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2006 Washington, DC Briefing For Such a Time as This... Compassion, Politics, Impact ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

THE VENUE St. Regis Hotel – Washington, DC ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

THE SPEAKERS Lady Caroline Cox – Baroness of Queensbury, human rights advocate Senator Bill Frist (TN) Senator Rick Santorum (PA) Senator Jim Talent (MO) Senator John Thune (SD) Congressman Mark Kennedy (MN - candidate for Senate) Lt. Governor Michael Steele (MD - candidate for Senate) Secretary Ken Blackwell (OH - candidate for Governor) Governor Haley Barbour (MS) Governor Mitt Romney (MA) Susan Allen (wife of Senator George Allen - VA) Rick Warren Saddleback/Purpose Driven Micheal Flaherty – Walden Media Tim Goeglein – The White House Brad Stine – Comedian Don Eberly – Former Deputy Assistant to the President, author and civil society advocate J. Scott Carpenter – Deputy Asst. Secretary of State & Middle East Private Initiative Rich Cizik – National Association of Evangelicals Mark Earley – Prison Fellowship Ministries Gary Haugen – International Justice Mission Andrew Natsios – former USAID official specializing in humanitarian efforts Eugene Rivers - National Ten Point Leadership Foundation Ron Sider – Evangelicals for Social Action Roland Warren – National Fatherhood Initiative Bob Woodson - National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise

January 29-31, 2006

Legacy 2006

Washington, DC Briefing Highlights Legacy is continuing to gain momentum as an effective “behind-the-scenes” force impacting culture through political and social action. The 2006 Washington, DC Briefing entitled, For Such A Time As This...Compassion, Politics, Impact, was our most action-oriented gathering to date.Those in attendance were stretched in their thinking about the world and how we might function even better in it as compassionate conservatives.

Pre-Conference Forum - The Great Experiment For the first time Legacy offered a special pre-conference forum discussion on a curriculum entitled, The Great Experiment: Faith and Freedom Tom Vegh - Legacy co-founder, in the American Republic, with Executive Board member, 2006 Dr. Os Guinness and Washington, DC Briefing The Honorable J. Douglas Chairman Holladay.This was a great chance for a small group to actively discuss the genius of the American experiment and the framers’ understanding of how it might be sustained. Legacy members are encouraged to review this curriculum for enhanced understanding on the founding of the American Republic. It is available in a paperback book format through Dr. Os Guinness

Main Conference – Compassion & Social Justice Focus

For Such a Time As This... Compassion, Politics, Impact We are living in extraordinary times that require extraordinary ideas of how we can make a positive impact on our culture - both domestically and abroad.This meeting was full of learning from key political figures and experts that included lively discussion with fellow Legacy members, as well as brainstorming on tangible ways that we can inject compassion and social justice into our world. Continued on Page 4 ➜

Legacy Events


2006 Washington DC Briefing

Legacy Events


2006 Washington DC Briefing

Legacy Events

2006 Washington DC Briefing

2006 Washington, DC Briefing Highlights

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After welcoming remarks from Legacy co-founder Tom Vegh, the opening evening program began with a sneak preview of the upcoming Walden Media movie on the life of the British reformer, William Wilberforce. Legacy board member, Micheal Flaherty, co-founder and president of Walden Media gave introductory remarks. Continuing with the British human rights and advocacy theme, no one could have prepared us for the keynote address by Baroness Caroline Cox (former Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords). Her passion, candor and charm drew everyone into the world of fighting for human rights, learning more about atrocities in our world and the mobilization of compassionate help for the suffering. Then a surprise visit and address from Purpose Driven Life author, Rick Warren, made the evening complete. The following day was spent with a panel of experts in the compassion and social justice realms, all relaying their own personal experiences on how they have seen change occur. The panel was moderated by Don Eberly (former Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush and civil society advocate) who is widely regarded as one of the architects of President Bush’s compassionate conservative agenda. At lunch between panel discussions Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist addressed attendees. We were privileged to hear from two sitting Governors - Mitt Romney (MA) and Haley Barbour (MS), and the Legacy Ladies shared High Tea with Susan Allen, wife of Senator George Allen. The closing “political” day highlighted several of our endorsed candidates for the 2006 election cycle - Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Jim Talent, Congressman Mark Kennedy, and Lt. Governor Michael Steele. Senator John Thune opened the day sharing insights from his own election experience, commenting on the support and encouragement he received from Legacy. As always the overall highlight of the Washington, DC Briefing were the great times of interaction and opportunities for friendships to develop and grow with other fellow Legacy members. ★

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Legacy - DC Event 2006 Newsletter  

Newsletter - DC Event

Legacy - DC Event 2006 Newsletter  

Newsletter - DC Event