Braunstone land were sold off, the biggest being 240 acres that went to the Hastings family. Having picked the wrong side in the Civil War, Henry Hastings lost his land and went bankrupt. It is not clear where the Hastings family home was, but we do know where the next historic Braunstone family lived. In 1649 the Winstanley family came to Braunstone having purchased the estate for £6000. They lived in the Manor House that had been built around 1480 during the reign of Elizabeth I. This Manor House was in what is now Church Field, near to the site of Old Hall Farm. There don’t appear to be any images of the Manor House but it is described as having an oak frame that was in-filled with wattle, daub and brick. It had cellars, a ground floor and two overhanging upper floors. So, there is evidence of two Braunstone manor houses. Now it seems there may have been a third. Nothing as yet is known about it, but if you have any historic knowledge or information that could shed light, then contact Braunstone History Group at the BRITE Centre on Tuesdays at 10.00 am or call 0116 299 5746.

eveloping Skills for Employment is a a course for people who want to find a job. Anna Christie and Terry Rushin run the course at b-working on Gallards Hill. Anna told us, “Terry and I created the course, then got it approved by the examining board. We wanted to keep it real and relevant to people’s needs. By the end of the course you will be better equipped to be able to find a job! The course is open to anyone aged 19 or over, who is unemployed and receiving benefit.”


Anna added, “The Independent Verifier for the course said it was really well thought out and we are operating above and beyond expectations. We are very pleased about that as we believe our clients deserve the best.” Residents, Sam, Pat and Sue who were in the first group to join the course, were impressed. Pat said, “I have much more confidence about interviews and how to portray myself. The course was fun and informative. It was about deciding the job you want to do and finding out the key skills and qualities that a prospective employer would want. I really recommend it.” Sam thought the course was really good, saying “You learn about workplaces and the things you need to know. You wouldn’t believe the work needed to prepare, but it was great to work with other people in the same boat as me. My confidence has grown so much and I really enjoyed it.”

ou might remember Anne Newbery winning a Braunstone Award for her voluntary work with Braunstone Parkrun. She called in recently to pick up a copy of the Alert, so we caught up on her news. She is no longer with Braunstone Park run though still has a keen interest in the Parkruns. Her biggest news is that she is having a baby, due in early August. Despite her ‘condition’ Anne is still keen on running and has completed two half marathons!


With baby on the way she is slowing down a bit. “I have to – I’ve got one leg shorter than the other and despite good orthopaedic insole, it still causes me a lot of pain when I run.” This from a woman who did the 5k parkrun every week until recently - very impressive! While her running might wind down for the time being, Anne’s positive outlook is still very much to the fore. “I’m focusing on positive things for the future. I’d like to qualify as a sport masseur and I‘m looking at starting athletics for toddlers, a bit like Mini-Kickers.” You can follow Anne’s example and use Braunstone Park as your own fitness zone. Join hundreds of others and stroll, jog or run round Braunstone green jewel. You can even take your dog for a walk! There is a Parkrun every Saturday at 9.30 am, starting from the Braunstone Hall stable block. You need to go on-line to register. After that just turn up and complete the course at your own speed.

eet Helena Whittaker, the new curate at St Sue agreed, saying “The course was made extra Peter’s. Helena is married (to another vicar! – enjoyable because people helped each other. It John Whittaker, at St Mary’s Hinckley) and has was a pleasant atmosphere and I learned how two teenage children. to prepare for work. It boosted my confidence about interviews and I am more prepared for She is a full-time teacher at Leicester Grammar School, them. Terry and Anna are great tutors and they so her time at St Peter’s will be limited in term-time to Sundays and the odd evening. But she made the course fun.” hopes to spend more time with us in the Terry and Anna say, “ Finding a job is different school holidays. these days. You need to be up-to-date with the Helena said, “I’m really looking language in applications and interviews. You forward to learning about life in need to know what employers want and be able Braunstone, which is a very different to show that you’ve got what it takes. We can community to those I’ve been used help you do that - give it a go!” to… and I’m looking forward to working with Chris and the other church members at St Peter’s.”


raunstone’s Over 60s Befriending Scheme is really steaming ahead. Co-ordinator, Jane Cawrey said, “The new volunteers are extremely enthusiastic and looking forward to starting befriending for real. I am confident that we will provide a valuable service for older residents.“


Jane has started training her first group of volunteers. One of them, Samantha, told us, “I think the scheme is a great idea. It will give older people confidence, knowing that others are giving up time to help them.”

e do try to keep up-to-date with new technology, so we have the Alert available on line and always look for new ways to get the message out.


We’ve even got a Braunstone Resident’s Network page on Facebook and use it to post the Alert and to advertise things going on in Braunstone. You can use the page to tell us what’s happening in your area, how you are involved in the community, advertise your group and promote your local events.

Samantha got involved when she came to the Wellinger Way office with a friend. “Now we’re both signed up! I’m looking forward to the visits. I will feel happy knowing that I’m helping to make someone else happy. It’ll be my good deed for the day!” There’s a two-way benefit adds Samantha, “It’s only a couple of hours a week, but it will help my CV and references. I am looking for work, though even if I get a job I will still do the befriending.” Join the Braunstone Befriending Team by calling

If you’re not on facebook, you will have to set up an account first. Just google ‘Facebook’ and follow the instructions. If you are on Facebook already, just type Braunstone Residents Network and ask to join. We’ll be in touch.

ane adds, “Our main job now is to get the volunteers out on their visits. So we want to hear from people who are interested in having a befriender. If you are over 60 and want us to organise safe, regular visits to you, we will be happy to help. Or maybe you have a family member or neighbour who would enjoy the company. In any case, ring me or call into 45 Wellinger Way.”


racey Spears, likes growing things! Seven years ago she started growing vegetables in her back garden in two small raised beds, “Today, I run two allotments and grow a large proportion of my family’s vegetables. It is really enjoyable and is an activity that the whole family has become involved in. Furthermore, it allows me to feed my family more healthily and on a cheaper budget.”


Taking her enthusiasm a stage further, Tracey has set up a small business, Ladymuck-grow-your-own. If you want to make the most of your garden or allotment then Tracey can give you all the support, guidance and advice you need. Tracey says, “Whether you just want your garden to look nicer or grow your own vegetables (or both), I have a wide range of services that are tailor-made to suit all budgets, garden sizes, and abilities.” Ladymuck-grow-your-own is a new local business started up with help from Enterprise as a Life at Braunstone’s B-Box. Tracey adds, “Growing your own food is good for your health and good for your purse. If you want help with anything - supplying plants and seeds, building a vegetable plot, using window boxes or balconies, contact me for a quote.” Text or Call:







ecovering from a theft of equipment some months ago, STUDS FC has come bouncing back. A couple of the organisers called to see us. Chairman and manager, Neil Wright, told us, “STUDS FC has been around for five years and we intend to keep going. We started as a Football Academy, where youngsters learned football skills. The idea at the time was to get them off the streets in Braunstone.”


“A lot of the parents were asking us about starting teams so the children could go further and play matches.” Wayne Gale is club secretary and co-manager. He said, “I started helping Neil four years ago. Now we work with children from five to seven years old, and we have a great track record. We both get enjoyment from running the training and seeing youngsters flourishing within the team.” Neil added, “Our approach is that every team member gets the same time on the pitch during a game. This encourages them and means that they are all given an equal chance. We were recognised by the FA for our way of doing things.” STUDS FC is a great way for children to develop abilites other than the physical skills of football. “They learn social skills, teamwork, responsibility, and respect. It builds fitness by getting them off the computer and into the fresh air. STUDS players learn how to behave both on and off the pitch.” Wayne said, “All our volunteers must be CRB checked, so everyone is in safe hands. We still run the Academy on Saturdays 10.00 – 11.30 am for £2. This is open to 5-15 year olds and they can progress from the academy into the football team. We are always on the lookout for both players and volunteer coaches. If you are interested, then please get in touch. Also, you can keep up to date with STUDs FC news on our website.

fficers investigating an assault in Braunstone are appealing for witnesses to come forward. The incident took place at 9.10 pm on Wednesday May 2 within the grounds of a church in Cort Crescent when a 17-year-old man, who was with his girlfriend, was approached by a group of youths.


The youths assaulted the victim before the victim and his girlfriend managed to run away. The victim received minor injuries during the incident. PC Martin Aston is investigating the incident, he said: "It's believed there were about 7-8 youths involved and we would urge anyone who witnessed any part of the incident to contact us. "I'm sure someone in the local community knows about the incident and circumstances leading up to it, if you've heard any rumours locally, even if you're not sure about the information, we would still urge you to come forward. Any calls received will be treated in confidence." Anyone with any information is asked to contact PC Martin Aston by dialling 101. Then follow the instructions to leave a message for the officer. When prompted simply key in PC Aston’s identification number 1955. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. This is a completely anonymous service. Calls to Crimestoppers are free, although some mobile 'phone service providers may charge for this call. Calls to 101 cost 15p for the entire call from both mobile phones and land lines.

he Alert is the most widely read publication in Braunstone. We print over 2,500 copies and post it on Facebook and Twitter. We set aside space for local business and can provide quarter, half and full page ads starting at £50 plus vat. It’s cheaper and way more effective than fliers and posters. Our next edition is due out in September. Space is limited, so if you want to give it a try, then call soon 0116 223 2256.


- Inspection covers Meadwell Road.Starts 10.00 am outside 2 Meadwell Road Inspection covers Winforde Crescent, Worrall Road, Worrall Close. Starts 10.00 am prompt outside 1 Winforde Crescent

07890 564 709

Inspection covers Hamelin Road and Winstanley Drive. Starts 10.00 am prompt outside 241 Winstanley Drive. Inspection covers Wynthorpe Rise, Aylmer Road, Rancliffe Crescent, Redmarle Road. Starts 10.00 am prompt outside 100 Rancliffe Crescent - Inspection covers Imperial Avenue, Gaddesby Avenue, Winton Avenue, Harlaxton Street, Fosse Road South. Starts 10.00 am prompt outside 51 Imperial Avenue

0116 291 4993

07890 564 696

, Dumbleton Avenue,6.00pm - 7.00pm , 10.00am - 11.00am

6.00pm - 7.00pm Braunstone Avenue 6.00pm - 7.00pm Community Meeting , Dumbleton Avenue, 5.30 pm

– Inspection covers Pilkington Road, Morcote Road and Pollard Road. Starts10.00 am prompt from the corner of Pilkington Road and Limber Crescent. elly is a local woman whose father died – Inspection covers recently of Motor Neuron Disease. Though Gallards Hill (North), Cowdall Road, Cantrell Road. still coming to terms with the loss of her dad, Starts10.00 am prompt from the corner of Gallards Kelly wants to raise funds to do some good for Hill/ Cowdall Road others. She called in to see us. She said, “ I just wanted to do something and thought that a family fun day would be a good idea. I want people to – Inspection covers have a good time and still contribute to something Corfield Rise, Edale Close. Starts 10.00 worthwhile. I hope to raise a lot of money and split am prompt outside 2 Corfield Rise it three ways. A quarter will go to LOROS, another – quarter to the Motor Neuron Disease Association. Inspection covers Wilmore Crescent, Gunthorpe Road. The rest is to help someone I know. Carl suffers from Starts 10.00 am prompt outside 1 Gunthorpe Road Motor Neuron Disease and has only a short time to live. His greatest wish is to get married to his partner – Inspection covers Helen and enjoy a honeymoon with her and their Folville Rise, Ellesmere Road, Ellesmere two children. I want to help make that wish come Place, Bewicke Road. Starts 10.00 am true. I hope others think this is worth supporting and prompt outside 9 Folville Rise attend the fun day. It will be free to enter and we – Inspection covers Herle will raise money on the activities. It will be held at Avenue, Herle Walk. Starts 10.00 am prompt outside 1 the Shakespeare Inn from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm, Herle Avenue Saturday July 28th . Please come and join us.”

Kelly’s Fundraiser


raunstone’s Neville Turner is a bit of a legend. A long term volunteer, he has been involved in 10.00 am - 11.30 am everything from supporting children and 10.30 am - 12.00 pm young people in education and youth clubs, to raising money for Guide Dogs 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm for the Blind. For Braunstone and other 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm areas Neville has raised many, many thousands pounds and made dreams 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm come true. A real fixer, Neville Fixed It for people when even Jimmy Saville 9.30 am -12.30 pm couldn't manage it!


I like a good meal and a drink with my family Reading science books

50+ Aqua Fit, Leisure Centre Let’s Walk Braunstone, Stable Block, Braunstone Park Golden Years Group (Bingo!) Blessed Sacrament Church Indoor Bowling,Trinity Church, Hallam Crescent Bingo, Cort Crescent C.C.

Over 60s CAB drop-in 45 Wellinger Way 1.00 pm- 4.30 pm Over 60s CAB appointments 0116 223 2251 10.00 am - 12.00 pm Braunstone History Group BRITE Centre Library

I’d love to be a lion

‘Singin’ in the Rain’ with Gene Kelly

10.15 am - 11.15am Coffee & Chat St Peter’s Church, Call Rev. Chris Burch, 0116 292 3377 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm Garage Sale 45 Wellinger Way 3.30 pm - 6.00 pm Family Group, The Oak Centre 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm 40+ Club, Oak Centre

There’s more good, genuine people than bad ones

12.00 pm - 3.00 pm


12.00 pm - 1.30 pm

Bad manners A war book

? Egypt Anywhere with good food and good weather!

1.00 pm - 3.00 pm 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm 3.30 pm - 6.00 pm

Women of Wisdom co-operative Call Eileen 07769 315 184 Lunch Club, Trinity Church Call Marilyn, 0116 289 2182 Knit & Natter, BRITE Centre Friendship Club, Trinity Church Family Allotment, Rancliffe Allotments

My daughter (name) I’m a really good fundraiser! I’m too soft I was Citizen of the Month in 2007 and was invited to 10 Downing Street in 2008

Spencer Tracey More people sticking together For the fundraising I’ve done over the last 44 years

10.00 am - 12.00 pm Friday Pop-in, Snacks, nearly new, bric-a- brac,book Blessed Sacrament Church 10.00 am - 1.00 pm Sew ‘n’ So’s Needlecraft Group The Oak Centre, Bendbow Rise 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm Mazzie Lunch Club, BRITE Centre Call 07941 997 238 to book. £4 (£2 kids) 12.00 pm - 2.30 pm Mums Supporting Mums, BRITE Library 9.00 am start

ParkRun, Stable Block Braunstone Park (You need to register first at


Dear Alert, I was very impressed the other day when l visited Merridale Medical Centre, l watched someone being treated





reception staff. I know this person has





staff were so helpful no matter how busy they were they still took time out to help. I would just like to say thank you very much to Merridale LG

CELEBRATE LEARNING Dear Alert, To celebrate the success of our courses, we are holding an event at Surestart Gallards Hill. We will be giving certificates to our learners who have completed courses in

Childcare, First Aid, and to volunteers on our Parent and th Toddler groups. The even is on Wednesday July 4 from 4.30 - 6.00 pm. Pop in and talk to us to find out more. Jackie, Surestart Childrens’ Centre,

Gallards Hill.

Foodshare Dates Dear Readers, Here are the dates for Foodshare at St.Peter’s for the next couple of months. Mondays from 5.30 pm July 9th & 23rd, August 6th,13th & 27th. Tuesdays from 11.00 am July 10th & 24th, August 7th , 14th & 28th. Foodshare is strictly on a first come first served basis. We always welcome new volunteers.


Independent Funeral Directors

Stone Masonry Services Catering Buds Floral Designs 0116 289 6608 2 Westover Road Forest East Braunstone Town 24 Hour Service Leicester Leicester LE3 3DT

● ● ● ● ●

BRAUNSTONE MEMORY CAFE The Alzheimer’s Society holds monthly meetings at the OAK Centre. These are for people with dementia or memory problems and their families. At the Memory cafe you can share experiences and learn in a social, supportive environment. Only 50p to cover refreshments. From 10.00 am 12.00 noon on the second Thursday of each month. Next dates 12th July and 9th August

Learn about an area of work and skills for success Improve your communication skills Gain confidence Boost your CV Achieve an accredited qualification Our next courses start on 7th August and 4th September. For more information drop in to b-working, Gallards Hill; ●Call 0116 225 2484 ●Email ●Look at b-working on facebook

Group Braunstone Art BRITE Centre 6.30 - 8.30 pm Wed 11 July Wed 8 August art bring your own materials Fr e e !

DAVE KENNEY 0116 289 8830 MOBILE – 07952 557 306

Produced by Neighbourhood Support Team Ably assisted by the A-Team and Dunc Write, or send pictures, to Braunstone Alert, 45 Wellinger Way, LE3 1RG. E-mail Printed by Joseph A. Ball (printers) Ltd. We make every effort to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date at the time of publication

B Alert No. 4 2012  

Community magazine for Braunstone Leicester

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