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Me presento, represento y siento.

Guía para una mente cuerda

Origen . . . . . 2- 3 Representación . . . 5 Presentación: El norte recuerda . . . 6-7 Los unicornios cabalgan entre arcoiris . . .8-9 Que el miedo a fallar no te impida jugar . . .10-11 Breve introducción al caos . . .12-13 El caos 14-15 Lo efímero . . .16-17 Lo que continúa. . .18

“ I like people too much or not at all

I’ve got to go down deep to fall into people

to really know them

“ The music, it was blasting and I couldn’t hear what she said oh, but when she signed my poster she wrote I love you but you’re dead ”

“S H E was so S W E E T

she was so G O O D and every song it’s about H E R ”

“ Muscle to muscle and toe to toe The fear has gripped me but here I go My heart sinks as I jump up Your hand grips hand as my eyes shut “

“ Though nothing will keep us together we could steal time just for one day We can be Heroes For ever and ever�


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