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HE HAPPIEST TH* Sixty miles to the south of Sicily - the heart of the Mediterranean - lies an archipelago of islands, where village ‘festas’, national carnivals and strong moral ethics are the foundation upon which a rich community spirit and world renowned hospitality is built. An island so rich and so wanted by many, it’s scarred past is ubiquitous in modern day living. Welcome to the Maltese Islands. *Source: The Times UK


Prehistoric Experience


The temples of Malta have been described as a suitable candidate for the ‘ancient wonders of world’ along with the Pyramids of Egypt, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Mauseoleum at Halicanassus, Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia and the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.


Hagar Qim & Mnajdra temples Prehistoric Experience Hagar Qim was excavated at the beginning of the nineteenth century and has produced many ‘fat figure’ statuettes including the naturalistic ‘Venus of Malta’. On the outer side of the north flank of Hagar Qim an open-air shrine has been inserted into the wall, whose facade combines the suggestive symbols of the male and female generative organs. There is also the unique four-sided altar. Various facades of the temple have been interpreted as symbolically depicting male and female reproductive organs. Construction employs ‘corbelling’ or over sailing of the walls in order to narrow the span of the roof.


Discover 7,000 years of histo

At the Mnajdra temple complex 1000 metres away, ‘corbelling’ is also demonstrated. There also appears to be astrological alignment – with equinoxal sunrises. All the temples, including Tas-Silg


and Borg in-Nadur, retained their religious function during the successive Maltese ages.


How to book

Opening times: 09:00 - 17:00 Where: Qrendi QRD 2502 ‎ Price: Adults - €12 per person


S ko r ba T e m p l e s Prehistoric Experience The Skorba temples are megalithic remains on the northern edge of Zebbiegh, in Malta, which have provided detailed and informative insight into the earliest periods of Malta’s neolithic culture. The site was only excavated in the early 1960s, rather late in comparison to other megalithic sites, some of which had been studied since the early 19th century. The site’s importance has led to its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a listing it shares with six other megalithic temples in Malta. Visit:

How to book

Opening times: 09:00 - 17:00 Where: Imgarr, Malta Price: Adults - €6, Youths - €5, Children under12 - €4.50


Discover Gozo meaning ‘ joy’ in Castilian is the name the Aragonese gave this island, when they possessed it in 1282. The idea of joy and pleasure is also conveyed by its Latin motto ‘Fertilis ab undis caput iffero – a fruitful land raising its head from the sea’.

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We know that the Phoenicians, when it was theirs in 700Bc, called it “Gwl” or Gaulos, meaning a round ship, possibly in reference to the island’s shape from a distance, a name the Romans kept when they, in turn took it over in 218AD. The Arabs, who came to rule this precious piece of land a thousand years ago, and who strongly influenced its Semitic language, left behind the name that has stuck in the vernacular: Ghawdex (pronounced Aw-desh). Gozo is rural and simple, its culture and way of life rooted in fishing, and in primitive pastoral and agricultural activity.

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D W EJRA & T H E A Z U RE W INDO W Natural attraction Visit Dwerja to explore the unique Inland Sea. Take a brief boat ride and capture a photo memory in front of the Azure Window (Tieqa Zerqa) - a natural arch. This site is famous worldwide, with photographers, for its natural beauty.

How to book

Where: Dwejra Gozo Price: Free attraction


Discoverin g Gozo Malta’s sister isl and Full day guided tour This full day excursion will bring you to the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago, Gozo via a short ferry crossing. The tour’s highlights include: Ggantija Temples – entrance is included to these UNESCO World Heritage Site temples located in Xaghra, said to date back over 7,000 years.

Wine Tasting tour – learn about the process of how the locally grown grapes are pressed, fermented and eventually transformed into wine. You will then stop in a local restaurant for lunch. Victoria, Gozo’s Capital City, is home to the Citadel (or Cittadella), from the late medieval era and Neolithic times, visible from most of Gozo. The Azure Window in Dwejra – a natural arch featuring a table-like rock over the sea is one of the most often photographed spot of the Maltese Islands. After a day full of experiences you will have a short ferry crossing (tickets included) back to Malta and will be dropped-off at your hotel. Pick up and drop off from any Malta hotel. Visit:

How to book

Tour starts: 09:45 - 17:00 Price: Adults - €55, Children - €35, Children under 5 - Free


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Jamie Olivers blog


Ta’ Mena Where Tradition is D a i ly L i f e Vineyards & wine tasting At Ta’ Mena Estate there are organised guided tours around extensive vineyards and olive grove followed by wine and food tasting. These tours on any week day for groups of at least 10 persons. They can orgnise transport from anywhere around Gozo. We can also offer lunches and dinners for groups of not less than 15 persons. Pre-booking is necessary. Walking tours around the estate are available any day from 8:30 to 17:00. No pre-booking is necessary. Entrance is free of charge. Visit:

How to book

Opening time: 8:30 - 17:00 Where: Rabat Road, Xagħra XRA 9010 ‎Gozo Price: Free


Cittadell a Fortified city Go to the Cittadella, in the heart of Victoria, a historic fortified city built circa 1500 BC. Explore the architecture and walk through its narrow, winding streets. When there, be sure to stop for a snack at ‘Ta Rikardu’, a casual dining restaurant famous with locals for its tasty Gozitan platters, including cheeselets and fresh vegetables of the day.

How to book

Where: Victoria, Rabat Gozo Price: Free (snack is not included)


A CITY UPON A C SECRETS & LEGE Discover the ancient mysteries of (arguably) the world’s most spectacular harbour. Valletta and the Three Cities, protected by the Knights of St. John against the Ottoman empire, are cities of secrets and legends. One of the finest examples of Baroque architecture and revolutionary in its design, today Valletta offers an unrivalled experience of discovery and intrigue. The city of Valletta has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980 and will be the European Capital of Culture 2018. 2 6



Malta HD Visual Experience in Va l l e t ta Audio Visual show The Malta Experience is an audio-visual show that tells the dramatic story of the islands’ 7000 year history. Educational, informative and entertaining, the show runs through the turbulent history of a small island nation that has overcome almost unimaginable odds to survive and prosper.


How to book

Opening time: 11:00 - 16:00 Where: Valletta Price: â‚Ź12


A Garden With a View Upper Barr akka National Gardens No visit to Malta is complete without a visit to its capital Valletta and to Upper Barrakka Gardens. A tranquil location to drink in the 180-degree view of Malta’s Grand Harbour and perfectly positioned looking out across the three cities. The newly completed Barrakka lift can take you down to Valletta Waterfront just in time for lunch.

How to book

Opening time: All day Where: Valletta Price: Free


E x p l o r e Th e h i d d e n jems of Malta BIKE TOURS EcoBikesMalta designed the Cycling Tours with the Englishspeaking traveler in mind. They offer you the best orientation, an informative and entertaining guide and simply a great time. With the know-how to explore at best the wonderful Maltese Archipelago.

First tour takes you from Bugibba through Burmarad and the edge of Mosta heading for Rabat and the impressive Verdala palace, the second tour takes you through Burmarad and on to Rabat passing through quaint streets of this typical Maltese village on the way to St. Paul’s Catacombes. Visit:

How to book

Opening time: 9:00 - 12:00 Price: €15 daily or €40 for three days


Marsaxlokk Fishing Vill age Traditional fishing village Famous for its fresh fish and seafood caught daily, Marsaxlokk’s Sunday market was originally only a fish market. Today, it has developed and now sells locally produced honey, fruit jams, wine, vegetables and souvenirs.

How to book

Where: Marsaxlokk, South of Malta Price: Free


Mosta Dome Main Attraction Famous for the 18th century domed church Inspired by Rome’s Pantheon and the third largest dome in Europe, Mosta’s church became known throughout the country in 1942 when during World War II, a dropped bomb failed to explode, sparing the lives of the 300 - strong congregation beneath the dome.

How to book

Where: Mosta Price: Free entrance


W i e d Iz - Z u r r i e q & Blue Grotto Main Attraction Forming part of a number of sea caverns on the southern coast of Malta, west of Wied iz-Zurrieq harbour the Blue Grotto offers a unique sight – everyday from sunrise until about 1pm, the cave’s location combined with the sunlight leads to the

water mirroring numerous shades of blue. Several caverns mirror the brilliant phosphorescent colours of the underwater flora; other caverns show a deep dark shade of blue. If weather permits, you can take a 40-minute boat trip around the caves for an extra cost.

How to book

Where: Zurrieq Price: Free entrance


Mdina Nobile City Fortified City Mdina, one of Europe’s finest examples of an ancient walled city, was first home to the Phoenicians. It was strategically built on Malta’s most central point to protect the island’s noble masters from the invading Ottomans. Still today, Mdina is home to Malta’s elite. A mixture of Baroque and medieval architecture entice visitors to explore its car-free, narrow winding streets and the grand splendour of its dominating cathedrals. Stop in quaint cafés to enjoy panoramic views of Malta from coast to coast.

How to book

Where: Mdina, Rabat Malta Price: Free entrance


Malta National A Q U ARI U M Aquarium The Malta National Aquarium is situated close by, in Qawra. Friendly staff are on-hand to guide you through the names of the hundreds of different and more unusual species of fish from around the world. The history of Malta is depicted throughout this walk-through experience and along with a water tunnel where you can view the sharks overhead, this truly is a wonderful attraction for the whole family, when visiting Malta.

How to book

Visit: Opening time: 9:00 - 19:30 Price: Adults: â‚Ź13 Children: â‚Ź6 Under 5 years: Free


Museums & Galleries


With over 100 Museums and Galleries in Malta, there truly is something for everyone. Discovering 7000 years is easier than you might think. The Maltese Islands are really one big heritage park. There are open-air sites and indoor museums for every historical era - from Prehistory to World War II.


NATIONAL W AR M U SE U M MALTA Musuems & Galleries

A very popular museum for those interested in modern day history and life during wartime, offers informative displays highlighting Malta’s struggle and significant role during World War II. Numerous exhibits include interesting displays of uniforms, weapons, vehicles and medals including the George Cross medal awarded to the island of Malta on 15th April 1942 for its heroism and devotion of its people during the war. Visit:

How to book

Opening time: 9:00 - 17:00 Where: Lower Fort St. Elmo. Spur Street. Valletta Price: Adult: €6 Youths: €4.50 Children: €3


MALTA MARITIME M U SE U M COLLECTION Musuems & Galleries Situated in Birgu’s picturesque waterfront and adjacent to the Freedom Day monument, this once old Naval Bakery building, depicting Malta’s maritime history offers well documented displays and models of boats, engines, Roman anchors, French sabres and historical data throughout the eras including Malta’s close relationship with the British Navy. Visit:

How to book

Opening time: 09:00 - 17:00 Where: Birgu Waterfront Price: Adult: €6 Youths: €4.50 Children: €3


MALTA A v i a t i o n M U SE U M T a ’ Q a l i Musuems & Galleries An absolute must for anyone interested in aviation. These three hangars located in a quaint crafts village have been described as a living and working museum. Run by knowledgeable and passionate volunteers,

the Aviation Museum is home to aircraft including those from the air battles over Malta, like the WW II Hawker Hurricane that was recovered from the seabed in 1995 and completely restored to working condition. Visit:

How to book

Opening time: 09:00 - 17:00 Where: Ta’Qali next to the National Football Stadium Price: Adult: €6 Youths: €5 Children: €2


Azure Services Ltd, Radisson BLU Resort & Spa, Golden Sands, l/o Mellieha, MLH 5510, Malta

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Malta Culture Guide 2014  
Malta Culture Guide 2014  

Welcome to the happiest place on Earth. Sixty miles to the south of Sicily - in the heart of the Mediterranean - lies an archipelago of isl...