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Cover photo: “Spring” by James Fahey Got a digital camera? Then you could be an Alert photographer. Just send us your photos and we’ll print our favourites. We might even put your work on the front page instant fame!



he last Neighbourhood Management Board discussed; 45 Wellinger Way

Refurbishment of the Neighbourhood Suport Base is completed, there will be an open day on Friday 5 th February from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm Winforde Crescent Houses The refurbishment of the old Garden Care site is finished and the properties are about to be let. Two new houses on the land next door will be completed in March 2010. The houses will be managed by LHA. B-Working Multi Access centre (MAC) The centre is nearing completion. It is 1/3 bigger providing more space for services. The board suggested placing a disability worker and an age concern worker in the centre. B-working will consider the suggestion. Clockwise credit union will operate in the centre two days a week. Other partners will be on a rota system and will include agencies to help with form filling and benefits advice. Opening hours have changed to allow increased access. Clean-up Group This is due to meet shortly. The resident network has discussed possible sites and will feed their ideas into the meeting. Golden Gloves boxing gym wants to involve young people in the clean ups. It was suggested that half term would be an ideal time to organise and hold the next event. Hockley Farm Surgery Practice manager, Mary Carr, has retired. Her post has been filled and the new practice manager, Lorraine Baker, will be in post soon Dr Nana also asked NMB to help collect feedback on the new triage system, and requested that the surgery have an information column in the Alert. A petition to ban 0844 numbers being used at doctors surgeries, has been successful and will be stopped when contracts are completed. Skate Park The skate park and gym equipment is now completed and the new toilet facility will be completed in March. The grand opening is planned for the Easter break. The board was informed that there had been a small amount of vandalism, however, this is being dealt with. ‘Learning from the Past – Building for the Future’ The project is a great success so far. All of the groups are working well. The history project is busy collecting and recording lots of new material for the exhibition which is being held at the BRITE Centre on March 4/5/6 th . The DVD project is filming the progress of all the residents and groups involved. The film will feature at the exhibition when views of residents at the exhibition to be added on the day. The final DVD will then be shown at the digital media centre at the New Phoenix Square.



ur ‘Pet Pics ’ is really popular - people call to the office or stop us in the street to have their dogs photographed. This gave us an idea. Paddy and Ian want to do a photo exhibition called ‘One Hundred Dogs and their People ’. All they need is the dogs (and the people). If you want you and your pooch to feature in the exhibition then let us know. Text 07764 337 172 or email



oanne Marshall and her children Macy and Ryan are the first family to move into refurbished houses on Winforde Crescent. The houses used to be the base of the Braunstone Garden Project, which closed some years ago. The owners B-Inspired (formerly BCA) had the building converted back into family homes following a consultation where local people chose new housing as their preferred use for the site. LHA will manage the properties. Joanne said, “ We were in a privately rented house on Hockley Farm Road but the landlord wanted to sell…I needed somewhere else to live.” She had little time to find a new place and did not want to be far from friends and family. She said, “I couldn’t believe it when the housing offered me number 16. It ’s perfect…my family and friends are close by. Everyone says how lucky I am because the house is so nice and the garden still has all the plants and pathways from the garden project.” Joanne and the children are looking forward to seeing the garden in full bloom and the children can’t wait for the warmer weather so they can explore the new garden properly. Joanne added, “People say it’s lovely when all the plants start to flower, so I want to keep the garden as it is. Although it needs a bit of work it will be worth it.” As well as converting the old premises into two houses B-Inspired has built another two houses in the land that formed part of the garden project.



e had a quick chat with some of the residents network to find out what ’s going. Joy and Eileen told us, “We spent the last two months planning events and researching information about the history of Braunstone. We can safely say that we are very excited about the next few months! Our volunteering seems to have a new momentum and most weeks have been non-stop!” The busy pair said they have painted display boards for the exhibition, attended meetings and seminars. Joy added “We’ve had articles about us and our work with the cancer awareness group printed in the Leicester Mercury! We’ve been out and about in Braunstone, promoting the network and all of the other volunteering that we do. We always have lots of news to take to the neighbourhood management board meetings!” They think that the their enthusiasm seems to be catching, “We’re seeing the service providers that we meet at the board have been getting more and more involved in community life! That ’s good for Braunstone, it makes us feel like part of a team that’s doing it’s best for our area.” “Another thing is fund-raising we are planning a special curry and entertainment night and will tell you more about this soon! We have now got a diary full of areas where we are planning clean ups and we will be holding the Braunstone History exhibition very shortly! This has been wonderful for us as it has meant that most of the community groups in the area have got involved and worked together to put this event on, it really feels like we are getting somewhere with all of this!” Geoff says “We are busy planning the clean ups and have agreed a full years work to keep us busy!, Obviously we need as much support from other residents as possible. It really is worthwhile and I think that the new street warden (who should be in place by May) will find it a doddle! Janet says “I go on the regular walk around with the housing and police and I am always pointing out things that they might not notice, sometimes things get sorted pretty quick and sometimes it can take a bit of time, but its worth while doing it as I get to talk to people and I get to put their point across to the housing. I also took part in WoW’s “Women’s through the Ages” book. We asked Janet what she hopes for the future, “Yes, can they make those green bins sturdier, they keep breaking when the bin men chuck ‘em.”



n the summer of 2009 Braunstone Community Association became b-inspired. We changed our name so that we could continue all of the work that we have done over the last ten years and work with communities outside of Braunstone too. This year we’re also going to make some big changes to how we work. In April we will be setting up The Braunstone Foundation. The Braunstone Foundation will be a charity dedicated to managing £6.5 million of buildings and facilities in Braunstone and working on behalf of local residents. The Braunstone Foundation will have a board of trustees made up of residents and stakeholders from the local area. At least three of those trustees will have to be local residents. The Foundation will perform several roles. It will: Continue to promote the “Braunstone Vision” Promote Braunstone and represent residents views Encourage investment in Braunstone Develop a Neighbourhood Action Plan linked to the City ’s Local Area Agreement Act as a “Community Anchor” organisation Provide investment to continue local improvements. Oversee b-inspired as it delivers key services for the community The Braunstone Foundation will be the body through which we continue working together to improve our community as we have done over the last ten years. You’ll hear more about the foundation in the future.



r Nana, from the Health and Social Care Centre on Hockley Farm Road did a house call... and this time it was to see the Alert Team in Wellinger Way! He wanted to use the Alert to try out an idea and we thought “Why not, Doc?” He told us “I want to try a Q & A session for residents... so if they have any questions I will provide the answers to the best of my ability. We told him that one thing we keep hearing about is the appointments system and how it works. Q: Can you tell us about the appointments system? A: We have a mixed appointment system to deal with emergencies and routine problems you may have. We have looked to see what you want and what the busiest days are. Using this information, we have tried to provide the most doctors on the busiest days. You can book on the day for problems that need addressing on that day and in advance for ongoing problems and care. We know the patients in Braunstone have higher care needs than other areas of Leicester so we have more doctors than the national average and provide more appointments per 1000 patients than many other surgeries. We have recently introduced a triage system so once all the appointments for the day are gone and you need an appointment that day or just need to speak to a doctor for advice, the reception staff will book a telephone appointment for you with the duty doctor. He or she will call you back and give advice or see you if necessary. You should never be turned away or refused an appointment if you think you need to be seen that same day for an urgent problem. A recent survey showed that the surgery provides 822 phone and face to face doctor appointments a week which over the year is equal to 4 appointments for every patient registered at the surgery. This does not include our nurse appointments which are extra. Q: How should I book an appointment in an emergency? A: We need your help to make the best use of the appointment system. If you have an urgent serious problem that needs dealing with immediately, please call the surgery and tell the reception staff and they will put you through to the duty doctor or he or she will call you back. If your problem is not an emergency but is urgent enough and you feel it needs to be dealt with that day, the reception staff will give you an appointment for the day. If all the appointments have gone, then they will book you a telephone appointment with the duty doctor who will call

you back and offer you advise or see you if necessary. Q: How can I book a routine appointment? A: We need your help to book ahead for regular follow up and routine problems. If you leave it to the last minute and try to book on the day, then patients who have urgent problems and need to be seen that same day will not have enough appointments available. If you have a non urgent problem, the reception staff will offer you an appointment in advance. This could be one week or longer if you are asking to see a specific doctor. I know this is not brilliant and we would like to do better but we are limited by how many doctors we can afford to have and this problem is similar to most other practices in the city. If a doctor wants to see you again, he or she will give you a special note. You should take it to reception straight after the appointment and the reception staff will book you an appointment to see that doctor in the future up to 4 weeks. If the doctor has asked to see you say in 2 or 3 months, you should use the special note 3 weeks before you are due to be seen and book the appointment as the surgeries are only put on to the computer up to 4 weeks ahead. I intend to do more Q & A sessions in the Alert on other areas such as getting results, nurse appointments, hospital appointments, getting prescriptions and other services we provide. I look forward to keeping you all informed about how the surgery is doing. Remember, you are part of the surgery and any help you give us or any suggestions you may have are very welcome.




osworth Community and Sports College is looking for people from Braunstone to join the board of governors. Senior members and governors want the governing body to have representatives from all stakeholders in the college but at present there is no-one from Braunstone fulfilling that role. Governors make an important contribution to the life of a college and its students, helping to ensure that it’s run well and serves the needs of local people. Becoming a college governor can also be a way of gaining new skills and getting the kind of experience that’s often valued by employers. There’s no one type of person best suited to becoming a governor: the most important qualities are an interest in education and a desire to contribute to the life of the college so that students can get the most from their time there. Braunstone councillor, Wayne Naylor encourges local people to step forward saying, “Its important that our children are supported by local parents so that the children get exactly what they need from their education. Parents who get involved will play an important role in making sure this happens." Find out more from Sarah Mayes 01455 822 841



ur local beat bobbies will now be patrolling the whole of the Braunstone and Rowley Fields wards. Police in the city have realigned their beat boundaries to match ward boundaries. This will improve neighbourhood management by the police and other agencies, such as Leicester City Council, whose staff also work to ward boundaries. As a result, the number of neighbourhood officers covering the area has been increased to 13, in addition to the beat Sergeant Will Cheshire. Sgt Cheshire said: “These changes will enable us to work more closely with the City Council and other agencies to resolve any issues or concerns you may have in the area. The additional officers will add further experience and strengths to the existing team and I know they are looking forward to getting to know the community over the coming weeks.”



ocal photography enthusiast, Adrian Mawby, was on the park with his camera and got some photos of an old tree being cut down. It prompted him to write. “The tree was over 100 years

old, maybe even planted in the early 1800s. It stood in Braunstone Park for all those years and should have lasted many more. It had to be chopped down because people have been lighting fires inside of it over the last few years. It is not just this one tree either, we have lost trees all over the park due to them being set on fire. This has sometimes been as a result of having cars driven into them and then set on fire. I wish this destruction didn’t happen, because trees are important for our future. They are the lungs of the earth, that use up the carbon dioxide that we are polluting the atmosphere with. We need more trees not less, to make sure we have a future.”

JOIN CLEAN UP BRAUNSTONE Thursday 8th April at Highway Spinney Friday 9th April at the old paddling pool on Braunstone Park Look out for details!

THE OPENING gress of the e have been reporting the pro well over 2 years. We Braunstone Skills Centre for d the official opening at took the opportunity to atten look round and get the the end of January, to have a latest news. , told us that the centre Centre manager, Nadine French ry 2009. She added, “I opened to learners in Februa d I can’t believe how the started in September 2009 an time has flown by.” s Foundation level 1 The centre provides Mechanic students learn a range of courses. On the foundation, rtunity to progress skills that gives them the oppo Key partners are Leicester further in motor mechanics. College and Fullhurst School


WHAT’S ON OFFER adine told us that around 200 young people attend the Skills Centre studying construction or mechanics. In the near future the centre will have poly-tunnels on the adjacent land, for cultivation. This is thanks to a successful grant application to East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA). As a result, from September the centre will offer land-based studies and horticulture. On our tour of the centre we saw the impressive equipment in the two large workshops. One is dedicated to skills including plumbing, painting & decorating, woodwork and electrical installations. The other is designed for car and motor-cycle engineering. We also saw other all-purpose teaching spaces and a social area for learners. One mechanics tutor told us “The young people learn using the latest equipment. If they choose a career in mechanics they will be familiar working around modern cars. Technology in the motor industry moves at a fast pace so the centre is well placed to offer quality learning.”


THE DEDICATION luded uests at the official opening inc ers agencies who representatives from the partn centre. have supported and funded the


ter Secondary Bill Morris, Director of Leices ership, Councillor Vi Education Improvement Partn t MP spoke about the Dempster and Patricia Hewit centre. importance and potential of the erences to Bradley They also made touching ref t unveiled a plaque Whitfied, before Patricia Hewit mory. dedicating the centre to his me chael and sister Lucy Brad’s parents Anthony and Ra emony. They and were special guests at the cer s heard tributes about many of Brad ’s school friend Brad was and how what a fantastic young man help people out. willing and happy he was to “ On the day we were Mum, Rachael told us, s a son to be proud of. emotional and proud. Brad wa tre. Sometimes He would be amazed at the cen Brad, so he pushed learning didn ’t come easy to ng harder. He did a lot himself. He achieved by worki to other students. He of work to become a mentor er young people, are would be very pleased that oth rather than failing.” being given this opportunity

THE PLACE FOR YO U he centre can also hire out space for tr aining days and seminars. This uses the classro oms, which are interlinked so that the space ar e extremely flexible. They can accommod ate large and smaller events . The rooms are well equipped with intera ctive whiteboard equipm ent which makes pr es entations and demonstrations a breeze. If you need space fo r your seminar or sim ilar event then contact


Nadine French. 01 16 282 3837 nfrench@clc-leices



raunstone Housing office wants your help to decide how to spend money! Housing Manager, Ellen Watts, says, “We have a pot of cash that ’s made up from various bits and bobs of funding but we can do quite a lot with it. I just want some suggestions from tenants as to what improvements they’d like to see. The money can’t be used for big projects so don ’t be asking to renovate Braunstone Hall! We can listen to realistic ideas though. In the previous years, Housing used the kitty on things like improved lighting, better flooring in the communal areas of flats, providing gates to entries between houses and small fencing improvements.” “At the office we have some ideas, but we are keen to hear what you think and whether you have anything that you think would enhance the look of Braunstone.” Describing the limits of the budget Ellen said “To qualify the work must be a one-off spend so it can ’t be used to fund wages, rent or other ongoing costs. It must benefit local tenants and improve the physical appearance of Braunstone and it must be used on LCC housing land, so can’t be for work on the Park or things like that.” Ellen added, “Having said that we have another chance to make important improvements. So, if you had a pot full of money on improving things for your estate, what would you choose? Can you think of something that needs doing? If so we want to hear from you.” “As an incentive, if we use your idea, you stand the chance of winning a £20 Argos voucher, so come on, let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you, young, old or just young at heart, we don’t mind!” If you want to ring in with your ideas, just dial 0116 252 7007 and speak to one of the staff. You could even write your ideas on the slip below and drop it at the Guthridge Crescent office or the Neighbourhood Support Base, 45 Wellinger Way before Monday 15th March. Dear Braunstone Housing Team My ideas for improving Braunstone ............................................................................................ ............................................................................................ ............................................................................................ ............................................................................................ ............................................................................................ ............................................................................................ ............................................................................................ ............................................................................................ ........................................................................................... Name................................................................................. Address.............................................................................. .......................................................Phone........................... ............................................................................................



raunstone’s Sue Simpson is enjoying life more than ever thanks to art... we asked why. She says “Most of my life I was raising my family, aside from that I didn’t do much... went shopping, came home and that was it. I lived here for thirty years then moved to another part of town. That was a mistake so we came back in April last year, and that ’s when my life changed!” Sue joined the WoW group at Cort Crescent. “I knew Eileen from over 25 years ago. She asked me to join and on the second week an artist called Mandeep came to teach us art. At first I thought ‘I can’t do this!’ I couldn’t even use the pencils... there was so many different kinds!” Despite her initial worries Sue gave it a go and found that she enjoyed it. “At first I didn ’t even understand some of the words but Mandeep would just explain everything. I found I loved learning to mix colours and to see what colours worked together.” That was just the beginning of the new Sue. “I never had hobbies or ambition or anything but I do now... I love my painting and I’m really proud of what I ’ve done. I see paintings that are beautiful but my first painting of a church is beautiful too and it’s all my own work! Then from the WoW and the art sessions, Sue joined a watercolour group, our Residents Network, computer classes and the Braunstone Exhibition planning group. Sue is convinced that her involvement has had a big, big impact on her life. “My family are really pleased that I am doing so much, though my husband Tony says I go out more than the gas!” Then Sue mentions her health, “I got all sorts going wrong... breathing problems and I’m in remission from lung cancer. The thing is that when I’m doing the art or being involved in the groups then all the pain and worries get left behind; I forget that I ’m ill. I’ve made so many friends and I’m doing things that are important to me... I feel like I’m important. My life is definitely changed and I don’t want it to stop.” Sue is especially proud that one of her paintings will be on display at the exhibition. “I never imagined me doing something like this... but now I will try anything, I want to be good at things and everything seems to have gone into place. I think there are other people like me, wondering if they should join a group or try something new... my advice is stop wondering and just do it.”



fficers from the Braunstone estate are appealing for witnesses following reports of people throwing objects at moving buses. There were several reports between Wednesday January 20th and Wednesday 10th February 2010, where various items have been thrown at bus windows. In all instances the bus drivers have heard a loud noise come from somewhere on the bus. When they have gone to check what the noise was they have found a window to be smashed. All incidents happened in the evening and no one was injured. PCSO Dan Wilmott, from Braunstone police unit, said: “Thankfully no one was hurt during any of the incidents, but the consequences of throwing something at a bus window could have been so much worse!” “I would like to take this opportunity to remind people of the dangers of throwing objects at moving vehicles. Those inside the vehicle could be badly injured by the shattered glass and it could cause a crash between the damaged vehicles and any other vehicles on the road. Although it may seem harmless to you, the consequences of it could be very dangerous.” Anyone with any information is asked to contact PCSO 6202 Dan Wilmott Leicester (0116) 222 2222. Follow the instructions to leave a message for a police officer and when prompted key in the officers ’ identification number 6202. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers, which is free and anonymous, on 0800 555 111.

t’s been a busy few months on Braunstone Park, especially with work on installing outdoor gym equipment and redeveloping the paddling pool. Anne Short from the Neighbourhood Support Team writes. “There were several activities planned for the half-term break. We have been out and about consulting with people in the area as we want ideas for naming the skate park during the half term week – to give it an identity. Even though it doesn’t have a name yet, skaters tells us we shouldn’t refer to it as a skate park, but a skate plaza!” “We are looking for young people who are artistic and would like to take part in designing and working with local graffiti artist Leigh Drummond to do some designs for the skate park.” “In the following weeks there will be a number of graffiti workshops at the plaza, which will hopefully include the name. All of this will lead up-to the grand opening event during the second week of the Easter break. This will be on Friday 9th April where there will be another session with expert skater Andy Simpson, from Casino skates in Leicester and other skaters from around the country. Look out for posters nearer the time. There are loads of other activities around the newly installed outdoor gym, trim trail and play equipment.



Anne Short 0116 223 2256 Sally Davis & Joe Smith 0116 279 5041 or call in at Neighbourhood Support Base,

Alert Award


ongratulations to Braunstone’s “Formal Warning”. We have been hearing some great things about the band. Formed in 2005, they have played at venues across the county, including the Charlotte, The Shed and the Braunstone Carnival. In 2009 they played at Glastonbudget and thoroughly enjoyed it! We say a big “well done” to the five band members who have just returned from playing at the Novelle Vague Concert in Genappe, Belguim. The band were over the moon to find out that they had been chosen to play at this annual festival and are hoping this will be a real break through for them.We’ve listened to their cd and it’s great! Good luck!



nergie, JB and Terry, Braunstone residents originally from Zimbabwe, want to set up a new community group. Terry said, “We want to keep our Zimbabwean culture alive here and work with other people in the community so we all get something out of it.” The trio say they are into music, dance, sport and food so there ’s probably lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved. Terry told us, “We are already running a football team on Sundays, now we are looking a base to do the music, rehearse and socialise. It will be about our South African Culture but in will be open to all the communities.” If you are interested contact the Alert or drop into the office at 45 Wellinger Way.



raunstone’s conservation group, Friends of Highway Spinney have two popular events for you to enjoy. First is their Bird Walk, led by Luke Shenton. With Luke’s expert knowledge you can find out more about Braunstone bird life. The walk is on Saturday 10th April. Be prepared for an early start though, the group meets at 8.00 am at the Wyatt Close entrance. Bring your binoculars! Second event takes place in the evening and is a Bat Walk led by Jools Partridge. This will be on Monday 19th April. If you want to join the walk, meet the group at 7.30 pm in the Back Room, Braunstone West Social Centre, St Mary's Avenue, Braunstone LE3 3FT. After that there ’s a walk around Highway Spinney, returning to the Social Centre to talk about what you’ve seen. The Friends will provide light refreshments and will hold a raffle to raise funds for the group.



n the Spotlight this time is Jane Ramsey (aka Rambo!). A long term Braunstone resident ( she’s been here 47 years, Jane first got involved in work with the community as part of BCA’s Inclusion Team. Later she found work as part of the BRITE Centre Team where she is a Community Support Officer. She says she’s part of a really, really wonderful team... (but they told her to say that!) What is your idea of a good night out? Going out on good old p*%s up. (Language!) ... a good night in? Going home after work putting on my PJs and watching a good film with my cat on my knee. What animal would you be? A cat then I could stay asleep all day and have a easy life. What is your pet hate? Some of the kids down a the BRITE Centre who are pain in the a*s. (language again!) What was the last book you read? A Boy called It, by David Pelzer. I couldn ’t put it down. I wished I could get into the book and stop the mother who was abusing her son. It just got to me! What is your favourite film? Above the Law (or anything with Steven Segal in it) Describe Braunstone in three words A Friendly Community How do you describe yourself? Honest, Hard working and Friendly How would other people describe you? A nightmare, that's what Kerry Smith thinks. (Leave our Jane alone!) What is the furthest you’ve ever been from home? I went all over the place with my Barry on his motor bike, but I’ve never been out of the country What would be your ideal holiday? Going to Graceland What's your most attractive quality? Everything (We agree!) ... and your least attractive quality? Nothing (We agree again!) One thing you would change about yourself? Nothing I am happy the way I am (Perfect!) If we made a movie of your life who would play you? Julia Roberts (of course) Do you have a wish for Braunstone? To continue to develop How do you want to be remembered? As Jane Rambo (You’ll always be Rambo to us!)

Dear Alert... Hair Help! Dear Alert, Is there anybody out there who does mobile hairdressing? I live at Bowder House and I am not able to get about much. I need someone cheap and cheerful to do my hair. If any hairdresser wants to do this will you please get in touch with the Alert. Joan

A LETTER FROM A DOG? Dear Alert, I would just like to say how much I enjoy using Highway Spinney for my daily exercise – I am quite happy taking my owner along too. The Friends of Highway of Spinney group do a fantastic job of keeping the area free of litter for the likes of me and my friends. I was so impressed that I sent them a donation to help them with their fund raising. I would encourage other dogs and their owners to use the Spinney. Keep up the good work Best woofishes, Pip

Cort Crescent News Dear Alert, I am pleased to say that we are restarting the lunch club at our Centre on Tuesday March 9th at 12.00. You can have a lunch for £2.50 or lunch & pudding for £3.00 plus free tea or coffee. Come and join us. Also, we want to set up a Thursday afternoon drop-in for people to socialise, play games, have a cuppa and a bit of fun. If you want to book a lunch or find out about the drop-in, give me a call Tony , 07908 915 044 or 0116 285 5399

Extra Hours at Clockwise Dear Alert, I just want to tell readers that We now operate from; St Peter’s, Woodshawe Rise, Wednesdays 10.00 am ~ 11.00 am

B-Working, , Gallards Hill Tuesdays 10.00 am ~ 2.00 pm Wednesdays 12 noon ~ 4.30 pm WoW Group, Cort Cresent Community Centre Thursdays 12 noon ~ 3.00 pm Since I am now based in B-Working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can do all your credit union business without going into town. We still have our session at Blessed Sacrament Church on Fridays from 10.00 - 11.15. Two local women run this for us but we need a couple of other people to help us keep the session going. If you can help, call me on 07930 267 247. Jackie White

PAUL PENDER AND SON Independent Funeral Directors

Stone Masonry Services Catering Buds Floral Designs 0116 289 6608 2 Westover Road 24 Hour Service Leicester Forest East Leicester LE3 3DT

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, Woodshawe Rise St Peter’ s Church Sundays hool charist & Sunday Sc 10.00 am Parish Eu rwards) (coffee & chat afte Mondays ppy Hour 6.00 pm Vicar’s Ha s etc) ddings, christening we ok bo d an e om (c Wednesdays munion 9.30 am Holy Com fee and a chat) 10.15 Drop-in (cof 0116 289 3377 Vicar Chris Burch 282 5034 ris Florance 0116 Ch ker or W tiy un m Com



07974 593 597 07872 022 050 OR CALL TO 5 MEADWELL ROAD

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