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Cover photo: ‘ Autumn Colours’ by Paddy Got a digital camera? Then you could be an Alert photographer. Just send us your photos and we’ll print our favourites. We might even put your work on our front page - instant fame!

Neighbourhood Management


he latest meeting of Braunstone Neighbourhood Management Board (NMB) discussed the following; Park - Thieves stole lead from Stable Block roof, vandals damaged the new toilet block and three stolen cars were dumped and set alight on the park. Stolen wheelie bins are being dumped and burned on the park. Generally vehicle crime is down and there is less crime in Gooding Avenue area. Police have dealt with quads/bikes on park. A meeting is planned to deal with the above issues plus Braunstone Hall security, cameras and finding funds to deal with them. Residents’ Network - Working on Braunstone Awards Night, to take place in December. Network working with Neighbourhood Support Team on holding a curry night to raise funds for this year’s Bonfire. Reported that door-todoor salesmen are targeting older people trying to sell expensive ‘electric’ beds. Older residents warned to be careful of this. Plan for Braunstone - Neighbourhood Support Team and Residents’ Network volunteers have been consulting residents across Braunstone about the five draft priorities of a plan. The board heard a brief outline of results to date. More details will follow when the survey is completed. Multi-Access Centre (MAC) - Based at b-working on Gallards Hill, the MAC targets anyone 19+ who is unemployed for over six months. Offers advice and support on; benefits, employers, legal issues, volunteering opportunities. It aims to link partners and services to those who need help. Partners include Clockwise Credit Union, Community Legal Advice Centre, Enterprise as a Life, Community Business advice. MAC provides outreach services at Braunstone Open Learning Centre, BRITE Centre, Surestart and OAK Centre. Community Action Citywide - The NMB discussed the planned EDL march in Leicester. Positive alternatives are the Peace Vigil at Leicester Cathedral, Friday October 8th and a ‘Reclaiming the Community’ event in Humberstone Gate on Saturday October 10th. Make a Difference Day - The latest Clean Up Braunstone event is a facelift for Rancliffe Gardens. Residents’ Network members and local staff plan a ‘door knock’ to get others involved. The event will take place on 22nd October Road Safety - Residents have raised concerns about speeding on Braunstone Avenue. Police will conduct traffic monitoring to assess this.

What’s Up, Jyot?


hat is it they say? “Eat, drink and be merry!” With Christmas just around the corner, we would like to give you some healthy advice to keep you well and help you skip, run and jump into 2011! Handy tip number one is... don’t serve up food poisoning this Christmas! Always ensure that you store any raw meat products properly at the bottom of the refrigerator, defrost them thoroughly and cook them according to the guide on the label. Food poisoning accounts for 5% of admissions to hospital over the festive period. One thing to avoid is washing your Christmas turkey. The Food Standards Agency says this spreads harmful bacteria, so don’t run the tap over your raw turkey! A funny survey, questioned more than 2000 people about their eating habits at Christmas. The results showed that women over the age of 45 were the most frequent turkey-washing offenders, while cooks in the North-East of England topped the hazard chart, with 90% likely to run their raw turkeys under the tap. To make sure your turkey is cooked properly, make sure it's piping hot all the way through.Then cut into the thickest part to check that none of the meat is pink. If juices run out, they should be clear. While having your lunch, you can have a glass or two of something bubbly, however… (handy hint number two) drink sensibly! Hospital admissions caused by alcohol poisoning are higher over the festive season. Alcohol can be a killer and it can lead to loss of inhibitions and judgement, so... (handy hint number three) think before you drink before you do anything you might regret later! Who knows what could happen? There are more babies born in September than any other month… wonder why that is! Jyot the chemist tells us “Some situations are best avoided but sometimes things go wrong. Fortunately I can now prescribe the morning after pill and you can also get free Chlamydia testing at the surgery. There are free Chlamydia kits in the toilets at the Health Centre... you just send off your sample and they text your results to your phone. It’s a confidential service and you don’t even have to involve your GP.” Jyot wishes everyone happy and a healthy Christmas and adds, “My best advice is eat, drink and be merry... in moderation. It can save you lots of headaches (and other problems) later on!”

Residents’ Network


etwork Volunteer, Alan told us about a recent trip to a Birmingham community group. “We got invited to meet with a new group in Yardley. They want to have a go at Neighbourhood Management and heard about our success. The group is new, having only had three meetings. The area has a new Boys Club but nothing else in the way of community facilities... no community centre, no leisure centre and nowhere to have a drink. It made me feel that we have everything here. It was good for us to be able to tell them about our Resident’s Network and the things we do. They were keen to visit us in Braunstone... I’m looking forward to it. We should share our experience with others.” Ali and Eileen talked about an issue raised at a recent meeting. “One thing that people have been talking about is the speed of traffic on Braunstone Avenue.” said Eileen, “It came up at the Network meeting and we had it raised at the NMB. The police have already started carrying out tests to monitor the speed... I’m very pleased about that, it means that our opinions do count and we do get heard at the Management Board.” The Resident’s Network continues supporting the Clean Up Braunstone campaign. The latest clean up was at Rancliffe Gardens, a great day that brought together Parks, Neighbourhood Improvement Operative, TNG, Play Rangers, Housing, City Wardens,Environmental Crime, Residents Network and local children, We even had six new resident join the network. That’s what it’s all about!

More Than A Bus


eicester City’s Home Library Service is a real lifeline for for people with mobility problems. With the service you can have free, regular trips to the library. The minibus is easy-access and has wheelchair facilities. The staff are well known for being helpful and friendly. They will accompany you to the library, help you when you get there, then they will drop you back home. You’ll be able to borrow large print books, talking books, sound recordings and DVDs. You can even have free internet access. Through the Home Library Service you have a great opportunity to get out and meet new friends. They really look out for you and if you can’t go on the bus the staff will take your order and deliver borrowed items to your home. If you want to know more, give them a call or visit the website.

0116 299 5465

That ASDA’s Nice


n October we held an open day in the community garden at the back of our Wellinger Way office. Thanks to those who turned up, despite the horrible weather! We want to send a special thanks to ASDA, Fosse Park for providing all the refreshments and snacks for the day. ASDA’s Dani Valand said, “I’m the company's Community Colleague and it’s my job to look at ways of helping community groups and events.” Dani is already exploring the possibility of supporting other Braunstone community activities.

A Good Example


ots of people have said to us, “Why is that Alan Chapman’s always in the Alert?” Our answer is that he’s always doing stuff in the community so there’s a good chance that he’ll be there when the cameras are out... and he’s in it again. This time it’s because we think he’s a great role model. Alan has just celebrated his 86th and he is still one of Braunstone’s most active volunteers, involved in lots of community activities. He says, “I’m vice-chair of the Neighbourhood Management Board, very active in the Residents Network, part of the watercolour and history groups, I get involved in the community surveys, I deliver the Alert, spread community information to other people, building links with other communities...” We had to stop him there because we’re short of space... and we wanted to find out what he would say to encourage other people to get involved. He told us, “It’s a good way to meet people and make new friends. You work with people at all levels and you get to do good things for yourself and for others. I think that what I do brings benefits to the Braunstone community. But I do think the local volunteer pool is limited and want to see more people giving it a go. A lot of us are older and we need younger people with time and enthusiasm to join us.” If Alan inspires you to get involved in our Residents’ Network he’d love you to contact us.



Listening to You


esident, Vanessa Lymer said she was taking n the last Alert we advertised our ‘drop-ins’ to hear your courses at Braunstone Open Learning Centre and views about the proposed ‘Plan for Braunstone’ being suggested we drop in to see how it was going. It was coordinated by b-inspired. Now we want to convey our busy when we arrived but we managed to talk to thanks to the many people who took part in our Sharon for a few minutes. She said, “Phew, it really is consultation. The draft plan had five key points relating to; all go... we’ve got more learners than ever! I think we’ve Ÿ raising academic attainment been helped by Angels & Monsters crèche next door, Ÿ young people having it so close is a a big bonus.” Ÿ improving health Another factor is having staff from the Multi Access Ÿ crime & ASB Centre (MAC) on site every week. Sharon continued, Ÿ services for older people “Lots of people want to learn so they can find jobs and B-inspired wanted to check what residents thought, so our equally, employers are looking for people with team and Residents’ Network volunteers went all over appropriate qualifications. The MAC is a great benefit Braunstone and talked to well over 200 people. to them.” The response from residents was excellent. Over 80% In one room we met Amy supported the five points overall and 40% told us which of and Emma who have Emma & Amy the points were most important to them. recently signed up to study Anne Short said “People were very willing to express their maths and English. Amy support and preferences in the consultation... they also said, “I heard about the told us about specific ideas they’d like to see to support Open Learning Centre from each of the key points in the plan.” staff at Surestart... I didn’t The consultation also asked residents what they thought want to come by myself, so should be added to the list. I talked Emma into coming with me. We love it.” Anne said, “That question generated lots of suggestions which fitted into categories like Environment, Community, Both are parents of young Traffic and Road Safety... people were so full of positive children, and both enjoy the break. Amy added, “I left ideas.” school when I was fifteen and now I want to be able to help my children with their schoolwork... and I want Once we finished the consultation we passed the results qualifications to get a job, maybe in Midwifery.” to b-inspired. “B-inspired will be looking at how they can incorporate residents views into a Plan for Braunstone and Emma said, “I want to be able to get a job too, in the how the Neighbourhood Management Board can work on catering and hospitality field... I want to go to college the issues.” next year.” Both agree that their confidence has grown and they enjoy learning at their own pace. “Although We’ll let you know the results of b-inspired discussions in we only do two session a week, we can’t wait to get future editions of the Alert. here!” said Amy. Learning is not the only benefit you can get at the centre... there’s free food too! ort Crescent Community Centre is offering great value Sharon showed meals again with the re-launch of the Lunch Club. us the allotment at Tony Russell told us, “We’re back on our the back of the regular Tuesday spot starting at 12.00 noon. building. “We’ve We can give you a great three course lunch been growing lots with all the tea you can drink for only £3.00... of vegetables... and it will cost you less if you don’t have a even that provides pudding! a range of good We also have other activities at the centre and learning opportunities. Once the food is ready our you can hire the rooms for events and function learners can have what they want.” s. If you want to book your lunch with us or to get any othe r information So, plenty of reasons to get into learning at the about the centre, give me a call on 07908 915 044.” Braunstone Open Learning Centre, give it a go!


Lunch re-Launch

ER’s Kicking Sunday 4pm-6pm Braunstone Leisure Centre Ages 13+ cost £2.50 Monday 5.00 pm-7.00 pm BRITE Centre Ages 9+ cost £2.50 Tuesday 5pm-7pm Braunstone Oak Centre aged 5-11years cost £2.50 Tuesday 5.30-6.30 Women Only St Peters Church £2.50 Wednesday 4.30 pm-6.00 pm Braunstone Grove Volunteers/coaches only Thursday 5.00 pm-7.00pm Braunstone Oak Centre Dance Act Age 8+ cost £2.50 We also deliver sessions at schools and local groups on request. Please call for quotes.

Mandy Shepherd 07876 498 592

Sport Spot


hy not keep warm this winter with a spot of sport. The Achievement Project is a great way to get many benefits under one project. Originally Braunstone based, the Achievement Project now covers the whole of Leicester and creates loads of sports related possibilities. The City Wide Achievement Project offers training, volunteering, mentoring and employment opportunities within sport and physical activity. It’s available to all residents of Leicester City. The project is organised so that everything is easy to access making it easier to progress and gain experience. The Achievement Project works with partners across the city including those Braunstone favourites, b-active and FAB, so you know that it’s tried and tested. To find out more about what you can get from the Achievement Project read their brochure. It’s available from the Lodge, Braunstone Park, Hinckley Road end) or download it from

Go Green Girls Go On


e like Braunstone projects that promote learning and ones that promote self-sufficiency, so we loved the idea of a project that supported both. Sue Connolly, Learning Zone Coordinator told us about it. She said, “Braunstone Go Green was aimed at local unemployed people and was very successful in engaging with them. The idea was to help them gain new skills and experiences through growing their own fruit and vegetables. Leicester City Council funded the scheme through its Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities (NLDC) fund.” The project managed to obtain a small piece of land in the grounds of Caldecote Community School local school. Sue added, “This enabled the project to work with local parents. Learners gained a range of skills from basic gardening, to sowing, planting and propagation skills. As part of the course, people had information about wildlife, eco-systems, recycling and the benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables.” Although the project has come to an end, a couple of the learners are looking to the future. “Carmeleta and Sarah, both local parents, want to continue their learning and would like to progress to a Forestry Leaders course. They have also taken on the ideals of the Go Green project and want to take it further. They have a long term aim to expand the Caldecote plot to create a herb garden and to grow cut flowers. Their idea is to establish a small business selling the goods to the school café, staff and parents.” It all sounds good to us and we wish them every success. To find out more about learning contact Sue.

Community Carols This year Blessed Sacrament RC Church will host the Braunstone Community Carol Service. The popular event will take place on Wednesday 1st December at 7.00 pm and is supported by Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. Everyone is welcome to come and sing with us!

It’s in the Bag!

Braunstone is one of four test areas for a new kerbside recycling service aimed at increasing the current recycling rate. The service will collect a wide range of recyclable materials in a big orange plastic bag! The trial is already showing signs of success. Braunstone alone has doubled the amount of material recycled and 20% more residents putting out recycling bags each week, which is very promising. However there is still a significant number not using their orange bags, so we need more households to join in. Using the orange bags will help to reduce the amount of waste going into the wheelie bins and reduce waste on your streets. It is very important that the orange bags are only used for recycling the correct items and not for any other purposes. Houses are provided with a roll of orange bags and flats within the trial area will have bins with visual orange stickers that will say that mixed items can be placed in the bin.

REMEMBER... Only put the correct items into the recycling bags Tie your recycling bags securely Stack your recycling bags beside your wheelie bin Put your recycling bags and wheelie bin out by 7.00 am

Recycling Trial

It’s in the Bag You can recycle these items using the orange recycling bags

For further information and to check if your road is included in the trial call (0116) 252 7002

or visit

Housing News

Police Story


gt. Will Cheshire sent us this. "Our overall aim this year was to reduce anti-social behaviour (ASB). Over the last two years the number of reports have reduced and we on the Neighbourhood Team wanted to see this trend continue. We created a number of initiatives to help achieve our goal. On the first of February this year the Neighbourhood Team launched an ASB Response Vehicle. "This is a car with a crew of two Neighbourhood Officers, responding to calls about ASB in the area. The car runs from 5.30 pm to 11.00 pm every night of the week. We have found that by having this vehicle responding promptly we can offer reassurance to residents, deal with the incidents quickly by identifying offenders, and stop incidents reoccurring”. During the year on Braunstone we have dealt with a number of youths in relation to ASB. The results have ranged from the issuing of Anti-Social Behaviour warning letters, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and in one case an interim ASBO. We have been carrying out this work in partnership with the Council Housing and Leicester Anti-Social Behaviour Unit (LASBU). The Neighbourhood Team would also like to highlight some crimes that have been occurring recently, saying "Lately a number of wheelie bins have been stolen from Gooding Ave and Winstanley Drive and set alight on Braunstone Park. We are investigating these incidents and we suggest that it’s better to put your bin out just before the collection time and to put it round the back of your house once it has been emptied." Around North Braunstone there has also been an increase in the number of cars broken into and stolen. The team says, "We are running late night operations to deter thieves operating in the neighbourhood, but we also advise people to fit crook locks and to look at other car safety measures." And finally, as the Christmas period is approaching don’t forget to have a secure Christmas. Don’t leave your presents packing out for burglars to see... it only tells them what you have to steal. Please don’t leave your presents in view, and don’t leave your doors and windows open.


rea Housing Manager Ellen Watts told us of big changes at the Braunstone office. “Because of a reorganisation we’re losing several of our Estate Management Team and several new staff are coming on board. Only Kerry and myself carry on from the old team and it will probably take a while until they settle in and get to know you and the area. Despite the change we still want to work closely with residents, increase outreach work and continue improving Braunstone.” Another piece of news is grants we have for these improvements. Ellen said “In total we have £145,000 being spent on the estate, which is great. This will allow us to do things like replacing wooden canopy porches to some houses, security lighting for OAPs and improving the Bendbow and Gallards underpasses. We had eight successful bids for schemes from £2,500 to £57,000 so there’s lots of improvements we can carry out.” Also, there is still some money left in an Environment Budget allocation and Ellen is happy to invite ideas on that. She added, “I do want to hear local views about how to spend the remaining money. Remember, they have to be things with an environmental focus, so things like benches for bungalow areas, bits of fencing, planting are the norm. If you have ideas contact us at the housing office.” Ellen wanted to mention the Neighbourhood Improvement Operatives. “We’ve had a great team of lads working all over the estate. They’ve carried out all sorts of repairs and maintenance to improve the look of some areas, including the Wellinger Way Community Garden and the Rancliffe Garden clean up. In all the areas they worked the response from tenants was excellent... people really like them.” More housing news from Ellen in our New Year Alert.


It costs you money to borrow money, so it makes sense to get the best deal you can. Clockwise Credit Union offers a real money saving alternative to other agencies. Just check out these examples that from national loan companies. The figures come from information on their own internet web sites. Check the figure and see how much better off you are with Clockwise. We used £500 repaid over 13 months as an example. Braunstone residents can find their Clockwise branch at; Braunstone MAC (Gallards Hill) Tuesdays 10.00 am - 2.00 pm Wednesdays 11.00 am - 2.00 pm

Clockwise Credit Union Borrow




Monthly Repayment Number of Payments


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National Loan Company 3

£500 53.9% £54 13 £661.03 £161.03

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Borrow APR

National Loan Company 5

Clockwise Credit Union Head Office 1 St. Nicholas Place, LE1 5LB





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Total Interest


How much you save by using

Company 1

Company 2

Company 3

Company 4

Company 5







Care For Your Cash


ackie White, from Clockwise Credit Union, wants to remind everyone about the high cost of doorstep moneylenders and the benefits of joining Clockwise. “Our Braunstone branch is still growing and can offer things you can’t get from moneylenders and credit companies. We have saving accounts, a flourishing current account service plus free life insurance to cover your outstanding loan and your savings. So in the event of your death your loan will be written off and your beneficiaries can receive up to twice your savings.” Clockwise wants people to keep more of their own cash and warns about the ease of getting into debt with loan companies. Jackie said, “You can end up paying back a lot of money even for small loans, because the interest rates are so high. Credit Union interest rates are set by law and are very low compared to most other forms of borrowing.” It seems that it’s easy to fall into the habit. “People offer loans, vouchers, furniture and household goods on easy repayments. You get used to it and don’t think of it as money lending... you might even see them as ‘friends’. But remember their high interest rates mean you keep paying money over for a longer time just to cover the interest. We’ve compared the costs of borrowing to show how much cheaper is to use your local credit union.” Jackie also worries about the behaviour of some people associated with money lending. “I was was threatened by two burly blokes while I was promoting the credit union. They said I was doing them out of money! If that’s how they treated me, I can’t imagine what they’d be like if people couldn’t make the repayments.” Clockwise is a reliable, responsible and well regulated credit union and offers a range of financial services at very low rates. “If you want to get out of the clutches of high interest companies and doorstep lenders, then come and see us. We may be able to help you out of the money trap and we can also get money advice for you. We operate for people, not for profit. Especially as we come up to Christmas time, it’s so easy to get into debt. We can help you avoid it... come and speak to us at Clockwise or phone me on 07930 267 247. ”


make your pets famous!

What’s for lunch Marilyn?


e we’re invited to eat at Trinity Methodist Church and there we met Marilyn who organises the lunch club. She told us, “The club has been running since September 2000, over ten years now... and it’s still very popular.” When we asked how it got started Marilyn said, “I had been cub leader at the church for about 15 years. Then I was doing meals for some of the church social activities. Around then we were talking about providing lunches and it progressed from cooking for the occasional event to a fortnightly lunch club.” Ten years Marilyn, remembers there being thirty people at the first one. “Now we get 40 to 45 regulars, although we have the capacity to provide for around sixty people...” she said, “...and we’re not just an older people’s lunch club, it’s open to anyone. We’ve often have mums and children from the playgroup in... we go from six months to ninety years!” We wondered what keeps Marilyn volunteering after such a long time. She said, “ Daphne and I organise the whole thing and we really enjoy it. We get satisfaction from seeing other people enjoying what we do. Lots of people come here, they make friends... it’s a very happy atmosphere... and they really enjoy the food. That’s what keeps me going, and because I enjoy it so much it doesn't feel like hard work.” So what does Marilyn think is the recipe for success? “One thing is having a happy group of volunteers. We didn’t all know each other at first, but we have all become friends. We have a team of around eleven people... Daphne and I usually do the cooking, others are serving, clearing up and cooking as needed and some handle the money and the tickets. We take bookings for lunch by phone or when you are paying for one meal you can book for the next one. That way we always know how many to cater for.” Although they have biggish team Marilyn says, “We could always do with more volunteers, that would lighten the workload especially for some of our older helpers. If anyone wants to help we can arrange the basic Food Hygiene Certificate and the rest will be learning on the job.” So there are two opportunities at Trinity. One... become a volunteer with training and work experience thrown in, and Two... have a meal. We did and it was delicious! In either case call the church office 0116 289 2182.

Fabulous Fundraiser S

tars and Angels are trying something different to support charities this festive season... they’ve invited Santa to set up a grotto in their garden. Barry Sawbridge said, “We thought it was a good idea to see if Santa wanted to help us with our fundraising... and he did!” This year the Santa- assisted fund-raisers are supporting Heart UK, in memory of Maria’s mum, Betty, better known in the family as Grandma Bet-Bet. Barry continued, “The grotto is at our garden at 1 Waltham Avenue and we’ll be open through most of December until 23rd. The times are 3.30 pm - 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. We are charging just fifty pence and all the money we raise will go to support a really worthwhile charity. We hope lots of you will visit the grotto... you can meet Santa, tell him your Christmas wishes and he’ll give you a small present to start you off.” That’s not all Stars & Angels have planned for the festive season. “We’re also doing a Christmas Show with Super Troupers at the West End Club. The fun will include performances from both groups, a raffle with many prizes including a grand Christmas hamper and one of Lewis’s Famous Auctions. Hope you all have a happy Christmas. See you in 2011!”

Awards Reminder events of

on’t forget, one of the last big community the year takes place on 9th December. Everything is in place for the Braunstone Awards and it promises to be another exciting night. There’s still time for you to nominate anyone you think deserves a big ‘thank you’ from the Braunstone community. You might have a family member or friend who deserves one of our Braunstone Awards. If you do then get a form, fill it in and send it back to us. If you need a nomination form there is one printed the September/October edition of the Alert. Alternatively, you can get forms from us at 45 Wellinger Way, or call 0116 223 2256


Grand Prize Draw


-inspired have organised another community event to raise funds towards Braunstone Community Carnival and Bonfire events. This time it’s a raffle, with tickets on sale right up for only £1 each until the Grand Draw event at St. Peters Millennium Hall on 21st December. Angie Wright says, “We’ll have a community Christmas gettogether from 2.00 - 4.00 pm that afternoon. Everyone is welcome to join us, have a mince pie and a drop of mulled wine, then we’ll draw the winning tickets... so some people will have an extra Christmas present!”

Cash and Curry


ver fifty people turned up at our latest Curry Night at Dhaka Deli on Narborough Road. The curry connoisseurs tucked into a five course meal and took part in a quiz. Cllr. Michael Cooke thoroughly enjoyed it, saying, “The food was excellent, I met new people and it was really good to see so many people supporting the event.” The night was a fundraiser for Braunstone Community Bonfire and Fireworks on Thursday 4th November. Anne Short from Our last issue had a story about Gwen Abraham (Gwen’s b-connected reported, “We boosted the Bonfire Night funds Gong). We said then “Gwen is a long serving governor at by nearly £350.” She added, “We’ll be running other fun Ellesmere College...” It should have said “Gwen was a fundraising activities... they’re a good way to socialise and support community events. Keep watching the Alert for details.” long serving governor...”


Look Out!

COUNCILLORS’ INFO Phone: 0116 291 4993 Fax: 0116 229 8850 Email: Phone: 07890 564 696 Fax: 0116 229 8850 Email: Phone: 07890 564 709 Fax: 0116 229 8850 Email:

3 November 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm 17 November 10.00 am - 11.00 am 1st December 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm 15 December 6.00 pm - 7.00pm 5 January 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm


e heard from one of our Residents’ Network volunteers about a sales scheme that some people think is a scam. It involves door to door salesmen trying to talk people into buying ‘electric’ beds, supposedly designed for people with disabilities. Our volunteer told us, “I was at a meeting in New Parks and someone told us about this scheme. They thought it was a scam because the cost of these beds was very high... and they were only approaching elderly or vulnerable people.” Other people had heard similar stories and then we found a report of someone trying the same thing here in Braunstone. A resident called to the Neighbourhood Support Team asking for help. He had signed some papers to buy a bed but felt that he had been pressured into it. He didn’t want it and couldn’t afford it, but didn’t know how to resist the sales push. In this case, after much argument, the company withdrew and cancelled the contract. The resident is a person in poor health and with learning difficulties, who was easily swayed into signing the paperwork. The advice is to be very careful about buying anything from ‘cold call’ salespeople who just turn up on your doorstep. Another issue is the exorbitant interest charges added by the company. In case mentioned, the cost of the bed was £1,200 in easy payments of £40 each month, but the total payment was over £1,700. That’s more than £500 in interest! So, another piece of advice is to be aware of the high cost of borrowing money, even from legitimate salespeople. A much cheaper alternative is Clockwise Credit Union, whose interest rates are kept lower by law. We have informed the local Policing Unit about the possible scam and will let you know if any other details come out.

St. Peters News Braunstone’s Model Railway Exhibition & Autumn Fair: 11.00 am – 4.00 pm Saturday November 6th St Peter’s Church. Christmas gifts (railways or craft goods) and the famous Braunstone Bacon Butties! Remembrance Service: 10.45 am, Sunday 14th November. Preacher: Reverend Arthur Deegan. Annual Memorial Service: 2.30 pm Sunday 21st November. Join us and remember your loved ones. Carol Concert: 6.00 pm, Sunday 12th December. Admission free (voluntary collection) with interval drinks. Services: Sundays at 10.00am: Parish Eucharist Wednesdays at 9.30am: Holy Communion (a quieter service) Both followed by tea or coffee Vicar’s Happy Hour: 6.00 -7.00 pm Mondays. See the vicar and book christenings, weddings, etc. (not Bank Holidays.) Drop In: 10.00 -11.00 am, Wednesdays. Drop in to see us and have cuppa and a friendly chat.

In the Spotlight

What’s On Monday: 11.30am - 12.30pm Healthy Eating Group Mary Bancroft or Sue Richards Hockley Farm Health Centre 1.30pm - 3.30pm Watercolour Group Sandyhurst, Hockley Farm Road 2.00pm - 4.00pm Golden Years Group (Bingo!) Blessed Sacrament Church 2.00pm - 4.00pm Indoor Bowling Trinity Church, Hallam Crescent 3.30pm - 6.00pm Africa in Braunstone, Oak Centre 6.00pm - 9.00pm Bingo Cort Crescent Community Centre Tuesday: 10.00am - 12.00pm Braunstone History Group BRITE Centre - Library Braunstone Avenue 12.00pm - 1.00pm Lunch Club Cort Crescent Community Centre (Book at least 2 days in advance) Call Tony on 07908 915 044 Wednesday: 10.15am Coffee and chat at St Peters Church, Woodshawe Rise. Call Chris Burch - 0116 282 5034 1.45pm - 3.30pm Over 60’s Friendship Club West End Working Men’s Club 3.00pm - 5.00pm Friendship Club Trinity Methodist Church Hallam Crescent 3.30pm - 6.00pm Family Group, The Oak Centre 6.00pm - 8.00pm 40+ Club Oak Centre, Bendbow Rise 6.30pm - 8.30pm Braunstone Creative Network (Monthly) The BRITE Centre, Braunstone Ave. Call Anne or Ali on 0116 223 2256. Thursday: 12.00pm - 3.00pm Women of Wisdom (WOW) Group Contact Eileen on 07769 315 184 12.00pm - 1.30pm Lunch Club - Trinity Church Call Marilyn on 0116 289 2182 3.30pm - 6.00pm Family Allotment, Rancliffe Allotments Friday: 10.00 am - 12.00 pm Coffee morning/pop in Blessed Sacrament Church Gooding Avenue 10.00am - 12.00pm Art Club - Visitors Centre The Stable Block, Braunstone Park 10.00am - 1.00pm Sew ‘n’ So’s Needlecraft Group The Oak Centre, Bendbow Rise 12.00pm - 1.30pm Bingo Cort Crescent Community Centre 6.00pm - 9.00pm Bingo Bonanza, Cort Crescent Community Centre, last Friday of every month


ichelle Coughlan has lived in Braunstone for twenty years. She used to work in the old Braunstone Avenue Library and transferred to the BRITE Centre library when it opened. Over the years Michelle and colleagues have worked to make the library more fun to come to, even dressing up at Halloween. “I’ve worked at several libraries but Braunstone is the best. Our customers are the nicest people!” That’s what we like to hear.

What is your idea of a good night out? Going for a meal with my friend Shaz and ending the night in Spanky’s. (Spanky’s? The mind boggles!) A good night in? A bottle of wine and Bridget Jones What animal would you be? A dog... but it depends who would be my owner. I could be my dog, who lives the life of Riley! What is your pet hate? Rude people What is your favourite film? The Godfather (don’t you think Godfather 3 is rubbish?) What do you love about Braunstone? People stick together What word would people use to describe you? Crazy! What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Tenerife What’s your ideal holiday? Any holiday! What’s your most attractive quality... I’m a caring person... ...and your least attractive? ...but I can be very quick tempered! (Only asking...) Have you a claim to fame? Not really (You have now!) If we made a movie about you, who would play you? Meryl Streep ( Anagram of ‘Try REM Sleep’!) Do you have a wish for Braunstone? I’d like more opportunities for younger people How do you want to be remembered? As being here for a good time, not for a long time!

Dear Join the A-Team! Dear Readers, who We have a couple of volunteers rt. sometimes help out at the Ale a Now we want to extend that to he small team of Alert volunteers(T A Team?). they We will teach them everything e’s need to know about Braunston cover We magazine. Community out, things like design and lay ting conducting interviews, wri hs, articles, editing photograp ng using the software and creati nk the finished product. If you thi t us you could take this on, contac . and we’ll arrange to meet you

Dear Readers, Where would we be without our volunteers? Looking back over the year, the Residents Network has been involved in so many activities that I’ve run out of fingers to count on. Through their hard work and commitment they have added such a lot to community life in Braunstone. We are looking forward to working with them and new volunteers next year (just when you thought you could relax!) Ali, Paddy and I would like to say a really big thanks to you all for everything! Anne Short (b-connected)

The A(lert)Team

good luck to Dawn, John and Zoe in their new home. xxx..

Yes it's nearly that time of year again... Christmas! Can the Alert give a mention to the Blessed Sacrament Christmas Bazaar. It is on Saturday 4th December from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm. We’ll have lots of Christmas fun and bargains, cakes, cards, chocolates, cosmetics, gifts, games, baby stall, tombola, Christmas stall and of course our Grand Prize Draw. for a the very place It’s Christmas bargain. John Cawley

Drayton Manor Fun!


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With over 20 years experience all our imaginative menus are created for each individual client. Our skilled, friendly staff give a professional service allowing our clients time to enjoy their event. We cater for weddings and parties and can create any dish to suit your needs.


Braunstone Neighbourhood Management Board Send your comments or ideas for the board to: or write to: Neighbourhood Support Team 45 Wellinger Way, Braunstone, LE3 1RG

Thursdays 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm Braunstone West Social Club St Mary’s Avenue Off Braunstone Lane Everyone welcome - friendly atmosphere Only £1.50 a session Drop in or call Roy Harper 0116 289 5685

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B Alert No.6 2010  

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