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The school


Azurlingua 30 years of experience


Summary Azurlingua School


Learn in the best conditions


Our school in the heart of the French Riviera

8 - 9 FLE Label & CECRL levels 10 Student feedback 11 Azurlingua services



12 Head of training editorial 13 Adult Programme Summary 14 - 17 French courses 18 - 21 DELf & TCF preparation 20 - 21

University preparation

22 - 23 French teacher training 24 - 25 Online courses 26 - 27 Courses Timetable 28 - 29 Senior 50+ / Families 30 -33

03 34 - 35


Juniors & kids Junior Programme Summary

36 - 39 The Junior Programme 12-17 years 40 - 41 Sports Academy 42 - 45 Accommodation for the juniors 46 -49 Programme & Accommodation 8-12 years 50 - 51 An informative trip & timetable 52 - 53 Typical day & questions



54 - 57 Excursions 58 - 59 Cultural activities


English course

60 - 63 English course & adult accommodation 63 - 65 English programme & accommodation for juniors



From the director Welcome to Azurlingua School When we started Azurlingua in 1990 we had

in a beautiful part of France: Nice, on the

a very recise idea of what we were aiming to:

French Riviera, where you can also enjoy the

become one of the best school for French as

otherneighboring dream towns, like Cannes,

foreign language in France. Over the years we

Monaco and St Tropez… Our clients want to

have worked on our product: as we are close

take advantage of their stay, without worrying

to our students and clients, it has been natural

about anything or having any nasty surprises;

for us to meet their expectations.

this is why we’re the only school providing its

This is why we decided to create the first and unique free magazine for Frenchlearning

own facilities for accommodation, transfers and excursions.

online, «Bonjour de France», with more than

We are proud of being awarded the “Qualité

10 million visitors a year and 1,5 million of

label FLE”, delivered by the French government,

fans. Wishing to be closer to our customers’

and even more proud of having the maximum

expectations, we are ready to offer you French

rating: this allows our customers to be sure of

lessons online, in addition to your stay or

the quality of our products and our staff. We

alone. At Azurlingua our clients find the best

always do our best to satisfy all our students:

conditions to learn and improve their French.

you will not forget your stay at Azurlingua.

We also have the advantage of being located

See you soon, Jean-Luc Librati

Centre d’examen SELFEE

Centre d’examen


30 years experience and more than 100,000 students trained: our experience makes a dierence!

The school is renowned by Nice’s Board of Education as a private higher education institution

Come and learn French with Azurlingua Azurlingua School is one of a kind, combining a

programme, Azurlingua offers you a personalized stay

recognized teaching method and an idyllic work

before, during and after language classes. Your immersion

environment. To ensure that all your energy is devoted to

experience will allow you to learn the language in the

learning French, our team takes care of all aspects of your

best conditions, but also to discover France and the

stay. Whatever your level of French and your educational

French Riviera in a fun and cultural way.

High quality accreditation


High quality teaching

High quality services

International environment


The School Nice French Riviera - Your education - Our School - An immersive stay - Our methods - The FLE label - CECRL level s - Student feedback - A zurlingua’s high-end amenities


+ de 100 000 students come to study at Azurlingua School


+ 300 days of sunshine every year on the French Riviera


Learn in the best conditions Azurlingua makes every effort to facilitate your French learning


During your cultural immersion, Azurlingua

heritage by perfecting your French. You will

makes every effort to guarantee your success.

have the opportunity to share moments of

Our educational programme is tailor-made

hospitality with our teaching team, but also

to your profile, your level and your age. It

with other students from around the world.

includes lectures, small group classes, and

Your language holiday will be an unforgettable

individual lessons. This learning/training is

experience on a personal and cultural level.

complemented by thematic workshops. You

Thanks to our high-end amenities, your

can take part in cooking classes taught in

transfers are organized on board our private

French, guided tours in the museums of the

buses. Azurlingua offers you the best possible

region, or excursions to the most beautiful

conditions to learn French, in the idyllic setting

places in the Côte d’Azur to discover our

of the city of Nice.

Explore our idyllic school 10 min by foot from the Promenade des Anglais

Air-conditioned school

Our school is located in the heart of Nice, in the Musicians’ quarter. You will have your lessons in our magnificent mansion, and you will share your free time with the other students, in our very inviting garden. At Azurlingua, we want your language holiday to be both very effective for your learning and unforgettable in terms of your personal

Free Wi-Fi everywhere on Campus

development. Our facilities, and our central campus in particular, meet these requirements by providing you with an ideal working environment.

Accessible for people with reduced mobility

A cultural immersion in the heart of the French Riviera With Azurlingua, you can discover the riches of the French Riviera

Excursions & Cultural activities

To make sure your cultural immersion is unforgettable, our entertainment team offers weekly excursions designed to enhance your learning while discovering the Côte d’Azur. Discover the Picasso Museum in Antibes, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, or even visit Galimard Perfumery in Grasse or Eze. Each of these trips will be an opportunity to improve your knowledge of the French language, and

Personalised learning programmes

to learn more about our cultural heritage.


Every moment of your trip will be both studious and enjoyable, it is the challenge of our management team.

“Label qualité FLE” A certification of quality awarded by the French Government. In 2019, Azurlingua celebrates its 30th anniversary. During this period, our team has welcomed and trained more than 100,000 students. Our language school was one of the first in France to receive the ‘Qualité FLE’ certification in 2007. This certification is dedicated to identifying French foreign language learning centres whose language teaching and services present assurances of quality. At Azurlingua, we have chosen to go even further, and it is our experience that makes the difference. Personalised and tailored for all profiles, our learning programmes and all our services meet all your needs. Each of our services: accommodation, transfers, organization of your trips, are reviewed to allow you to learn in the most efficient way and without any constraint.

! 8

Do not waste time doing the assessment test online www.azurlingua.com/test

European language levels CECRL* What is your level of French? Our French courses are suitable for all levels,

guidelines, we offer language courses

and personalised according to your plan, and the

all year round with high quality teaching.

length of your stay. In accordance with the CECRL





You understand:

with ease virtually everything that you hear or read. Can summarise information and arguments from different spoken and written sources, outlining information and arguments in a coherent manner. Able to express yourself spontaneously, very fluently and accurately and can make distinct fine nuances in meaning in relation to complex subjects.

You understand:











a wide range of demanding, longer texts and recognize implicit meaning. Able to express yourself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions. Can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional or academic purposes. Can speak about complex topics in a clear and well-structured way and demonstrate control of the tools of organization, articulation and cohesion of speech.

You understand:

the main ideas of concrete and abstract subjects in a complex text, including technical discussions in fields of specialisation. Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers possible without difficulty for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

You understand:

essential points when clear and standard language is used, and it concerns familiar things in the work, school and leisure environment etc. Can deal with most situations encountered while travelling in an area where the target language is spoken. Can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest. Can talk about an event, experience or a dream, describe a hope or an ambition and briefly give reasons and explanations for a plan or an idea.

You understand:

can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). Can communicate during simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine topics/subjects. Able to describe in simple terms aspects of their background, immediate environment and topics in areas of immediate need.

You understand:

understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases in order to satisfy practical needs. Can introduce themselves or introduce someone else and ask someone questions about themselves - for example, where they live, their relationships, what belongs to them, and so on and can answer the same type of questions. Can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


Student feedback Our previous students are the ones who know the most about the immersive stays at Azulingua. Their experiences:

Studying at Azurlingua has been an unforgettable cultural and personal development experience. Everything is planned so that students can work efficiently and enjoy the wealth of the Côte d’Azur. Derek.h

My cultural immersion has been a pleasure. The whole team is very attentive, we work in the best conditions and after class, we can discover Nice and its beautiful region. Selly.W

It was my first time away from my family, it was an experience that made me grow, in addition to learning French. My host family was lovely, I met young people from all over the world and we stayed in touch.


! 10

Find all feedback on our website www.azurlingua.com

Azurlingua’s high-end amenities The Azurlingua team is at your disposal to meet all your needs during your language stay.

Your transfers

Your accommodation

Your cultural immersion begins upon arrival

Our school offers different types of

at Nice airport. You will be welcomed by our

accommodation according to your needs:

drivers, who take care of your transfer to

you can live on campus, live with a host

the school campus or your accommodation.

family or choose a room in one of student

In case of delay of your flight, do not

residences. Our team is at your disposal to

worry, we will be informed, and a car will

assist you in this choice, according to your

be available regardless of the time of your

age, your budget, and your educational

arrival. Our drivers are perfectly qualified to


ensure your safety and ensure during the student trips, especially for juniors at Summer immersion camps.

Assistance with administrative procedures Your leisure and excursions

For students who choose a long-term stay, our team is available to assist you

Nice and the Côte d’Azur are a great place

with various steps such as opening a

to study, but also to enjoy your free time

bank account, or a request for housing

after classes. Our team is at your disposal

assistance. Azurlingua is more than just a

to offer you excursions, sports activities

school and will be with you every step of

and various cultural visits, which will be

the way during your stay.

opportunities to practice speaking French.

Services + for our Juniors The well-being and safety of our junior students is our priority. Our free shuttle buses are available for our students 7 days a week. Our teaching team and our

Your success depends on your well-being during your stay!

entertainment team are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about immersion trips for young people.



Edito Head of Training

Welcome to Azurlingua School

Our team will be happy to welcome you to their institution

our classes are all equipped with a board, a TV screen and

to allow you to experience the best language stay of

a mini-computer to vary the multipurpose support and

your life. Our school, one of the first to receive a quality

also live web-streaming.

certification in France and located on the famous “French Riviera” has been able to combine: seriousness and relaxation, professionalism and art of living for you. Our main concern is above all: Your satisfaction, we have gathered the optimal conditions all in one place to make your French progress rapidly and effectively: Our educational programme, in line with the European Framework and divided into 9 levels, is dedicated to communication and emphasizes a fun and contextualized approach to grammar and vocabulary. You will experience everyday situations in class and you will have a little fun with the use of ‘dreaded’ French grammar. Our teaching team consists of native French teachers,

Our staff strength per room favours a small number of students in order to develop interculturally and allow you to open up more easily to others knowing that our students come from all over the world. Our activity programme is rich in cultural discoveries and highlights the beauty of our region. You will participate in musical, sports, culinary events and much more... Our online site bonjourdefrance.com means that you never leave Nice and our school with hundreds of free French exercises available. So, you can continue to learn from home. So, do not hesitate, we are waiting for you! »

dynamic, involved in their daily work and always ready to help you if needed during classes but also outside of the

See you soon Antonio Perpetuo


Centre d’examen SELFEE


Centre d’examen

Adultes Programmes - Our French language courses - General French courses - 30+ Courses - TCF/DELF Specialised Courses - Business courses - Courses to enter university - Training of trainers - Online courses - The timetable - Club 50+ courses - Family classes - Adult accommodation


Students over 16 years French and English Course


Come and learn the French language in the best conditions.

Our French language courses Our adult programmes are personalised to fit your plans. The adult programme Whatever your age, your course and your level of French, our school offers a tailored and fully personalised course. In addition to teaching, you can benefit from the exclusive services of our school (transfers, cultural excursions, assistance with accommodation ...) to optimize your learning. Contact us to benefit from an offer for a programme tailored to your needs.

Our approach to teaching: Our courses are taught by native speakers of French who are experienced and university-educated teachers. They offer written and oral exercises, as a whole class but also in working groups or in individual sessions. The diversity of our courses will allow you to practice your French in various situations throughout your stay. At the end of your internship, you will be able to obtain a diploma certificate with ECTS credits..

Our 3-star “Label Qualité FLE” courses Since 2007, our school has been awarded the highest quality certification in ‘French Foreign Language’ (FLE), introduced by three ministries of the French government. In addition to this guarantee of quality, we are committed to offering you exclusive services that will make your stay easier and allow you to study in the best conditions.



Take a free French test on the Azurlingua website to find out your level according to the CEFRL, and contact us to find the course that suits you www.azurlingua.com/test

My stay at Azurlingua has given my career a considerable boost, but also provided an unforgettable personal experience. Mary. B

Centre d’examen SELFEE

Centre d’examen


SpeciďŹ c and varied courses Courses - activities - working groups Whatever your level and the duration of your stay,

this abundance of experience in the classroom is

you will attend classes taught in the classroom, but

the key to the success of our students. You will learn

also outdoors, during cultural activities. You will have

effectively, and in a different context every day.

the opportunity to work in small groups, or to take

Exclusive Azurlingua tours and services are accessible

special lessons. With 30 years of experience,

to all of our students, please do not hesitate to

Azurlingua School has acquired the certainty that

contact us.

24/7 Security


Access to CybercafĂŠ

Gain a solid foundation in grammar and vocabulary, thanks to advanced classes in mini-groups. 16

General French courses Short or long programmes starting from one week for all levels* General French courses never have more than 12 students per French class, usually with only between 5 and 8 students in intensive courses. You learn French quickly during your cultural immersion in the language in France. We offer a wide range of courses for all purposes and at all levels.



Super intensive**

30 lessons 20 lessons - 45 mn 15h/week

Max 12 students At the same level

40 lessons


30h/week` 20 Lessons - morning + 20 Lessons - afternoon

+ 20 lessons standard course 10 lessons in a small group

Max 12 students standard

Max 12 students

At the same level

At the same level

Max 8 students small group At the same level

*Except for beginner and advanced levels: special dates. See the price list ** for special dates. View pricelist

Mini-groups for 30 years and more A tailor-made group

Ensures rapid progress

The 30+ Course brings together students of the same age group who have common interests. This course will allow you to work with grammar and vocabulary in a fun way. You will improve your listening comprehension in a friendly atmosphere without any pressure.

The mini-group (maximum of 6 students per class) guarantees faster language progression, taking into account each participant’s profile and specific needs. This course will allow you to develop knowledge about French cultural, social and economic life.

Standard** 20 lessons 15h/week

Max 6 students At the same level

Intensive** 30 lessons 22h30/week

Max 6 students At the same level

**Special dates view pricelist

With the 30+ course, come and learn French in the summer, in a friendly atmosphere, with other students of your age




success at DELF Exam


Our specialised courses Preparation for DELF, TCF and French for business

Short or long programmes starting from one week for all levels

The DELF preparation courses never contain

Azurlingua provides approaches which are tailored

more than 8-10 students per French class.

to your needs and your budget, regardless of the

You learn French quickly during your cultural

duration of your stay and your objective.

immersion in the language in France. We offer a

The personalisation of our programmes is a major

wide range of courses for all purposes and at all

asset for our students, do not hesitate to contact us


for the most suitable approach your circumstances.

DELF preparation (2 - 4 weeks)

TCF exam

30 lessons 22h30/week 20 + Lessons standard 10 Lessons DELF preparation

Max 12 students standard At the same level

Max 8 students DELF prep At the same level

French for business 30 lessons

You can take the exam directly at the school

The same exam as at the University Paris-Sorbonne (PARIS IV)

22h30/week 20 Lessons standard + 10 Lessons small group

Max 12 students standard At the same level

Max 8 students small group At the same level

*Available dates at our rates

Prepare for your exams in a fun and eďŹƒcient manner Our Individual lessons All year round from Monday to Friday Individual lessons are an opportunity to test your level, and

Individual lesson 1 lesson 45 mn

practice targeted exercises to acquire the skills that you lack. Our teachers pay attention to each of our students and are very invested in your success. Private lessons are both effective and fun, they can be delivered one-to-one or in groups of two students for greater convenience. Your schedule will be determinated according to your needs.

This course can also be taken with family or friends, contact us to design your tailor-made programme and experience an unforgettable cultural immersion in the French Riviera!

Private course 1 teacher 2 - 4 students 1 lesson 45 mn

Combined courses 20 lessons standard + 5, 10, 15 ou 20 individual lessons


Courses to enter university Do you want to study at a French university? We have schemes to prepare you for study. Your ultimate goal is to reach the level of knowledge needed to study at a French university; an engineering school, or an art school without any difficulty. With Azurlingua, follow a programme tailored to your plan.

Summer courses

4 or 8 weeks

24, 32 or 46 weeks

Max 12 students

Max 12 students

At the same level


University preparation

At the same level

Azurlingua’s exclusive service: help with administrative procedures

Cultural and fun excursions

For students who choose a long-term

Perfect your learning by participating in

immersive stay, our team is available

our excursions on the Côte d’Azur. These

free of charge to help you in your

trips are an opportunity to practice French

administrative procedures, such as

in an idyllic setting, and to discover

opening a bank account or applying

French customs and all the wealth of the

for housing assistance.

heritage of the French Riviera.

Every Monday, proficiency tests are organized for new students.

Students who wish to study at a French university must obtain a B2 level in French to enter a degree course and a C1 level to do a master’s degree

Pre-registration at French universities In France, the university registration procedure has specific requires and a specific time frame. Our management team is there to assist you in this process, every step of the way.

Centre d’examen SELFEE

Centre d’examen


French teacher training Weekly format: 20 hours of training: 4 themes of 5 hours each divided into a theoretical module of 3 hours and a practical workshop of 2 hours. New Formula: 1 stay: 4 themes, 1 cultural visit, 1 presentation of our online newspaper’ How do you benefit? You no longer have to choose between a particular module or workshop, depending on the dates of your stay.


Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Theoretical modules 1 to 4 from 8:45 am to 10:15 am Break 10:15 am - 10:30 am

Theoretical modules 1 to 4 10:30 am - 12:00 pm Lunch break 12 pm - 13:15


Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Practical Workshops 1 to 4 from 1:15 pm to 3:15 pm Break 10:15 am - 10:30 am

20h of training / week

4 themes of 5 hours each divided into a theoretical module of 3 hours and a practical workshop of 2 hours.


Morning Presentation to Bonjour de France Afternoon Half day cultural visit Schedule to be determined on site

All day Saturday Cultural tour during the day for a 2-week stay Monaco, Lerins Islands, Cannes, Beaulieu, Èze, Galimard perfumery, Visit from the Confiserie Florian, visit the MAMAC museum and the Matisse Museum

Modules and workshops 1. French songs «If you want your students to memorize grammar points, vocabulary and discover French culture in another way, make them sing! »

2. I play and therefore I learn «For those who want to breathe some life into their class without taking themselves seriously and without losing sight of their educational goals »


3. Differentiate and individualize learning French as a foreign language in the classroom How to solve this puzzle? «One class, one goal but students with different needs and difficulties»

4.Tice in French foreign language classes «If you want to vary your media and impress your students with new tools that they use every day: “digital media will be your friend!»

Have you just come for a week? Then, you will automatically take a different module, along with its corresponding workshop, every day.

8. Comedy in French foreign language classes Burlesque, parody, black humour or satire, all kinds of humour to understand and impart without being offended. But if you don’t have a sense of humour, this module is not for you...

9. Make work attractive with a French foreign language handbook 1 Not easy to choose one when you see everything that is published 2 : How to use it effectively? 3. The answers are in this module.

10. The interculturalism in the French foreign language classroom ‘Sharing’ is the key word for this module or how to erase our borders. To advise those who want to know each other through the eyes of others.

5.The cinema in French foreign language classes

11. Encourage speaking Finally, some good techniques to not feel drained

«The 7th art at the disposal of the teacher, the film at

after three hours of classes. After this module, all you

the disposal of the student, the sound and the image

have to do is guide the discussion and ask them to

supporting learning!»

listen to each other.

6.Teaching lexicon at the beginner level

12. How to prepare students for Delf B1/B2

«Before taking mime classes, drawing classes or learning 4

Exam preparation is always stressful for both the

languages at the same time, take this module and do not be afraid to tackle this level.»

7.Civilization in French foreign language classes Politics, economics, society, culture. How to better understand France and the French today. But it’s a long shot!

student and the teacher. So, follow the advice and your students will succeed.

13. Cartoons For once your students will have the opportunity to ‘bubble’! Using the board as a teaching aid? yes, come and see how we use it.

14. How to work on phonics in French foreign language classes Find out everything you need to know on our website www.azurlingua.com

If your students can not pronounce this sentence: “I constantly dry these six bags”, it’s time to fix that.


Our online courses Interactivity and convenience maintained: Our school offers different distance learning solutions

than face-to-face and they offer the possibility of

to learn French and English. We use technology to

organisation according to professional or family

design training devices accessible to all, easy to use,

commitments. At Azurlingua, convenience and interac-

and personalised to meet the needs of each of our

tivity are essential in guaranteeing the success of our

students. Do not hesitate to contact us for more infor-

students. We have chosen a platform that offers many

mation! Online courses allow greater exibility for our

interactive tools (games, quizzes etc.) and also allows

students. Distance learning is shorter

students to connect with students in the classroom.

All medias customisable

Contact us for information regarding all the possibilities for distance learning www.azurlingua.com


The strengths of E-learning Access


Online courses are available without downloading, and

At Azurlingua, it is essential that all our programmes are

students can also connect to a tablet or smartphone.

tailored to the needs of our students.

Ease of use

In our online courses, the learner can create

The virtual classroom interface is particularly intuitive, allowing students to get involved and interact through-

a tailor-made curriculum, but also personalise the entire course interface.

out class, using their voice and audio-conferencing system.

Learn French or English remotely by choosing one of our online courses

Online self-study

Individual courses online

Virtual classrooms

Online distance learning

French tests and exercises online: www.bonjourdefrance.com


At Azurlingua the timetable is tailored to your needs Our course schedules are tailored to all the profiles of our students. You will benefit from a programme designed according to your age and your level of language proficiency. Classes are held with a small number of students, a whole class never has more than 12 students. Our teachers can offer each student targeted learning based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Take your test online to find out your level www.azurlingua.com/test


You will learn French quickly during your stay. General French courses never have more than 12 students per French class, usually with only between 5 and 8 students in intensive courses.






8:45 - 10:15 am

8:45 - 10:15 am

8:45 - 10:15 am

8:45 - 10:15 am

8:45 - 10:15 am

10:30 am 12:00 pm

10:30 am 12:00 pm

2:45 - 4:15 pm

2:45 - 4:15 pm

4:30 - 6:00 pm

4:30 - 6:00 pm

pause 10:15 10:30 10:30 am 12:00 pm

10:30 am 12:00 pm

10:30 am 12:00 pm break 12:00 - 13:00 pm 13:00 - 14:30 pm Intensive course

2:45 - 4:15 pm

2:45 - 4:15 pm

2:45 - 4:15 pm break 16:15 - 16:30

4:30 - 6:00 pm

4:30 - 6:00 pm

4:30 - 6:00 pm

Red timetable

Green timetable

In week 2, you will attend your standard

In week 1, you will take a proficiency

classes on Monday morning, Tuesday

test on Monday morning, then you will follow the

afternoon, Wednesday morning, Thursday

standard course on Tuesday morning, Wednesday

afternoon and Friday morning.

afternoon, Thursday morning and Friday afternoon.

Your schedule alternates between classic, intensive and private, to enable better progression. Our method is based on the balance of classes taught as a whole class, minigroups and one-on-one. During the lessons, our teachers offer varied workshops, to allow our students rapid progression in writing as well as speaking. Each of our students benefits from personalised monitoring, allowing our teachers to set up targeted exercises during private lessons. Finally, the organization of the lesson plan allows our students to participate in many sports and cultural activities, in order to practice French under various fun conditions.


Our programme of discovery with excursions included

50+ Club Duration: between 1- and 2-weeks Levels: beginner to intermediate This programme is designed for adults of 50 years and older who wish excursions. Come and learn French by discovering the Côte d’Azur and its heritage and way of life. Convenience and efficiency will be the operative words of your cultural immersion at Azurlingua.


* Half day cultural and fun

Programme** 20 lessons 15h/week

Max 12 students At the same level

Duration from 1 to 2 weeks Levels: Beginner to intermediate


* French cooking workshop

** 50+ students can be mixed with other adults

Cookery, wine & cheese workshop

Discover the Côte d’Azur & its heritage

Alongside a skilled chef, in

Discover Old Nice, beautiful village

French, and perfect your level by

of Saint-Tropez... Visit the famous

tasting the dishes you have made.

Galimard perfumery in Grasse, the

A moment of fellowship to share

Picasso Museum in Antibes and the

with the other students.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Each


* * Wine & cheese tasting

of our excursions is designed to practice your French by taking advantage of the wonders of the French Riviera *Number of workshops per week


Family Programme Learn French with your family Would you like to visit the French Riviera with your family and make the most of your stay by learning French? Azurlingua offers a programme for parents and children that combines French classes, excursions and activities. This programme is accessible regardless of the composition of your family. We can also offer you schemes for your accommodation, with a host family, in a residential hotel, or in a private apartment or in hotel room.

Group lessons Adults

20 L. standard ou 30L. intensive* 12 students max


20 L. standard or 26L. intensive* 15 students max

Possibility to book activities and excursions

Private lesson Adults & children 1 lesson = 45 mn

1 teacher with 2,3 ou 4 students

1 lesson = 45 mn

*per week

Do you want to learn French with your family or among friends? This course is for you!

Accessible to every family Our schemes are tailored to the whole family, no matter how many children there are. We will tailor our accommodation offers and our excursions to your needs.

Your requirements Do you have specific needs? Our team is at your disposal, this course is fully personized, contact us to find out more. www.azurlingua.com

This programme is fully personalized according to your needs and expectations, do not hesitate to contact us to let us know about your plan for a language study trip with your family.


Our adult accommodation Solutions tailored to all budgets


Azurligua selects the accommodation offered to students

Our students enjoy exclusive Azurlingua services during their

to guarantee the same quality as our courses. You can

stay. We can take care of your transfers thanks to our team

choose to stay in our central campus, with a host family,

of experienced drivers. Whatever the duration of your

student residence or hotel. Our team is at your disposal

internship, Azurlingua makes every effort to facilitate your

to advise and assist you in choosing your accommodation.

stay, and you only need to focus on your learning.

Photo chambre campus

Central campus

Our residence in the heart of Nice Our central campus is located in the same building as our school, and offers air-conditioned single and double rooms, with private bathroom. Each oor has a shared kitchen in which students can meet to share a friendly moment and prepare their meals. The campus is located just a few minutes walking distance from the famous Promenade des Anglais and all amenities, shops, cinemas, theatres and restaurants.

Free Wi-Fi

Air conditioning

10 minutes walking from the sea

For 16 years and over Close train station

Tv City center

The Azurlingua school oers accommodation tailored to all of our students.

Host families A completely immersive experience

Near school

Your cultural immersion will be particularly rewarding when choosing host family

Liberty formule

accommodation. Our host families are selected with great care, according to your age and your proficiency, to

VIP formule

guarantee smooth integration. You will be warmly welcomed and will share moments of fellowship that will help perfect your command of the French

Half board

language. Your host family can be personalized, we can offer you single or double rooms, suitable for

Free Wi-Fi

couples or families.


Our student residences Comfortable residences, easy to access and well equipped Our student residences are all located in the city centre or at a maximum distance of 20 minutes from the school and have all facilities that you expect.

Le Scribe A completely renovated residence in the heart of Nice Located in the city centre, the Scribe allows residents to take full advantage of Nice. You can walk to Avenue Jean Medecin or the Promenade des Anglais or take the tram to visit the other neighbourhoods. This residence has all the amenities, and welcomes students and young professionals. Fully equipped City center

Les Collinettes A residence for summer school This residence is located 15 minutes walk from our school and the beaches of the Promenade des Anglais. The summer campus Les Collinettes offers single rooms with a bathroom. The residence staff are available 24 hours a day, and students have access to the foyer with drinks vending machines and the TV room. Free Wi-Fi TV room


Private shuttle bus

Table tennis

15 minutes walking from school & the sea

Close trainstation Tram

5 mn walking from school

Close to the shops

Our aparthotel residences

The Aparthotel accommodation is the ideal solution for students who want to have some freedom, including preparing their own meals. We offer several residences that offer this type of accommodation.

Accommodation that offers a real home away from home

Adagio Apartments located 2 minutes from the sea The Adagio is in an ideal location just two minutes from the Promenade des Anglais. This residence offers 74 studios and apartments with 2 fully furnished rooms. All benefit from air conditioning and offer a beautiful living space. The Adagio residence is located 15 minutes from our school and also has an outdoor swimming pool (open from June to mid-September). Free Wi-Fi

Air conditioning

Close to the sea



20-25 minutes walking from school

Our residences are chosen for their comfort, but also for their proximity to our school, and the friendly interaction that they allow between our students. Hotel ***&**** For adults and families Our school works in partnership with several 3and 4-star hotels that welcome our adult students, as well as groups of friends and families who come to study French at Azurlingua. Whatever your plan, your budget and the duration of your stay, our team has an accommodation solution that will suit all your requirements. Free Wi-Fi Tramway

Air conditioning Transfer

Family rooms




Junior & Kids

Our programmes include group classes, individual classes and sports academy For our junior students, we have designed all-inclusive

French Riviera. Our teachers and members of

programmes: come and learn French with young people

the entertainment team are there to listen to them at every

your own age, alternating between classic lessons and

stage of their stay. The Azurlingua difference: The safety of

educational activities and fun.

our junior learners is our priority, all our youth hostels are

French classes are organized into groups, mini- groups and

totally secure, and transfers are provided by our team

individual lessons. Students participate in many cultural and

of experienced drivers.

sport activities in order to learn French while discovering the


Secure Residence



Juniors do not forget parental release form


Private & free bus

For all your trips (July & August)

All-inclusive stay Our Junior campuses are all inclusive: accommodation, meals, transfers, activities and safety are organized by our teams - Our all-inclusive programmes - A school recognized by the Ministr y of Youth and Spor t s - “Label Qualité FLE” - Our programmes for juniors - Spor t s Academy - Accommodation for the juniors - The kids programme - The kids accommodation - Typical day & timetable - Frequently asked questions


Junior: 12 - 17 years & Kids: 8 - 12 years old


Our all-inclusive French courses for all abilities Full board The cultural activity programme Choose your accommodation Day or half-day excursions Transfers to the airport or train station Management and supervision at summer camp Private buses for your journeys


24/7 Security

30 years experience and trained more than 100,000 students: our experience is recognized and accredited by French ministries


Shuttle bus (July & August)

Recognized centre by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Azurlingua offers an innovative and serious education in an exceptional setting, that of the French Riviera. The quality of our services is recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which certifies that all of our services meet the highest standards for safety and education.

“Label Qualité FLE” Junior

Our management team

Our school guarantees high quality

Our teachers as well as the

services in all aspects of the stays

entertainment staff who accompany the

on offer, and in particular for junior

juniors during their activities are all

students: teaching, accommodation,

qualified and experienced. We

leisure, support. This quality is officially

take special care in recruiting our

recognized by the Junior FLE accreditation

supervisors, both to guarantee the

‘quality for French as a foreign language’.

quality of teaching and for the safety of our young students.


French programmes Cultural immersion at Azurlingua meet high standards of quality in teaching. For over 30 years, our school offers programmes tailored to juniors and has the FLE quality accreditation***.



Starting from one week, all abilities

Master the French language by the end of your programme

General French classes never contain more than 15 students per class, and are taught by qualified and experienced teachers. The lessons alternate between theoretical and participatory exercises, so that each pupil quickly acquires uency. Contact us to find the course most suitable for your

Intensive courses allow students to acquire a good command of the language, through specialized lessons, conversations, tailor-made exercises and individual feedback from the teachers. This course offers preparation for Abitur, MaturitĂ and A Level exams.




Group lessons and alternate individual lessons

To progress even faster

In the combined programme, we offer you alternate group and private lessons to acquire a good level of French quickly. You will benefit from bespoke follow-up, especially in the context of the preparation for an exam in better conditions.

The Azurlingua teaching team offers individual lessons for every student who benefits from bespoke advice according to their achievements and weaknesses. These sessions and strengthen the preferential skills of our students and allow them to quickly progress in their acquisition of the French language.

Our exclusive services Our team are available to our students throughout their stay Our French programmes include plenty of excursions and cultural activities, in order to practice the language in varied and fun situations. For these trips, as for your airport transfers, our private bus is at your disposal.


Azurlingua has organized language holidays for juniors for more than 30 years. Our experience allows us to oer a recognized quality of teaching and services


Intensive 26 lessons 19h30/ week

20 lessons

+ 20 lessons standard course 6 Lessons in small group

15h/ week

Max 15 students At the same level

Tailor-made courses 1 lesson 45 Mn

Max 10 students for intensive part At the same level

Combined courses 20 lessons standard + 5, 8, 10 ou 15 indiviual lessons A-Level -Matura-MaturitĂ

Max 15 students At the same level for standard

Individual lesson: 1 student / 1 teacher

Private lesson 1 teacher

2 - 4 students


Sports Academy A medical certificate will be required upon registration Parental consent form is required to take part in the various disciplines proposed Azurlingua offers combined stays to learn French and practice a sports discipline with a team of highly qualified instructors. If you are a fan of sailing, tennis, scuba diving or rowing, and you want to take advantage of your language stay to practice your passion, we have a programme that suits you!

The scuba diving programme 5 afternoons a week - 2 pm - 5 pm Azurlingua offers a programme which includes 20 standard French lessons and 5 half days of underwater diving supervised by professional instructors. Diving courses are offered in a yacht club located at Nice’s port. This programme can help you pass the ‘PADI’ exam. 12 hours 30 minutes/week.

The Tennis programme 5 afternoons a week - 2:30 pm- 4 pm Our school also offers a programme combining 20 French lessons and tennis lessons provided by instructors accredited by the French Tennis Federation (FFT). 7 hours 30 minutes/week.

The Sailing programme 5 afternoons a week - 2 pm -5 pm In addition to the standard course, our students can take sailing lessons on Hobbie Cat, Laser, Surprise and Echo 90. The yacht club is located at Nice’s port. Courses are supervised by professional instructors and equipment is included 12hours 30 minutes/ week.

The Rowing programme 5 afternoons a week - 2 pm-5 pm Learn French and go rowing, choosing our combined language and water sports course, supervised by highly qualified teachers and instructors. You will progress in French while enjoying the most beautiful spots on the Côte d’Azur. 12hours 30 minutes/week.



It was really motivating to combine French lessons with sports activities.

Paul. K

The 4 activities are for all levels. We offer free transfers via the school bus


Our accommodation for teenagers 3 secure and comfortable residences for our summer campuses The Azurlingua school offers 3 types of secure accommodation to host our junior students during the summer. Transfers are provided by our team of experienced drivers, in complete safety.


Secure Residences



Full board

All meals are included


Private & free bus

For all your trips (July & August)

Les Eucalyptus A completely renovated campus This school covers an area of 30,000 m2 to the west of Nice. It has been completely renovated recently and can accommodate up to 150 students at a time. It is the ideal place to encourage young people to make friends from all over the world during summer camps. This campus has classrooms, a cafeteria, a recreation room and sports facilities. Our students do not have trips to plan. Games room Private bus

Cafeteria Free Wi-Fi

Renovated facility Secure residence

Parc Impérial A fully equipped residence The Parc Impérial Summer Campus is located in a very quiet area, 15 minutes walk from the beach and 20 minutes from the city centre. Home of Russian Tsars in the nineteenth century, the Parc Impérial Summer Campus can accommodate 130 students. It has its own classrooms, cafeteria and sports fields: students do not have to travel. Private bus Sport


Free Wi-Fi

20 mn walking city center 15 mn walking from the beach

Les Collinettes

A summer campus in the heart of the city Located in the city centre, 15 minutes from the beach. Classes, meals and the activity programme take place at Parc Impérial which is 5 minutes away by private school bus. Les Collinettes Summer Campus offers simple services, but it is perfectly tailored to student life: a residence of 250 student rooms, a foyer with drinks vending machines, a TV room and public telephones.

Close to the sea TV room


Private bus

15 mn walking from the school Games room

Free Wi-Fi


Host family from March to October

Azurlingua carefully selects host families for their open-

Immersion in a French host family offers a friendly and rewarding hosting solution.

mastery of French outside the classroom. To help you integrate

mindedness and friendliness. Staying with a host family is the best way to discover a different way of life, and to perfect your well into your French host family and quickly establish a friendly relationship with them, we take into account your age, your hobbies and your areas of interest


Azurlingua School selects host families according to your age and your areas of interest

Room type in host family The friendly environment of a host family is ideal for young people, especially for their first time being away from home. Our young students are accommodated in single or double rooms, with all the necessary comforts (desk, wardrobe, bed linen provided).

Your meals in a host family You will have the opportunity to share meals with your host family to share warm moments and to practice French in everyday life.

Location of family accommodation Our host families are also chosen for the proximity of their accommodation to our school. Our families are located 25 minutes walk from our campus at the most, and just minutes from all amenities: shops, cinema, theatre...

Arrivals & departures Azurlingua has private buses and a team of drivers to ensure the transfer of our students to and from Nice. The safety of our juniors is our priority, which is why we have set up this exclusive transfer service for our students.

Azurlingua offers all-inclusive stays to its junior students and emphasizes the safety and quality of the welcome.


Summer Campus

Azurlingua oers language holidays in summer for 8-12 year olds Our school welcomes 8-12 years old during the summer,

enriching encounters with other students from around

for a language programme and an unforgettable personal

the world. We strive to ensure that our students learn

experience. In addition to rigorous teaching in French,

in a fun and efficient way, under the optimal conditions

our young students will discover the diversity of the

of their well-being and safety.

heritage of the French Riviera and will experience


Secure Residence



QualiďŹ ed animators

for each activity


Private & free bus

For all your trips (July & August)

The programme kids


Residence managed by qualified staff

Our language holidays A high-quality education Azurlingua has been organizing language holidays for more than 30 years, and the quality of our teaching is recognized with the FLE quality label*** awarded by the French Ministry for National Education, Research and Higher Education, the Ministry for Culture and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. Our teachers are perfectly qualified and our management team ensures the comfort and success of our young students throughout their stay.

Youth activities every day Sports, cultural activities and excursions are organized every day after French lessons, as well as on weekends. Young children are supervised by our experienced team. This trip offers 8-12-year olds an exceptional opportunity to learn French while discovering the heritage of the French Riviera, in a secure and idyllic setting.


Holidays for kids and teenagers are perfectly balanced between classes and activities


PRIVATE FREE BUS (July & August)

Our programmes include

High quality education Azurlingua was the first language school to design youth-friendly holidays, more than 30 years ago. This experience has been the subject of multiple acknowledgements from the various French ministries, which award our school the FLE Label

Round the clock supervision

given to our students. For our requirement

French courses for all abilities

of quality, our rigor is applied to the courses

Accommodation with host families or in residences

people, whether at their accommodation, during

Excursions, sports and cultural activities Full board Transfers from/to the airport or the train station Private buses for your journeys

Tailored courses and activities according to ability and age An unforgettable stay for our young students Our kids programme includes French lessons taught by our highly qualified teachers, tailored to each students’ abilities. The cultural and sports activities offered by our team of instructors are also designed to allow young students to perfect their learning while enjoying the extraordinary heritage of the French Riviera. The language programme at Azurlingua is an unforgettable educational and personal experience.


for quality*** for the welcome and the teaching

under the guidelines and the safety of young excursions or during their journeys.

24/7 Security

Our accommodation for kids


Our kids are hosted in a secure residence 24/7 Our young students will participate in many sports and cultural activities during their stay. They will practice their French in various situations, in order to acquire

Transfer & shuttle bus (July & August)

a natural ease in the use of the language. Each of these trips will also be an opportunity to discover the unique heritage of the French Riviera and meet other students from around the world. Our highly qualified teams supervise children during the entire duration of their stay.

Les Eucalyptus A completely renovated campus This school covers an area of 30,000 m2 to the west of Nice. It has been completely renovated recently and can accommodate up to 150 students at a time. It is the ideal place to encourage young people to make friends from all over the world during summer camps. This campus has classrooms, a cafeteria, a relaxation room with billiards and sports facilities. There are no journeys. Games room Private bus

Cafeteria Free Wi-Fi

Renovated facility Secure residence


Every week, our team offers you a new programme of cultural and sports activities An informative and fulfilling journey

Full board All meals are included for 8-12- & 13-17-year olds The meals for our young students are included in the programme: breakfast and dinner from Monday to Sunday, and lunch from Monday to Friday (with packed lunch on Saturday and Sunday). You can contact us to let us know about your food allergies or special dietary requests.

Secure transfers 8-12-year olds and 13-17 year olds are supervised by our team Azurlingua has buses and private, experienced drivers to offer the best transfer service to our students.

Animations Activities for 8-12-year olds & 13-17 year olds Our entertainment team offers your children a weekly timetable of various sports and cultural activities.

International environment Unforgettable encounters with young people from all over the world The language stay at Azurlingua is a great opportunity for your children: they discover the Côte d’Azur, learn French, and meet students from all over the world.


A language holiday and an unforgettable cultural experience for our juniors


PRIVATE FREE BUS (July & August)

Timetable for our juniors & kids The timetable will be given on your arrival On the first day of your stay, you must be at school at 8:30 am for a proficiency test. Evening activities are only available for students staying at camp*.

Monday-Friday General course from 8:45 am to 12:00 pm From Monday to Friday

Intensive and individual lessons from 1 pm to 2.30 pm (Juniors) Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

1/2 day Excursions 2.30 pm to 6 pm Wednesday or Thursday:

Juan-les-Pins, Antibes, St-Paul de Vence, Villefranche, Monaco, Eze, Vieux Nice, Cannes... Activities 2.30 pm to 6 pm Monday, Tuesday and Friday: Visit from the confiserie Florian, Roller blade, Theatre workshop, Beach, Beach Volleyball, Visit the MAMAC and the Matisse Museum, Shopping, Lazer TAG, Dance classes (hip hop)... Parc Phoenix, Fly fish, Basketball...


Every night of the week

Excursions all day Menton, Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez San-Remo, iles de LĂŠrins...

Activities: Video games, Bowling, Table tennis, Salsa lessons, Disco night, karaoke, Movie night, Student show, trip to the old quarter of Nice, Fitness

Sunday morning Relaxed morning until 12:00 pm

Sunday afternoon

Activities & games Visit from the confiserie Florian, Roller blade, Theatre workshop, Beach, Volleyball, Visit the MAMAC & the Matisse Museum, Shopping, Lazer TAG, Dance classes (hip hop)... 51

A typical day at summer camp Every day, you alternate French lessons, cultural activities and sports Parental consent for the trips: Students who have the express permission of their parents are allowed to leave school without supervision: Until 7 pm for 13-14 year olds Until 10 pm for 15 year olds Until 12.30 am for 16-17 year olds Students under the age of 13 are never allowed to go out without an adult.

Dring ! Dring ! 7:30 - 8:30 am

12:00 - 13:00

8:30 - 10:15 am

10:15 - 10:30 am

10:30 - 12:00

1:30 -2:30 pm

6:45 - 8:00 pm

2:30 - 6:00 pm

8:30 pm - 00 pm

zzz zzz

00:30 pm

Bonne nuit ! 7h30


Next day !

Frequently asked questions 1. When should I plan my arrival and departure? For students who have booked accommodation, arrivals are on Sundays, and departures on Saturday. It is possible to change the days of arrival and departure upon prior request, contact us!

2. What should I bring in my suitcase? Do not forget: your hygiene products, your towels, your photo ID, parental consent form for trips, sportswear, swimwear...

3. Do I need to apply for a visa If you are a citizen of the European Union you are exempt from a visa. If you are not a citizen of the European Union: you must apply for a tourist long-stay visa at the French Consulate in your country.

4. Do you have special offers for groups? We have programmes designed for groups of friends, families and school groups, do not hesitate to contact us to prep for your stay.

5. Is there internet access on campus? Yes, the Wi-Fi is accessible and free on our central campus, but also in all of our accommodation premises that we offer.


6. What should I do if I have allergies or a specific diet? Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your situation, we can provide tailored meals in the cafeteria and inform your host family for arrangements to be made.


04 Activities Our excursions on the French Riviera


Azurlingua language courses do not only offer you

excursions and cultural activities. Each week, dis-

the guarantee of learning French with high quality

cover the timetable of events, and practice French

courses. Our team also offers you the opportunity

in authentic conditions and in unforgettable places.

to discover the Côte d’Azur in all its diversity, with a

Azurlingua is not only a language school, it is above

programme of particularly varied workshops,

all an exceptional personal experience...


PRIVATE FREE BUS (July & August)

Monaco Take part in a visit to the principality, discover the splendid oceanographic museum, take a walk on the cliffs, and admire Monte Carlo by night!

Beaulieu Its beaches, its Casino, its cultural events, Beaulieu is one of the must-see places of the Côte d’Azur, which you will have the opportunity to visit during your stay.

St Tropez In Summer and winter, St Tropez and its surroundings offer fascinating landscapes and cultural activities, which will also be an opportunity to practice your French.

Èze - le parfum Discover Èze, and its famous perfume shops during one of our excursions. You will improve your language skills by learning the secrets of making different perfumes.

Italia : Sanremo Discover the Italian Riviera for a day in San Remo, by visiting its market, its shopping streets, its trattorias and its magnificent beaches.

Cannes La Croisette awaits you for an exceptional visit. Practice French while walking the steps of the Palais des Festivals!

The lerins Island (Îles de Lérins) Just a few minutes by boat, and you are in the heart of the Lerins Islands, for a day of unforgettable discoveries.


Our activity programme Activities included Our entertainment team offers multiple sports activities every week, and for the most motivated, tournaments are organized regularly. In a friendly and lively atmosphere, our students perfect their mastery of French while practicing disciplines they love. The language trip is also an opportunity to work hard, to build friendships with young people from around the world and to create unforgettable memories.

Exemple : Football, Table Tennis , Handball, Basket, Volley Ball, Beach volley, Roller, Badminton, Fitness, Dance... Activities upon registration We also offer our students a very varied timetable of group outings: a night of bowling, a night at the cinema, Laser Quest, discover fly fishing on the wonderful beaches of the Côte d’Azur. Each of these activities is supervised by our team and our exclusive secure transfer service.

Exemple : Cinema, Bowling, Canyoning, Parachute, Fly-Fish, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Laser tag...


Culinary Ateliers workshops culinaires

Cinema Cinema

Led by a qualifi edpar chef, in participez à Our entertainment teamd’animation regularly invites Guidés unparticipate chef diplômé, Notre équipe vous propose the preparation of Nicoise recipes, de then l’élaboration de recettes cuisine

you to attend cinema sessions or theatre régulièrement d’assister à des séances enjoy yourniçoise, creation with your friends! trips. You will have a great time, allthéâtre. while Vous puis dégustez votre création avec de cinéma ou sorties au vos camarades !


Take advantage of your stay by visiting Musées

the many Profi museums the French Riviera, tez deinvotre séjour pour visiter les

masteringpasserez the French unlanguage. excellent moment, tout en


apprivoisant la langue française.

Choose your teams, brush up on your Bowling

a land of culture, by soaking lan-d’Azur, terrevocabulary, and les come and relax during nombreux musées up de the la Côte Faites équipes, révisez votre vocabuguage andde itsculture, heritage. our outings to the Bowling Centre in Nice: pour vous imprégner de la laire, et venez vous détendre lors de nos


langue et de son patrimoine.

fun with friends sortiesisauguaranteed! Bowling de Nice : convivialité garantie.

We regularly organize wine, cheese and Dégustation

crêpe tasting with our students; choose des Nous organisons régulièrement

whicheverdégustations whets your appetite enjoy vins, avec nosand students, sharing the momentcrêpes, with other students. fromages, choisissez votre péché mignon et profitez de ce moment de partage avec les autres students


Excursions on the French Riviera Discover the local cultural heritage The French Riviera is not only the sunniest region in France.. It is also a land of culture, adored and therefore many artists choose to live there. Our excursion programme will allow you to discover the colourful cities of our coastline, but also its museums, its architecture, and all the wealth of its heritage.


culinaires “When I realized that I Ateliers would see par un chef diplômé, participez à this light every day, Guidés l’élaboration de recettes de cuisine puis dégustez votre création avec I could not believe myniçoise, happiness” vos camarades ! --when he spoke of Nice, his adopted city.. Henri Matisse

Cultural heritage Our team will offer you the chance to discover the many museums in the region, like the Matisse museum in Nice, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, or even the Picasso Museum in Antibes.

Hiking Come and explore the many coastal paths, discover the walks in our mountains, or the distinctive panorama of the Lerins Islands.

Excursions On the Côte d’Azur, every city, every little village has its own peculiarities, colours and culinary specialties. Come and discover the richness of our local heritage.



English course

Come and learn English in a region which is home to 150,000 English-speaking residents With 30 years of experience in organizing language

As with all our language courses, our English classes are

holidays, Azurlingua offers students from all over the

taught by highly qualified teachers. You will alternate

world the opportunity to come and learn English in an

between theoretical courses and be put into situations

idyllic setting. Our approach to learning, our exclusive

during workshops or various activities, to handle the

services and our infrastructures offer ideal conditions for

English language in various contexts. Contact us to find

rapid progression in English. Our standard or intensive

out which course matches your abilities.

programmes are accessible to all, from the youngest students to an adult audience.

High quality accreditation


High quality teaching

High quality services

International environment



(For juniors, July & August)

Nice French Riviera The Azurlingua school also offers courses to learn English by taking advantage of the mildness & heritage of the Côte d’Azur. - Learn English on the French Riviera - Adult English course - Our adult accommodation - Summer camps pour juniors - Accommodation for juniors - Ac tivities and excursions


For all levels from 8 to 99 years old


Adult English course in Nice Programmes starting from just a week long Azurlingua now brings its expertise in learning English. Our school offers programmes designed for an adult audience. These language holidays can be organized for the duration of your choice, starting from one week. Come and study the English language in Nice, where more than 150,000 Anglophones live, and where Queen Victoria herself experienced the region.

Our approach to teaching: Whatever your goal, Azurlingua offers an approach tailored to your expectations and prepares you, if you wish, for specified diplomas and certificates. In accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, our courses put our pupils in situations where they can accomplish tasks, quickly progress and gain a true mastery of the language by the end of the course.


Standard 20 lessons 15h/week

Max 12 students At the same level


Intensive 30 lessons

22h30/week 20 lessons. standard course + 10 Lessons in small group

Max 8 - 10 students for intensive course At the same level

3 types of accommodation for adults Varied accommodation solutions to meet your expectations Azurlingua offers different types of accommodation according to your needs and your budget. All our accommodation is serviced by our transfer service.

Campus central

Adult accommodation: Open all year Our central campus is located in the same building as our school, and offers air-conditioned single and double rooms, with private bathroom. Each oor has a shared kitchen.

Free Wi-Fi 10 mn walking from the sea Air conditioning Close to the train station For 16 years and over City center

Les Collinettes

Free Wi-Fi

A residence for summer school


This residence is located 15 minutes walk from our

Table Tennis

school and the beaches of the Promenade des Anglais. The summer campus Les Collinettes offers simple but perfectly tailored services

Tv room 15 mn walking from the school

for student life.

Le Scribe

Fully equipped kitchen

A completely renovated residence in the heart of Nice

City centre

Located in the city centre, the Scribe allows resi-


dents to take full advantage of Nice. You can walk to Avenue Jean Medecin or the Promenade des Anglais

Close train station

or take the tram to visit the other neighbourhoods.

Close to the shop

This residence has all the amenities, and welcomes

5 mn walking from the school

students and young professionals.


Summer camp for juniors 8- 17 years all inclusive English courses and various activities tailored to young people The summer camps at Azurlingua are a fantastic

always in English. Classes are taught in groups

opportunity for your children to learn English and

of levels and ages, and the programme offers

enjoy an unforgettable experience in a friendly

standard courses and intensive courses. Young

and relaxed atmosphere! Our young students

students are supervised throughout their stay, on

take courses tailored to their level, provided by

campus, at their place of accommodation, as well

experienced teachers, all specialists in the English

as during their travels thanks to our exclusive pri-

language. They also enjoy their holidays by partici-

vate bus service. Finally, junior students will meet

pating in many cultural, sports and educational

other young people from all over the world.

activities offered by our entertainment team, and

Azurlingua is an unforgettable personal adventure.



Intensive 26 lessons

20 lessons 15h/week

Max 15 students At the same level


20 lessons standard courses + 6 Lessons in small group

Max 12 students

For intensive course At the same level

Individual course 1 lesson 45 Mn

Private course 1 teacher

2 - 4 students

*possibility to combine a standard course with a sports course (sailing, rowing, diving or tennis)


24/7 Security

Accommodation for juniors


Our kids stay in modern residences which are completely secure After a busy school year, our young students will enjoy their holidays while learning English in the best conditions.

Shuttle bus (July & August)

The residence Contemporary comfort and safety for our kids We choose to house our youngest students in a completely secure residence that has all the necessary comfort. The children have renovated rooms,

Free Wi-Fi

common rooms to socialise, a cafeteria and spaces ded-

Private bus

icated to sport. Our young students don’t need to make any journeys. They are supervised by our team during

Games room

every moment of their stay.

Every week, our team offers junior students a varied programme of activities, supervised by instructors with a perfect command of the English language.


Free private bus (July & August)

Junior activities Each week, our animation team designs a programme tailored to our students From Monday to Friday and Sunday from 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm, there are a wide range of activities for your children. These activities are always supervised by instructors who are fluent in the language. - Cultural activities: visits to towns and villages, museums, screenings, and shows. - Sports activities: tournaments and sports ‘competitions’, dance, canyoning, diving, climbing. For those who want to, we also offer weeks of specific training courses focusing on certain sports disciplines (see page 40 sports academy) Saturday is a day dedicated to discovering the culture and heritage of the region with a day trip. Every evening, after dinner, fun evenings are also offered.


The Azurlingua school is recognized for excellence in teaching, the quality of the environment and our exclusive services.

10 good reasons to book your stay at Azurlingua Discover all the benefits of our school With 30 years of experience and having trained over 100,000 students, our school is constantly modernizing to offer more comfort, activities and services to its students.

1. 30 years experience 2. Supervised residences 24/7 3. High quality education accreditation since 2007 4. International environment 5. The choice of accommodation 6. Sports and cultural activities all year long 7. Come study in the heart of Nice, in our campus with a landscaped, sunny garden 8. The climate of the French Riviera 9. Group tickets: 10. School recognized by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports

Centre d’examen SELFEE

Centre d’examen

For 30 years we have welcomed 100,000 students and more than 40 nationalities Book your stay! GERMANY GERMANY 10% 10% SPAINSPAIN 10% 10% GERMANY GERMANY GERMANY 10% GERMANY 10% 10% SPAIN10% 10% ITALY 10% SPAIN 10% SPAIN 10% ITALY 10% ITALY 10% GERMANY GERMANY 10% 10% SPAIN SPAIN 10% SPAIN 10% 10%ITALY ITALY 10% 10% ITALY 10%

AIN 10%


L 4%



Sweden 7% SWEDEN SWEDEN 7% 7%




USA USA 4% 4%4 % BRAZIL BRAZIL BRAZIL 4% USA 4%States 4% United Brazil 44% %

POLAND POLAND POLAND 3% 3 % 3% 3% Poland

China 2 %









To contact us + 33(0)4 97 03 07 00 info@azurlingua.com www.azurlingua.com You will find enclosed the registration form and the 2019 rates. Our team is at your disposal for any additional information or request for personalisation of our programmes.

Our school oers you the best conditions to study French or English in Nice



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AZURLINGUA 47 rue HĂŠrold 06000 Nice - France - Tel. : + 33(0)4 97 03 07 00 - Email : info@azurlingua.com

Profile for Azurlingua School

Azurlingua Brochure - 2019  

Come and learn French with Azurlingua School. Azurlingua is one of a kind, combining a recognized teaching method and an idyllic work envir...

Azurlingua Brochure - 2019  

Come and learn French with Azurlingua School. Azurlingua is one of a kind, combining a recognized teaching method and an idyllic work envir...